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Selena Gomez Meets Anna Wintour in Milan!

Selena Gomez Meets Anna Wintour in Milan!

Selena Gomez is fashion forward while meeting with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday (September 21) in Milan, Italy.

The night before, the 21-year-old actress and singer was all vamped up while attending the Versace Fashion Show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

“To be great, learn from the greatest..” Selena tweeted at the show with a pic of herself with fashion designer Donatella Versace. Check out the pic below!

Though her Russian concert dates were cancelled, Selena is scheduled to continue on her Stars Dance Tour with her next stop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Friday (September 27).

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  • justme

    this will earn you a vogue cover

  • ruhroh

    miley is going to be livid if selena gets a vogue cover since she just lost her cover recently due to her antics ha

  • Emma

    I hate it, I absolutely hate it when people like Gomez and co. who can’t dance, sing or act get to meet quality people, get magazine covers…I mean, we’re talking about Vogue, this magazine is a legend…I hope they will choose somebody who actually deserves to be in Vogue…

  • ally

    You liking it or not, Selena is a fashion icon. Every look that she wears get praised for media fashion outlets. So magazine covers is where she belongs, just like Black Lively. Point blank.

  • pika

    @Emma: it is pretty annoying i must admit. she will get a vogue cover although her album flopped, her movie flopped harder and it just proved that beauty, stature, and lack of scandalous behavior aside, she really has nothing going on. clothing lines, nail polish, perfumes…? is that really what she wants to be known for in the long run? being associated with wintour and versace makes her connected with lady gaga because they adore that girl. this also gives her more links in the music industry as well as the fashion since those areas she seems to be doing better in (even though she wants to go back to acting but she kinda sucks). wintour and versace will act as her new handlers molding her into a new reformed image..and if that doesnt work with the public they will discard her and find someone else. plenty of fish in the sea. sometimes i think selena forgets that. (cuz if you dont have “it” you are easily disposed of….it is hard to pin point what selena has got critical acclaim for..movies?music?perfume?)

  • danni

    ah selena thinks she so smart cuz miley apparently lost out on the vogue cover so she wants to step in since miley is getting a heck of a lot of attention negative and positive. from being called names to number hits all mashed up together in a weird conundrum. selena has been left in the dust with an average album and tour and a flop movie (which @pika pointed out as well as RT). will she recover? who knows.

  • pika

    @ally: lol who is “Black” Lively? If you are referring to Blake Lively then yes Selena is on the same level. And where exactly IS Blake? In the shadow of her husbands career because she put a damper on her own. Maybe because after Gossip Girl she just didnt do well in movies. A similar route for Selena. I guess Selena can be proud of that…comparison?

  • Ron

    ^^ IGNORANT.

    Selena is very talented, she could sing, dance AND act.
    She’s quality. She’s legit. She’s classy, elegant.

    Compare her to other stars her age.
    Miley– is a complete wrecked whore.

    Selena is the only golden role-model. She deserves this more than anyone.

  • D

    how do you guys know that she meeted her for the cover but they didn’t meet by chance ? i don’t get it

  • Ron

    I can’t help but laugh at the pathetic ignorant people who claim that Selena is a flop.

    She’s NO WHERE NEAR flopping.

    The only reason why Miley is receiving attention is for all the wrong reasons. She has to be naked in order to gain publicity and keep her “career” going. Miley is one of the lowest form of humanity on Earth.

    Selena on the other hand is no where near “flopping”
    Her album did ABOVE average, #1 on iTunes (beating Jay-Z’s Magna Carta) and is still in the Billboard Top 10.

    Face it.
    As much as you hate her, you can’t deny that this woman is extremely talented and she’ll continue to grow.

    Calling “The Getaway” a flop movie without watching it is beyond ridiculous. I watched the movie recently and I thought it was action-packed amazing.
    AND on top of that it wasn’t a flop movie in the Box Office sales now was it?


    Her tour alone is going to earn millions, and she’s donating much of it to charities.

    Her tour in 2011 raised over $30,000,000, so what makes you think this one will flop?

  • danni

    @Ron: no hunny ur the ignorant one for not seeing the truth. “She deserves this more than anyone.” clearly u adore selena and have put her higher than anyone in the world. even god. well done. ” she could sing, dance AND act.” she could? sooooo she cant anymore? i fail to see that she could do all 3 in the first place. WOWP? amazing. loved it. after that the movies she was in just failed to prove to me that she can act well enough to have a long career. Dance? u mean dance to choreography? i couldnt see one inch of uniqueness in her dancing except the sex appeal she attempts to bring. i want to see HER not an act she is attempting to keep everyone happy. just do u selena.
    Compare her to Miley? Love or hate miley with the trainwreck she is, she is “slaying” with number ones AND working with the woman Selena proclaims to adore – the Britney is flesh. Miley said in an interview (which i watched on tv) that Britney asked to work with her after hearing we cant stop because she related to it….did she ask to work with Selena after Come and Get it? hmmmm

  • elle

    @pika: I completely agree with you and Emma. Its so frustrating to watch, when you know that there are other people out there with more talent who will never get to have those opportunities

  • Cate

    Well damn! Possibly a Vogue cover in her future? Anna Wintour doesn’t have meetings with just anybody. I like Selena OK but her personal style is terrible. Like most celebrities she doesn’t dress well unless her stylist puts the clothes together.

