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Henry Cavill Suits Up on 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Set!

Henry Cavill Suits Up on 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Set!

Henry Cavill looks dapper while filming scenes for his new movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Thursday evening (September 19) in London, England.

The 30-year-old actor was joined on the set by the film’s writer and director Guy Ritchie.

Here is the movie’s synopsis: In the early 1960s, CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Cavill) and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) participate in a joint mission against a mysterious criminal organization, which is working to proliferate nuclear weapons.

Henry recently made an appearance on Sesame Street alongside Elmo to teach respect to the Big Bad Wolf. Watch below!

Henry Cavill Teaches Respect on ‘Sesame Street’

15+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill on the set of his new movie…

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henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 01
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 02
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 03
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 04
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 05
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 06
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 07
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 08
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 09
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 10
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 11
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 12
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 13
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 14
henry cavill suits up on man from uncle set 15

Photos: WENN
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  • hahaha

    omg that sesame street video… no words… dying here

  • HCfan

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!
    luv him in Sesame Street <3

  • Lillian

    There goes a perfect specimen and a perfect Christian Grey. When I pictured Christians character from fifty shades, this was the face and body that came to mind.

  • kimmy

    lovely ♥

  • jth

    Well at least he stopped the bearding. He’s lost the steroid bloat too. Things looking up I hope.

  • anna

    so nice to see set pics! thanks Jared!!!!!!

  • Ha

    Okay, this guy has like THE MOST PERFECT FACE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A GUY. Damn…. what an amazing bone structure<3

  • Sheyenne

    He always seems uncomfortable.

  • Amy

    @jth He has bulked up a lot since The Tudors.

  • Fashion111

    Henry Cavill embodies Christian Grey. Too bad the film holds no merit for a long lasting career. I’m certain he would have agreed to the role had it been a respectable book to film adaptation.

  • Cheyenne

    @Sheyenne: the closet is an uncomfortable place

  • jane


    all brits look unconfortable
    He’s perfect

  • Ximena


    lololololol that’s true, they are wonderfully weird

  • Jessie

    Absolutely gorgeous! And @Jth it seems to easy to call someone gay without evidence.Henry is not gay.And i actually have confirmed this from a friend of mine!

  • soy

    my ass needs some respect henry

  • OMG

    Sure sure, everyone is a friend of Henry’s. Lol

  • Tivochick

    Let me see, could he look uncomfortable b/c photog breaking his concentration while trying to work. Appreciate photos though Jared. Cavill obviously needs to prepare for MOS2 so reminding me of Peter Lupus on classic MIP. The dapper man that will break you in two, gay trash-talking lying about steriods jackasses.

  • Radar
  • Radar

    Henry is not gay! I know about the oral habits (lip licking, mouth left ajar or even wide open as if waiting for something to fly in, the lip pursing, etc.) of the gays, but Henry does them so infrequently. He is not 100% gay, he is bi. See this:

  • lips

    He licks his lips at minute 1:07 in the video. A very gay thing to do. A gay man will use his mouth where many others won’t. Lips must be wet and ready.

  • hahaha

    #18 #19 #20 You need to get back on your med’s dude.

  • Lilith

    Folks @Radar@lips or God knows how many other names he will use to cover the fact he is the same psycho freak that does nothing all day than ‘study’ Henry and trying to “let the whole world know’ the truth about Henry. He is insane and no matter what you tell him he will continue with his rants and so called “proof” about Henry… “He said this so he is gay or bi…he breathes like this so he is bi/gay, he eats like that therefore he is bi/gay he smiles like that so he is bi/gay” just ignore him. He is an attention seeking troll.
    @hahaha i agree with you totally but i don’t think med’s will help him anymore. Just wait and see how many posts he will make (under different names of course) trying to prove Henry is bi. Start counting….

  • Jasmine

    WHAT???WHAT??Lip licking and an open mouth indicate that someone is gay?So my boyfriend,by brother,my dad and at least half of thr world populatis is gay?….okay thanks for clearing that up.

    Some people are ridiculous

  • Blue

    Please don’t start commenting on his sexual orientation again!

  • Lua


    “He licks his lips at minute 1:07 in the video. A very gay thing to do” wth?!!! stupid words! Or every person in the entire world is gay or you really need a Dr.! you are CRAZY!

  • Jen

    Lovely to see a drunk come out of Bodoschloss nightclub with different girls, and then do a Sesame Street segment for children. Pathetic piece of shzz.

