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Olivier Martinez: Unstoppable in Beverly Hills

Olivier Martinez: Unstoppable in Beverly Hills

Olivier Martinez rocks an “Unstoppable” t-shirt as he goes for a solo stroll in his neighborhood on Monday afternoon (September 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The evening before, the 47-year-old French actor and his pregnant wife Halle Berry danced up a storm while attending the Earth, Wind, and Fire concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Earlier in the week, Olivier was spotted carrying a big baguette out of Bristol Farms after doing some grocery shopping in Los Angeles.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez going for a stroll in Beverly Hills…

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  • Danae

    No baguette news today?

  • Shannon

    Um looks like he’s getting his mail, do paps just hang outside of their gate or what?

  • kel

    I didn’t recognize him without his baguette.

  • Pickles

    It will be interesting to see how long Halle puts up with this freeloader. He will make sure to get child support from her when it ends.

    Hope he can afford to keep dying his hair and staying sober. Former boxer who’s a mean drunk? Good luck Halle. I hope Nahla and Gabriel stay far away from this pig. Nahla won’t be a baby forever. As she gets older she will definitely have problems with Olivier.

  • Laura

    OMG this man doesn’t have enough money to buy new pants or what?? He keeps on wearing the same pants on every picture we see, he just changes the shirt… boring!
    Besides, here in France he’s not that popular. We saw him on a couple of movies and on a YSL commercial, that’s it. Anyway, Halle good luck with THAT guy…!

  • stella

    Pickles, Olivier is not a freeloader. You need to check your facts before you post. You must have him confused with Gabriel.

  • Kaspar

    This guy look like one mean nasty sob

  • Justina

    Nobody can stop him from getting a baguette. Baguette man. LOL!

  • Fun

    He is always wearing the wrong colours that make his face look grey. Although he seems to have had a shower today. That is an improvement. And when is the baby there? It sounds like such an enormous long pregnancy??

  • marthe

    It never fails, one must not expect to come here unless you anticipate the worst kind of comments. This man is not a freeloader. Check your facts, according to international info he has at least 20 million dollars, and that has not been updated for at least 2012 and evidently does not include his pay from Cybergeddon and The Physician which I read the latter to have been 5 million dollars. JJ indicated The Physician will open on Christmas in Germany and I read where it will open in other european countires as well. I don’t think some of these people know how to tell the truth, these are some of the same ones who claimed they weren’t a real couple, then he wouldn’t marry her, he didn;t want to be here, etc. Coordinated lunacy. They don’t do themselves any favors. This is one of the few remaining websites where they still seem to rule. Look at DM, their conversation is being drowned out, Good!

  • Sherry

    @Laura: with all the money he has, he probably has closets full of the same brand of jeans. When I find a piece of clothing that’s comfortable/stylish, I also like buying a few pieces in different colors or even in the same color, I don’t care what people think.

  • Livorame

    @Laura: Natalie Portman husband is a freeloader. Not Oliver Martinez. I seriously had no idea who he was until he knocked up Natalie. Martinez has acted in many films both french and english. He is known in france and hes a good looking guy, which helped him get the YSL deal. Natalies husband is ugly and irrelavent, thru Natalies connections that nobody got a contract with YSL, since no ballet dancers have ever gotten a high fashion brand contract.. Now we don’t see him in the ads anymore since the company thought” Ahh no-one is buying products from this ugly nobody” so they dropped him.

  • huggybear

    @Livorame this post is about Olivier not Natalies’s husband and where Is Olivier oscar and emmy award and the last movie he made was two year’s ago he is not making any movies. Old and dry up

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier is looking fine today, handsome, handsome man. For a film actor he has absolutely no vanity, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about how he dresses. He certainly not into that Botox like some celebrity males, thank god, true man. Olivier been wealthy for a long time, and this just kills the haters. Boy had yachts, Aston Martinez,’s, motor cycles, posh apartments etc. long before he met Halle, unlike her loser ex.

