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Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Delayed, Out of Oscar Race

Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Delayed, Out of Oscar Race

Nicole Kidman flashes a smile while arriving at LAX Airport on Monday afternoon (September 23) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old actress was overseas in China attending events for the opening of Oriental Movie Metropolis.

Nicole‘s highly anticipated new film Grace of Monaco has reportedly been pushed to 2014 and it now will no longer be in contention for this year’s Oscar race, according to THR.

WATCH: First trailer for Nicole Kidman‘s Grace of Monaco

The film has originally set a release date for November 27 and because of Nicole‘s past success at the Oscars, it was almost a shoo-in to be a contender this season. The Weinstein Company, the studio behind the film decided that the movie needs more time to be completed and will be releasing it in Spring 2014 as a commercial entry rather than as an awards film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicole Kidman’s new movie getting delayed?

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at the airport…

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  • Lauren

    Weinstein is going to push Amy Adams in American Hustle this year, and then Nicole Kidman next. All very calculated.

  • anon

    They realized how bad it really is. Poor casting choice.

  • LOL

    The ‘Diana’ disaster with Naomi Watts must have scared them off

  • ok

    no it stinks, and they know it will be embarrassing because they KNOW it will flop at the box office and the talk of the season will be how it was mediocre at best. No studio releases a viable Oscar contending film in the spring.

  • Newsflash

    To all the nitwit haters: The film was unfinished without a final score at the last industry screening. It is a testament to the filmmakers and backers that they recognize what needs to be done and put in the time to do so. Moulin Rouge was a spring release and is one of Nicole Kidman’s finest, most well-known performances and Oscar nominated. But I’m sure you all know better from behind your computer screen. LOL

  • Cate

    Still looking forward to watching it. Maybe it will make more money in the spring. Moving The Great Gatsby worked out well for WB. People were predicting doom because it was no longer having an Oscar qualifying run but it ended up doing extremely well at the box office

  • Oh dear

    Is anyone really surprised by this news. Another flop to add to Kidman’s LONG LIST OF FLOPS!!

  • Another bomb

    September 17, 2013

    Mike: “Just screened this last night for Nielsen. It was horrendous. It didn’t know what it wanted to be was it a comedy or drama? It was like the Princess Diaries. There was no climax. There was no real issue. It was like #princessprobz. She came off as selfish and not likable by the bit. Whoever played Hitchcock did a good job but no Academy Awards here even though I have respect for Nicole Kidman’s performance. There are so many problems with this film I could go on forever!”

  • RIP Kidman’s Career

    @Lauren: Dream on!!!

  • bahahaha

    KUNK train derailment is on course and picking up speed ……..

  • lac

    Though Kidman was never really in thick of the race, but she at least had an outside shot at being nominated (for Best Actress). Sigh. But then again,maybe they want to save the Grace movie for 2014 then.

    Same thing happened with Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, which is a fantastic film ( and criminally ignored in the Oscars), so who knows?

  • Angelina


    I agree with you in regards to it being a poor casting choice. Grace Kelly was an American, she was born in Philadelphia. Nicole Kidman is Australian with an Australian accent. Why put a strain on Kidman’s acting abilities with a fake American accent. Couldn’t the producers of ‘Grace of Monaco’ find an American actress for the role?

    And yes, I do realize that Nicole Kidman enjoy dual citizenship (Australian & America). But still…

  • ..

    Kiss of Death Kidman strikes again.

  • x

    I would suggest Keith Urban go into immediate hiding because (despite the strained smile) Kidman will be furious with this latest career humiliation.

  • Carolyn

    Nice to see Nicole back in the U.S. I’m sure she’ll get a wonderful welcome from Keith and the girls when she gets home. Lovely woman.

