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Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron reportedly completed two separate stints in rehab earlier this year, according to TMZ.

The 25-year-old actor entered a private residence in March to receive intensive outpatient care for several weeks to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years.

Zac then relapsed in April while shooting the movie Neighbors, according to the report. After filming on the movie wrapped he got outpatient care for the second time.

There are allegedly several reasons that Zac started using coke: issues with his parents who are “still trying to control his life and decision-making,” being upset with his movie career, “girl issues” although nothing to do with Vanessa Hudgens, and being surrounded by a “bad group of friends.”

We’re glad that Zac received help and hope that he is doing well!

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111 Responses to “Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report”

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  1. 51
    Rachel Says:

    Would have been better if this hadn’t out. It’s his personal problem, he dealt with it. Who the heck are these sources leaking info to TMZ?

  2. 52
    Rachel Says:

    Lastly, hugs for him. Hope he stays clean and sorts out whatever issues led to this addiction. The change has been showing lately. Just look up the TIFF pictures.

  3. 53
    Rachel Says:

    *this hadn’t come out

  4. 54
    BOB Says:

    Do you realize the only ones who didn’t know about his addictions were HIS FANS? Everyone knew he had problems,i remember reading a couple of Vanessa´s fans talking about this last year or even talking about how a “douchebag” he was when he fired Gina (and she was trying to help him).
    All of you Zac´s fans where obssesed trying to talk **** about Vanessa and how she was always spotted out and about (calling her famewhore or even being disrespectful to her relationship with Austin) meanwhile Zac was SO PRIVATE BECAUSE HE LOVE HIS LIFE, HIS WORK AND HIS FANS, now everyone know why he was so private. And i remember when a couple of Vanessa´s fans told you “Vanessa doesnt has anything to hide” now you know what they were talking about.

  5. 55
    flyhigh Says:

    Jesus. Calm down. You seem overjoyed at someone’s struggles. Stop hating.
    Are you seriously saying Zac should’ve been doing drugs in public? Everyone is applauding him for not having a public meltdown and taking care of his problems in private. Can’t believe you’re hating on him for keeping his personal issues from the public.

  6. 56
    Lauren Says:

    Um I always felt like he has issues and etc. not all of his fans are dumb,
    You need to chill out

  7. 57
    flyhigh Says:

    It’s sad Zac is going through this when his career is finally taking off. Stay strong, Zac. You have THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, which is the first movie from your production company, and NEIGHBORS, which is expected to be one of your biggest hits. Please stay sober and healthy. Your time will come soon.

  8. 58
    BOB Says:

    Im talking about his fans, good for him for going to rehab, he relapsed once and i’m sure he is going to relapse again. but his fans are hilarious, they are always bitching at every other celeb, like Selena, Ashley, Vanessa, Kristen, Rob because they all get pictured, but Zac, the real star is never pictures because he is a profesional, he is always working all the rumors about him having sex on public, asking for drugs and who*res are lies, because he is a saint, he is working all the time… COME ON!

  9. 59
    merlin's Mum Says:

    @BOB: we aren’t all stupid and this has nothing to do with his ex so keep her out of it. I have heard that he lost his best friend and cousin to cancer and that may have contributed to him going off the rails.

  10. 60
    .. Says:

    wait a second, Efron’s publicist is Melissa Kates… Melissa Kates was Cory Monteith´ publicist… yeah he is “HAPPY AND HEALTHY” .

  11. 61
    BOB Says:

    @merlin’s Mum:
    they died 3/5 months ago, he has been an addict since 2011. Oh you were one of the ones bitc*hing at Vanessa at every oportunity and now you are trying to get sympathy for the coke head. COME ON!

  12. 62
    lauren Says:

    dont compare corey to zac and vice versa, one that is just disrespectful.

  13. 63
    lauren Says:

    people like you and others have probably been waiting to come on here for years and hate on him and then act all like blah blah blah, i told you people, not all of his fans think he’s perfect, so i have no idea where you think his fans think he’s a saint and etc, so stop with the saint crap.

  14. 64
    kami Says:

    so zac’s team knew this story was going to break, and they beat the tabloids to the punch by leaking (according to a source) the story to people mag. my guess is a few of the coke head friends zac dropped when he went to rehab are the ones spilling the deets on him. hope he realizes now they were never really his friends.

