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Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron reportedly completed two separate stints in rehab earlier this year, according to TMZ.

The 25-year-old actor entered a private residence in March to receive intensive outpatient care for several weeks to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years.

Zac then relapsed in April while shooting the movie Neighbors, according to the report. After filming on the movie wrapped he got outpatient care for the second time.

There are allegedly several reasons that Zac started using coke: issues with his parents who are “still trying to control his life and decision-making,” being upset with his movie career, “girl issues” although nothing to do with Vanessa Hudgens, and being surrounded by a “bad group of friends.”

We’re glad that Zac received help and hope that he is doing well!

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111 Responses to “Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report”

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  1. 26
    sabina Says:

    Danny or @ kalamonde, but then you’re really obsessed with Tom Welling! Tom and Zac met during the filming of Parkland (will be in theaters October 4), and the article talks about his cocaine addiction was 2 years ago so do not say LIES! Friends help you not indulge in need. mary is right Kalamonde’re really sick, you are a PUBLIC DANGER!!!

  2. 27
    MeUnderwears ThatsLife Says:

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!: Grow up! He isn’t gay and he will never be gay. I am tired of people like you who always says he is gay. He is STRAIGHT. Jesus Christ it’s 2013 and there’s still no proof about it. Grow up! The most you wish he is gay the less he will be.

    Praying for Zac to stay clean and healthy. If something happens to him , I couldn’t bare it .

  3. 28
    Nightwish Says:

    WTF Jared! Both Zac and Pudgens have been broken up for long long now, but you HAD to bring her name up in this post! You are such a sorry ass pimp for her, i swear.

  4. 29
    magda Says:

    It will be funny when all the thing come FALSE/UNTRUE

  5. 30
    crrlmoore Says:

    @Danae: Those were my thoughts too when I first heard about this. I’ve been a fan of his for years and I’ve always known he wasn’t as squeaky clean as he tried to portray but I NEVER expected this. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  6. 31
    Nightwish Says:

    ..”several reasons he started doing coke”..including..”girl issues, although nothing to do with vanessa hudgens” <<< insert desperate Vanessa Hudgens tie-in and defense comment, like LOL Jared

  7. 32
    Jr Says:

    Wow is there really any low you won’t sink too to take pot shots at Vanessa. The guy has problems there’s nothing funny about it and for you to take advantage of it in your continuous vendetta against Vanessa is sick.

  8. 33
    Nightwish Says:

    @Jr:You are stalking me on a Zac Efron post, and im the one who is sick?

  9. 34
    Nightwish Says:

    @Jr: I dont see your precious Vanessa tweeting her support for him during this very trying time. Guess they had a bad falling out. Man, i wonder how it really went down, the breakup and all.

  10. 35
    Jr Says:

    I’ve been reading posts of this story ever since the story broke a few days ago. I read the other post too just didn’t say anything. It’s been interesting right until u popped your snake head out of the ground and started using it again for your own vendetta.

  11. 36
    maria Says:

    So, I am a Vanessa fan, and see you’ve been bombarded with our Nightmare. Sorry. He’s a psychotic hater, and we can’t get rid of him. But I just want to say, I don’t believe Zac would EVER throw his parents under the bus like that. EVER. I can believe it started after his break-up w/ Vanessa. He may have been depressed, a bit lonely (as all people are after a breakup) and he was spending a LOT of time with those friends. It just happened. I am happy he addressed his problem. Maybe he should just start living his life, enjoy his career, and stop caring about what others think of him so much. It’s just not healthy, and these are the things that can happen.

  12. 37
    Fruitfly Says:

    I hate to tell Zac this, but parents will still try to control their child’s life and decision-making until he/or she dies, lol. 99% of the time it’s because they love their child and want the best for them.

    That said this recent revelation is a little suspect. The initial story was reported by People, a reputable source. Not that TMZ is wrong, but their credibility isn’t the same as People’s.

  13. 38
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Actually, the story i heard was he breathed a huge sigh of relief after dumping Vanessa. Heard he doesnt like being with a manipulative and controlling chick. Also, he knew his potential would far outpace Hudgens, that it would create problems so he cut ties early. I think he’s a smart guy.

  14. 39
    Jr Says:

    I don’t see any of zacs co stars tweeting their support I guess they all hate him. Or maybe you’re just reaching for excuses to spread hate.

  15. 40
    Gun Says:

    All this drama, just come out of the closet, until he does, rehab is going to be a recurring trip for him.
    Who did he think he was fooling bulking up and posing with his shirt off, nessa most likely dump him, because he could not get it up for *****.
    She is a young women and peaking sexually, not into rubbing noses, with a mama’s boy.

