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Behati Prinsloo: Over the Moon About Adam Levine Engagement

Behati Prinsloo: Over the Moon About Adam Levine Engagement

Behati Prinsloo is chic while hailing a cab on Madison Avenue on Tuesday (September 24) in New York City.

Last week, the 24-year-old South African supermodel showed off her hot body while filming a Victoria’s Secret Holiday commercial in Paris, France.

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“I’m really happy for [Behati]. I wish her congratulations,” fellow Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima recently told Life&Style about Behati‘s engagement to Adam Levine. “After her engagement, I saw her and she was over the moon. She was really happy. As long as she’s happy, that’s the most important thing!”

In case you forgot, Adam is back on prime-time for the fifth season of The Voice, which just premiered yesterday (September 23). Make sure to catch a new episode of the show tonight on NBC at 8/7c!

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  • Kaspar

    Her hair… my goodness.

  • Sara

    Namibia is NOT South Africa. Whoever blogged this should invest time in studying geography instead of what the Twerkmunk is up to.


    ” As long as she’s happy, that’s the most important thing” This is Adriana’s nice way of saying, “I think she is stupid as hell for doing this” HAHAHAHA

  • Lena

    Oh,i’m pretty sure she’s “over the moon” about her fake engagement to an arrogant and selfish guy like Adam.The last time Behati and Adam were seen together weeks ago,they looked miserable and forced together,and Adam looked like he was trying to run away from her.Now i’m pretty sure he already is figuring out a way to dump her anorexic a*s while he’s on tour and very happy away from
    She can’t compete with his ego,he’ll dump her when he gets tired of her,or when she hurts his “adorable” ego.He’s a cheater,and he will humiliate her by dumping her again.
    Oh JJ,she’s not hot,her body is regular.I saw prettier girls with better bodies here in my street.

  • ff

    @Sara: she was born in south africa actually…

  • cliniqueheart

    she better feel that “over the moon” happiness! because when the day comes that Adam Levine started to feel like ending the engagement she will be left alone…. sad… so sad. And that “As long as she’s happy, that’s the most important thing!” message of Adriana is really alarming! hahaha! as if she knows that everything is a joke!! Que sera sera!

  • kenya

    Behati is a fame wh Ore.

  • taen

    She’ll never get rid of Levine, is like a hookker that can’t live without her pimp.

  • noel

    She s a nasty looking model, Adam must be embarrassed of her. From Anne to this anorexic bum yuk

  • Sam

    See ya in divorce court baby

  • heeyyy

    ^^^^ lets hope it doesnt go that far >_<

  • kira

    Why she’s relevant? Now your famous by sleeping with a douchebag to get some work. She did everything to marry this dude that it’s obviously ashamed of her, I haven’t heard a word from him talking about her.

  • demi

    Her hair is begging to be washed, probably her puSSty too. She’s gross

  • slevana

    I read he uses VS models to help his career which it makes sense but she’s using his name too ,if they divorced she gets everything plus recognition like a supermodel when she’s not. Smart h o e

  • joe


  • delta

    He was dating Nina couple of months ago. He never publicly acknowledged dating her and now he’s engaged with this starving lizard. Confused

  • elvis

    She looks like Amanda Bynes , if I was Levine I would dumb her crazy looking a s s before she kills herself in front of him. She looks mentally ill

  • Cycle

    The most boring couple in showbiz. Adam Levine….yawn…blah face and blah voice. His fiancee isn’t even worth talking about….very plain…

  • boom

    @elvis: it’s true she looks like her and based on her behavior she’s crazy like her probably worst she’s a psychopath that planned all of this way before they met. Her favorite movie must be fatal attraction. I’ll get a restriction order if I was him

  • little monster

    I heard Adam is on meds for herpes and other stuffs. His nasty girlfriend cheated on him and rumor has it a guy went down on her and he said her pu ssssy smell really bad. Adam is using VS models to boost his career, he’s nobody without them’ now he shades gaga to be in the spotlight, like a loser; He’s envy of gaga’s fame. Fag

  • willow

    She has a weird face, too skinny

  • ashleen

    She’s a slob. Grosss

  • golden

    She looks so gross and dumb that I bet she drinks her on period to get drunk, if she gets one. Adam looks clean but if he’s engaged with her he probably use his hand to wipe her down there ewww vomit in my mouth a million times

  • 4funboys

    if she was so unattractive… she wouldn’t be a model anymore than if his voice was so bad… he wouldn’t be the front man for an awesome band!

  • Dave


    sounds like somebody is very jealous!

    get off the computer and on a treadmill honey!

  • Deena

    LOL so funny how all the uglies are like UGH THIS SUPERMODEL IS SO UNATTRACTIVE. haha, yea, I’m sure all the trolls are real nice looking. more like hideous!
    You know what haters hate most? Themselves!

  • Haters are Stupid

    Is this the same Behati the haters rant about losing her VS contract? About not having a career? The same Behati that’s all over my new VS catalog? The same Behati that just did an Angel spread? The same Behati who was famous before she ever met Adam Levine? The same Behati who goes out in public wearing no makeup, oversized dresses and sneakers and still looks better than a twinkie eating delusional internet hater? Yeah that Behati is laughing her way to bed right next to Adam Levine. Deal.

