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Gerard Butler: Cecconi's Dinner After 'Gods of Egypt' News!

Gerard Butler: Cecconi's Dinner After 'Gods of Egypt' News!

Gerard Butler is handsomely full after grabbing dinner at Cecconi’s on Tuesday (September 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 43-year-old actor was spotted taking a walk with his adorable pet pooch Lolita in Malibu.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently reported that Gerard was in talks to join the upcoming flick Gods of Egypt, which will also star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

It was just announced that Geoffrey Rush has closed a deal to join the cast of the film as the sun god Ra, according to THR.

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  • Nicole

    You good looking, Gerry!

  • Nicole

    I wish good luck to you! <3 <3 <3

  • :p


  • fromoz

    I really like these latest photos. So much younger looking with the ” 5 o’clock shadow ” look, rather than full on facial hair. He’s looks happy, & those smiling eyes ……… what can I say !. More photos like these please.

  • Kali Orexi

    @fromoz: I agree! also nice to see he has other shoes besides those boots and Adidas trainers :) Looking good Gerry!

  • C.A.

    Wow JJ… so many pics…… But Really Really Like new pics – looks so much better and refreshed ….Work is coming and with great actors too … Getting better and better :)
    Have a beautiful Day :)

  • C.A.

    Hey Ladies
    your man has never looked better … What a smile and what beaming light ….Hope that new film is for real :)

  • fromoz

    @Kali Orexi: Hi Kali, I was too busy looking at his gorgeous face to notice the footwear. LOL. But well spotted, oh eagle-eyed one :-) Scrubs up beautifully, even if it’s only casual wear. Cheers

  • fromoz

    @C.A.: Hi to you too C.A. But why do you say ” your man ” #7 ? I think he’s your man as well, yes ? We all share him in his highs & lows, happy, sad, & that face looks mighty happy right now. If he doesn’t go through with this movie, I will be disappointed, but nothing any of us can do about it. Although I might feel like giving him a stingy smack on the @rse. :-)

  • C.A.

    @fromoz: Hi Fromoz hehe “… a stingy smack on the @rse…” good one…LOL… Would love to see you in action ….. not ….. ;-)

    Sorry – but I am just someone who enjoys the good Company of you Ladies on JJ, someone who feels happy for and with the fans following him in his ups and downs and I know it must sound strange but I had a feeling that I know him from somewhere … some kind of connection… (as many probably do too) so I watch, observe and laugh with you all and curses the trolls and I Like Gamer and LAC and OHF but I Like Die Hard too and would never watch Phantom and thought Bountyhunter and PFK was horrible… :)

    hahahaha think I am doing a rotten job in explaning but I don’t feel that I have a fan connection Like it seems many feel towards GB .. I see a man as in hu-man struggling and working hard to find his way and find it utmost interesting how people respond towards him and how love and hate rules side by side amongst those who calls themselves fans …

    I see a man who is only flesh and blood – Like my own brother – being idolized, hated, crushed on, loved, and some people in here even think they know him even when it is more than obvious that they do not… !!!

    well enough explaning done … I wish you all a beautiful Day and I wish for GB to have the most of luck right now to make the steps to fulfill hos dreams easy and light and you know what …

    I wish for all of us that our Dreams may come true :)

  • Tasty
  • fromoz

    @C.A.: Wow, C.A. now that’s what I call a good response. Not ” a rotten job of explaining ” at all. Based on your views, I can see that we would agree, & disagree. But that’s o.k. with me, it’s always good to share opinions. So, the agrees…didn’t like Bounty Hunter at all, but haven’t seen PFK., LAC one of G.B’s best & did like OHF. ITAWY about the trolls, but it seems to come with the territory & I just enjoy the good posters. I always see it as the good, the bad & the ugly. Makes me love my scroll bar :-) Now disagrees, Loved POTO, big fan of that, & couldnt watch all of Gamer, got bored & just didn’t like it. Hey, more agrees than disagrees. I do like your style of giving your opinion minus any nastiness. Enjoyed reading your comments very much. Cheers C.A. :-)

  • Linda

    All right Gerard! Looking more radiant and happier then ever before. Even his youthful appearance is slowly beginning to come back again, no doubt due largely in part to ridden himself of that life-sucking vampire. And I bet he made sure to eat plenty of garlic-laden dishes at Cecconi’s for extra safety measure!

  • Bubba

    @Tasty: lol lol lol!

  • Seguro Medico Familiar

    Wow he looks great. Please come back to Spain!

