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Nicole Kidman & Leonardo DiCaprio: Oriental Movie Metropolis Red Carpet Event

Nicole Kidman & Leonardo DiCaprio: Oriental Movie Metropolis Red Carpet Event

Nicole Kidman hits the red carpet for the Oriental Movie Metropolis daytime event on Sunday night (September 22) in Qingdao, China.

The 46-year-old actress later attended a glamorous red carpet event in the evening and was joined by Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Beckinsale, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Check out photos of the three of them in the evening below!

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The foursome are in town for the opening of the Oriental Movie Metropolis, which is a multi-billion dollar film park project being financed by China’s richest man Wang Jianlin.

When completed, the park will boast 20 sound stages, including the world’s first underwater studio, a huge convention and exhibition complex, a shopping mall with an indoor amusement park, and seven resort hotels.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Elie Saab dress, Brian Atwood pumps, and Norman Silverman earrings. Nicole is wearing a Saint Laurent jacket, blouse, and pants.

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Credit: Hong Wu; Photos: Getty
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  • Katie

    Kate looks fab! Class!

  • lac

    Nicole looks fantastic……I want that kind of suit, wish I can afford it:( and that fabulous shoes, LOVE IT!!!!

  • Leokas


  • Cate

    Nicole looks great especially those amazing shoes.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Love her!! :-)

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    Ugh!! Leo and that damned slicked back hair!! :-(

  • New Leo pic
  • Josh Trenser

    Kate is the best one IMHO!!!!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    @New Leo pic:

    Is that Lukas in the background??

  • Stephanie

    Love Nicole’s look. Chic and fresh with incredible heels!

  • Ava

    When doesn’t Kate Beckinsale overdress for a event, shm.. Nicole looks the best , love her shoes, I wonder what Leo got paid to drag his lazy a** all the way to China to headline the opening of a movie complex and park…. I’m guessing a few million and a favor to the billonarie from China, we all know how Leo likes to stay friends with billionaires….. It’s the green Eco envirmentialist in him, because nothing more eco green then lots of billions or China,

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi Lady! Boy the other thread was getting bizarre! Good eye, that is Lukas in the bg. Aren’t these the same photos that are already on BZ?. They had a ton of photos that were posted earlier of Leo in the blue suit. The slick hair is just… gross. It makes his hair look greasy!

  • Zzzzzz

    @Ava: I’m sure Leo is laughing all the way to the bank!

  • :)

    since 1997

  • Zzzzzz

    @:): too true!

  • Gail

    Have never like Nicole. She got so much work done on her face that it looks like a plastic mask.

  • Zzzzzz

    @Ava: BZ thread posted a link to a Forbes article – Leo was paid approx 2 million to attend! I want that job!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Wow unbelievable!!!

  • @Numerology Cleanup

    Whoever said that trueflames cannot be born on the same day- here’s the real life example!,,20721146,00.html

  • Intuitive

    I also believe that Leo’s trueflame is Aquarius. I am not a Psychic in the full meaning of this word, but I do sense things spiritually. And what I sense about Leo’s girl is that she’s either a virgin or had been just 1 or 2 times with men and she’s around 30! And this fact already makes her sooo unique. I am not sure about her motives- maybe she’s a strict christian, but definitely she just cannot share her body with wrong men, and she will wait for the ONE, no matter if it’s Leo or some other guy. And she’s waiting, I feel. Studying astrology for many years I can say that only Aquarius signs are capable of it and usually have this feature. So I think her birthday is in the gap 21 Jan- 19 Feb. I, for one, bet it’s February 11th, because yes, there is a hugh chance for them to have the same day number.

  • Léonie

    Wow, 2 mil. Crazy money for a 2-day event. Geez. Is it me or does he look slightly better in the pic here than those of yesterday? He seems a little more rested here. Still hate the hair though ugh it looks so sleazy.
    @Z: I saw you asked something about The Devil in the White City in the other thread. I haven’t read the book. I was judging by the plot I had read, and I really want to see Leo play a totally psycho creepy cold-blooded serial killer. I have put the book on my to-read list though! :) But I remember you mentioned a couple times you thought Leo wasn’t physically fit for the role? The guy he is supposed to play is not very tall and very thin? I guess if they want to make it believable and IF Leo will play it at all, he will have to lose a lot of weight? That’s something Christian Bale is pretty good at lol. Lose weight to the point of illness, then gain back the double and bulk up for Batman/Terminator, after a couple months lose it again for another film. So crazy and harsh on the body. It’s why Christian Bale looks older than his actual age.
    About that tumblr blog, checked it out and followed it immediately. She likes the exact right things lol! Thanks for that.

  • Randy

    Nicole looks aces, very casual Chic! She’s not trying hard!