  • Marilia

    I’m sorry, but she is a flop. She can’t sing or act and is in the showbiz because of her past Disney times and her huge fanbase (of disney teen girls). For me, she stands close to Vanessa Hudgens, who I really like and is a sweetheart but is on the same level.

  • danni

    @Ron: ok
    lets start from the top. Stars Dance right? it debut at number 1 selling 96,000 copies passing Jay Zs album, which had been number 1 for about a month, and only lasted number one….for a week. this was her first number one album in four years and it did not exceed 100k in that time. she also had a ton of promotion going on guest appearances, singing live on shows but i dont recall miley doing that..yet she got number one just putting the song out there??? no way! selena only wrote three songs which were the bonus tracks. if she wanted to show us her creative abilities for her last album, she shouldve wrote more. look at her best pal taylor. come and get it debut at number 43 first week. second week #22, third #23, fourth #14 and fifth #6. miley? gaining number ones like that. and i hate her music.i think only 4/58 venues for her tour sold out too. bummer.

  • danni

    dont forget selenas perfume which was labelled as one of the worst celebrity perfume fragrances ever. must smell delicious!
    nail polish? u barely even hear about it because it didnt do well therefore there was no point in promoting it.

  • danni

    and finally
    “Calling “The Getaway” a flop movie without watching it is beyond ridiculous. I watched the movie recently and I thought it was action-packed amazing.”
    Hunny, i watched getaway so dont assume that i didnt because i wouldnt make a judgement until i saw it. it was bad. not as bad as it should have been rated i must admit. but it was still bad.
    “AND on top of that it wasn’t a flop movie in the Box Office sales now was it?
    Do u even know what ur talking about?domestically, it made over $10 million. u think thats good? not only did it open terribly compared to one directions movie OF ALL MOVIES TO COMPETE WITH, it didnt even touch its production budget of $18mil, which is bombing.

    “Her tour alone is going to earn millions, and she’s donating much of it to charities.”
    her tour is still going on now so i dont know how u made a precise decision like that. her russian tour has been cancelled and only 4/58 venues were sold out. her donating to charities has nothing to do with this. i donate to charities, but i dont need to flaunt it.

    “Her tour in 2011 raised over $30,000,000, so what makes you think this one will flop?”
    oh here is where it gets serious.
    Selena Gomez & The Scene: Live In Concert is their first tour and it had two legs, a total of 19 shows. It was to promote Kiss & Tell. Lets just say that the tour didn’t even make $1 million. Funny because fellow Disney starlet, Miley Cyrus, toured around the same time and she made over $11 million in one night.
    The second tour by Selena Gomez & The Scene called the A Year Without Rain Tour, in support of their second album A Year Without Rain had three legs; a total of 18 shows. The tour made less than $1 million.
    The third and first headlining tour by Selena Gomez & The Scene was called the We Own The Night Tour and it had a total of 60 shows and made less than $28 million not even $30 million like u said. It was in support of their third album When The Sun Goes Down. The tour consisted of basic arenas. She barely made $500,000 in each show which is pretty weak. This tour was during the Jelena era where Justin made some appearances. Some people went to her shows in hopes of getting a glimpse of Justin Bieber and if you’re lucky, he performed a song or two. Why bring him in? Also, she promoted her tour by uploading videos on her YouTube channel. The struggle.

    And you know the funniest part about this? i dont like Selena OR Miley.
    This was fun.

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla

    Hahaha wow you little girls are so jealous of Selena!!
    Seriously stop hiding behind computer and sending hates about celebrities, your better than that! STOP HATING.
    Selena can sing but she’s not the best.
    Selena can dance.
    Her movie was good.
    She’s is one of the best young actress out there now.

  • janet

    @kyla: how is she one of the best young actresses out there?? shes 21, jennifer lawrence is 22, dakota fanning is 19, same age group and waay higher status.. are u ok?

  • Katie

    I would rather see Selena on the cover of Vogue than Miley. Go Selena!

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla


    She’s not the best singer ever but she can act!

    Why waste your time on computer hating!?


  • http://@kylajh14 kyla

    @janet: hahaha she’s on the lists btw who’s Dakota? I’ve never heard of her sorry.

