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Liam Hemsworth Kisses Eiza González After Miley Cyrus Split

Liam Hemsworth Kisses Eiza González After Miley Cyrus Split

Liam Hemsworth was spotted kissing singer/actress Eiza González on Tuesday (September 17) after news of his split from longtime love Miley Cyrus hit the web – and there’s a pic of the duo in action.

The 23-year-old The Hunger Games star dropped by Eiza‘s apartment complex in Beverly Hills, Calif. to drop off a piece of luggage. The duo chatted for a bit before the kiss happened. Liam only stayed for a very short time before driving off.

Eiza very recently moved to the US to pursue her Hollywood dreams.

Be sure to head on over to E! News to check out the photo of Liam and Eiza kissing outside her apartment building.

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  • Andy

    That’s a great way to start a career in the USA…

  • Efron

    I get a Minka Kelly vibe from her. Has had massive plastic surgeries and back stabbing famewh*re

  • Dominique

    Well he’s off to a good start. Anyone see this remake of Mileys Wrecking Ball video?

  • anon

    He’s a pathetic, sly, sleazebag. And he deserves that fake, plastic-surgery enhanced btch. Both nobodies.

  • Anonniemoue

    He’s a fool! This girl is very obviously using him for fame and publicity and leaking info to the media. He has appalling taste in women: Miley and now this chick. He should have been smarter with picking his rebound.

  • Shania

    @anon: She hasn’t had lots of PS, stop spreading lies. Look at her chest. She only had a nose job, but who in Hollywood hasn’t?!

  • anonymous

    Why does this slimeball never show any emotion – like a damn statue. He always looks like he’s about to let out gas…… In. Every. Photo.

  • ace11

    HE’S FREAKING 23 years old

    Let they guy live it up a little

    I mean really

  • Shania

    @anonymous: I have the feeling that it’s the same hater spewing hate in his post.

  • Summer


  • talia

    @anon: how is he a sleazebag? the last time miley and liam were spotted together was at the paranoia premiere but you could see the tension between them in the pics from that night.most likley that they broke up last month. liam is single now and can do what he wants

  • Summer


  • lol

    Well Miley’s top of the charts, and #1 on everything. Success is the best revenge. And who got the last laugh? MILEY. Sucks for Liam and all his “straight-to-DVD” flop movie releases. Karmas a bitch.

  • Um

    @talia: Yeah maybe cause she has a reason not to trust his shifty ass. They’ve broken up many times before and MANY times he’s been accused of infidelity.

  • Ale

    Shoving your tongue in some little wh*re’s mouth (who’s looking for some publicity to be noticed) just 1 day after your called off the engagement from your ex isn’t classy! Especially when you know you have the paps after your ass!
    Now we all would say Miley isn’t much classy either in her “art”, but I had a little more consideration for him, he showed that he’s even worse than her, at least Miley was acting unclassy on the stage to sell her music, he’s doing it in real live…

  • tick

    This is what’s called an UPGRADE. Good for him.
    He finally found himself a real woman who’s better than that talentless twerp with the body of a 12-year-old who got into entertainment because of nepotism.

  • nk

    @tick: LOL @ “real woman” when she’s had extensive cosmetic sugery. THE IRONY.

  • Jen

    What the fryck is a “real” woman? There’s nothing real about her. All I see is someone who is trying to get with a famous man at the right time to use for her own selfish wants.

  • tick

    Good for him. He finally found himself a real woman to take his mind off that talentless twerp with a body of a 12 year old who only got into entertainment because of nepotism.

  • @_@

    Well, not another surprise, better to be with that loser whXre Miley

  • Ale

    Shoving your tongue in some little wh*re’s mouth (who’s looking for some publicity to be noticed) just 1 day after your called off the engagement from your ex isn’t classy! Especially when you know you have the paps after your ass!
    Now we all would say Miley hasn’t showed much class either in her “art” recently, but at least it was about her job…so nothing so shocking to me, not something other singers haven’t done, Lady Gaga performed in 2 shells and a thong…So I can’t justify Liam’s lack of class with Mileys job performances, are 2 different things.

  • Mimi

    Good for him. He might be up for someone a little more mature with a lady like approach.

  • cam


    very well said – I agree 100%. He sure is a charmer – so glad Miley escaped from him – he was probably after Miley’s money the creep.

  • Michelle

    @Shania: I’m not that same person but they’re not trying to spread hatred or lies, this woman has had a lot of plastic surgery, way more than just a nose job. She’s had some pretty obvious facial reconstruction, lots of fillers, something done around her chin. She looks a little alien like.

  • ohlala

    He deserves better than Miley Cyrus. This girl Eiza is very beautiful and well-known in South America

  • talia

    @Um: miley has also been accused of cheating as well. miley was also photographed making out with a guy dressed as a giant baby so I honestly don’t blame him for breaking up with her

  • Cara

    They were over for a long time and Miley has another guy already so why not him?! He can do better than a girl who has so may plastic surgeries…why doesn’t he get some natural beauty?

