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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Newlyweds at Catalina Festival!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Newlyweds at Catalina Festival!

Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish look lovingly into each others eyes while attending the 2013 Catalina Film Festival on Saturday evening (September 21) in Catalina Island, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress attended the festival for the premiere of her new film Big Sur, which was directed by Michael!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“Helicoptering into the @CatalinaFilm Festival with @michaelpolish & @andremakeup #BigSur,” Kate tweeted while heading to the festival. “Flying high with one of our favorite leading ladies… Ms. Shelley Long.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Thakoon white shirt and pants with Christian Louboutin pumps.

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Credit: Jerod Harris; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Sam

    I didn’t even know Catalina Island had a film festival. That is one nice place to visit, I loved it when I went there.

  • AMI

    Them again eh…

  • Blackcat

    Thank you Kate for covering your skeletal body. But, I am soooo sick of the KB and MP staring into each other eyes photos and why does it look like you are always pulling away?

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    She is so BEAUTIFUL !!!

    I also like the tight little booty of hers !!!!

  • ladybug

    Thanks for IDing the outfit, because now I know what who’s the designer of those ugly pants.
    Of course, if she’d gotten pants that actually fit, they’d look much better.
    And what’s with her posture?

    “Newlywed Kate Bosworth looked stunning in white on her wedding day over Labor Day weekend, but the ill-fitting monochromatic ensemble she wore Saturday at the Catalina Film Festival was anything but flattering.

    The normally stylish actress, 30, covered her tiny frame in a long-sleeved, baggy white blouse, awkwardly tucked into the waistband of white trousers that appeared to be several sized too large.

    The hem of her pants pooled on the floor, nearly covering her pointy-toed white shoes…”

  • Keiko

    her botox is out of control.

  • chelle

    How many times is this “new” crap film going to debut before it hits VOD? Can they actually consider themselves newlyweds since they’ve been wearing wedding bands and calling each other “lifepartners ” since day 1….seems like too much too late personally…. on all counts

  • O

    Judging by the US Weekly article, are kids coming?

  • ladybug

    @chelle: This is because you don’t understand true love! #snark

    “I was enamored by Michael’s work before meeting him and that was the main reason I signed on to the film, to work with him as a director. I think we both felt we wanted to work together on every project because we work together so well,” the 30-year-old actress revealed to Us Weekly at the Avalon Theater in Catalina, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 21. “I think we were marking today, even as we walked out the door, that we’re such a strong artistic match and that evolved organically into not wanting to leave each other’s side ever.”

    “It’s difficult as a director, you always work with a bunch of different actors and then when you click in with somebody you don’t really want to leave that person,” Polish, 42, said. “It also happened to be someone I was very attracted to but also very talented.” He added: “It’s the one [film] you show your children when they’re old enough and you say, ‘This is where I met your mother,’ and that’s probably the most special part.”

    Please also remember that she’s very private, which is why she sold the wedding pics and had videos taken of the fittings and is talking about it to anyone who’ll listen.

  • O

    @ladybug: So children are coming for them?

  • fashion icon

    they quoted the brangelina on the kids thing b/c the want to be them..regarding kids, I doubt she menstruates.. can they just put their new movie of 2 years on VOD out there already and go away..

  • ladybug

    @O: I have no idea. However, it has been mentioned in comments on her posts before that her having children would be the next logical step in her attempts to stay relevant.

    @fashion icon, regarding Brangelina/kids, do you mean KB/MP showing their children Big Sur, as Angelina mentioned showing their kids Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

  • Lord


    They make it so obvious that she cheated on Alex. They keeping going on how it was love at first sight. If i remember correctly she left coachella early after a supposed fight with Alex and went to the film set. Alex and Kate were still going out I assume as he was spotted with her dog a few weeks later.

