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Jake Gyllenhaal Suggested Tattoos for 'Prisoners' Character

Jake Gyllenhaal Suggested Tattoos for 'Prisoners' Character

Jake Gyllenhaal suits up while visiting the BBC Radio 2 Studios on Monday (September 23) in London, England.

The day before, the 32-year-old actor was spotted keeping his hood on after breaking a sweat at a gym in New York City.

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Jake is currently in the UK to promote his new flick Prisoners, which hits theaters there on Friday, September 27!

In case you forgot, Prisoners took the top spot at the U.S. box office, raking in $21.4 million!

Jake came up with the idea of the tattoos and the freemason ring and the facial tics. All of that further accentuated that mysteriousness, where you’re never quite sure what his story is. You get a good sense of him as a person but the question always lingers,” Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski shared to TheWrap about Jake creating a back story for his character.

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  • pickles

    I’m a fan of Jake, and I think he looks just terrible. He has lost too much weight. These actors who lose all this weight and then you see them at the gym working out, they can have a heart attack from that. It is not healthy. He is crazy, there is no role that is worth it. Matthew McConnaughey and Christian Bale did it, and Matthew still hasn’t got over it. he had supervision from a trainer and a doctor too. I bet Jake is just doing it on his own.

    That greasy hair and the full beard looks disgusting too. If this is how he will look for some movie then I don’t think I’ll be seeing that movie. Part of the perks of being a Jake fan is that he is so good looking. there’s lots of ugly actors who are probably good actors. But your first impression of anybody is how they look. Sad but true. And if you look gross, the rest doesn’t matter. I’m talking about actors, not my personal friends.

  • tina

    he looks too thin and I don’t like his hair or beard. he looks old for 32. trying to keep up with a 24 year old gf is taking it’s toll lol…

  • mona

    @pickles: I agree, he looks terrible and not healthy at all. What role is he losing all the weight for?

  • Kyle

    Hate to say it, but he looks like he’s been on a drinking/drug binge. Even dressed in that suit he looks that way.

  • canada

    I hope Alyssa Miller isn’t behind this downfall in his looks. I can’t believe she would want him to look like this though. It’s weird, since he’s been seeing her his appearance has really changed. hope it’s just a coincidence.

  • Jody


  • European

    @canada: I saw some News that he is losing weight for his new movie ‘Nightcrawler’, which begins shooting Oct. 6 in Los Angeles

  • pickles

    Yes, I read that too. It’s for a movie he will be shooting. But like I said. If he is going to look that gross in a movie I don’t plan to see it.

  • WTF?

    “If he is going to look that gross in a movie I don’t plan to see it.”

    What kind of silly and superficial is that?

  • Kasia

    @pickles: I can appreciate a good looking lead actor too (who doesn’t) but you’re missing out on a lot of really good movies by skipping a movie just cuz you think the actor isn’t pretty enough. Why limit yourself?

  • george

    Is the greasy hair and beard for the next movie too?

  • Sarah

    @Kasia: totally agree

  • jilli

    is the movie about some druggie or sick person?

  • European

    @jilli: He will play as a freelance L.A. crime repórter. Well is a indie movie so i believe will be dark.

  • Donnie

    @george: Looks so, the movie is called Nightcrawler

  • Halley

    I’ve always thought he was weird and creepy looking. His eyes are too big, almost doll like. Even when he was bulked up I thought he was ugly.

  • adam

    @<a href="/2013/09/23/jake-gyllenhaal-suggested-tattoos-for-prisoners-character/comment-page-1/#comment-28127812"@European: why would he have to be skinny to play that role?

  • IMDb

    @jilli: A young man stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime journalism.

  • Yvette


  • Donnie

    @adam: tattoos were for Prisoners, weight loss is for Nightcrawler

  • European

    @adam: I believe is bc this is how his character will looks like.

  • Lady Zelda

    I have this feeling Jake will not live to be an old man

  • James

    Did that model girl, Melissa or whoever, go to London with him?

