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Eiza Gonzalez Has 'Nothing to Say' About Liam Hemsworth Fling

Eiza Gonzalez Has 'Nothing to Say' About Liam Hemsworth Fling

Eiza Gonzalez poses with a copy of The Croods on Blu-ray while attending a press conference for the Spanish-language version of the film on Thursday (September 19) in Mexico City, Mexico.

The 23-year-old actress voices the part originally played by Emma Stone in the film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eiza Gonzalez

During the press conference, Eiza was asked to comment on her recent fling with the newly single Liam Hemsworth, but she said “I have nothing to say about that subject,” according to E! News.

When the questions starting become more personal, Eiza‘s managers escorted her out of the room and reporters started shouting things like, “Are you in love? What would you say to Miley Cyrus?”

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  • Mindy

    she’s so pretty <3

  • ReadMoreBooks

    Anyone can be pretty… with that much plastic surgery.

  • lauren

    get that pr girl

  • Claudia

    She’s gorgeous in the last picture, but she seems to be upset.

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    Cute dress.

  • anon

    Why is this plastic faced nobody who can’t even act getting so much press? Oh cause Miley & Liam split.. Pathetic. NO one gives a crap.

  • go go


  • Hayley

    A+++++ goes out to her plastic surgeon. Google her before pics. She was homely. Now she is pretty cute girl without it looking fake. Infact, i bet since nobody knows who she is, they think that is her natural nose/jawline.

  • Um

    Why does she have a tattoo of a heart on her pinky finger the exact same place that Miley has – EXACT SAME TATTOO & PLACING?! WTF

  • pretty kitty

    Mexican miley 4 sure!!!!.. get your come -up girl… she is exactly mile 4 yrs ago..that last photo is to do 4..

  • Dee

    Geez anyone can be famous these days! Miley is a barely talented Disney star who got a TV show because of her dad’s influence. Liam is sub-par actor who is famous for dating Miley. And now this rich, plastic-filled Mexican barbie is becoming famous for being Liam’s rebound girl? I wish I could live in the 50′s when you had to have ACTUAL talent to be famous!

  • ks

    @pretty kitty: Ikr.. She even starred in a crappy Hannah Montana remake with a similar storyline?!.. Only difference is she’s not as successful and Miley is natural, and this girl has had extensive cosmetic surgery.

  • soy

    this btch is loving all the attention isn’t she lol

  • mona

    @Hayley: Minka kelly plastic surgeon beats Eiza surgeon. Google Minka pre surgery. Looks like they both had the same treatment…. the new face treatment

  • Joe

    I like her much better than Miley even if her and Liam aren’t together and it was just a fling, I still like this woman ten times better than that little trashy redneck.

  • el

    she is the new angelina!

  • Tina

    Her upper body looks so scary. She’d look pre-teen without all that makeup. Anorexics Anonymous.

  • http://edduardhoolazo Roberto

    actually she is huge here in México, she is beautiful and she only get a nose job, like everybody in hollywood, don’t make a big deal! @anon:

  • Jimmy

    Reports all over the place that Cyrus the STD Virus has been Bangerz with Mike Will all along! New data says Liam moved out the day before Mike took her as her date to the vmas , August 25. So who cheated on who? Sources say she and Mike had been hooking up all along. Now, people, those who believe from rumor that Liam is a cheat will you now believe that Cyrus is a cheat? Total nastiness.

  • Rose

    Her PR has trained her well. And she’s not pretty – she looks phony and plastic. She looked better before all the surgeries.

  • Victoria

    dumb girl….

  • sid

    @Roberto: she is not HUGE at all. she’s known among some teenagers for a couple stupid telenovelas.

  • http://@insider Insider

    Okay, since no one has any information about this bulimic bitch, here’s the ugly truth from an insider. She has no class. On her trashy novela sets, she goes around TOPLESS. She sticks her tongue down any male’s throat that crosses her path. When filming a commercial, she came in all diva and in front of the other actor said: “Why did they choose this dwarf?” She’s super nasty, annoying, and arrogant! Anyone who has worked with her will tell you that. She’s obsessed with Belinda, to the point that she dated her ex, bought the same Alexander McQueen jacket, etc. She was also always obsessed with being a model because her mom was. She swore she liked her hideous nose and would never go under the knife. Then one day she got a nose job and a million other surgeries. And she’s a pig, she’s eating chips all day but then voilà, a visit to the bathroom and no harm done. Also, in Mexico like in many other countries, you don’t need talent, just contacts. They will produce you and sell you to all the teenagers starving for someone to idolize. Every role Eiza has gotten, has been because of her mom’s contacts. And she likes to tell the press she was offered main characters, “But she couldn’t because she’s too busy”, when it was never offered to her. She can’t act to save her life, and she sounds like a dying skunk when she sings. But at the end of the day, she’s still effing ugly, inside and out.

  • lari

    so sad to have so much plastic surgey in such a young age. she looks like a completely different person, anorectic plastic doll, too sad :(. here a the before surgey pics:

  • soy

    @el: this is the most hilarious thing I read all day… the next angelina?? SHE WISHED

  • I like Belinda, but some of her fans are so annoying. Why so much hatred towards Eiza? You probably never even met her in person.

  • Luis


    You all wish to have the attention she is getting now whit all these photos of that kiss! lol and Miley, she sucks! ok? so you all can keep barking like dogs, lol!

  • Luis

    You all wish to have the attention she is getting now whit all these photos of that kiss! lol and Miley, she sucks! ok? so you all can keep barking like dogs, lol!

