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Henry Cavill Films 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' After Ex Kaley Cuoco's Engagement News

Henry Cavill Films 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' After Ex Kaley Cuoco's Engagement News

Henry Cavill shows off his super muscular arms while filming a scene on a boat in the water for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Thursday (September 26) in Naples, Italy.

The 30-year-old actor was spotted later that day eating lunch while still showing off his muscles.

It was just confirmed that Henry‘s ex Kaley Cuoco, who he briefly dated earlier in the summer, is engaged to her boyfriend of three months Ryan Sweeting.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. also stars Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, Hugh Grant, and more. Guy Ritchie is the film’s director.

15+ pictures inside of muscular Henry Cavill shooting scenes for his latest flick…

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henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 01
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 02
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 03
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 04
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 05
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 06
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 07
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 08
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 09
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 10
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 11
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 12
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 13
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 14
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 15
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 16
henry cavill shows off muscular arms for man from uncle 17

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  • Anna

    This man is gorgeous.He is so gorgeous that i think every other man in this planet should feel underprivileged

  • amanda

    can you call them exes? they went on one date…I put the blame on the media who automatically claim someone is “dating” when they only go on one or two dates

  • Landy

    Who are these freak’n people that are STILL trying to make a HC & KC hook-up?

  • ladyb

    But it just shows how your luck can turn..she went from being humiliated by being dumped after her love confession for Cavil on Twitter to getting engaged to a tennis player in 3 months….I wish things happen like that for me. My love life has being a strong of being dumped and being rejected. I don’t even try anymore.

  • justsayin

    I think the correct term is “Ex” since it’s pretty clear they only were together for PR reasons

  • Ariadne

    I wish i was that fork.

  • European

    @Ariadne: LOL :)

  • Vee

    I’m not trying to be mean, but does this guy like girls? Who has he dated?

  • P

    He looks nice with his hair this way.

  • Really

    OMG. Henry Cavill is hot. He is just ripped. Can’t wait to see him in this movie and also waiting for MOS sequel.

  • Casey

    kaley was a MAJOR downgrade. thank gawd they arent together. you can do so much better cavill!

  • Maria

    Who initiated the breakup? I read Kaley broke up with Henry because she couldn’t handle the non-stop attention. Others say he broke up with her (dumped her) because he is “flakey”.

  • Ruth


    Question: does this guy like girls?

    Answer: In 2009 Cavill began dating British equestrian rider Ellen Whitaker after they had met at the Olympia London International Horse Show. In May 2011 they became engaged. In May 2012 the pair terminated their engagement.

    Since then he has been linked seriously with a couple of women (and I’m not talking about Ms. Cuoco who did that for a publicity stunt).

    I think that you can safely say that he likes girls!

  • HCfan

    oh sexy Henry, im speechless

  • Jean


    You should ask half the female population of Montreal and Vancouver.They will have a lot of stories to tell.But other than these girls he had relationships with a girl from Italy,Natalie Dormer is also rumoured ,He also dated a girl from the stardust make-up team(her name was suzie),he was in a commited relatiosnhip with Gina Carano and there is also a waitress he was dating back when he was working as a waiter ….so YEAH i think he like girls.Very much.He was also engaged to Ellen Whitacer(OR WHATEVER HER NAME IS)

  • http://alegbetancourth Ale

    Damn! Paparazzi don´t forgive the lunch time…

  • Zio

    Does Henry have straight guy friends? Or only gay guy friends?

  • yum

    I wish I was that boat. Some things have all the luck.

  • My BB

    He’s SUPER HOT ! He should be banging women right and left instead of eating alone.

  • love him

    Looks so adorable!!

  • marianna

    I love Henry and I love to see new pics of him but paps are crazy lol PLEASE let him eat in peace! he looks kind of angry, poor Henry :-/

    love that color! and everything lol

  • watt

    Chi-chi and Goku had sex before the Cell games, and moreover Goten face is a photocopy of his Goku

  • Rose

    Dear media, please stop linking Henry to Kaley. They “dated” for about five seconds. He doesn’t need her anymore.


