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Gerard Butler: Malibu Stroll with Pet Pooch Lolita!

Gerard Butler: Malibu Stroll with Pet Pooch Lolita!

Gerard Butler is all smiles while taking a stroll with his pet pooch Lolita on Friday (September 20) in Malibu, Calif.

On the same day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen chatting on the phone during a break from the walk.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

A few weeks ago, Gerry was spotted grabbing a bite to eat at Real Food Daily Restaurant in L.A.

In case you forgot, vote for Gerard to win the Fashion Icon 2013 at the Scottish Fashion Awards, which will take place on October 9! Gerry is going up against Gemma Cairney, Thom Evans, Calvin Harris, Andy Murray, James McAvoy, and Julianne Moore.

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gerard butler malibu stroll with pet pooch lolita 01
gerard butler malibu stroll with pet pooch lolita 02
gerard butler malibu stroll with pet pooch lolita 03
gerard butler malibu stroll with pet pooch lolita 04
gerard butler malibu stroll with pet pooch lolita 05

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  • Rosa

    Looking good GB! Love that smile!

  • Lyla J.

    Hey there Gerard. Nice to see him out and about with his best girl. That’s one of my favorite shirts.

  • C.A.

    Just LUV that pug and nice to see her out and about with her owner looking very nice too ;-)

  • Actually

    Lolita is much more beautiful than the dog he took for a walk in Rome.

  • geraldine

    Gerry! Good to see you out with Lolita and smiling. How’s the script reading coming along??? ;)

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Mr. Butler is looking lovely and relaxed. And who would love to be Lolita in that 4th photo? Lucky girl! Take care of yourself, Mr. Butler. Don’t go changing. I think you are fantastic just the way you are. x

  • Time to ask…

    LOLI, it was nice of you to take Gerry for a walk, many were wondering where he was!! :-D
    You’re both looking great!

  • Christy


    I love your comment.

  • http://HereComesTheSun :p
  • dontcry

    @:p: Thanks for the song

  • Kali Orexi

    @Actually: Hehehe best remark EVER!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Glad to see him with his lovely Lolita! They must have missed each other. Have a good weekend JJer’s!

  • HH

    Now that is one cute dog that sexy man was taking out for a stroll. She has got to be thrilled her daddy is home and has been staying with her. Lolita is a LOT better looking than the other dog he has been forced to walk around with of late (see Rome 6/24) Which was a fame-agator. New breed of an alligator crossed with a fame-w/h/o/r/e.

  • HH

    Do have one question tho, does she walk Gerry or does Gerry walk Lolita? Knowing Lolita, I am guessing she is the one taking her owner out for a walk.



    You don’t know Lolita…. delusional wierdo.

  • Pug Wuv

    I like the fourth picture, and am a little envious at the same time. Can I sit on his lap next if i ask nicley Lolita? Please!

  • Lolita

    @Pug Wuv: Woof, woof.

  • Ducky Pictures just a little bit bigger from ru sisters. Thank you and thanks gerard. Loving your funny posts about Lolita. [the four legged one]

  • CD

    what a douche I hate him he is such a ladies man and in not in a good way

  • nasty horrible person alert


  • http://justjared lolita

    @Ducky: Ducky, I know some people think because he travels a lot that he shouldn’t have a dog, but when he is with her you can tell he loves the little plumpkin and she is always so well behaved on their strolls.

  • Done
  • Kali Orexi

    @Done: I’m sure the “her” camp will deny they’ve broken up, mark my words.

  • Life’s Train

    Gerard and Lolita u are both lovely. Love the Relaxation. Can i come?

  • Life’s Train

    Ok….just viewed the fourth picture. Nice. I want some of what he has been having – relaxation. That man looks gooooooood.

  • Ducky

    @lolita: Hi Lolita, You bet he should have a dog and I am sure whoever takes care of her while he is away, takes excellent care of her with love. How could you not.
    Do you remember that funny article about gb staying in a hotel with Lolita? He ordered breakfast for two and when it came, Lolita had eaten hers before gb could sign for the food. Breakfast in bed sounds mighty fine even for a doggie.

  • http://yep fan girl

    *fangirling big time* He’s so hot for a guy his age! I’ve been crushing on him for awhile now, and these pics don’t help. Unacceptable amounts of adoreableness happening here.

    eeeeeww my dog just farted something beastly, and he’s smaller than GB’s dog. how so much from so little…… *covers nose in jacket*

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Ducky: Ducky, I am sure he spoils her. Breakfast in bed, does sound good. He does look rested and he doesn’t have that strained look in his eyes. I think we will hear soon about a new project. The time off is doing him good, at least he looks healthier. How you feeling today? Much better I hope. I have had a lazy day today because it pretty much rained all day.