    She really hopped from man to man. I dont think she has been single since before orlando and thats only b/c i have no idea who she dated before him, Im assuming it was the same deal.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: OMG…I just threw up in my mouth at that crap…… evolved organically??? WTF does that mean??? They are soooo stroking each others egos its absolutely revolting…… truly testing the world’s gag reflexes in a couple of statements

  • Macy

    That outfit might have been nice if it had actually fit her. It’s like 3 sizes too big.

  • Milo

    The outfit would have been cute if properly sized. They definitely need a new pose…

  • chelle

    @O: one of the first things to go with malnutrition is menstruation…..I highly doubt she could conceive.

  • O

    This is the first time I’ve read either Kate or Michael mention in an interview anything about children. Could it be she’s pregnant now, which is why she wore a loose fitting outfit to this event?

  • fashion icon

    yes they are obvs trying to be a POWER COUPLE by quoting other power couples. next they will shat out some will/jada mess and then some jay z beyonce shiz.. anything to stay relevant and advance their power couple-ness.
    and yes Michael was her back-up plan b/c just that Christmas her and alex’s mutual publicist was leaking stories of how alex couldn’t wait to propose and she was everything he wanted..
    when he dumped her she went public w/ Michael.
    kate is what u call a BACKBURNER GIRL.. always got someone waiting on the backburner if the current one true love doesn’t work out..

  • HW joke

    I love watching these fools make a fool of themselves haha what a joke she really thought she picked a good one to boast around with. But then again Alex didn’t really leave with with much time or options to find better haha. She really thought people would be eating this nauseating love crap up this is the problem with her she think she is more than what she really is… a Joke. I love that the wedding no cares at all as much as she forced it on people…it faded as fast as it came…just like this nauseateship of us from day one and that quote at love at first sight crap. She is going to keep shipping that idea because she can’t deal with the fact that the one who she thought she was going to marry Alex please look at the trails of pics and the heaps of star/Us/ People tip off she gave to mags to sell that she and Alex were so in love and he was going to marry her and she was going to be apart of his family and move to Sweden and be all Scandi and all look at that commercial video of her shortly after the split she was all doll up and Scandinavian up in hope of her future but just like her acing career it was not meant to be.. She WANTED TO BE A SKARSGARD not a Polish the irony of it all, she actually is a Polish through and through. I take a guess and say she will/is be trying for a baby it’s nine months of free press watch the bump. She pretty much F-k up her body so I guess there is complications. She has nothing else to offer No one cares and the ones that do a little is abandoning ship.
    I sure do love how desperate she is, much more than before and she will become because the fact is the hub is not as important or famous in the biz and she can’t be a clothes horse forever fresher/younger and cheaper blood are always at hand.
    just remember this folks anyone that tries to prove to you that they are whatever whatever fill in the blanks means that they are fill in the blanks.

  • ladybug

    @Lord: I try not to bring up the ex in her threads, and I have no idea when they actually broke up, since they were never seen again after Coachella, and hardly together for a couple of months before that, but if she didn’t actually cheat on him she was thisclose to doing so.

    @O, I doubt she’s pregnant, I think this outfit is ill-fitted because it’s a loaner and they couldn’t find one small enough. She has mentioned children before:

    “BOSWORTH: The older I get and the closer I get to being a parent, the more I realize it’s tough.”

    This is from mid-2011.

    @fashion icon, I don’t think Robin B was behind the Enquirer stories, either from when they were still together, or the one right after the breakup. RB isn’t that stupid to burn her higher profile client. If those stories had actual sources the source was Kate.
    And yes, they do want to be seen as a power couple, hence the Sundance twitter stuff, etc. While some articles go with it, I don’t think anyone’s really buying.

    @chelle, all of her interviews over the last year have been that way, eye-roll and gag inducing. Does she not understand how pretentious she sounds? She’s like a lower-level Goop.

    @HW joke: the desperation is strong with this one.

  • Suze

    That’s so ill-fitted. I wonder why she didn’t go to any fashion week shows. I thought she would be at Topshop at least.