  15. 65
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOB: Zacs own fans didnt even know about his addiction? So what that says is Hudgens fans knew all about it because she was spilling the beans to her circles and fanbase about Zacs lifestyle. Maybe big mouthed Stella got in on the action too. Nice job. She probably couldn’t get over the fact that he let go of her so easily too. Why do you want to kick Zac when he’s down? Hudgens is one of my least favorite ‘celebs’, and i use that term in the most liberal sense of the word, but i woud lay off if she were messed up somehow like Zac is.

  16. 66
    merlin's Mum Says:

    @BOB: And people like you have been hating on him and tearing him to pieces for over three years? Do you think people can put up with that kind of hate without losing it? Again I say, pi$$ off her fans. At least he is actually working still.

  17. 67
    Hello Says:

    Found some videos from TIFF. He seems like he’s really trying but personally, I always thought he was on something. He often rubbed his nose in interviews and couldn’t sit still. Of course, I don’t know much about addicts.

    I’m glad he’s seeking help. I just hope he doesn’t relapse.

    Here are some recent videos from TIFF. In my opinion, he doesn’t look happy and healthy. At least he is trying and I don’t wish badness on anyone. Addiction can lead to death. It is a very serious thing. He needs to take time off from working. I feel like the stress of hollywood with all it’s pressures will eventually do him in. Being famous and making it BIG is not everything.

  18. 68
    Nightwish Says:

    @Hello: Many actors do coke on the set. You cant take the time it takes to drink 5 cups of coffee, and its not the right ‘up’ for the task. Most everyones on drugs in the club scene too. Dont be so naive. Somehow, Zac let things get way way out of control. Maybe he blows HUGE BUCKS on his addiction, that will raise some major red flags FAST and have everyone around him begging him to go to rehab. He probably evolved from a social user to a hardcore user. Seems like a long struggle ahead for that poor guy.

  19. 69
    soho Says:

    @AEM: You forgot about Crawford Wilson who used to date Vanessa’s best friend Laura New. That guy is a complete mess…always high and drunk. There’s even a video of him and some other dude doing a shot…it was early in morning according to them in the video. There is also a picture of Zac taken with Simon Rex (guy who was in the sex video with Paris Hilton). I think he also hangs with the Pheed guys sometimes. When I saw that pic, I knew Zac might be in trouble or headed down that path.

  20. 70
    eternalozzie Says:

    I wish him all the best staying clean … you can tell most of the petty bickering commenters here have no clue what dealing with an bad addiction is like. Arguing about who he should be dating or how he should be projecting his image is stupid. Zac needs to focus on not dying right now … everything else is not important.

  21. 71
    hannah Says:

    ok i dont know what is going on here. all i know is that zac is struggling but he doesnt want anyones help IF the sources are correct. we dont know the full story. i do feel sorry for him as a fan, but i still think that he doing it to just let loose is bad because i remember that just after hsm3 promo he said he wouldnt do that because hes not that type of guy. it disappoints me because i never expected this from him. i dont want to see his downfall so it kind of pissed me off when @Nightwish just stepped in as a supposed fan when he doesnt even support him. but i apologize Nightwish, at first i thought u were a vanessa fan, but clearly you just hate vanessa. why? i dunno but u have some grudge against her. but im glad ur supporting zac even though the circumstances are distorted.

  22. 72
    pika Says:

    @soho: so at the end of the day both zac and vanessa are no better than eachother a.k.a THEY ARE HUMAN. y’all are hating on either zac or vanessa when both are just as guilty of whatever u think they have done such as the friends they hang with. we all got that one friend who is crazy or ratchet its just whether they will effect u negatively, positively and whether it will effect ur other relationships. @BOB stop. vanessa has done plenty of crap zac isnt all that bad damn. @Nightwish stop. u just came here cuz u hate vanessa so just stop. i know how u roll.

  23. 73
    .... Says:

    He should try to get Vanessa back.

    If he’s had this problem for 2 years and it got worse he was good and happier when he was with Vanessa.

  24. 74
    soho Says:

    @pika: You are right. Zac and Vanessa are not perfect. They are human and make mistakes like everyone else. I wish the best for Zac because he has too much talent to throw it away. I’m sure he will pull it together. As for @NIghtwish, he is obsessed with Vanessa. He is always on her posts making rude and negative comments about her. He spends more time on there than her fans. He has a screw loose.

  25. 75
    Drugs Says:


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