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Ian Somerhalder: iHeartRadio Music Festival with 'Vampires'!

Ian Somerhalder: iHeartRadio Music Festival with 'Vampires'!

Ian Somerhalder poses on the red carpet while attending the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday evening (September 21) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 34-year-old actor was joined at the event by his Vampire Diaries co-star Candice Accola, as well as The OriginalsClaire Holt and Charles Michael Davis.

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“Thank you to the CW for bringing me here to Vegas.I love you guys and thank you-Fans, pls thank the CW for bringing me here!!! Xo Ian,” he tweeted at the event.

FYI: Candice is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress and Valentino shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and others backstage at the festival…

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ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 01
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 02
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 03
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 04
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 05
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 06
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 07
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 08
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 09
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 10
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 11
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 12
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 13
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 14
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 15
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 16
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 17
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 18
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 19
ian somerhalder i heart radio music festival with vampires 20

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    ian aging bad

  • simone

    OMG Ian is so hot, I can’t believe he is 34 already!

  • isha

    Ian is aging great,while aging giving back to the world&doing what is right while living,that is actually aging good..While being a good example to all the people in the world,it’s amazing how he makes time for work,environmental work&still manage to post inspirational messages for the world…That is what you call aging well..And life well lived,Thank you Ian..:) And still after all your stressful schedule you manage to look handsome&never forget to spread that smile..You are a champion Ian. you always manage to spread goodness&compassion….With your ISF foundation you have inspired an entire generation to live well.. people find ways&means to post insulting comments at you here..They may have a reason to do so..I’m sure you’d just smile away every insult that comes your way..Here’s hoping your fellow country people learn to love and appreciate you as much as us foreigners love you,:) Anyway,Glad after all your work&Social work,got time to have some fun too!

  • Chey

    His weave is thinning and looking old for a high school dude. LOL. Not much else for him beyond the CW.

  • Jo

    Sticks and stones you lot with the spiteful comments are bullies , and people like you have no use to this world if all you can spread is meaness ,but Ian on the other hand gives more with just a wink of an eye , if the world had lots more Ian’s it would make life for us humans and the animals and the planet a safer place , Ian is also super sexy with everything intact nothing wrong with His hair for me he is the most beautiful man alive inside and out , here in the UK he would be made a knight for all he does, so Thankyou Ian for being you.

  • amber

    candice looks amazing <3 don't like what claire is wearing tho.

  • Isabella

    He is beautiful inside and out. Not sure where he gets his energy working on TVD, countless guest appearances, speaking engagements, and still manage to look so handsome! How can someone be so perfect?

  • amanda

    he is getting OLD.

  • Christina

    Ian looks bad

  • Maria

    Thank you Ian for being so beautiful inside an out! You work with ISF, RYOT and about the environment is so inspiring. It would be nice if there were more individuals like him that cared about their fans, family, the environment and animals like he does.
    He has such a beautiful soul and is always so positive and kind even with the ones that insult him. Good example for all of us. His actions will make difference in this world.
    To everyone that comes here just to leave a hatefull comment i will say this: stick to the articles of people you like and dont come here just to leave a negative remark. Do us and yourselves a favour. Spreading such negativity is not good.

  • Anda

    awawawa again Ian looking hot! love this man

  • Paule

    Ian looks beyond hot! Love his new Hair style! <3

  • Claire

    @Jo: Oh it’s probably Zahra Pdubcola and her team. The most spiteful, jealous and bitter Paul Wesley lover known to man. The only way her little tribe knows how to support Paul is to insult Ian. Quite pathetic really. I’ve seen them boasting on Twitter about coming to these articles with the sole purpose of hating on Ian. Paul would be embarassed.

  • Madddie

    Ian looks amazing as always! aging? LOL, he looks 10 years younger that he is..and he is not old. But his personality makes him look even better, he is so humble, appreciative and kind. he spends all if his freetime trying to make the world a better place, have some respect.

  • Emmy

    I love Ian, he’s so gorgeous, talented and an amazing Person! I’m so proud of everything he does, I couldn’t ask for a better Idol. Go Ian <3

  • BlaBlaBla

    Presume those saying Ian is aging badly and looking old must be 12 year olds. As someone in their mid forties, I can assure you he is aging very well – I would even say looking better as he gets older.

  • Danielle

    Ian is so handsome! Seriously I think he’s looking better than ever. *swoon* His Hair, smile, eyes, style, personality…he’s perfect!

    @Claire: omg so disgusting! Poor Paul, he deserves better Fans :(

  • Ian Fan

    @BlaBlaBla: I agree! Ian gets hotter as he grows older. He’s like fine wine. ;)

  • PoorHaters

    Ian looks so hotttttttttttt n happyyyyyyyyyyyy, perfect looking man for his age god bless you ian…most importantly he is such a nice human being :)

    Nina n Paul fans r idiot n highly jealous …..

