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'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Did Kurt Say Yes?

'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Did Kurt Say Yes?


The fifth season of Glee returned this evening and some big things went down on the brand new episode titled “Love, Love, Love”!

The season premiere was the first episode without the late Cory Monteith, though his death won’t be addressed until the third episode this season when everyone says farewell to Finn Hudson.

When last season left off, Rachel (Lea Michele) was in the process of auditioning to play Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl and the season started off right from there with guest stars Peter Facinelli and Ioan Gruffudd sitting in for her callback audition.

Glee – Episode 502 Promo Video

Click inside to find out what happened on the episode…

-Rachel’s audition was cut short and the casting director (Facinelli) and show’s male lead (Gruffudd) didn’t seem to think she is a star yet. Later in the episode while Rachel is working at a diner with Santana (Naya Rivera), the casting director and star sit down to eat and Rachel proves she has star power by performing a musical number right in the middle of the restaurant. We’ll have to wait and see if it worked!

-Back at McKinley High School, it is Beatles Week and this week is all about the “early years” of the British group. Artie (Kevin McHale) and Kitty (Becca Tobin) are in a new relationship, but she wants to keep it secret after some fellow cheerleaders make fun of her for it. Later, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) finds out about the relationship and tells the Glee club about it because she doesn’t think it should be a secret. Kitty tells Artie that she only kept it secret because she wasn’t sure how she felt about him yet, but now she is ready to let everyone know because she knows she really likes him.

-Everyone in the Glee club has realized that Tina has been lonely, so they set up a performance in her honor and told her she can choose between Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and Ryder (Blake Jenner) as her prom date. She chooses Sam.

-Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) was fired at the end of last season for her “involvement” in the school shooting. Now, she is back as the principal of the school for framing Principal Figgins with some questionable things like bringing porn to school and owning a signed Hitler book. She tells Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) that she will keep the Glee club funded as long as they win the Nationals competition this year.

-Blaine decides that he is ready to propose to Kurt (Chris Colfer). At the end of last season he had asked Kurt’s dad for his permission to ask him and now he has asked the Glee club, as well as the Warblers and others to help him in the surprise marriage proposal. All of Kurt’s loved ones come home for the musical proposal, including Rachel, Santana, and Mercedes (Amber Riley). While being driven to the proposal by his dad, Kurt says he knows what is going to happen and asks his dad for his advice. His dad says while they are so young, he wishes he could have had more time with his wife, who had passed away years ago. In the end, Kurt says yes and the two are engaged.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the season premiere of Glee?

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  • Klaine is a joke!

    That was the biggest piece of crap episode ever! Klaine is a JOKE and Blaine makes everything about him! The Newbies are pathetic and not even Lea & Naya can save this show. Time to stop watching this garbage!

  • MaddieMakayla

    It was an amazing episode!!
    Klaine kisses…
    Klaine engagement…
    And the Beatles!!

    It was one of the best episodes of glee ever on my opinion.

  • rdj

    Loved it, great episode! &

  • lol

    Stupid and no good songs. This show needs to be cancelled

  • thin

    I liked the New York scenes better. Lea is so skinny now

  • Bye Glee!

    WTF was that piece of garbage? This show has been a joke since S4, didn’t think it could get worse but they proved me wrong! Poor Beatles! The only good songs were Yesterday and Hard Days Night. Darren Criss and the New Glee kids are the WORST thing to happen to this show!

  • Sophia

    It was so lame. Congrats on getting engaged to a cheater Kurt, he’s a real winner.

  • That was BAD!

    They gave Finchel grief and no one supported their engagement and all of the sudden Klaine’s engagement is just fine? It’s kind of hypocritical of the writers and that is not even what made this episode so bad. The songs performances were mediocre at best and didn’t do justice to the Beatles. Lea and Naya were the only ones worth watching this episode. The biggest problem Glee has is they failed to replace the talent in the Glee Club and failed to write interesting characters. I’m not interested in Saved By The Bell The Musical or following a bunch idiot kids that can’t act. One the bright side, that Robin Williams Show was fantastic and that is where my TV channel will be next week. Glee should have ended in S3 when it was still good and Ryan actually gave damn about the show. Time to move on and forget Glee exists!

  • yuck

    Very disgusting picture! Very disgusting show. I hope there are shows giving some good education and role models for young generation.

  • Todd

    Yeah, love and commitment IS pretty disgusting, especially in young people…who’d want kids to emulate that…

  • OH BOY


  • Hipocrites

    I find amusing how Finchel stans WENT for: Glee is the best, I love Ryan Murphy, etc. TO Glee is the devil , a piece of garbage in months, just because their favorite couple is gone. Guess what? Glee has been a mediocre show since season 3th.

  • Angelique

    @That was BAD!: AH all of this because Finn is dead? as Sue Silvester would said: Your bitter is delicious.
    Everybody knew on season 3th that Finn was the doom of Rachel’s future.
    Oh And I love that Rachel is in a band the episode after Finn’s death, FINN WHO????

  • Dee

    I love glee but no last night something was missing. I don’t know what it was but that glee spark that magic it wasn’t there. I know its hard for them on set without Cory. This season will be a huge ? for me. I hope the show does go out the right way not by being cancelled.

  • Roxysmokey

    I LOVED the episode. I thought it was sweet and funny, I mean come on, Kitty’s one-liners…. They don’t take themselves too seriously wich is niece. (Except for the Blain preachy part in the choir room). Yes it’s going to be different because of Cory’s death, but I think the show is going to get back to what it does best-being a comedy/musical with heart (well I hope so). This episode was mostly fluffy but I think that’s what we as fans needed and was probably good for the cast and crew too.

  • audrey

    I don’t know why some of you think that this episode is so gross. then don’t watch the show or why are you here commenting. I think that Blaine and Kurt are cute together but on the outer hand yes Blanie can do better

  • Jamie04

    The Season 5 premiere of Glee was fantastic! The music was great and done well. Klaine is the most loving, mature couple and deserve every happiness. Looking forward to the actually wedding!

    Interesting that everyone who ‘hates’ on the show in comment sections watches the show…..

  • Kristy21

    @Angelique: Ummm… Finn (the character) isn’t dead yet. That won’t happen until Episode 3. The picture of Rachel in a band is in episode 2.

  • orpheus_lyre

    Great episode the season premiere!
    Finally, these two guys will be together.. i think they make a perfect couple.. looking forward for the wedding. what is better than closing the fifth season with their wedding?