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Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron reportedly completed two separate stints in rehab earlier this year, according to TMZ.

The 25-year-old actor entered a private residence in March to receive intensive outpatient care for several weeks to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years.

Zac then relapsed in April while shooting the movie Neighbors, according to the report. After filming on the movie wrapped he got outpatient care for the second time.

There are allegedly several reasons that Zac started using coke: issues with his parents who are “still trying to control his life and decision-making,” being upset with his movie career, “girl issues” although nothing to do with Vanessa Hudgens, and being surrounded by a “bad group of friends.”

We’re glad that Zac received help and hope that he is doing well!

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  • lol

    Nightwish, right? Defo PR team clearly does not want her associated with his rehab and they made sure of it by stating it. sooo… statement was not from V’s team. point made. thankyouverymuch.

    flyhigh, coz you know Zac so well right?

  • Nightwish

    Well if what you say in your last comment is true, then you are obviously operating on more info than anyone else here. To make it clear that he didnt go downhill because of the Hudgens breakup, well i can see that. Imo it wasnt even necessary to bring her name up though. His PR team is doing a knock-up job if you ask me. I would have said Zac had a cocain use problem that escalated over the past year, and that it was solely contributable to pressures and associations from being involved in hollywood. Leave his family completely out of it, and for fks sake keep Hudgens as ancient history where she belongs. Nobody says he’s obligated to spill all the freaking beans, in fact, just saying he checked in for drug abuse is good enough. So many stars do these days anyways.

  • pika

    @Nightwish: its hype because hes a good actor who appeared to have a good head on his shoulders and came from disney. pretty much it dude. dont worry im not having a go at u u just do your thang, but i think all this is too much overthinking. he has a drug problem. millions of people do and he sought help. am i the only one who is seeing in black and white? not to mention that hes a damn human??!!


    lmao you clearly don’t know anything. You dont know anything about Vanessa´s team, Zac´s team or his old team (they leaked the news it was all over blind gossip a couple of months ago…. do you know who Gina is? ha)
    Do you actually think Vanessa would use his name when she NEVER said anything about him the last couple of years? you know, her team didnt even said A THING about her scandal a couple of years ago. You are obssesed with her, but she is just a young woman who enjoys her life.
    Zac´s team released the break up news and all the other rumors, Vanesa and her team never said anything. Believe me, even if you want to hate her, she would always be out and about smiling and showing people like you how wrong you are. When you and the others zefron fans were heating on her the las couple of months, Vanessa was traveling around the world, spending time with her family and her boyfriend, living a healthy life. Meanwhile Zac was snorting lines of coke and Kstew spleeping around to get roles.

  • Kylie

    I can’t say I’m surprised. Zac looked really bad at SWSX and he hasn’t looked happy on the red carpet for awhile. He has been hanging with some toxic people. I hope he realizes that these people just aren’t worth the trouble and one guy in particular probably should be in rehab as well. I’m glad he sought help and I hope he continues to stay sober and healthy. Nightwish is a classic headcase. He clearly is obsessed with Vanessa and I hope he never gets within 100 miles of her.

  • stanzaO

    Haha, I bet Vanessa is giving a huge sigh of relief right now. She barely avoided that trainwreck. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was why they broke up. Good for her, for seeing the warning signs early and getting out of that mess. And if he dumped her, well then he just did her a huge favor because dating an addict is a terrible situation to be in. Addictions never go away and this guy’s gonna relapse for sure if he doesn’t kill himself first. No one should have to deal with that.

  • Nightwish

    @Kylie: You make me laugh (◣_◢)┌∩┐

  • lauren

    i dont get why people all of the sudden think this is the reason for them breaking -up? no one knows why they ended it? and apparently that zacs been to rehab it means thats the reason why they ended it? its like oh since zac became an addict it must mean that thats the reason? so at the end of the day no one knows why they ended it, and i doubt its this.

  • Rachel

    Take care, Zac. I still can’t believe that he was into drugs for two years without TMZ etc finding about it. A little fishy that.
    And this second story seems nonsense. Also, E! said that he didn’t go to rehab twice.
    I’ve always heard that he is very close to his parents. He went to Peru with his Dad a week or so ago. He was looking good in the pics. Hope he is doing good and has sorted out his issues.

    And I still can’t believe some people are making fun of his problems. And why has this source mentioned Vanessa’s name? Fishy,

  • Lucy

    I still don’t believe the entire story. Some things just don’t add up.
    Maybe he’ll talk about it in future and we’ll know.

  • Cerise

    It’s not surprising to some. He’s been struggling for a few years. He hit the rails in 2011. If you look at photos from various events it’s obvious. I hope he can stay clean because in HW, drugs are everywhere and they are a fact of life. Drugs at parties, drugs on set, drugs in the clubs. Even if you surround yourself with good people you have to want to stay sober. It’s a tough road because it’s always there….and when there’s that need to escape. He comes from a good family and they have been helping him get through this.