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Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report

Zac Efron reportedly completed two separate stints in rehab earlier this year, according to TMZ.

The 25-year-old actor entered a private residence in March to receive intensive outpatient care for several weeks to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years.

Zac then relapsed in April while shooting the movie Neighbors, according to the report. After filming on the movie wrapped he got outpatient care for the second time.

There are allegedly several reasons that Zac started using coke: issues with his parents who are “still trying to control his life and decision-making,” being upset with his movie career, “girl issues” although nothing to do with Vanessa Hudgens, and being surrounded by a “bad group of friends.”

We’re glad that Zac received help and hope that he is doing well!

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111 Responses to “Zac Efron Really Completed Two Rehab Stints: Report”

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  1. 76
    vic Says:

    I am a supporter, this news if at all true, disappointing. too much too fast, obviously has some issues which need to be dealt with. he does need to grow up some and mature. all the attention this is receiving is
    nobody’s business except zefron.

  2. 77
    Hyde Says:

    He does have friends you know and people he constantly interacts with. It’s not like this is privy to all the people he regularly party with.
    Get you head outta your ass. Your ignorance astounds me.

  3. 78
    Hyde Says:

    @BOB: SPOT ON!

  4. 79
    Lauren Says:

    Move along

  5. 80
    IMO Says:

    Nice to respect this man’s privacy TMZ and JJ. but since you didn’t I’d like to say that there are some very misleading information here.
    First Zac himself sought help it doesn’t matter when or how many times. He sought help on his own as an outpatient and I would bet money he will continue to do so if he feels he needs to. Next his parents are wonderful people who by no means are controlling. My goodness he has been living here on his own since he was 17 years old. He is very close to them but he is a man that makes his own choices good or bad. Then I’m sure this man has no trouble with women. oh he is so ugly he can’t fnd love? PLEEZE!!!! I’m sorry when you have a problem and at the same time your overbooked working there is just no time for a relationship, believe me women throw themselves at him and he is not lonely. the career? What actor doesn’t worry about his career that is a given but here is the truth it was the friends , the fast crowd he hung out with. That is the tragedy that happened to Zac and millions of other young people. Bottom line is Zac sought help is he getting it , he is in recovery and as long as he has loving good people aound him , his family Zac will be fine. .It takes a big man to know he has a problem ,to admit it , and get help.

    From E News
    UPDATE: Despite a report claiming that Efron had undergone two stints in rehab, a source insists that the actor in fact only underwent treatment one time, as E! News originally reported

  6. 81
    sara Says:

    Advice to fans of Tom Welling! Ignore the existence of Donte=Kalamonde etc…you have to help her and not feed his hate !ignore it!

  7. 82
    norma Says:

    October 4 to the movies to see Parkland! Great movie with great actors, a real movie without special effects stupid!! go Zac, Tom, Marcia, Colin!

  8. 83
    pika Says:

    @IMO: i agreed with you up until the point you said he is not lonely. oh dear. have you ever been lonely? its a disgusting feeling. no matter how many women throw themselves at him and how many “friends” he has, its down to who he can really cry on in the night when hes down. we can only speculate, but i speculate he is depressed and lonely. Hollywood is all about image at the end of the day.When hes working hard and he comes home to an empty apartment, reality is sure to kick him.Hard.

  9. 84
    pika Says:

    @IMO: and right when you said “oh he is so ugly he can’t fnd love? PLEEZE!!!! ” sounded like a shallow superficial statement im sorry. because he is an attractive man, automatically means he can find love? his personality may be flawed although his skin is not.

  10. 85
    Lizzie Says:

    It shouldn’t be too hard to do some figuring and take an educated guess on what was happening two years ago. He was thrown in a movie way over his head with situations he could never dream of. He was used, played with and discarded, and when realization hit, it hurt. That’s when he started acting strange (dropping an oversized condom on the red carpet in an attempt to look more grown up and desirable was really pathetic). His folks were at Cannes that year and must have known what he was feeling, but probably felt he would get over it. Well, he didn’t; and obviously turned to something to make him feel better. The entertainment field is filled with rejection of some type of other, and that’s probably why drugs are so prevalent.

  11. 86
    Hyde Says:

    LOL Lipkin, right? You always say the same thing everywhere.
    You’re pathetic. Are you living in some sheltered home up there in Illinois? Seems like you know nothing in life.