  • Miss America

    @Yvette: wow, you must be a very deep person ….. um not

  • shut up!

    @Lady Zelda: hey you bite your tongue jinx!

  • Ginny

    It’s all about looks isn’t it. All these actors dating models. No wonder all the young girls have eating disorders and want to fit into size 4. These guys might say it isn’t so but just look at their girlfriends…all younger and beautiful. Even when they get old and ugly they are with girls young enough to be their daughters.

  • pickles

    No,no.. All I am saying is that when Christian Bake lost a lot of weight for a movie of The Mechanic, and I saw the trailer, he looked so terrible I couldn’t stand to look at him so I definitely couldn’t sit thru a whole movie of him. I also saw how terrible thin Matthew McConnaughey looked for Dallas Buyers Club. This is another one I will miss. This extreme weight loss just for a part in a movie in my opinion it is dangerous and it changes the looks of the actor. Jake and Matthew and Christian are very good looking men and for me, I can’t stand to look when it is so grotesque.

  • Upstairs

    @shut up!: Jake wants to join Ledger

  • shut up!

    @Upstairs: Do you kiss your momma with that mouth?

  • Dennis

    @pickles: Agree, it is stupid for these actors to lose so much weight just for a part. Tom Hanks played a man with AIDS and won the Oscar without jeopardizing his health in real life. There’s a lot makeup artists and costume designers can do to make a person look the part without the real person risking their well being.

  • Upstairs

    @shut up!: My mother is dead so you shut up butthole

  • method actor

    @Dennis:But Robert Deniro fattening a lot for Raging Bull, and he was just amazing

  • Karma sucks

    @Upstairs: So it’s your mother who has join Ledger

  • Kasia

    @Karma sucks: That’s really messed up and not funny.

  • Upstairs

    @Karma sucks: FU B I T C H W H O R e

  • Dennis

    @method actor: Yep add Clooney to that as well. But, being in the medical field believe me it is a lot harder on your body to do the fast weight loss than to gain some pounds. Losing weight fast can be dangerous.

  • Karma sucks

    @Kasia: No it’s not, as it is not nice joking about a guy who died at 28 years old, and for your information my mother is sick, and I’m quite sensitive about these topics, however, I apologize Upstairs,but your comment about Ledger was not better than mine

  • Phyllis

    I think Jake might get an Oscar NOM for this role but probably won’t win. He has a lot of competition in the supporting actor category this year. He was good in the role except all that blinking kind of distracted me really from his character. I know he did it for the role but I think it was just too much of it.

  • Karma sucks

    @Kasia: I’m sorry to hear this, really, I did not bring a subject so delicate here, I still apologize to anyone who felt offended

  • Kasia

    @Karma sucks: Apology accepted. My mother passed too, so it’s a sensitive topic for me as well.

  • Kasia

    @Karma sucks: Honestly, apology accepted. I wish your mom the best of luck in recovery from whatever she is suffering from.

  • Karma sucks

    @Kasia: Thanks, I wish you the best too

  • kevin

    To all the friends we’ve loved before
    Who traveled in and out of doors
    I’m glad they came along
    I dedicate this song
    To all the ones we loved before

  • Kasia

    @kevin: Nice. Thank you <3

  • Karma sucks

    @kevin: :)

  • method actor

    @Phyllis: Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the most highly regarded young stars in Hollywood, will receive the Hollywood Supporting Actor Award at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards on Oct. 21 at the Beverly Hilton

  • Phyllis

    @method actor: That’s nice but that doesn’t mean he will win the academy award. Like I said, he has a lot of competition this year.

  • method actor

    @Phyllis: Of course not, but it is a nice encouraging small step

  • Phyllis

    @method actor: Yes it is. And if I read correctly, he is being honored for all his work collectively, which is a fine award

  • Phyllis

    Oh sorry, just read it again and it is for the Prisoners movie.