  • Zzzzzz

    @Léonie: re Devil in the White City: My only concern is that the killer was shortish 5’8″ and had a slight build. He didn’t intimidate people and was incredibly charming and all the women loved him. Nobody would ever believe that he could kill someone. But the guy had no conscious – no remorse whatsoever. Leo is going to have to definitely lose weight and they are going to have to shoot it so that he doesn’t look so tall. Depending on how they write it, IMO it can be a great role.
    re the tumblr: I thought you might like her. When it comes to models – she is ruthless! She is so blunt and doesn’t give a sh!t what people think – I love her! Oh and she’s just a baby – she just turned 20.

  • Question

    Did Leo bring his latest barely legal obedient puppy to China? Or he went with Lukas?
    Nicole and Kate look fabulous, but Catherine is not aging well.

  • @24

    He went with Lukas and Chuck.

  • not with toni

    LEONARDO FOR EVER OMG he is so slim and handsome and elegant and entrancing. He is such a man on the red carpet <3 <3

  • blondie

    I love him so much! The tie doesnt match the suit lol. What’s up to his hair? He has funny hair and it looks good.

  • Graceful

    He surely gets so many comments.


    I can’t get enough of you baby
    I can’t get enough of you baby
    I can’t get enough of you baby
    I can’t get enough of you baby
    I can’t get enough of you baby!

    ❤❤❤ – ❤❤❤❤ – ❤❤❤❤

  • Lucy

    He definitely looks better in this picture. And that Instagram picture of him is pretty hot. I think it’s the hair. It’s just plain awful. It makes his head look awkwardly shaped. And it makes him looks like a sleaze…. Total d-bag vibes. The slicked back look is just NO!!!

  • take it easy

    really? a douche just because of the slicked back hair ?!!

  • also…

    @take it easy: Take it easy! Douche and douche vibe are not the same. It’s not a good look for him to style his hair like that. His head looks huge and odd. And I agree about the douche vibe. At least he is not wearing his sunglasses like the day before. A little better but the hair is still horrible.

  • ha..

    LMFAO. Garrn’s english-teachers would not be proud of her…she writes:”one of the funnest problems” poor Leonardo , your girlfriend is dumb

  • S

    I think he looks handsome, and don’t even mind the hair. Such a good looking man! I too wish he would sprinkle himself around more in his acting. Maybe do something with HBO like Matt Damon. I would like to see more of him, instead of waiting and waiting for a new movie. I do trust his choices though. Being a History Channel nerd this WW project interests me. Two million for this red carpet appearence, wow! He has many millions, but millions can be spent quick on a few large material items, like homes. Maybe this is why he hangs with billionaires, so they can foot the bill. I am sure he also probably supports many financially, like family and friends. I hope Leo knows there is so so so much more to life than money.

  • Missy

    Leo looks amazing *sigh*

  • ha..

    @@33: me dumb you don’t even know me ?!!

  • @33

    Not as dumb as Leo fans like you though. Bar and Gisele also struggled with spoken and spelling English in some of their interviews. But I dunno why anyone needs to make fun of them. Many working models have English as their second or third languages, and its to their credit to be multilingual. Even NATIVE speakers make dumb mistakes!

  • @37

    In her tweets she often makes mistakes. It is surprising to see her basic grammar mistakes. I think I read that she spent some time in England and that’s why her English was praised by her fans. If that’s the case these basic mistakes are pretty embarrassing.

  • ha..

    Garrn is D.U.M.B. no wonder she is a model. She doesn’t have a degree either… I’m expecting more linguistic mistakes from her to lmfao:))))))))))))) #ONEOFTHEFUNNESTPROBLEMS hahahaha

  • @38

    I don’t read her tweets but I’ve seen her speak in both French and German during Fashion Week 2011. As an American I still use spell check when writing essays or other stuff. And I can’t speak or write in any other language so someone making basic grammatical mistakes in the 3rd tier is not embarrassing. Just My Opinion

  • @40

    Falling for a notorious modelizer makes me say rather dumb than smart.

  • LeoQuote

    “Being dubbed as a hunk sort of annoys me. It gives me a yucky feeling.”
    That’s why he gives most of the time a sh!t about his look!

  • Léonie

    @40: I read here on JJ before she spoke French. Never heard she could besides on here. Do you got a link to a vid or something of her speaking French? I’m curious.

  • Missy

    @not with toni: I would love to teach him in german… and not only in german ;)

  • Missy
  • sisisilly

    @40 Me too plz. Im looking it up on youtube and I cant find it.

  • :)

    I like your posts
    feel like Leo responding haha

  • @Leonie, @46

    Toni was with Jordan Dunn and another model I think Daphne Groevenol (sp)
    in the video. Youtube removed it along with the whole video for ‘The September Issue’ movie due to copyright laws. It may be available on the Daily Motion website but I dunno.

  • also…

    I’m no Toni fan but I checked out her bz thread when she started dating Leo. I have seen talk about her English but the French is new to me, too.

  • sisisilly

    @@Leonie, @46: I dont know who those two are. But are you sure? On dailymotion theres anything.