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Robert Pattinson Steps Out Solo After Outings with Mystery Gal

Robert Pattinson Steps Out Solo After Outings with Mystery Gal

Robert Pattinson steps out solo one day after hanging out with a mystery brunette on Wednesday (September 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

That day, the 27-year-old actor stepped out solo to go to the gym. The day before, Rob was seen with a mystery brunette – the two reportedly have been making separate entrances into the gym.

Robert reportedly took this new girl to a party. “There were like 40 people at the party, it was intimate, and Rob was next to her the entire time no matter where he was,” a source told Us Weekly.

No confirmation if this girl is actually Robert‘s new gal.

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson out solo at the gym after being spotted with a mystery girl…

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54 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Steps Out Solo After Outings with Mystery Gal”

  1. 1
    lol Says:

    he looks like such a douche

  2. 2
    gveui Says:

    the brunette was his trainer’s wife, this has already been debunked…stop feeding off us weekly and x17 and get some real sources

  3. 3
    Ariel Says:

    Who believes Us Weekly? The girl is likely his trainer. He’s been preparing for a new movie role.

  4. 4
    Fiammy Says:

    he is a hypocrite

  5. 5
    nicola Says:

    I also want to know more about Rob and Dylan ….they would make a terrific couple

  6. 6
    m123 Says:

    the girl is a personal trainer and she has a boyfriend…this story is getting ridiculous..

  7. 7
    Lou Says:

    Looks like the paps are camped outside his gym now, sigh. Let the guy work out in peace. He probably has a new girl, we’ll find out who she is in due course. Love that he’s working out, go Rob!

  8. 8
    Elle Says:

    Umm, that girl in the pictures from yesterday is his personal trainer. Excuse the language but are you stupid…?

  9. 9
    Kimberly Says:


  10. 10
    Me Says:

    I want to know more about Rob an Dylan Penn. She’s beautiful, they’d make a gorgeous couple!

  11. 11
    Becca Says:

    He’s so hot! Even in gym clothes, yum

  12. 12
    M Says:

    All of these rumors of him out with girls are made up by desperate and money-seeking people who like to feed other people stupid enough to believe them with false facts, it’s fiction really. The truth doesn’t sell in Hollywood. Especially when it comes to down to earth, sweet, funny guys like Rob who would just like to be able to go out with his friends, go grocery shopping, go to the gym etc.

  13. 13
    Guest Says:

    @Fiammy: He is single he can date. Not like his cheating ex who made out with a married man while living in the same house as Rob.

  14. 14
    Rob the stud Says:

    i cant wait for Rob to start dating a new girl …awesome

  15. 15
    Helen Says:

    @nicola: wrong! Theybarebtoo good for douche rob and his messed up life , run girls run…

  16. 16
    Shane Says:

    That’s his trainer. He’s dating Dylan Penn. Robert is hot. Stop hating on him.

  17. 17
    tess Says:

    HOT !!!!

  18. 18
    Jesse Says:

    Ok, if he’s training all the time like x17 says every day for his next movie , then why does he look skinnier than before , I mean he’s wearing a hoodie and he has no muscle mass on his upper body or legs , maybe he’s not working out while he’s there wink wink!

  19. 19
    tess Says:

    Dylan and Rob sound delicious

  20. 20
    bjsmith Says:

    I am happy that Rob is keeping that hot body in better shape. Why are people so critical about Rob dating again. I think its great. He is a young, handsome man who deserves happiness like anyone else. Cant wait tor the Rover and Maps to the Stars movies are released. Ignore the haters Rob. Go out as much as you want. Date whomever you choose to. Have fun like people your age do.

  21. 21
    Heidi Says:

    Ewee! He had same clothes on yesterday with the trainer girl, hope he does laundry when he gets home and doesn’t go out with the same stinky gym clothes, and the two star areas you highlighted JJ shows no muscles on his body whatsoever from the above pics .

  22. 22
    tess Says:

    @ Jesse
    have you seen his body in his Dior Ad ……he has such a sexy bod .and now he is gyming to make it even hotter

  23. 23
    Paul Says:

    That’s his trainer Sydney liebes

  24. 24
    Paul Says:

    @Fiammy: he’s single, he can date whoever he wants.

  25. 25
    Jesse Says:

    @tess:Yes! I saw the Dior ad and aside from his arms having some muscles the rest of him was the same , he needs Taylor lautner for tips cause this trainer is not working out lol!

  26. 26
    happy Says:

    I am so happy to see Rob is moving on

  27. 27
    tess Says:

    @Jesse: Taylor , dont make me laugh . Who would even talk about Taylor with around .
    Rob is sexy just like he is …….love his body , deep chest

  28. 28
    Beth Says:

    It’s not his house… It’s Harley Pasternak’s house. His TRAINER. And the mystery brunette/redhead/blonde/bald thing is getting old. Jesus Christ, I thought a website like “Just Jared” would know better than to credit Radar Online. This is getting sad…

  29. 29
    ashley Says:

    Rob is looking hot ……..looking forward to MBL

  30. 30
    Kasia Says:

    The “mystery gal” was me…oh wait, that was just my dream last night ;-)

  31. 31
    Wow Says:


    Nice try @niagirl. But he’s doing fine, looking fine and his career is on the right track. Stop hating and move on. He’s just a single guy trying to get in shape for his career. Kudos to him! He looks amazing.