  • Lua


    ok nun lol I’m sure you go party on your free time and at the same time you respect your own life and work! (like all of us!)
    Don’t exaggerate ;-)

  • Jen

    I’ve been to bars and parties, but I don’t step into a fake persona of being a goodie good afterwards like he does. It’s called bullshiz honey. His like is fake.

  • Jen

    @Lua: And btw, a lot of people know he’s a fake. Henry knows he’s a fake. His whole life is nothing but a fake. LOL!

  • Lua


    Hi, that’s what you think , why should be the truth?
    For example, in pics where he is partying is also his brother and close friends (from long time ago) but paps are gonna show what sells, and now thinking about that… even paps didn’t say anything bad about him (and that’s very weird because they are always looking for destroy careers) just some people think like that.

    he’s single so he’s not doing anything wrong going party, we do it too

    have a nice weekend :o)

  • Emma

    @Jen yeah apparently the millions of people that me him and every single one og the reported how nice and sweet he is…are apparently lying.And the weird thing is that they are not even paid!So why lie?Maybe he is genuinely nice and sweet?

    Here are some stories for you Jen…

    While out in Jersay a deaf fan approached Henry.Henry took the time to learn all about sign langueage in order to communicate with the fan.The same day he talked seperately to every single person that was waiting for him,thanking everyone individually.

    In all of the MOS premieres,Henry was the first to arrive and the last to leave as he wanted to spent much time with the fans signing autographs and talking to them.

    While filming Immortals,Henry would talk to every single crew member and extra.Everyday he would greet them,smile at them,make fun with them.He was the only cast member that received a standing ovation when the film wrapped.

    If you hate him ,don;t bother with him.There is no need to post inaccuracies.

  • Anna


    How weird is it that a man who worked his butt off for many years,hardly seeing his family or friends during this period,who took on a demanding role after a demanding role…go out and enjoy himself for a bit.

    And you don;t even know these girls.If you read the initial story you would know that nothing happened with the first girl and the second night he went out with his father.GOD HE IS A MONSTER…going out with his father and relax?OUTRAGEOUS! come on now Jen…

    And Henry was always great with kids.Amy have talked about how much her daughter loved him and how great he was with her.Henry uses to take care of his nieces all the time.

    Plus,can you expain how every person that has met him, comments on how nice,humble and down to earth he is?

  • radar

    He is a wonderful human being, an exception in Hollywood: very kind, humble, and genuine (truthful in everything except one thing which I’m not going to mention anymore). This Sesame Street piece was shot in the spring before the Bodo’s Schloss hookups.

  • Anna

    girls, new pics of the set!!!!

    here: h ttp://

  • Ariadne

    This man is so gorgeous that his look can be hotter than Superman’s heat vision.God was kind with him.And i will co-sign tothe claims that he is genuinely nice and sweet and humble and down to earth.I mean…watch his interviews.I never saw such a polite,kind,respectful and gorgeous-looking human being.

  • sara

    What a handsome man! But always seems so uncomfortable in his own skin. wish he hadn’t beefed up so much for the superman role..make his limbs looks weird. He also seems a bit too self-conscious, maybe, because he’s always told how handsome he is. I find him boring for that reason. There are plenty of Brit actors who are easygoing. It’s a personality thing. He is good for action roles though.

  • radar

    @Ariadne: Agree 100%! I’ve never seen a kinder, more polite, and more handsome guy, all these qualities in one single person. God has been very generous with him, indeed!

  • Joelle

    I hope he shows more life in this film than he did in superman. I don’t get, he’s personable in interviews, but he had the personality of a wet blanket in Superman.

  • radar

    But God also created Henry with a small defect which I’m not going to mention anymore. Because if He had made Henry perfect, he would have been a god, never in need of God. He gives us all defects so that we can never really succeed without Him, so that we need Him.

  • G8d8r


    Kind of. Almost half the men (up to 42% to be precise) have engaged in h0m0 mating, either exclusively h0m0 (1 to 5%) or along with heter0 mating (37%). Here are the research data:
    37% of men are bi:
    h ttp://

    1 to 5% are exclusively g_y:
    h ttp://

  • Jasmine


    First of all the survey is only talking about US.Kinsey counted as bi the men who in us. and b.had a threesome with another male and a girl.Not that they had sex with the other male.They count the threesome as a homosexual activity (it kinda is but none of the males are gay)

    Then (on the link you posted) this is quoted :

    “His results, however, have been disputed, especially in 1954 by a team consisting of John Tukey, Frederick Mosteller and William G. Cochran, who stated much of Kinsey’s work was based on convenience samples rather than random samples, and thus would have been vulnerable to bias.[“

  • Anna


    IMO he was the perfect superman/And you can;t blame Cavill for Goyer’s mistakes.

