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Gerard Butler Catches a Flight Out of Los Angeles

Gerard Butler Catches a Flight Out of Los Angeles

Gerard Butler carries his bag while heading into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Thursday afternoon (September 26) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old hunky actor was seen out and about earlier in the week looking happy as can be while stepping out of Cecconi’s restaurant after having dinner.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently reported that Gerard will be starring alongside both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Geoffrey Rush in the upcoming movie Gods of Egypt. The film follows a common thief who joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.

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gerard butler catches a flight out of los angeles 06

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  • GFW

    Dynamite! Wonder where to? The Pyramids? Gonna float down the Nile? Home for hugs from mum?
    Back in his camouflage colors! Looks really pulled together. Lovin’ this!

  • Life’s Train

    Guinness Book of S.e..xy Records. licking lips.


    Shouldn’t he be flying to N.Y. for the Central Park concert Sat. the 28th?

  • Global Festival
  • kelly

    ummmm duh hes on his way to see me !!!!!!! j/k but he is looking so sexy hot lately humm wonder why ????????

  • Ducky

    Amy is looking lovely. JJ is so funny saying that he is carrying his own bag.

  • Am I late to the party?

    What? Any memories? ;)
    Yes, it’s funny and she’s lovely and he’s…..

  • The Thin White Duchess

    OMG I’m back!!!! And not one person missed me!!! Who knew!!!! I don’t care!!! It’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I hate this place!!!! I don’t miss you at all!!!!

  • GFW
  • Ducky

    @Am I late to the party?: Almost a year ago there was a picture of gb and amy at the airport. amy toting a bag. Gb takes the heat on jj because he isn’t toting it. Of course nobody knew if it was hers, his, did she not want him toting her things or was he impolite. It was all nonsense but jj’s comment made me laugh . Nov. 2012

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • Nicole

    Just met Gerard Butler on the plane…nice dude…started to ask to let me hold a couple of thousand dollars…lol

  • Nicole
  • Nicole

    Savannah Chrisley @_ItsSavannah_ 5m

    OMG! Just rode the elevator 8 floors with Gerard Butler…. #holysexy #marrymenow #nicestmanever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nicole

    Gerry in NYC

  • Lyla J.

    @Ducky: OMGosh that is so funny! I thought the same thing, Ducky! Maybe Gerard’s team doesn’t read here, but JJ’s people positively do. Lol!
    Good for you Gerard! You’ve always had a heart of gold. Great cause in NYC this weekend. Safe travels!

  • Lyla J.

    BTW, I just love his sideburns. I’ve always loved a man with sideburns. Almost looks like he’s going for a 50s role. HW IS remaking East of Eden.

  • Lyla J.

    Since I’m on my own for a bit I’ll post again. The description above states the story is about a common thief who joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt. Common thief? What does that mean? I must have missed that in my hasty research of Set (Seth) and Horus. Interesting, since we all know JJ has never gotten any of the facts wrong. (cough, cough) :)

  • The Thin White Duchess

    OMG I hate sideburns!!! I don’t like em at all!!!! He looks ok but not his best is he botoxing again!!!!! I think so!!?:?!!!!

  • Lyla J.

    @ Am I late to the party?
    Your post on the last thread was very enjoyable so thanks.
    Personally, I am looking forward to watching the timeline of the sideburns. Lol! Maybe just a ‘moment’ before possibly shaving his head (ACK!) for a part as an Egyptian god. Or maybe a huge surprise for something else. Who knows and who cares. All I know is I love sideburns on a man! (My husband has sideburns and wears them well).