  • Hot

    Ian u r looking awsome ….ready for NYC Social Good Summit ..good luck chap

  • Dobrev and Wesley

    Ian ugly!!!!Where is his hair???

  • Missy

    He’s without a doubt the Sexiest Man alive <3

  • Flo

    Ian is very attractive and super nice in Person. He’s the reason I started watching TVD, and he’s the reason why I still watch! Awesome Man and talented actor :)

    He looked so dreamy at the iheartradio Festival. The Crowd went crazy when Ian was on Stage! Everyone loves him :)

  • Flo

    Some of the comments are hilarious! Ian’s hair is short you guys and it looks hot! Super hot <3 nuffsaid

  • Maya

    @Flo: yeah short and messy! Gah he looks flawless

  • V-Ian

    @Dobrev&Wesley, Christana, Amanda, Shine, Simone ..silly people

    Go n get ur eye checked ladies ….u guys r so idiot ..If u do not like Ian and his popularity then do not comment here.. go and comment on nina+derek=nerek articles in wetpaint…dobrev fans are an idiots …

    I feel sorry for paul fans ..paul must be sad to see his fans bashing Ian for no reason

    Coming back to this article.. Ian smile.. so beautiful ..Good LUCK IAN for everything u do …fans will be always with u and very proud .. you look so good n hot …

  • cherie

    That man is getting more gorgeous every day, a beautifull Man inside and out, and the only reason i watch Tvd.

  • cherie

    @Chey: LOL! He dosen’.t play a High school Dude, Wesley does, and He defently is to old and looks it, to play that. Ian is getting even more gorgeous, as He is getting older, dosent’ look anything like His Age, and His mesmerizing Eyes are even popping out more then ever, besides that He is also a great Actor, and the only Reason i watch TVDt.He has a Movie coming out and a Mini Series on Showtime with Matt Damon , harrison Ford and and so on, that i can’t wait to see.

  • ellen


    e: Same here, I love the short Haircut, makes Him look even sexier then ever!

  • caro

    I think it’s a real shame that this fandom is so full of hate and spite. Especially since Paul and Ian are such good friends. I love their bromance. I’ve met both of them at conventions – they both look absolutely gorgeous in real life and I like them both for different reasons. Although I have to admit to prefering Paul… And I think the reason why some fans of Paul may come across as jealous is just that it’s easy to get irritated with the fact that everything seems to revolve around Ian, Nina and Delena, even though Paul/Stefan is just as important to the show. He IS after all the male lead…

    And to all the fans of Ian who think there’s only jealous fans of Paul insulting Ian – this whole thing goes both ways. There are fans of Ian who keep insulting Paul, too. You think it’s bad when people say that Ian looks older than his age? I know, it’s SO much better to wish Paul had died instead of Corey Monteith. Or to write that Paul’s mother made a mistake and should have gotten an abortion. This is so much worse than saying someone looks old or bad on a picture. So don’t go around pointing your finger at fans of Paul as long as there are fans of Ian that keep spouting hate like that.

    Having said that – I’m almost as old as Ian and I think he looks neither bad nor old! And I think he looks better in real life than on the show.

  • RCrive77392

    мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт….­ ­

    yeah short and messy! Gah he looks flawless

  • http://tweet Iyanna

    Ian so hot like always he does not look 34 he looks 20 he makes my day happy everytime i see him on tv he’s sweet funny i just want to give him a big hug im 13 by the way

  • http://tweet Iyanna

    Ian is hot like always and beautiyful very funny and smart he is a sweet person threw out this whole place everytime i see him on tv i smile laugh and get excited because he is awesome and when he is with paul wesly there like brother’s because they make the crowd laugh i like that they joke around i want to hug them both and cry so bad these tear’s are joy and happiness love u ian and earth xoxo

  • WelldoneIan

    Well Done Ian ..saw your Social Good Summit live Stream..Gosh u r so passionate ..loved it.. keep doing it what u do …Love ur acting, u are getting better n better ..You were trending on TWitter whole day yesterday.. you love your fans and fans love you Unconditionnally ..:)

    Go away nina and paul fans and praise your fav and add derek also …

  • Fay

    Ian is so incredible good looking! Like WOWWWWW! He’s an Angel

  • JÚH


  • JÚH

    YES ,YES,YES….

  • Saskia

    Love you Ian, You’re the best! Muahh <3 #lookingGORGEOUS

  • Fannie

    i agree with some of you. That haircut is making Ian look old and aging. Is not helping his handsomeness. That weave is terrible. He has to change hairstylist or the TVD will have to hire a new hairstylist for him.

    Where is Nina? Kidding!! Ohh I know…. she is holding hands with Derek Dough heheh!!

  • Ashley

    @PdubCola, Is It you? =)) And we are don’t care about Nina Whorbrev heheheh)
    Ian you are rock!!! You deserve better)

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    hes freaking sexy i want to marry him

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    @Ashley: yessssss