  • Ducky

    Weekend Warrior, JS and @Liz, Appreciated your posts from the old thread. So well written. Hope I didn’t miss anyone, but you know who you are. Little bits and pieces about his life are most welcome.
    Hi Kali. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Let us know when you get back.
    ——- In Loving Memory of Robert Burns. Nicely done video.

  • angelsrock


    Looks like he may have a brace on his left knee. I love seeing him strolling with Lolita. He’s looking pretty good, just a wee bit washed out.

  • Ducky

    @angelsrock: So good to see you here. I don’t think so. If it were a brace, you would see the sides protruding a bit and if it was a support, it would come lower over the knee. I know the picture you are thinking of and personally I would pass it over as baggy pants. straight from the dryer and no dryer sheet. lol. or some treats for Lolita stuffed in those deep pockets.
    I think he looks good, relaxed and happy. Hair lighter than we are used to, but that might be the sunshine too.

  • Ducky
    left pic, Ayr Scotland, Rt. pic. Burns monument in Kilmarnock

  • Swansong

    He is so ugly and no talent either. I used to be a big fan but his acting is getting worse and his veneers make him talk funny. Lolita is cute though.

    I don’t see Gerbutt getting any work anymore. I guess all his flops have done him in.


  • Left Knee Brace?

    Huh? You have X-RAY vision?

  • Ducky
  • He is Sparta

    this is from a few months back but I didn’t know the Iceland trip story

  • Violet

    Regarding the Daily Mail article announcing that Gerry and MG have split. I read the article and they don’t have actual confirmation from Gerry’s or MG’s camp. They are making the claim based on the Mario rumors. What will be interesting is if we see any denials. MG was very quick to immediately deny that she and Gerry had a fight in Romania. If she doesn’t deny a split announcement in a high-profile English language paper, then I think that speaks volumes.


    It is over.

  • Violet

    This is the link the Daily Mail is using as their source for Gerry and MG breaking up:
    As you can see, it’s based on rumor and not a very good source. However, what will be interesting is to see if MG denies the story. She denied the fight story in Romania lightning fast. It will be notable, in my opinion, if she stays silent on the DM story.

  • Nicole

    OMG! Lolita took daddy for a ride! Happy couple. Nice to see you, Gerry!

  • Violet

    Tweeter is in LA.
    Michael Ross ‏
    Gerard Butler is sitting behind @maxbenesi at dinner. Mostly we want to ask him about sleeping with Brandi Glanville.
    21 minutes ago

  • Ducky

    @Violet: This was under the tweet you posted. Funny and sweet.
    I sure hope they didn’t ask anything about that BG mess. How many years ago did that happen? Time to let it go.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Gerard butler is next to us and were in the middle of Diddys drug deal #hollywood LA

  • Nicole

    Giselle Piña
    10:22 PM – 21 Sep 13
    Gerard butler is next to us and were in the middle of Diddys drug deal #hollywood #yoloooo

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, hope you’re still here. Got to hand it to you, you’ve managed to slip Burns in several times within just 2 pages. Love your dedication. I watched the vid you posted & can only say O. M. G. If they are true portraits of Burns, I’m just gobsmacked. G. B. looks so remarkably like him in some of them. Yesterday I conceded defeat – today I totally surrender. :-) Now, to the latest photos. That crooked smile, crinkled forehead, piercing eyes, just makes my heart melt. But enough about Lolita, G.B. is looking mighty fine too. Cheers Ducky :-)

  • And you do?
  • Scorned woman alert


  • Ducky

    @fromoz: Hello Fromoz, hope you are still hanging around. I love your posts and so glad you watched the video. Amazing isn’t it. I have more information but afraid that I might incur the wrath of the good natured posters and just going overboard. lol. Can’t seem to help myself. I know time is a fleeting thing and he can’t wait forever to make Burns.
    What a stitch, I thought you were talking about gb with the piercing eyes etc. lol. Good one. He does look good huh. Wondering if he just drives to Malibu for the day. He seems to be spending a lot of time there. Maybe just a change and a nice drive. Only about 35 mi. or so away from los feliz.
    Tell you what really made my day. Sixteen years ago he saved a little boy from drowning in the river Tay and yesterday that boy got married. It had to affect him. On top of that, to film a little cheeky speech for his wedding reception. How perfectly lovely was that gift. No one is perfect but I admire him for taking the time to help make their wedding a little more special. Kudos Gerard.
    Hope you are having a good Sunday fromOZ.

  • Ducky

    @lolita: Thank you Lolita, I am feeling much better. Hanging in there. Rain how lovely. I remember rain. Nice to have a lazy day. Monday rolls around to soon. Btw, thanks for reinforcing the robitussin. Got some more and really helps sleeping too.
    I think we are all relieved to see him looking soooo good. Makes for a good mood on jj.