  • http://fromoz fromoz

    For the @fromoz poster #192 on last thread. Thanks so much for that info on Attila. Much appreciated. Not sure if you can hear me, but I’m saying Cooooooeeeeeee & Cheers :-)

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • fromoz

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi CGE. Would the Bon Jovi photo have been taken after the airport shots ? Meaning – he’s arrived at his destination to the charity affair ? Cheers :-)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @fromoz: Hi fromoz. I searched Wireimage and found that these pics were from 2009.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @fromoz: I figured it was an old pic because his face was fuller too. LOL

  • fromoz

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks CGE, Well that explains why I thought his facial hair had grown back very quickly ! LOL. :-)

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Prancing Pony

    @Can’tGetEnough: That is a nice photo #29. He looks great (and I really like that shirt too). :)

  • fromoz

    @Prancing Pony: Hi Pony, Nice to see you. Been some great photos of G.B. in the past couple of days – hard to choose a favourite when they’re all so good. Will be interesting to see if he’s suited up for the charity event or if it’s a more casual attire for everyone. I’d like a new suited one, but will take whatever. Cheers :-)

  • We’veHadEnough

    who gives a s/hit what he’s doing or where he is

  • Nicole

    I think Gerry has signed a contract. A new project on IMDb Gods of Egypt (pre-production)

  • C.A

    wow JJ ..Nice….. so many pics in a few days after a dryspell LOL
    …. Guess we all hope that this is a busy man leaving LAX :)
    Good luck to GB and may dreams come true :)
    Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend :)

  • Prancing Pony

    @Nicole: Good spotting Nicole :) So glad it’s on his IMDb page – I noticed a lot of other projects are gone, Thunder Run etc

    @fromoz: Hi there fromoz :) good to see you! Yes, very spoilt with photos recently. Hope he’s as happy as he looks :) Hopefully we’ll see images from NYC too.
    Have a good weekend, fromoz :)

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Early Fri morn here in the UK and I’m loving the outlook for Mr. Butler. Is it just me or does he seem more confident and content than he has in many months? Contentment with one’s life is the key to ultimate happiness no matter what. So happy for you Mr. Butler. Enjoy Nyc and your important mission. It affects us all eventually, anything globally recognized. You are fantastic! x

  • JS

    @fromoz:Hi Fromoz, glad someone answered you about Attila. You asked me about it but the person who mentioned it wasn’t me but a poster called J.

    Can’t believe it’s another new post, it’s getting exhausting trying to keep up,lol.

  • JS

    To post 173 in the last thread, you posted the following:

    =Boobie Shack
    =how rude
    =nasty horrible person alert
    =Poor eyesight alert
    =Nutter alert
    How old is your imaginary Edinburgh lady with big bo/obs? 45? How old are you JS=Lou the Church-lover? 50? 55? 60?”

    I did NOT post under all of those names and I am NOT Lou the Church-lover and have never even seen anyone post as that. It was NOT me who first mentioned a lady in Edinburgh and as I have said before, I am in my thirties.

  • JS
  • JS

    @kelly: ” he is looking so sexy hot lately humm wonder why ????????”

    Doesn’t he always?

  • JS

    @Sunshine Daydream “Is it just me or does he seem more confident and content than he has in many months?”

    No it’s not just you. I think he’s at peace as if a great weight has been lifted off him .

  • fromoz

    @JS: Hi JS, yes I spotted the missing S, but still thought it was you. Just figured the S was floating around in cyberspace somewhere between out countries & would catch up eventually ! LOL. I’m going to set time aside tomorrow to start watching Attila, that should keep me occupied quite happily. 4 different threads in a very short period, we’re getting spoiled rotten by JJ & I’m liking it a lot. Cheers JS. :-)

  • GB

    @Sunshine Daydream
    HA) Just ended his “love story” contract :))))) This is a terribly nasty to endure near a sn/ake, as Ghenea)))


    This is for those who understand sarcasm.

    @Madalina_Ghenea another plastic surgery, Mada? For new “first true love”?

  • Kali Orexi

    @GHENEAMADALINA: Stop posting about that has been, WE DON’T CARE!!!!!

  • GFW

    So it was to the east coast he headed! Maybe to participate in that concert? Or boot the bloke out of his loft and reclaim that too? (fingers crossed) Looks good in #29. Thanks CGE!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @GFW: You’re welcome Kathy and good morning!

  • GFW

    Yes, it’s great to see him shift out of park! (laughs) It’s all good. He’s got those boots polished, so watch out! He’s focused, has an awesome project and pulling it mightily together again. He’s back!