  • marthe

    @huggybear I don’t know if folks like you read or just do not care about the truth. The Physician was completed late last year and there was an article about the TIFF where it was being shopped but the article mentioned that it had not been finished so expressed concern about North American distributors being willing to buy a project that was in production. And we have many great actors/actresses who never got an emmy or an oscar. So now this is what your problem is with him? You go from bad to worse, and now I am getting as crazy a you and your group for even discussing something so ridiculous! Now when someone says something about Mr. Aubry, you and yours go nuts but you want the right to insult other people at will. In that vane I will take this last shot, keep watching, things for him are going to get bad, Bbecause if he used the US Mail, e-mail or any other form of wire and signed a document that those items put up for auction were the property of Halle Berry, that was fraud via mail or electronic means, and if not that I have confidence in him. That kind of man will find a way to commit another crime! He hit Martinez and lied about it to the general public and a court to obtain a restraining order. When the doc came to public view, it was immediately found to be false. He was never married to the woman and he was never struck from behind, and a 47 year old man cannot jump a dozen steps and land without breaking an ankle so the accusation that Martinez did so to strike him should have sent out warning bells to any sensible person, which is why most people in the world didn’t believe it. If you bought that, what does it say about your thinking process? I don;t know any of these people; and quite frankly, I don’t want to. But don’t think you can go around insulting decent people and not expect them to offer an explanation of your reasoning. Mine will stand the light of day, I contend that you know you are lying, but feel that anything is alright as long as you say it often enogh someone somewhere will start to believe. I say keep watching the news, the cream always rises to the top and the bottom feeders settle in their rightful place!

  • @marthe

    @marthe: why bother arguing—not taking sides.

    Only time will tell about the fake auction-not taking sides here either.

    If memory serves, regardless of who lied and who threw the first punch (Both I really don’t give a rats a$$, either way), both OM and GA had restraining orders against each other and both agreed to drop them against each other. (Google/fact check) as part of their agreement.—I will leave at that (not getting into other terms that were disclosed).

    This is an entertainment gossip site not a fan site and none of this stuff be taken seriously.

  • huggybear

    @marthe who the h$$l is speaking to you, and no one was speaking about Gabriel so how did he got in the picture and I was speaking about Natalies’s husband and it is about two years and the lost movie flap with him and Halle berry in it . I think I smell a rat

  • marthe

    I don’t believe in lying on people, I don’t care what kind of site it is, and I’m not a fan of either but I believe in telling the trurh as often and as frequently as I can. Perhaps that is a good thing to remember, regardless of what kind of site you’re on!

  • huggybear

    It is really amazing when the pot is calling the kettle black. my how the fool singing wolf in sheep clothing.

  • Sorry huggybear…my bad

    Sorry , huggybear…agree with you…didn’t mean to butt in….thought the were referring to another post/pposter.

  • what a speech!

    @ marthe – get a grip and stop pretending that you know these people. your speech above is hilarious, its ok for you to bad mouth people withoout knowing the facts but you take offence when others do???? Hypocrite is the word that springs to mind!

  • marthe

    You run in packs, not surprised by your responses. Thank God that there are enough decent people in the world that we don’t have to run into the likes of you too often. At last count there were 21 posts and the majority of them were insults to the person on whom this article was based, but I’m the one who is the bad one, out of touch. I never believed in arguing and I won’t start now. I only began posting to thisd site a couple of days ago, and I shall leave just as I began. Good luck to you!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @marthe I’m with you, the haters do run in packs. They look for articles about Halle and Olivier just to bash them, sick really. I happen to be a fan to both and wish them and thier family well. Olivier is a fine and handsome man, and yes I said it. They both got it going on and the hater can’t stand it.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @martha don’t count the number of bad post on this article, it is usually one or two people who make multiple statements under different names. This is a game they play. Believe me the majority of people posting are positive. Keep your head up your not alone.

  • not always

    @Shelbethegreat: not always 1-2 folks doing multiple posts (even thought they do exist) and it depends on post whether majority are positive.

  • @marthe and marthe not same

    @Shelbethegreat: @marthe (me) and marthe (original poster) aren’t the same. Think you you meant Marthe, the original poster not @marthe, the meddler.

  • Wurry

    Lots of emotional investment in this guy. Anycrazy, what’s really funny is if you google Olivier Martinez+Elsa Pataky, he was also wearing the same jeans and jacket when they were dating.

  • UR right

    @Wurry: OMG UR right on all fronts

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier in the same jacket and jeans when he was with Elsa Pataki, you know I believe your right. And yet this man (who the haters say is unattractive and a poor dresser) can get some of the most beautiful and successful women in the world. And most wanted him to marry them, but he turned them all down. He was waiting for someone special and that would be Halle Berry.

  • Castle

    OMG that is one hell of a fantasy world you live in shelbe and the sad thing is you believe it all! A love struck teenager would struggle to post comments as cringe worthy as yours, but best of luck with them!! Are you even a teenager yet? Is this your first crush? Just curious!

  • James

    @marthe: Thank you Uglivier’s Publicist for reminding us of which movies to avoid. Probably not even worthy of DVD…. Straight to VHS son !!!!!!!

  • Shelbethegreat

    Eat your heart out haters. Olivier rocks! Make more money than any of you.