  32. 32
    niagirl Says:

    Hey, Ornament. Not an actor. He should write a book on how to go from A- to D list in just a few bad PR moves. Putz,Manwhore,Ornament,Drunk,Celebrity,Douchebag,etc……….

  33. 33
    SJ Says:


    sorry, Kristen Screwart already has exclusive rights for such book about herself.

  34. 34
    Hot & fit Says:

    Rob looks hot and especially fit. I prefer to see only work related or fan pics.
    Hope that Rob is happy and enjoying his life in private.

  35. 35
    MBL Rob Says:

    Rob is bulking up for his role in Mission Black List where he plays an army interrogator who discovered Saddam Hussein. The American hero Eric Maddox approved Rob’s casting and spent an entire day with Rob recounting his amazing story.

  36. 36
    Chris Says:

    He doesn’t have a girlfriend because, in his own words he doesn’t forgive and cuts them out. Jerk.

  37. 37
    smiley Says:

    He is single and having a lot of fun and concentrating on his career . In short working hard playing hard

  38. 38
    Amber Says:

    DiorRob is sexy , nice to see him concentrating on gymming . Stay healthy Rob

  39. 39
    sweet Says:

    He’s so handsome and sexy

  40. 40
    Sim Says:

    @SJ: You can also write a book, crazy fan Rob, laughs here what people write crap, take off the rose-colored glasses and know the truth

  41. 41
    CindyD Says:

    We all don’t want a Taylor Lautner………Rob has a hot body, an intelligent mind, and a beautiful soul! You GIRLS can have your Taylor Lautner and we WOMEN will keep Robert Pattinson!!!!!!

  42. 42
    avk Says:

    To all those who are saying that Rob does not have a great body …….prepare to be stunned !!!!
    Rob has been working out for quite some time now . He has an incredible body now along with a gorgeous face .
    I think the way he will look in MTTS and MBL will blow everyones mind

  43. 43
    avk Says:

    As much as i would like to see Rob moving on with a new girl , i am happy that he is concentrating on his career

  44. 44
    Noa Says:

    He’s so gorgeous, I love that he’s working out and getting in shape, but it’s hard to improve on perfection. Hope we see Rob out with a pretty girl soon, whatever her hair colour. I’m routing for Dylan, they’d make a cute couple!

  45. 45
    seinna Says:

    ITA ! I am routing for Dylan
    And i hope Rob is starting with the shooting of MBL sooner than January ,

  46. 46
    gorgeous Says:

    Hi gorgeous …..waiting to see that hot bod in MBL !! work it Rob work it !!

  47. 47
    bzee Says:

    I like that Rob is into fitness and health . I am selfish , i want him to have a long career in HW so that i can have the pleasure of watching him on screen for a long time to come

  48. 48
    Hmmm Says:

    I want him to start dating and have some serious fun; with sexy, fun, intelligent, good and caring women. And enjoy life. I hope he can do it on the sly and sleaze paps never catch him.

    I find it so crazy the uproar whenever even the thought of him dating some girl is brought up. He’s going to probably go out with quite a few before falling head over heels. I think there r some overly vocal crazies out there who r single and alone and spend their time fantasizing about Rob as theirs. Probably an equal number who subscribe to the “one and only soulmate”. An unbelievable group exists who think he is still with Kristen: I think it’s really sad that they feel this need for it not to be over, and I think it reflects on what is going on in their own lives, and it is sad. We’ve all had break-ups, experienced the hurt, so it is easy to empathize. But most of us had the ability to deal with it and eventually heal. It’s those who never healed, never forgave the other, or themselves, that concerns me. Is there a portion of the uber-vocal who cheated on their own boyfriend/husband, possibly never caught, and can’t handle the condemnation that Kristen will always face, as that condemnation hits too close to home? I can see there being a segment who broke up with a boyfriend/husband, thought they were over it, but had wounds reopened. I can see there being some who never found love who were living their lives not only through Edward and Bella, but Rob and Kristen, too. imagine not having a love, getting emotional feedback through a couple who end up breaking up. It’s got to be painful. While I can actually feel for all these overly-involved fanbase women, I also wish they could step back and see how unhealthy their once innocent infatuation has turned. Their lashing out with typed words is likely, indirectly, being directed at “the one they lost” — or themselves. If they see yourselves described here, know I do not ridicule you;. I wish you healing. It can’t be fun being that bitter. And alone.

  49. 49
    ace11 Says:

    Kristen was way to good for him

    Mr Sanders can attest to that

  50. 50
    well said Says:

    well said !! I also want to see Rob dating , having flings everything but most of all i want him stay sane in this HW madhouse and have a beautiful long career

  51. 51
    well said Says:

    Kristen cheated on him with a married man , she is not good for anyone . May be she will go back to Rupert

  52. 52
    Chelsea Says:

    Not sure why he and some actors are so secret/closed mouthed about who they are seeing seriously or casually. At the end of the day who cares? Sorry, the guy is almost 30, stop worrying about the fangirls and live life.

  53. 53
    Moved on Says:

    I agree with Hmmm that the over-invested fans should focus on their own lives. Be smart, kind, interesting and develop your own style. There is someone for everyone.

  54. 54
    SEcret Says:

    Rob is 27 ! All celebrities keep their PL secret to avoid the drama . It is hard to have a public break up when things dont work out . Plus i guess they like to keep a few things to themselves if hey want to . Everyone has a right to privacy even public figures

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