  • O

    Does Kate eat?

  • chelle

    @ladybug: OK was watching a movie with hubby and trailer for black rock was on there…. looks like best part of that movie is when KB gets hit with butt of gun….. that rocked!!!

  • laineyluveatshit

    ladybug , how long is it now you have been trolling kb? 3 and a half years now .

    all because your infatuation with her ex ! how friggin lame of you .get a life you sad old hag.

  • fashion icon

    this is not about the ex as much as its about kates desperation to make everyone think she/ Michael are a “thing” thru lying teeth. we can say what we want. if you don’t like it go to another thread.. free speech.

  • fashion icon

    why do you call yourself lainey?? is it b/c you know how much lainey hates her and sees right thru her bs smoke and mirrors act and has from the jump??
    -yours in gossip
    lainey the b.s. reader

  • lainey(incest)ui

    oh ladybug!!
    i didn’t even read your other comments here .
    jesus christ woman do you follow absoluetely everything she does !!! read every magazine article about her look up every photo and rumour and then…..

    sit there wondering about all the most minute details about her personal life !!!!! and thats when your not stalking her ex (yeah the one you dont want mention)
    your far scarier than i originally thought.

  • laineyeatshit

    @fashion icon:
    yes and i to can say what i want and that includes reminding you that if you are coming here to stalk a woman you all clearly hate then there is somthing wrong with all of you.

    some of you may spend so much time following the
    famous you might actually forget your own real personal lives .and that is lame.
    kb seems to actually live her life despite people like you .
    why dont you do the same .

  • fashion icon

    geez kb’s assistant .. why don’t you adjust your meds and get dome sleep or some good sexing and relax, this is a fun forum, stop being a b*

  • ladybug

    @laineyeatshit: I know I shouldn’t respond to someone who’s obviously having projection issues, you complain about how much time you think I spend here, which must mean that you too spend time here.

    So, if I suspect you troll the ex’s posts, wouldn’t that make your behavior the same as what you’re accusing me?

    But spending this time on her would be ok if I were a fan?

    And be real, it doesn’t take that much time to read these posts, read her unintentionally amusing articles and comment.

    “i didn’t even read your other comments here .” Probably because reading (and writing) don’t appear to be in your skill set.

    @fashion icon: she really does spend a lot of time in these interviews stressing how much she and MP are in love. It could be just an extension of her needy, clingy self. Or it could be an attempt to convince herself of that fact.

  • Keiko


    Anyone who hasn’t seen the short vid she did for Vogue where she talks about her wedding dress needs to get on that quick. The pretentiousness and poseuring in that one is off the charts! I seriously had to struggle to not turn the video off, her voice is THAT annoying. My fave part is when she says her dress was “poetry”.

    As an aside, I think her and Polish house-hunting in Los Feliz is seriously disturbing. I can’t believe he would co-sign for that. I do believe she wanted to be a Skarsgard more than anything. Polish is a serious come-down for her and that’s why she’s off the rails trying to convince everyone how amazing Polish is and how they are SO perfect together. I think she still burns from getting dumped by an A-lister and having to settle for a D-lister.

  • Keiko


    I believe Alex wanted out of the relationship for a long time, so I’m not so sure that her “cheating” would have been something he cared about all that much. And I don’t think she would risk losing Alex by cheating if she thought she had even a thread of hope to hang on that she had a future with him. If she did indeed cheat — as in, actively engaged in a sexual relationship with Polish while technically still with Alex — then she did it because she knew Alex was done 100%. If Alex had any regrets it wasn’t over “losing” Kate but rather over the hell she made of his life in the second half of the relationship, specifically trying to get rid of her. And he did try to get rid of her more than once. I’m sure he was happy for Polish to get her off his crotch.

  • chelle

    @Keiko: get her off his crotch…. I’m so glad I wasn’t eating or drinking when I read that….. fabulous!