  • Lia

    Headline should read – Nicole Kidman: ‘Grace of Monaco’ Bumped, NEVER IN Oscar Race

  • @Angelina

    @Angelina – your comment is ridiculous. Actors use different accents all the time. I guess Daniel Day Lewis shouldn’t have played Lincoln in your book. Robert Downey Jr shouldn’t play Sherlock Holmes. Cate Blanchett shouldn’t have played Katherine Hepburn. Charlie Hunnam shouldn’t play a California motorcycle gang member. While we’re at it, no New Yorker should play a Southerner. They are ACTORS. How silly would it be to cast an actor based on his natural born accent?

  • Not buying it

    Kidman cannot do accents full stop!

  • Avery

    Funny to see every single one of the negative comments is full of stupdity and bile.

  • bahahaha

    Funny to see every single one of the positive comments is full of stupidity and delusion.

  • Liitle MY

    Haters can suck it, Grace of Monaco was not ready, it screened half finished.

  • Mike

    Hey up there, ever see Gone with the Wind? She was british playing a southerner & won the Oscar. Duh.

  • Mindy

    Kidman and another flop? Who is suprised? If it screened half finished, who cares, do you really want to suffer through the second half?

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    “Grace of Monaco” had a Cannes opening and the critics weren’t too keen on it. There’s quite a few actresses who have a chance at being nominated this year; Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchet, Judy Dench, and no doubt a few others.
    Harvey’s China Metropolitis deal smells strongly of Nicole’s friend, Wendy Deng (Murdoch’s ex). Nicole seems to surround herself with devious people who’s only god is money. This is sad, as she was recently reported saying she had finally found true happiness through marriage and children. That seems to have changed, and she’ll find there’s no happiness surrounding yourself with morally corrupt parasites who only exist to cheat others. If she decides on this road, she can forget ever giving another good performance, it will always be money first.

  • Kandy

    @Mindy: You really think the screening stopped after 45 minutes? Dumbas$.

  • Mindy

    @Kandy: Liitle MY claims it was screened half finished. My comment was to them. Dumbas$.

  • x

    Kidman’s career humiliation continues …
    - “Grace of Monaco” was always looking like nothing more than a vehicle for a Kidman nomination or maybe a costume nod so the move isn’t all that surprising. And with Naomi Watts’ Diana fading quietly it would appear the two major princesses of this Oscar race won’t be heard from. A teaser trailer for the flick only dropped one week ago today and it would appear THE REACTION WASN’T WHAT THE BROTHERS ‘STEIN WERE HOPING FOR.”
    - “Grace of Monaco,” the movie that was supposed to earn Nicole Kidman her latest Academy Award nomination, has been pushed back until the spring, making it ineligible for the awards this year. Usually, when a movie is being touted as an awards contender before suddenly being pushed to a season where studios typically dump movies, MEANS IT STINKS. Based on the recently released trailer, we’d say that’s the case here.”
    - “This is going to be a bit of a shocker to those following the awards circuit. The Weinstein Co. has just moved Grace of Monaco to Spring of 2014, taking the film and Nicole Kidman for that matter, out of contention for an Academy Award. A shocker for the Grace Kelly biopic, its studio backer is pointing the finger at an incomplete picture, LEAVING MANY TO SPECULATE AS TO THE FILM’S QUALITY.”

  • bahahaha

    Lainey Gossip Headline – “GRANNY FREEZE IS FROZEN OUT”

  • Sue is hard up

    Why won’t Lainey publish any more fabricated stories from the washed up skeptics? Bahahaha!

  • Oh dear

    Nicole, stop with the greed. It is time to retire.

  • more bad

    The Weinstein Company has pushed the release date for Grace of Monaco into next year, because they know that there’s no way they can beat Diana for Worst Picture at the Razzies.

    Well, that was a short-lived mystery. We had been wondering for weeks why there was no actual trailer for Grace of Monaco, the biopic in which Nicole Kidman plays Princess of Monaco and Hollywood icon Grace Kelly. It seemed like the production was troubled, or at least not ready, and now The Weinstein Company has possibly confirmed both theories by bumping the film to a spring release. According to The Hollywood Reporter Grace of Monaco will be pushed to a spring 2014 release, and also positioned “more as a commercial entry than an awards play,” which means Kidman is unlikely to be angling for her second Oscar with this one.