  16. 41
    Nightwish Says:

    @Gun: That is a crock of crap, a rumor perpetuated by gays who want to claim him and Hudgens fans, who cant stomach the idea that he had no problems leaving her. He patronizes the gay community because they love him. Its a business, and he wants to retain fans. He got it up for hundreds of hotter chicks than Hudgens, thats for sure. Not to mention staying with Hudgens would have strangled his career path. She really is not as big of a star as he is. Lets face it.

  17. 42
    nola Says:

    Donte = @ kalamonde let it be Tom Welling! you should address your interest in Kristin Kreuk and her “friend” Sima, have a very special friendship so much that kristin left the fake boyfriend. Do not throw poison on the “poor” Zac!

  18. 43
    Revenge Says:

    @Nightwish if you would have done your “homework” instead of sounding like an idiot and jumping to conclusions you would have seen that Jared is paraphrasing what TMZ put on their website; so Vanessa being brought up is not by the hands of Jared, but the “so-called” sources that TMZ “supposedly” has.
    I’m skeptical of the “reasons’ behind him using, but regardless of the reasons, I’m happy for him that he was able to seek help. I wish him all the success in the world and will continue to support him as I’ve always done.

  19. 44
    Hyde Says:

    Well this is interesting. Everything’s finally coming out in the open.
    He first snorted cocaine in Vancouver while at a party for CStC. That I could tell. Bbv tried to intervene but oh he’s Mr. Hotshot so.
    He cut-out his ties with his family since late last year altho his dad still visits him but they arent as close like before.
    Idk about that ‘girl issues’ but his friends mainly had to do with his addiction.

  20. 45
    Lauren Says:

    Uh how do you know this?
    Funny how all these people on here or in general come out of the wood work and say oh I know this , this and this on zac? Didnt realize so many people were in zacs life like that,

  21. 46
    jth Says:

    Closeted, short, no talent. Guess I’d do it too.

  22. 47
    AEM Says:

    @Donte: I agree. These are the same guys that Liam Hemsworth hangs out with. Add Phil Haus, Ramsey Krull, and Paul Khoury to the list too.
    Go to Phil Haus’ instagram or Facebook and you’ll see pictures of them. There s even one with Miley (with short hair) in it.

  23. 48
    Rachel Says:

    This whole thing has come as a big surprise. I’m a big fan and will still continue to support him. Drug/alcohol are serious addictions and I’m glad he got help. I hope he stays clean. It’s good that his parents have played an active part through this and he has his family besides him.
    Good luck sweetie. Hope he’ll be fine.

    BTW his team managed to keep this a secret for 5 months and now who are these people leaking all this stuff?

  24. 49
    Rachel Says:

    And this report seems fake. I think his bad friends mainly had everything to do with it. How do TMZ’s sources bring Vanessa into this? Seems fake.
    I hope he stays clean and leave all these bad friends he supposedly had.
    He surely looked great at TIFF. He was glowing!

  25. 50
    BOB Says:

    As far as everyone knows (at least the non delusional fans) Efron started using coke during CSC / The Lucky One in NOLA. He went to visit Vanessa in Hawaii at least 3/4 times, and she went to visit him on set for his birthday… and thats when everything started (there were so many rumors about Zac cheating on V with his costar -she was engaged when she was filming TLO and after the movie wrapped his fiance dumped her, sightings of Zac drinking alone…).
    Before his meltdown, Zac was always with the same group of friends, it was normal to read tweets or sightings like “I just saw Zac and Vanessa skating” they were barely spotted at nightclubs, just like Vanessa right now, out on Malibu, watching movies at the Hcementery, going to church, out with her family.
    When they broke up, Vanessa only maintain contact with a couple of Zac´s friends. Funny huh? She still has contact with Chris and Bubba (Zac´s childhood friends) but she has completely erased from her life to all the other ones (the ones who introduce Zac to drugs… like the pheed guys aka lindsay lohan /Miley Cyrus´ friends aka Zac best friends the last two years)
    So, as you said he could have been with “hotter chicks than Hudgens” but Vanessa never said ANYTHING about their relationship, he was the one saying he loved her, “she keeps me grounded” “it was love at first sight”. He was right, at the end of the day he is the coke head not Vanessa.
    And Vanessa is getting really good reviews, she is working hard and getting the praise. While Zac was showing up late on set, doing threesomes with prostitutes, doing cocaine with his friends, asking for drugs at SXSW, Vanessa was working, spending time with her friends and family. They are pretty different.

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