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Jake Gyllenhaal & Girlfriend Alyssa Miller Hold Hands in NYC

Jake Gyllenhaal & Girlfriend Alyssa Miller Hold Hands in NYC

Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend Alyssa Miller hold hands while grabbing coffee together on Saturday afternoon (September 21) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

The 32-year-old actor’s new film Prisoners opened in theaters this weekend and it is set to top the box office!

Jake made an appearance on Inside the Actors Studio this week and talked about gay rumors that surfaced after his work in Brokeback Mountain.

“It’s a huge compliment,” he said (via Bravo). And as for what turns him on, Jake says his tastes are simple: “Tits and ass.”

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  • Red Head

    “Tits and ass.”
    Nice, classy comment, Jake. Way to show respect for women.

  • Rose

    Ah, now that Jake’s new movie is out he must make a public appearance with the beard. Good lord this Hollywood PR and bearding sh*t is so predictable.

  • Still?

    @Rose: Still with this old cr*p? Please give it up, we’re all tired of these brokaback nostalgic comments

    thanks and goodbye

  • Rose

    Sorry you can’t face the truth. And the gay rumors have been going around since before his Brokeback days. Usually where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  • Still?

    @Rose: seriously Rose just stop now, you’re really out of time, it was fun to 6/7 years ago, with all the buzz around brockebake, now it’s just boring old

  • http://jared godlike

    is he homo?

  • Lori

    @Rose: Welll then all of Hollywood must be on fire!

  • atta

    @godlike: Nha, he’s hot though #yumm

  • Livin’the Life

    LOL! The harpies come around with the same tired old nonsense. Ignore them. Jake & Alyssa are a gorgeous couple. Beautiful. His movie is a hit, and I’m happy for him. Watching all his interviews, he seems like a real person and a really nice guy.

  • 55vineyard

    I’m happy for him, always liked him as an actor.

  • Dina

    I don’t like that T & A comment at all, but he’s dating a bimbo model so I guess it fits.

  • well….

    Men have asses and some have big pecs soooo……
    and btw that girl is waaaay toooo hot for him and his grizzly adams log rolling scruffy look.

  • Brittany

    In the close up pic you can see her lips already look botoxed and his beard is full of grey. ICK!

  • Samuel

    So when’s the wedding?

  • lizzie

    She looks like she’s from Europe but I know she was born in California. When she was in Greece I’m sure she fit right in. Wonder how she and him are going to work around their busy schedules? I guess if they’re serious they will find a way.

  • Melinda

    what a stupid comment
    jake you’re a 32 yo man not a 16 yo boy
    sounds like you’re over compensating too by saying such a sexist expression on national tv

  • the real m

    The new US Weekly article about jake and the beard is a riot. They give themselves away in the first sentence when they refer to him as a serial dater. Yeah, he “dates” a woman when his latest movie promo begins and for about 20 minutes. But the constant in his life is Austin.

  • bubba

    @Melinda: Geeeez he was just joking, and if not, at least he gave an honest answer not the usual hypocritical answer to please the audience

    Why you people take everything so seriously?

  • prairiegirl

    I see PR is all on deck, trying to distract from the Wilmington NC sighting of their client.

  • ????

    Wilmington NC sighting ?!?!?

    What are you talking about?

    are you crazy?

  • Sasha

    I watched the Inside the Actor’s Studio show and Jake was very serious. No doubt the response was scripted so it could be repeated on sites like this. He is so far in the closet it really is silly as well stupid. Warner Bros is distributing his new film and I’m sure his bearding was all part of the distribution deal. The guy is creepy now. I used to like him, now I can’t stand him or what he represents. Wasn’t he supposed to have had a secret child with his boyfriend, too. Man that kid is going to be screwed up big time. And for the Still? poster up there. Give it up. Jake being gay has nothing to do with Brokeback Mountain. West Hollywood has know about him and his real sexual orientation since he entered the biz long before BBM.

  • Melinda

    @bubba: with a name like bubba I’m sure you’re used to dragging your woman around by her hair. go back in your trailer.

  • Yep

    @Sasha: that’s one reason he left cali for the most part, all the stuff catching up with him. i’m with you, these phony actors and their “lifestyles” put out there by the studios and agents are a bunch of garbage. could kind of understand it 40 years ago but now? comeon!

  • prairiegirl

    @????: Oh no, I’m quite serious. PR was called to the conference table when I discovered that tweet ; everyone was.

    PR blew it when they didn’t confidently come attack OhMyGodot that day on the 18th. If that wasn’t Jake and PR had a rock solid case, they should have been all over us that day pointing out the insanity of such a theory. Even if they had stayed away, they should have been in the usual roost at WFT2, at least doing the usual spoofing.