    Listen, we love Nicole Kidman, but the idea of positioning her Grace Kelly biopic as a commercial hit is… insane.

  • Homer

    I can’t believe they got this ugly, talentless women to play the most beautiful woman of all time Grace.

  • Macy

    No big tragedy. The film needs editing and a score. Anyway, Keith will console her. She’s got a real life now as well as a career. That’s the reason for all the hatred directed her way. She’s got it all.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    Nicole looks younger in these photos. Her lips are no longer filled with Botox, and her hair looks natural. You have to give this gal credit, The Mail had snaps taken at the same time as these, and that shirt was very sheer with a lacy black bra underneath. She may be heading toward 50 in a few years, but she’s not going ‘gently into that dark night’.

  • Oh please

    Dear JoBeth, to draw attention to herself, Kidman would happily stroll through the airport in the nude if she could, but the fact is she has as much sex appeal as a tooth pick.

  • curious

    I wonder of Nicole gave China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, a quicky lapdance to help prolong her dying career.

  • ..

    Poor old Nickers. Holed up at home in LA with nobody to vent her fury at. Where is Keithette when you need him? um, that’s right, he is keeping a low profile somewhere in Nashville while “Fuse” continues to bomb artistically and commercially.

  • cold hard truth

    Keith had shows in CA while Nicole was in China. Keith and the girls are with Nicole. Nicole did a photoshoot today for Variety. Stupid skeptic gets it wrong again.

  • cold hard truth

    Only a stupid skeptic would call a #1 album in multiple countries a bomb. Why don’t you ask Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, or Dierks Bentley how many copies they sold the first week of their last albums? Comparing those guys who have been around 10 years plus to Taylor Swift is beyond idiotic. Which makes perfect sense for the skeptics.

  • x

    “Long after the House of KUNK has fallen, the world is going to remember your name, your lowness. You are the PR nightmare, the botoxed visage to which none of us aspire, and peace will come when you retire from the roles you have been destined to annihilate. For no matter where you are, in the years to come, they will continue to whisper your name … the Queen of Box Office Poison.”

  • skeptics are lazy

    Copying and pasting delusional ramblings from the cuckoo board. Bahahahaha!

  • cold hard absolute truth

    A low selling #1 album (by the smallest margin) in multiple countries, ie. THREE, is a bomb!!

  • Skeptics Rule

    Skeptics are enterprising and like to spread the message around. Bahahahaha!

  • x

    @skeptics are lazy: SM, you would have also noticed the edit from “your highness” to “your lowness” … which is a far more accurate description of Kidman’s status.

  • ?

    Where’s Faith?

  • Lia

    I think we all know the real reason for the delay. The CGI department needs more time to work on Nicole’s face, adding facial expression, etc.

  • Carolyn

    I’d heard he squeaked through in the US with a #1 on the Billboard 200 and the Country chart but didn’t realize he was #1 in Canada and Australia, too. Congratulations, Keith! I love the duet with Miranda Lambert. That will probably be his second #1 single from Fuse. It’s a great album.

  • Yes

    Once more with feeling: ANOTHER SKEPTIC FAIL! They must LOVE being wrong. Marriage isn’t ending, still successful, still number one, still respected. Nothings changed in the last 8 years except the fat grew another 4 inches around the skeptics flabby bellies.

  • No

    We understand this is a very stressful time for you SM, with KUNK’s careers in free fall. Have you considered some counseling?

  • @ JoBeth


    Botox is used as a muscle relaxant to prevent wrinkles being formed. Lips are filled with a filler; restyline I think it is called; not with Botox. There is no doubt that kidman keeps adding filler … her lips keep getting bigger; in The Paperboy it was quite distracting from her performance – everyone who uses lip fillers gets that same pouty look. Fillers take years to dissipate; especially if constantly topped up; which is clear in this case.
    Just keeping the issue factual.