  • simply

    yes, yes she can pretend all she wants the only name and family she wanted to be apart of was Skarsgard she can pose, forced to the world and herself that life partner MP is her other half bla bla bore when deep down and still the only name she wanted was Skarsgard end of story. She is pretty much over in HW anyways just keep watching her fade into a vodka bottle

  • Keiko

    Despite everything, I still a twinge of pity for whatever makes her the way she is. Look at her face. Who needs that at age 30?? Only a sad and desperate person with low self esteem needs that.

  • simply


    yes makes you wonder doesn’t it? What happened to her and why she keeps letting it happen to herself: denial is the only answer, it seems a long time ago she sold herself a story of herself and is sticking to it regardless that it is not helping her physical or professional. She need a big force into the real world because where she is living she is the only believing that lie.

  • O

    How do you know the one she wanted was Alex?

  • simply


    why do you know that he WASN’T or still is because she says so or try to make you believe so? The internet is your friend and your source.

  • Fashionista

    After I saw the entire outfit, front and back, I realized it’s stunning. The back was a real surprise. The beading around the neckline and down the front adds interest as well as glamour. I love her style. I also loved her look at the Bulgari event.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: The beading is the only thing interesting about the outfit. The chain is weird, and the outfit doesn’t fit her. But of course you’d think it’s stunning.
    And digging up the runway look, apparently it’s not supposed to fit:

    We know you love her style, to the point where you literally can’t criticize her. Everything has to be stunning, or fashion forward, etc.

    @O: I have no idea if the one she really wanted was AS, or OB, or whomever. But I suspect that what she really wanted was an A-lister, and that she doesn’t have. Nor will she.

    @simply: I don’t know precisely what happened to her to get her to this point. But reading her interviews, especially over the last year, there’s such a disconnect between what she’s saying and the reality, whether it be regarding why she’s not getting film roles or that she never had a mentor, there’s something wrong there.

  • Toulouse

    I don’t see how someone wearing something straight from the runaway is being fashion forward! If that’s the case then anyone with enough money is a “fashionista.” It’s as silly as paying someone to dress you.

  • Manney

    @laineyluveatshit: Wow! Someone forgot to take her medication. It’s time to take a deep breath and get a little perspective, sweetie!

  • Suze

    @Toulouse: “I don’t see how someone wearing something straight from the runaway is being fashion forward” Exactly! I don’t understand it either. The term “fashionista” or “fashion icon” is said about most actresses these days, so it really doesn’t mean much.

    I apologize if this is mean but, when I look at the beading, to me, it looks like a leash.

  • Umm


    Co-sign this. I think at the time she settled for Polish. Didn’t they film Big Sur towards the end of April? And weren’t they outed returning from Italy after she shot AWWWH? Why so secretive Kate? I think she tried a number of stunts to get AS back, ie: having him walk her dog, trapping OB in an embarrassing photo op, etc. and he didn’t bite. I think she rushed to publish split confirmation after Alex was spotted getting his flirt on at Comic Con. She hustled Polish out pretty quickly after that. So between April and end of July, NO pap shots of the two of them? This chick is a pro at that. It also explains why there were no pap shots of her and AS a month or so prior to Coachella nor in the months after. Actually, I do think I can see how she could have reached this place: after Blue Crush, she was much fawned and feted over, also she was dating OB who was riding a high then. At such a young age, I can see how one’s head could get messed up. However, I no secondhand from a source I very much trust, that the affair with Martin DID happen. I can’t get behind anyone who would do this.

  • ladybug

    @Umm: She didn’t get outed with MP being on the trip to Italy until well after she and MP were a public couple. It just confirmed that the relationship had being going on for at least a little while before she trotted him out the day after the breakup announcement.
    As for her relationship with Martin, well, she got kicked out of Goop’s inner circle rather quickly and hasn’t been let back in. So even if didn’t happen, Goop has behaved as if it did.