  • lol

    i love how this convo went.
    user states opinion
    fan of selena states opinion as fact
    user disagrees with this fact
    fan uses evidence against user
    user uses real correct evidence against fan which proves fan wrong
    fan reacts with calling them jealous

  • Alaia

    @ruhroh: That’s the first thing I thought. And while I don’t listen either of them, I’d rather Selena got it by far. Miley only knows how to rely no shock tactics to advance her career; it seems to be working for her though, so good on her, I guess.

    But yeah, whenever Anna is seen with a celebrity on the front row, it’s automatic cover. Carey Mulligan, Taylor Swift, Rooney Mara… A cover for Felicity Jones seems inevitable as she was also spotted sitting next to her!

  • janet

    @kyla: ahh. your one of those arent you? u know all the pop stars of this time but dont dig deep enough to find some of the greatest talents. google dakota fanning before you come on here proclaiming that selena is on the same level as her and jennifer lawrence k?

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla


    I’m not a Selena fan lol but haters out there need getting jealous of her..

  • Tasha

    im all d way in ghana in africa n trust me most teens know selena n respect her for wat she did when she came to ghana. you guys just dont get it. SELENA ROCKS!!! shes a very humble and sweet person despite her massive celeb status , which is very rare in hollywood, thats why many people adore her. and yes she dances to choreographed numbers but tell me who doesnt?!!!

  • Hello

    @kyla: Selena Gomez was ok in Spring Breakers, but she’s got nothing on the likes of Elle Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, Hailee Steinfeld, Shailene Woodley, Mia Wasikowska etc…

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla


    I’m not a Selena fan thank you
    I’m saying she is one of the best because people on enews et & MTV always talk about how amazing she is.

    I didn’t know anything about Selena until I watch her movie getaway

  • janet

    @Hello: thats exactly my point. no way has selena got the same rep as them because she is still viewed as a disney star whether u like it or not.

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla


    Who’s comparing I’m not! I hate it when people compare btw I’ve never seen spring breakers I heard it’s gay but I I like her acting skills in getaway

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla


    I never heard of her as a Disney star, I’m new at this
    But all saying that people need to stop hating on celebs

  • lol

    @kyla: in saying that she is one of the best actresses out there automatically puts her in the category of those actresses because they are “Up there” if you researched…but shes not. and has yet to be viewed as selena gomez the actress of a film that does not include a disney background.

  • Michael

    Selena is a class act and I hope she gets the cover of Vogue! Comparing her to that redneck Miley is ridiculous. Miley is so desperate for attention it so sad and when she opens that mouth of hers. GROSS. I saw Selena’s show in Toronto and was very impressed Go see her show before you claim she is untalented.

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla

    @lol: it’s OK to be jealous lol

  • http://@kylajh14 kyla

    Lol I think the haters loves Selena more than her own fans lol

  • Ala

    im so happy for you selena see what staying true to yourself will get you in life!!!

  • lol

    @kyla: is that all you can come up with? that im jealous because i dont like someone? must be jealous of kim kardashian because i dont find her talented too right? pathetic

  • annie

    Lol.the mad dogs are foaming at the mouth.she is out there living her life with dignity and you sit behind your computers watching and criticisizing.for me i prefer her anyday to naked trashy sex tape mafias

  • ugh i hate haters

    @Emma: she deseres it n btw vogue has nothing to do with talent its about the fashion dumbass

  • ugh i hate haters

    @pika: her album didnt flop honestly haters r goin to hate that is wut u/they do best

  • Jill

    her acting ability are on the same par as the likes of Megan Fox and Kstew. Nothing to be proud of.

  • gveui

    selena is NOT vogue material….teen vogue maybe, but not THE vogue

  • B

    @Emma: I know how you feel, you know in Hollywood there are some celebrities who get more than they deserve they are considered HOt when they arent in real life and some of them appear in so many movies as if they were talented when they arent, in the same way there are some celebrities who dont get what they deserve they are beautiful but not popular enough, so they are often left aout of magazine lists about hot people and above all are talented.

    In my opinion Selena is a good singer i like some of her song, and that´s all about her

  • 55vineyard

    @Alaia: I agree with you, don’t care for either but if I had to choose it would be Selena,.

  • WOW

    @ugh i hate haters:

    First learn to write before you call someone dumbass…Vogue is a fashion magazine which features talented people who have achieved great things in their life, dress them in couture for the featured photos but their interview is about their achievements. Buy a Vogue magazine or a life for that matter since you sit behind your computer calling people names when you have absolutely no clue what Vogue is about!

  • Amy

    @pika: a fashion magazine has nothing to do with music, but with fashion!! IDIOTS!

  • Amy

    @danni: you’re an idiot. plain and simple. Ron is right! deal with it bitch!

  • ??


    My God, you’re so stupid! Have you ever bought a Vogue magazine in your life? Cause you don’t know s.hit…