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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Downtown Stroll with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Downtown Stroll with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr go for a morning stroll with their adorable son Flynn on Monday (September 23) in the downtown area of New York City.

The 36-year-old actor celebrated the opening night of his new Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet last week and he has received some very positive reviews for his role as Romeo!

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“For once, we have a Romeo who evolves substantively, from a posturing youth in love with love to a man who discovers the startling revelation of real love, with a last-act descent into bilious, bitter anger that verges on madness,” the New York Times said of Orlando‘s acting.

FYI: Miranda is carrying a Phillip Lim satchel. Flynn is wearing a FabKids jacket.

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orlando bloom miranda kerr downtown stroll with flynn 02
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  • freja

    Conveniently side stepping that the production was largely trashed and there were plenty of reviews that didn’t like his performance but good to see his publicist is keeping Just Jared on side!

  • Frozoid

    Um, Jared? The reviews TRASHED Bloom’s performance, and Rashad’s, too.

    What planet are you living on?

  • Frozoid

    And may I add: the wifey isn’t looking like a happy camper.

  • corinne

    She is getting uglier. they act like a separated couple.

  • kelli

    she is always smiling (without him) – looks like an unhappy marriage

  • Aviana

    Looks like they just had a arguement

  • YAY!!!

    So glad that you could make it!
    And there were lots of positive reviews about Orlando.
    Seems that most critics didn’t like the production, but a LOT liked Orlando’s performance.
    Sorry to break it to you haters, but Orlando is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He can act. Period. I know that just ruins your entire day.

  • Arianna

    Orlando has gotten more positive reviews than negative ones. Don’t get why anyone would hope he does badly. Orlando looks handsome and Flynn is such a cutie and Miranda looks beautiful. They are a beautiful couple.

  • @9

    People who hope others fail are only revealing their own bitterness and jealousy. They hate their lives, and it makes them feel better when others have a setback. It’s quite sad, actually.

  • sara

    Such a gorgeous family. Love all of them!

  • Kiki

    They are rarely seen out and photographed together, and when they are they look miserable.

    Miranda is constantly out attention whoring… roll a red carpet out in a parking lot and minutes late Miranda will be standing on it.
    She never misses a party and Orlando is never with her…ever!

    Even at Orlando’s premier they where not photographed together, even though she made a point of being there?

    I have noticed this for a long time already, and I think their marriage is some sort of arrangement. Doesn’t look like a happy loving marriage to me :o/

  • YAY

    OK, I admit it. I have a shallow life and deep down inside I want to say what I really think but I’m being paid to diss the people from Delphi and everywhere else where the truth is being told. Please forgive me for calling you sockpockets.

  • Elena

    Today On Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Because it has been a while since the supposedly married couple has actually been seen putting on the act of togetherness, their publicist arranged for this handy dnay paparazzi outing to remind the world that they are still, in fact, maintaining the pretense of being a couple. Oh, and they made sure the brat was in attendance so the fangirls will cream their jeans and fall all over themselves to say that the melon-headed thing is sooooo cute!

  • @12

    That’s funny. Because they were photographed together on opening night. Cuddling, in fact, for the camera.
    And never with her??? EVER??
    Well, except for The Golden Globes, Vanity Fair, film festival red carpets, etc. NEVER!!!
    So if we use your *cough* reasoning *cough*, they are not faking it.
    You’re the one who made the rule, after all. According to you, no photographs means that they just have an arrangement. So having photographs must mean just the opposite, right?
    Don’t you hate it when you talk yourself into a corner. lol!
    And gee, a wife “made a point” to be there on her husband’s opening night. Who would have thought that such a thing was possible???? *eyeroll*
    They didn’t mention Delphi. You did. LOL! Guilty conscience? Hilarious!

  • @15

    He looked more comfortable hugging his co star that night than he did with his wife.

  • @15

    If they are so in love, then i’m Mother Theresa! And btw, on what film festival red carpets are they been? Cannes, Venice, Berlin?!?!

  • meme

    Miranda haters are Adriana fans. They feel threatened by her new fame or something, weird. Funniest thing is they are so sick minded they pretend to stan for other models so miranda fans will bash them instead of their precious panty queen lima. Dont believe me? Go look on a model forum. Look at what fan group constantly calls miranda a famew*ore. Give ya a hint; it aint Doutzen fans. It aint Gisele fans. It aint Candice fans. Alessandra fans. Its one fan group only…they talk more about other models than precious panty queens stagnant career.

  • Wow

    This is amazing! I’ve never seen anyone who could know the private lives of people just from a photograph, before. This is an amazing talent! Almost unheard of!
    Wait. I have seen this before.
    On hater sites.
    I think that it is actually a symptom of obsessive stalking and projection.
    You know. Projection from people who are so unhappy in their own lives, that they can’t see anything but sadness in everyone else’s life. How awful for you.

  • danielle

    @15: *cough* loser *cough*….
    anyway… she looks beautiful but angry lol… and I like his acting actually… there may be some trouble in paradise that’s for sure…

  • @20

    Why are they a loser? Because they pointed out exactly how stupid and ridiculous haters can be?
    Doesn’t sound like a loser to me. But then again, unlike haters, I am capable of rational thought.

  • @21

    I have yet to see anything remotely resembling rational thought from you.

  • @22

    But you think that someone pretending to know the private lives of complete strangers just by looking at a couple of photographs IS rational?
    Well, I guess that tells us everything that we need to know about you, now doesn’t it. lol

  • @Kiki…#12…

    There are pictures of Orlando & Miranda TOGETHER at his Romeo & Juliet premier after party. He was dressed all in black & she looked beautiful in a black & white bandage dress

    In several pics Orlando has both his arms wrapped around Miranda looking very happy & in love, in fact in one of the pics he looked like the cat that swallowed the cream…..But I guess you have selective memory when it comes to them as according to YOU they’re NEVER together….lol.

    Except of course in the last month at the baseball, US Open tennis final, walking down the street, with Flynn eating ice cream etc etc…

    Its obvious to any sane rational person that they live together, both have busy jobs & we see them either together or one of them with Flynn just like any normal married couple that both work!

  • @12

    It’s laughable that after looking at a few photos taken over a few minutes
    that you presume to know what happens between them for the rest of the 23hrs 56 minutes of their day.

    We know that their married & live with Flynn in their apartment, that they both work, attend events together & as a family. Most of the time they usually have a smile on their faces & appear happy.

    Yet because you don’t see photos of them for every second of the day you decide their marriage is in trouble… about wishful thinking on your part….lol.

  • @17…

    This year, The Golden Globes, The Vanity Fair Oscar party, The Global Green party, Tribeca film festival and Orlando’s Romeo & Juliet premiere.

    The only red carpet avent that Miranda didn’t attend with Orlando was at Cannes for the closing ceremoney. Forest Whittaker, Orlando & the Director all appeared solo without their partners.