  • Clara

    what shoes she’s wearing?

  • Jinx

    @Clara: same one she’s been wearing for the past 3 months now.

  • arkansas

    Nobody is jealous of behati, are you blind? Shes awful. She was never famous before Adam, she throw away her “career ” just to be a groupie. Now she’s booking jobs thanks to Adam’s name. He needs a model in his life to be in the media so they both need each other.

  • bones

    She has no style,no beauty, no boobs, no shape all you see is a mop with clothes nothing spectacular.

  • vs devil

    @Haters are Stupid: honey nobody is hating on her or them. They’re not newsworthy. Have you noticed that they’re not even in the spotlight? Not even magazines. Adam needs this poor girl to put his work and crappy band in the spotlight, he can’t do it by himself that’s how bad his band is. She’s needs makeup and photoshops to look like a model and her addicted looking body is nasty. Get your facts straight hun before you make a comment. Read other sites, everybody is laughing at him,her, them.

  • apples bee

    Loving the fact Adam rt’d Behati. No matter what he does or say about her, at the end of the day he’s hanging on models to be somebody and be relevant. He’s a self absorbed dicck and a lame VS groupie, pathetic pussyy. His band is clinging on his models to get somewhere. There’s no band or artist like them, pretty sad

  • bliss

    i can cleary see the moon from my window and there is no one in the top of it lol

  • ali ali

    I think Behati is impressed by his tattoos, “fame” and everything that comes with him. Pretty much his young fans are the same. I feel sorry for Levine, he said last yr while dating Behahi ” chemistry can’t be purchased “.and it’s obvious he’s not in love with her. He knows he needs a model in his life to get some attention, she knows nobody will provided and help her “carrer ” like he does. That’s how they work and we should sit down and enjoy the circus. They’re not even newsworthy unless he shades gaga or talk about the Pope. He’ll never be a legend and she’s far from being a supermodel. Twisted people trying to be in the spotlight

  • patrick

    @apples bee: damn you say it all ha

  • roxy

    Oh gosh she’s hideous, dirty looking model. She’s always wearing the same clothes or shoes. I bet she can’t put a sentence together.

  • Adam the loser

    Levine is desperate for the spotlight, he rtd behati and her “work ” while this fame whhore is loving all the attention isn’t she. Adam is begging VSis and his dreadful model for recognition, the low of the lowest in the industry.

  • The Truth

    @elvis: sad, but I think she is actually about to do that to herself. I’m no psychic, but I’ve been sensing this for the last several months.

  • Marcella

    I do not understand this world famous. Look on youtube, the difference in Adam in the past shows that he did while he was in France Behanti. He is relaxed and happy. When she is in the show he is tense and with a bad look.

  • Adam the loser

    @Marcella: are you stupid? We all know he’s a cry baby terrified of being alone, he said it not the media. He desperately needs Behati to help his band and work. I think he has a contract with Victoria’s Secret to help him with the media attention. The gaga feud is just his way to cry for attention. He’s just an old pathetic jew, everybody in the industry is laughing behind his back. The sad truth

  • The Truth

    I find it very interesting that she goes off to Paris for 2 weeks and in EVERY pic of her done for VS and other companies, she doesn’t wear the ring, but in this pic one of the VS Angels does wear her ring and in all others she took in Paris.

  • Marcella

    @Adam the loser: Stupid? What’s his problem to be Jewish? Beware, this is prejudice. I’ve never heard of Behanti before Adam. The Maroon 5 is a band in constant growth. Adam has a lot of space in the media. Who is not afraid of being alone? He is also human and deserve true love. She is not a victim but digger.

  • Marcella

    She has to learn from the Brazilian models. Are the most beautiful in the photo. We, Brazilian, have sex appeal. If I had an opportunity to be alone with Adam for 10 minutes, I would show what a real woman and she can give him.

  • Adam the loser

    @Marcella: he needs VS and his crappy girlfriend to help his band and work period. He’s a the joke of the industry. Being Jewish isn’t helping him but using VS models and lady gaga is giving him some spotlight. Lame

  • Adam the loser

    @The Truth: @Marcella: constant growth? Pulease they arz bunch of idiots that can’t make it in the industry without Adam’s pr stunts and VS models.

  • patsy

    Omfg it’s true she looks like Amanda Bynes. I think she’s a psycho that had an agenda before they met. Adam is a bottomfeeder that needs her to be in the public eye so disturbing. I never thought he was clinging on her to get media attention, that’s why he retweed Behati he looks desperate. Ugh

  • Marcella

    @Adam the loser: He does not need a model for success. The maroon 5 is a wonderful band. Not come from nowhere. They have talent. I just think he has to abstain a bit of media. Focus more on the band. I offer to be your personal assistant, it has a lot to work on. Slightly change his image.

  • frank

    @Marcella: .I know it’s hard to accept the fact your idol is a loser but he needs VS and his girlfriend for success. He is clinging on everybody including gaga to get attention since he’s not newsworthy

  • catwoman

    Adam serenaded Behati in NC with the song (I really wanna be somebody ) ha basically saying to her please dnt leave my side I need you for success, my band sucks without Victoria s Secret. Just about time Behati has some recognition, well done sista, now get married and take everything, even his last name. Your a supermodel and he needs you more than eva