  • G8d8r


    The next paragraph following the one you quote says that Kinsey’s successor at the helm of the research institute “dedicated years to reviewing the Kinsey data and culling its purported contaminants. In 1979, Gebhard (with Alan B. Johnson) concluded that none of Kinsey’s original estimates were significantly affected by the perceived bias, finding that 36.4% of men had engaged in both heterosexual and homosexual activities, as opposed to Kinsey’s 37%.”

    Also speaking from personal experience as a bi guy, there are a lot of married men who engage in h0m0 sex on the side. Craiglist personal ads are mostly from bi married guys or guys with GFs. My own statistics fit with those of the Kinsey reports pretty well.

  • G8d8r

    Bear in mind that these 37% bi guys include those who may have only had 1 or a couple h0m0 experience(s) in their entire life, along with those who essentially lead a double life, having sex both with their wife/GF and with other men on a regular basis.

  • G8d8r

    After blogger Celebitchy (Henry was “the second coming of Tom Cruise” for his “bearding up” with Kaley Cuoco – I personally thought it was real affection between them, much more chemistry than bet. him and Gina), now Lainey compares Henry to Tom Cruise:
    h ttp://

  • Anna


    You do realise that Lainey compers him to Tom Cruise because this role was initially supposed to be played by Cruise,right?As for Celebitchy’s article about Henry acting like Cruise (which he does not) it says nowhere about “bearding up”.Stop making up stories.

  • Lina


    THANKS for those pics! I never see him or feel him unconfortable, for me he’s a perfect brit gentleman ;-) My favorite pics: with Armie.- and having a blast.- ♥!

  • G8d8r


    Darling Anna, I do read carefully. I suggest you do the same. Celebitchy thinks the photo ops with Kaley were pre-arranged, so Henry and Kaley’s relation was fake/PR: “I would say that this is all pre-arranged.” So her comparison with Tom Cruise is regarding fake relationships, which many ppl say Tom contracted to beard up, to cover his gayness.
    h ttp://

    Lainey says there are more reasons for her comparison with Tom than just the job replacement. Read carefully again.

    “How do you go from Tom Cruise to Henry Cavill?


    Give it a minute and it starts to make sense. There’s a common …lack of charisma, non?”

    She talks about other things in common between the two besides the job replacement. Such as lack of charisma (clearly, not the case, as Tom has tons of charisma, Henry arguable less). So her comparison is about a FAKE commonality. It follows that her comparison is other REAL things in common she alludes to, but never spells out. We all know what she is alluding to. And my g8d8r agrees with her. Henry is bi.

  • G8d8r


    I want to clarify that although Celebitchy thinks Henry’s relationship with Kaley was fake/PR, I disagree: I have never seen so much chemistry between Henry and any girl in any photos/videos. Much more than with Gina. Plus, Kaley is his type – blonde (he says he prefers blondes). She looks like Sophia Myles from “Tristan and Isolde,” which I think it’s an unrequited love, looks like his ex-fiancee and also like Jessica, a real estate agent he hooked up with after his break-up from his fiancee.

  • Joelle

    Anna @ 09/20/2013 at 9:07 pm #42
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think he was horrible, I just don’t think that he was as good as he could have been. If what they wanted was a perfect looking guy who would bring in the ladies and guys who were already fanboys and fans of the previous Superman films, they got that in spades. But, I couldn’t fathom why someone so charismatic in interviews could be so blah in a role that he could have owned. I’m not really a Superman fan although I’ve seen a few of the previous films. I wanted to watch this incarnation because I thought it had a new direction and a lot of potential to be good. IMO it was ok, but not something I’d want to see again even on DVD.
    The film’s plot wasn’t anything new and it wasn’t particularly well written.How much more can there be to superman, just fighting a new villain each time. That wasn’t his fault. He just didn’t seem comfortable in the role. That may have been because he felt a lot of pressure for the movie to succeed, I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t ga ga over his looks and was paying more attention to the acting lol. He is handsome though. He just didn’t make me want to see the sequel.