  • GFW

    My mouth waters just wondering what kind of delicious meal he devoured. Sighs.
    Good to see him out and about! He never looks bad, but looks really together.
    Love seeing him handling the spotlight well owning a nice peaceful soulful aura about him again. It’s all good.
    This is excellent news. Working with Rush? Wow, that’s excellent news. They will have a blast. Rush as Ra, the sun god right? This is all very unique and mystical. Think it’ll be a dynamite experience. And something very interesting and consuming. It’ll take him good places, literally and figuratively.

  • Lyla J.

    He looks positively joyful! Gerard, hope it’s all locked up and you’re going to be filming in a few months.
    Hi fromoz, Kali, C.A.! Hope you are all well. I think his fandom is just a little thrilled.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Mr. Butler you are beaming and you have been for the last couple of weeks so it seems. Good on you, sir! Hope this is true and he has signed. I cannot wait to see how they write the animal deities into the characters. I am chuffed to bits about this news!

  • fromoz

    @Lyla J.: Hi Lyla J, Loving your ” positively joyful ” comment , such a lovely way to put it. Yes he does. How does the man do it ? Sure, he’s had a hair dye job since the Lolita photos, but he looks years younger. No botox or surgery done, but sleep, relaxation, decent food & he’s dropped a few years off & he’s also walking tall again ( not slumping with back pain ). Yes Lyla, I’ll admit, I am ” just a little thrilled “. Now I want to see a photo of him, pen in hand, signing the G’s O E contract. Cheers :-)

  • Nicole

    @fromoz: @ fromoz, I think that the contract has been signed. He’s all glows with happiness. Can not you see?

  • Nicole
  • Nicole

    @Nicole: insert into the search Gerard Butler

  • Nicole
  • C.A.

    Hi Fromoz
    just wrote you a nice and polite respond …just went to Google and now all is gone … Maybe TOO polite LOL
    Thank you for your respond … always nice to agree and disagree in a prober manner without all the hate and ignorance ….no need for that..

    Think movie will be an action packed one too thinking Gladiator meets ScorpionKing with all the tech available today – would for sure go see especially with Nikolaj in it who is a fellow countryman…

    Leading lady? Connie Nielsen or Angelina Jolie or even beautiful Eva Mendes??

    Hi Lyla J :)
    Hi Nicole good point :)

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • GFW

    I see he’s polished his boots. (thumbs up)
    Question. What’s in his back pocket? (squinting)
    Guess that is a popular restaurant for celebrities so the paparazzi are there?
    Not an ounce of body fat on the man. I’m impressed. I’m impress his youthful appeal is back. He looks well rested, and has nice color in his face. Polite smiles and body language is positive. He’s ‘dressed’ well and appears under the influence of happiness. Practice happiness. Easy? No. Worth it? Always.
    who loves the one of him descending the stairs thanking him for a new workplace desktop!

  • SeeSawSally

    Get ready for the news that Madalina Diana Ghenea has scored a part in this new movie opposite Gerry. I’m sure if she can be “bought” a role, it will happen. Pascal Vicedomini has tweeted to her something about NYC and a picture of the Statue of Liberty. Gerry is supposed to be in NYC later this week for some event there and it would be just like her to show up in NYC during this time. Isn’t it about time for another publicity stroll, maybe in Central Park this time? The way she has been posting on her facebook pages, and nothing has been denied by either party or either camp, regardless of the breakup rumors, I would bet my Aunt Girty that this relationship is NOT over and that they will be back together soon. Filming in Australia or the dark side of the moon will not keep her away from him, she’s that determined, or stupid, one or the other. Just expect her to be cast in the female role. Honestly, who here REALLY believes that they are done and over?

  • fromoz

    @Nicole: Hi Nicole, You think ” he glows with happiness ” means he’s signed the contract ? I’m happy to trust your instincts , because I too hope that it’s true. If we’re wrong, we’ll soon find out. No harm in wishing for something. :-)

  • GFW

    Off topic to JJ… (not that’ll do any good)
    I am S.I.C.K. to death of looking at Miley Cyrus’ tongue, breasts, horrible posture, fake “Gaga” poses, and baby trying to act grown up face. Please make her go away. Thank you.

  • Move the EF on

    I think the majority of fans are so far passed caring wether or not they turn up on another ‘stroll’ together, it’s not funny.
    Everyone is just happy that there’s a chance he’ll be in what sounds like a great new film, with a stellar cast.
    Stop stalking her Facebook and Twitter account.
    It’s anti-Gerry fans like you, that have made her what she is. Did you notice that you were the FIRST person to drag her name to yet another thread about Gerry?
    You’re not a fan of Gerry the actor. You’re a groupie wanna be, constantly stalking his private life. Pathetic.
    Wake up and smell the coffee. NO ONE CARES anymore. She’s doing her own thing and so his he.
    No one wants to make predictions about who he’s going to have a ‘stroll’ with, because we were too busy discussing the impact of this movie and role for Gerry.
    You’re a maddy stalker! Go away.