  • Dave

    Well, she’s basically famous cause her mom, Glenda Reyna, used to be a successful model. She starred in some telenovelas and she seems to slowly be making her transition to more adult roles.
    She’s also famous cause she constantly appears on tabloids here in Mexico and the stories mainly focus on her on-again, off-again relationship with entrepreneur Pepe Díaz, her extremely skinny figure and her apparent feud with Belinda.
    This seems to be a complete PR stunt to introduce her to the US crowd and to give him a sort of “ladies man” image or something. I don’t think it will work at all.

  • JJ

    Cheaters both of them Miley deserves better

  • Xta

    She seems really arrogant and narcissistic on those Mexican talk shows.

  • Tina

    The Hemsworth boys sure love Spanish speaking females with extensive plastic surgery.

  • chris

    of course she has nothing to say…what could she say? That she is using him for her fame? of please. annoying plastic and fake

  • Janire

    Yes, both Chris and Liam seem to like that kind of girls. But least Elsa isn’t a different person and has a curvy body, this chick is just a stick with long hair and her appearance is unrecognizable.
    Of course, Eiza is enjoying all this media attention, don’t say anything about him but she is getting fame. It’s a shame how easy one person can be famous nowadays…

  • Colin

    she is so freakin ugly. before and after…not even the plastic surgery could save that face haha

  • nm

    go away

  • Nkosi

    OMG! She probably went to hollywood wanting to be Miley, now she’s hooked up with her ex-fiance – fate, kinda cool.

  • sneg199438

    very very pretty girl!! people are only saying she looks plastic because she’s mexican and looks white!! shakira is latino and looks white because she dyes her hair blonde – big friggin’ deal!! get over it!

    but good for Liam for dumping that train wreck & drug addict. give the man some credit for sticking with Miley for so long. his family tried to kidnap him and do an intervention to break up the engagement from the beginning anyway. they knew she was trouble! she has disgraced herself these last few months beyond reckoning.

  • @JJ

    @JJ: miley is a cheater too

  • P

    Know she has her own candis? woho.

  • elena

    @sneg199438: she admitted on mexican tv that she got a nose job so your statement is invalid. im sorry but the plastic surgery is obvious, when i first saw the pics of her and liam at bungalow, you can IMMEDIATELY tell that she got a nose job by looking at her profile.

    shakira does not look white after dyeing her hair blonde.
    jessica alba does not look white after dyeing her hair blonde.
    eiza gonzalez does not look close to white after dyeing her hair blonde.

    and with those 3 women, its not because of their skin color that doesnt make them look white or the fact that they all have brown eyes, no not at all. its the fact that they have hispanic bone structure, not european, especially eiza before the plastic surgery, she had a typical mexican girl face, she was never cute or adorable or pretty when she was younger, never. there are hispanic girls in miami that look white cause they have french or spaniard roots that came before the cuban generations, or the argentinians and brazilians that have german and swiss features because of their european ancestors. alba has french in her and shakira has arabic in her, alba looks 50/50 french and mexican and shakira looks like a colombian but her middle eastern features show.

    alba is prettier than eiza since ppl are saying on dailymail that shes supposedly gonna be the new alba. BS up the a$$, you have to be blind as hell to say that. alba isnt a talented actress but she has a way more beautiful and natural face than eiza anyday and is also much more likeable and never had a smugness to her like eiza, eiza is arrogant, any of you can watch her interviews and she doesn’t come across as likeable.

    and eiza was never a good actress or singer on her mexican miley telenovela, most of the young telenovela actors and actresses are bad to be honest because of how they’re poorly taught by the mexican acting coaches to be more “dramatic telenovela actor” and less of “genuine acting”. the older telenovela stars are miles more talented due to their authenticity and were taught better decades ago.

  • @hater…

    Wow the same hater is posting over & over under different names going on & on about plastic surgery & that Eiza is a horrible person.

    You sound like a jilted lover….lol.

    Jennifer Annistan had a nose job & so have a lot of celebrities, so nobody cares. It’s a non-story these days.

    It’s none of your business if Liam & Eiza are dating or not.

    Besides now it’s being reported that Miley has a new boyfriend Mike Will who produced her new record. That’s why Liam moved out & didn’t go to the VMAS with her as she was already with Mike.

    It just shows that Miley waited to make the announcement of the spilt to get maximum publicity & sympathy & to make people believe Liam was the bad guy.

    Liam & Miley had spilt up weeks ago but didn’t make it public.

    Do you really think Miley wrote wrecking ball then filmed the video just a few days ago???…..Of course not, she planned the whole thing with her management!

  • Maria Swan

    she has the same tattoo like miley in her last finger
    liam became famous by dating miley
    and this girl became famous by kissing liam what the hell
    she was unknown now she’s famous and for what ?? for dating liam he can go to hell
    i prefer chris hemsworth his much better

  • Joe


    FINALLY someone who isn’t dumb. I also knew Miley/Liam were done many weeks ago but these idiots are too dumb to realize that.

  • catnip

    this NACA

  • Ale

    Oh God…so she’s having her 5 minutes of celebrity because some prick Hollywood star picked her up in a bar, shove his tongue in her mouth??? How cheap!!

  • Kali

    Look at the before and after pictures and you can tell she has had more than a nose job. What is wrong with Liam? Moving on from Miley Cyrus to “the Mexican Michael Jackson. He better start going out with someone who has class. It’s no wonder people don’t go to see his movies.

  • lala

    Men, doesnt care about plastic surgeries , they see, they want, and this is for sure a pretty girl as you all can see. END OF STORY.

  • ANNA

    She just got THINNER!

  • jo

    the kiss beetwin eiza gonzalez e liam