  12. 87
    Lauren Says:

    No need to be rude just saying

  13. 88
    clydee Says:

    sonny boy u will be fine when u
    come runnin outta da closet….

  14. 89
    k Says:

    @pika: I totally agree with you. I mean we don’t know his private life, but we can guess how hard it is to have a relationship in the public eye, and it is hard to trust anyone when you are as well known as he is. It’s hard enough to be young nowadays without being in the public eye, but having to constantly watch your back and not be able to trust anyone would be even harder. Having access to tons of gorgeous women does not equal happiness for everyone.
    I really feel for him and I hope he can stay clean and go on to have a successful career, and hopefully find true love in the future.

  15. 90
    IMO Says:

    @pika: I meant no harm but your right it did sound shallow. but I was upset of the reason they tried to assume were the cause. I do think a person like him could get lonely mostly because he can’t trust anyone. Every woman he meets he has to figure out if she wants to be with him because of his fame , looks, money . So it’s very difficult to trust anyone to like you for yourself. I hope you understand what I was trying to say. Anyway my heart breaks for him if the cause is any of those reasons but I still feel it was the crowd he was running with. If he has good people, friends and family that love him to help him get through this then he will be successful. It’s a tough road ahead but he already did the hard part admitting to himself he had a problem then he was brave enough to get the help he needed. I only wish him love and happiness in his life and career.

  16. 91
    k Says:

    First, I’m not the same k who commented before.
    Second, it’s so sad that there are people like this BOB/Hyde etc who seem happy with Zac’s problems and feel the need to say how that Vanessa is so much better than Zac like they know what she does behind the cameras, when they truly don’t.. Oh and let me tell you one truth: Vanessa is not perfect! She’s human and makes mistakes like all of us…Even now…
    Third, I see that this nightwish came to troll Zac’s posts too with his obsession with Vanessa. That’s also sad..
    As for the reasons about the break up there were rumours about Zac cheating but there were also rumours about Vanessa cheating.. So, don’t tell me that you know what’s true…

  17. 92
    Sara Says:

    k that explains why his face looked hella bloated.

  18. 93
    k Says:

    @k: LOL I was kasia before but I got banned for some unknown reason so i didn;t mean to take your name ;-)

  19. 94
    Kimmy Says:

    i am sorry for his problems but Zac is an Assh*le.

  20. 95
    Nightwish Says:

    @k: Who cares, k ? That relationship was 3 years ago. Tell me why vanessa hudgens is even relevant in the least with this news, except that a vanessa source in the know tells TMZ that “vanessa had nothing to do with it” just so she gets cheap exposure off Zacs recent misfortune? Let’s add to poor Zacs burden by letting his ex score points, why dont we. Of course Vanessa makes mistakes, but the ones she makes are extremely irking, and just something about her character is wrong which is why she will never be a big star.

  21. 96
    lol Says:

    LOL, I see Hudgens haters getting thirsty here. MAYBE, they included V’s name because they do not want the public to assume he was devastated from the break up right? I mean, the heartthrob still pining for his ex? the PR team would not want that do they? hence, the clearing of Hudgens name.. see, I said MAYBE, unlike others stating opinions as if they are fact geez…

  22. 97
    lol Says:

    that said, drug abuse is a very serious matter ( i recently attended an anti-drug seminar ) but well.. well.. well.. announcement just in time for the “Neighbors” promo? Naughty Frat boy theme.. hmm.. goes well together does’nt it?

    hope he TRULY gets help.

  23. 98
    Nightwish Says:

    @lol:Um, this is Hudgens we’re talking about, right? I think it goes without saying that nobody would throw their life away for a 4’11 keebler elf looking 3rd rate actress when they can score prime chicks night after night? LMAO

  24. 99
    flyhigh Says:

    You’re a fool if you think his PR team leaked the info to TMZ. Zac would never allow them to blame his “controlling” parents for his problems.

  25. 100
    Daphne Allgood Says:

    Dear Zac; Why don’t you take some time and go to school? With your talent you could go any where. Just look at some of the child stars of past years. They went to school and their careers are doing just fine. High School musical was on the other njght and I loved it! After hearing of your recent troubles; Do I see this performance by you and the other High school Musical movies which I have the 2nd and 3rd in a different light? Didn’t Emma Watson and Jodie Foster graduate from some Ivy League schools back east? surely, that move wouldn’t hurt your career would it? Please don’t follow down the current path of some other stars of late. You are young and may be you need just a little time away from the spotlight yes? Are you spiritual?

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