  • Creeepyy

    secret child Wilmington NC sighting ?!

    you are batshit crazy and you really need help

    leave this guy and his beautiful girlfriend alone, and buy yourself a DVD of Queer as Folks

  • omg

    I get it now, Sasha, prairiegirl, the real m, are those crazy, from that creepy blog with around 5 followers, who believe that Jake G is secretly married to former boyfriend of Sophia Bush and together they have 6 secrets children!!!

    here is get a few laughs!

  • Confused

    Ok if I had a Hollywood star like Jake for a bf I would be posting pics of me and him on my twitter and all. None on her twitter, none of Toronto, no where with Jake and her together. Why?? Even some ask her on there why is she being so incognito about them & their being a couple and she never answers. Seems weird to me.

  • Confused

    Also, she puts lots of pics of her with other people but never Jake, can anybody explain why? Does he not want her to for some reason? I’m just curious.

  • prairiegirl

    I think what’s telling is why did Jake’s team want to cover up him having lunch in North Carolina? Seems innocent enough. Except for the Austin Nichols connection. That tells me Jake is still with Austin and Jake’s people are doing everything to eliminate him from his life. Otherwise, an innocent lunch at a Marina is no big deal. As has been pointed out, it is funny that there were no airport sightings.

  • John

    Is this Alyssa a Jew too?

  • prairiegirl

    Corey Cable (@cpc397)
    9/21/13, 14:18. Location: Lake Travis, TX


    ROFL. Hey Mgmt, could this be yet another reaction?? To this, perhaps? Glad to be of service.

  • rolling eyes

    “Ok if I had a Hollywood star like Jake for a bf I would be posting pics of me and him on my twitter and all”

    How old are you? 14? Mature people, do not do these things, they try to protect their privacy

  • LOL

    @rolling eyes:

    they try to protect their privacy

    LOL! She posts pics of her tits every second day


    @rolling eyes: DUUUUHHHHHH she posts pics of everybody frigginn else on there. I don’t think the person wants sex pics just you know like all the other signif peeps in her life. them out having fun and stuff. It’s all over the net that they’re a couple. You’re an IDIOT!!!

  • Fall in line

    I agree with those who see Jake Gyllenhaal for what he is. A big fat closet case and a liar. Taylor Swift anyone? I still remember when Maggie pimped out her daughter on the cover of that magazine to make the relationship look more real because people were ripping Jake a new one. Nothing is beyond that family. They absolutely have no moral compass whatsoever. And, everyone knows that Swift is probably the most notorious beard around right now. Jake the Fake and his over-hyped family have always been fame chasers. He disappeared for awhile after his disastrous fauxmance with Reese Witherspoon where she kept saying she didn’t want to get married again and then within a month of the high profile”break-up” was already dating Jim Toth nonstop and married him the following year. Kind of odd, don’t you think since Jake and Reese were supposed to have been together for 2 years? Rumor was that Reese Witherspoon had been seeing Toth on the side the whole time she was in her fauxmance with Jake who was trying to run away from the gay rumors and get a big franchise film (Prince of Persia). Jake was seeing Austin Nichols the whole time, the actor from One Tree Hill. Probably still is.

  • John

    @rolling eyes: Oh yeah she’s REAL private. Nudes of her everywhere.

  • HAHAHA Taylor

    That was a big flop and his crew knew it and did he ever disappear after that mess. Now he’s back but it still seems so phony somehow.. gee wonder why?

  • rolling eyes

    @LOL: she is a model, she does this for work,I’m guessing that what she post are professional photos taken from photo shoots that evertbody will see l anyway, and this has nothing to do witht her private life

  • jennie

    oh well, at least his tits & ass friend is getting a lot of publicity by hanging with him. go for it girl!

  • LOL

    They are NOT all professional, some she even takes of herself looking in the mirror!

  • Troy

    Jake is still bearding, it seems.

  • Oh just face it

    @rolling eyes: Shes a S L U T

  • Kelly

    @Oh just face it: lmao!! they have more fun you know and especially when they are bi

  • Truth

    Yep, Jake has a “beard”.

  • give it up

    @Fall in line: pg methodical muser the real me those 2 losers poster from WFT, go back under your rock, no one is following you anymore, by now everyone has got the truth, you are just ridiculous and predictable and boring, blast from the past,no matter under how many nicknames you post the same old stories , we are going to recognize you right away

  • awuful truth

    Austin who? The One who is dating the sexy youngChloe Bennet ?

  • Oh yes we believe

    @give it up: we attend the church that is Jacob the phony and we believe all the bs stuff he puts out yes we do……..


    i thought Jake is gay

  • Scripted Comment

    What actor throws that line in to a serious interview? Seemed so phony and out of place. Me thinks the guy protests too much.


    @awuful truth: that guy’s as gay as a picnic basket. Poor young beard she will dump him quick. Is that you Ted?