  • so judgemental

    A lot of little girls are very confused if they are siding with Cyrus on this split. Kudos to Liam. He actually earned a lot more respect from cutting himself loose from that sinking ship.

  • LalaVasquez

    Since she is a WHITE LATINA she will go far.

  • Sassypants


    She has had more surgery than her nose, if you look at her before pictures her facial structure looks completely different.

  • Leonier

    Butthurt little girls blindly defending their trash Queen Miley. So funny!

  • China056


  • Tiki

    If he gets serious and plans to have kids with this chick, he better check her “before” photos prior to all of her plastic surgery, because she was ugly…they would really have a big-nosed brood.

  • steph

    @LalaVasquez: LOL shes not a white latina, she looks way more hispanic than white, she wished she looked white with all the surgeries shes had and dyeing her hair blonde, you clearly need to visit miami beach so you know how to differentiate from regular latinas to actual white latinas, shes not that. she tried to look more american with the chin implant and nose job, her original nose was straight up mexican and she has a typical mexican girls face, her being tall is what makes her look a little different from most mexicans but thats the only thing. eiza gained fame in mexico as a singer and actress all because of nepotism just like miley because her family is very wealthy and through her mother’s connections since she was a former mexican model. eiza is a joke, she wont make it in hollywood, theres a lot of undiscovered white latinas with talent but she is not it and she will not hit it big like early 20′s latinas like naya rivera or demi lovato in the and theyre both not close to white latina so your point is invalid. shell probably gain as much fame as genesis rodriguez and genesis did the nose job as well to look more american yet shes not considered a white latina with her features. the only true white latina i can think off the top of my head is definitely Alexis Bledel, SHE is a white latina actress.

  • chelsea

    no picture, no proof

  • lol

    I love your wording JJ – Liam’s longtime love Miley Cyrus – yeah he loved her so much he makes sure the paparazzi got some “in your face” pictures to be sure that Miley is really hurt. He should watch out for karma.

  • Nikki

    I have a whole new opinion of Liam now and it’s not positive. He’s just another douche bag… Miley is better than this twat! He actually made quite the down-grade.

  • ggg
  • Doo doo

    His brother Chris is well on his way to being a big (legitimate) Hollywood star, but Liam is known for making bad movies and is famous because of Miley…so far it’s not impressive. Now he shows he acts like a dick, too, and has a new hanger-on who wants to be famous in the U.S. Everyone talks about how classy he is, I sure have not seen it. He also looks uglier everyday with that grungy beard.

  • Anna

    Naya Rivera is only half Hispanic and so is Demi Lovato. Alexis Bledel is 100% European her parents were born in Mexico only.

  • Natalie

    I dislike that girl , she’s obviously using him, just look at her mean face of a total bit.. he’s so dull and quite a jerk I used to like him a lot , also the people who he hangs out with are using him too (Paul Khoury , Ramsey Krull,Ryan Rottman,etc) , they have many celebrity friends such as Ashley Greene . Also in miley’s new song the lyrics say it all “I put you high up in the sky ,and now, you’re not coming down ”
    PS: Not a Miley fan , but I quite feel bad for her.

  • Bitchy

    Everyone commends him for leaving her and “cutting himself loose.” Miley broke up with him, because he didn’t have the balls, he just showed up in Vegas with someone else. If he had the balls, he would have done it right after the VMAs, if he was so bothered by it. Poor Liam….please. All he cares about is himself and his image. Right now, he’s making Miley look GOOD. Good luck to him with the new wanna be.

  • Summer

    @so judgemental:
    Actually it’s SHE who ended the relationship

    Sorry if I burst ur bubble :(

  • Summer

    @so judgemental: Actually it’s SHE who ended the relationship

    Sorry if I brust ur bubble :(

  • BebeLush

    Liam kissing some invariable blonde is hardly news. He’s been doing since he and Miley were together. It was the reason they broke up the first time years ago. Miley’s smart enough to get on with her life and leave him alone. He’s too damn young and irresponsible to get married at this point in his life anyway.


    Well that’s disgusting.

  • Janire

    @Nikki: I’m agree, I don’t like Miley but all these news about Liam doesn’t like and my image of him is different now

  • boom

    @Bitchy: you miley fans make me laugh the way you are acting as if she broke up with him.its safe to say that miley and liam’s relationship has been over since the VMAs, liam also reportedly moved out last month so he has probably been single since the end of august and can do what he wants.

  • so judgemental


    Umm, nothing is making Miley look good at this point. The girl is rolling in the gutters with her tongue out and claiming it tastes like caviar and dreams.

  • Oh Please

    This girl sees him as a door opening in Hollywood…she’s going to play him like a fiddle..Let’s get the big picture here..when he’s on worldwide promotional duty for The Hunger Game..she’s gonna stick to him like Krazy Glue…Guarantee we will here she’s cast in some B flick shortly after Hunger Games opens.