  • hump day

    homeboy has definitely upped his game, it’s about time, he looks like a movie star in these photos

  • get real

    @SeeSawSally:Um just about everybody. The smile on that face says it all. Ladies, prepare for be Butlered, resistance is futile.

  • fromoz

    @C.A.: Hi again, Well thanks for the attempted reply, perhaps chuck a few swear words in next time & it might get through ? Joking, don’t change. Had to google Connie N, then realised I’d seen her in Gladiator etc. Lovely looking lady, but perhaps Eva M would be the better fit with her more exotic looks ? Think Angi J would be perfect, but she’s branched off in to so many different areas, I doubt she’d do it. Anything is possible though. Once it’s confirmed 100% that G.B. IS going to be in this movie, we can come up with a wish list for his love interest. I don’t comment on his personal life, but I know who I DON’T want on that list. Enough said ? Great chatting with you, catch you again another time. Cheers :-)

  • TeaCakes

    I guess we should brace for a whole new spate of fanfic? I can see it now, Gerry’s character with guyliner and heavy gold disk-chains around his chest, frequent mentions of Ra and making love in the Great Sphinx. Please spare us, GFW.


  • TeaCakes

    Speaking of guyliner, did anyone here watch the HBO series, ‘Rome’? There were some episodes of Antony and Cleopatra and of course Julius Caesar and his fling with Cleopatra. Lots of cool ancient Egyptian scenes. I wonder if that is “the look” this film will have. If so, bravo in advance.

  • hump day

    Rome and the series Spartacus Blood and Sand. Love both those series. Good acting, compelling story lines, the look, enough CGI for fun, lots of blood and gore, and in the latter series, hot near naked men, oh yes.

    Still very sad about the untimely death of Andy Whitfield though. I am afraid I have not watched the Spartacus series with the new guy,

  • Baby

    @ TeaCakes I did. It is my favorite series. Unfortunately they spent too much money for all the details and that’s why they ran out of money. “Rome” should have 5 series but because of this they had to end after 2. Sad…

  • Baby

    @hump day Spartacus was good too. The second actor in Spartacus role wasn’t that good but I liked another gladiator – Gannicus ( I don’t remember actor’s name) who was brilliant. It’s worth it watching for him.

  • No fling


    Julius Caesar had a son with Cleopatra and wanted her to come to Rome with him when he was assassinated by Brutus.

    About your other comment:

    You sound jealous. Could it be because he looks like he has moved on?

  • GFW

    Weren’t Egyptians very conscious of their looks? I mean they created Kohl, toilet paper (or so I read ;o) and embalming fluids. They were fantastic storytellers too. They used essential oils too. They believed in eternal life so being healthy, fit and happy were key to that.
    I hope to find out more about this exciting adventure Gerry is about to embark on. Maybe he’ll get to Egypt? That would be fantastic. Boy, would that humble him! (fingers crossed)
    ~K saying ra, ra, ra (giggles)

  • why?


    rehashing old tweets…. how desperate

  • Hmmm

    Jim Carr ‏@JCarracas
    @SaltyShep @comingsoonnet Great film, saw it at #tiff13. Brilliant dialogue & #judelaw is fantastic, as is the beautiful @Madalina_Ghenea

  • No fling


    Whatever! I don’t hate Maddie as I don’t know her but as far as he spending a lot of time with her, well many would tell you that never happened.

    I’ve seen long distances relationships where people actually made the effort to be together often, no chaperones with them. If for you a real relationship is 2 people going on PR strolls with chaperones every couple of weeks or so, well you need to go and have an actual long distance relationship and see what the reality is.

  • TeaCakes

    @No fling: Why would I be jealous? Of what? I don’t write fanfic and I could care less who he dates. Unlike you, I don’t hate Maddie. I have nothing against someone who he spent a lot of time with, someone he obviously cared about. For the record, I even like Brandi LOL.

    Get over yourself, mkay? Stop making assumptions about chatters here.

  • TeaCakes

    @hump day: I hope to watch the Spartacus series on dvd soon when I find time. It is sad that Andy passed.

  • why?


    but you don’t like him…that’s obvious

  • LookWho’sMakingAssumptions
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