    This dudette is playing an American agent. The Americans can look like Eurasians but the Eurasians can’t look like The Americans. The Americans even have a structurally different walk from the Asians that the Asians can’t mimic that only evolution could create but the yanks can sure mimic the Eurasians in return. It’s the cold war one-way street. Cavil is a comedy miscast, to be sure. The Americans will view this at the least as a curiosity in passing, or maybe at the most.

  • phj

    @UNCLE BOB: Leave Henry alone! He is a dude, a fine dude, not a dudette. You’re not making sensr at all.

  • B!tch please!

    Yanks and their arrogance, right? Do you even realize how dumb and ignorant you sound?
    Thank God, Cavill is everything you’ll never be.

  • Nadia

    This chick has been dating her tennis dude for weeks now yet every time the media has a story about her, the first name they put in there is Henry. Jeez I know he’s no Rafael Nadal, but you think u guys can put his name & leave poor Henry alone.

  • Light

    no way! his next gf will be a secondhand model with a huge va gina or a actress hungry for publicity! (with a big va gina fu*ked by 100 men before him)

  • Light

    I hope he is gay !

  • hahaha

    I’m thinking he dumped Kaley after realizing what a famewhore she is. She milked that “relationship” for all its worth, posting pictures on her twitter referencing them dating, then passive agressive comments about the break up, hanging all over him in the paparazi shots etc etc etc

  • Lilith

    Looking good Henry! If you got it (the body) flaunt it! :P
    Apart from that…. poor Henry can’t even enjoy a meal at peace anymore..

  • Maritia

    Gezz so he looks like he is thinking while he’s alone…that it a shocker!
    What I find interesting is how no one has commented on how quickly Kaley has become engaged….WTF? It probs was a PR stunt between her and Henry, but I can’t help but think there was more to it from her end…..either that or she really can’t take the negative press with a pinch of grace. (you think she could seeing she has been working in the industry for so long!) She really got defensive about it. It would have been better to say nothing at all, like Henry, then try and spin it six ways to Sunday.
    While I like to hope for her sake her relationship is the real deal…it can’t help but look like a shaky PR patch up nto distance herself from the Henry affair. Like a week after her and Henry ‘breakup’, she shacks up with Sweeting….gets snapped everywhere with him, (yet she can’t stand the flack from paps with Henry???) attends the Emmy’s together….then is suddenly engaged????
    I’d be watching that space! I love the BBT, but all this zamozzle has really lessened my opinion of her….(yes some will jump up and down crying ‘her romantic decisions are her own to make’ – true) but not really a great role model getting engaged so soon…doesn’t show much sense, especially considering the context

  • marie

    he is so cute!! I am glad he is taking time to focus on his career! way to go Henry.

  • b

    When I see men who grasp their entire fist around a fork/spoon, it looks like they are shoveling their food in. So to see Henry use his fork in a proper way. I like that! Just another thing to add to the list as to why this man is sexy. :lol:

  • marianna

    @Rose: @b:

    agree! :o)

  • sj

    He looks great, but please don’t publish pictures of people eating. It is very rude.

  • truth

    @Zio: Mostly or all gay friends judging from his photos with male friends. All really good looking friends. Yummy!

  • truth

    lots of hot pics with Henry partying with other hot friends who look gay to me on henry cavill italia facebook fan page. very yummy!

  • kimmy

    yeah yeah he only has gay friends! …in your mind LOLOLOL

    his friends in real life, from long time ago.-

    @_@ crazy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    @kimmy: Thanks, honey!!! The last two pics are the ones with the hot gay friends. Yummy! The others are with non-male friends (female fans, costars, etc.) so they don’t count. Here’s another one to drool over for all you gay fans:

  • truth

    I wish we could see the CCTV pics of Jake Gyllenhaal and Henry from Groucho Club. Two hot actors together… Yummy! It cost Warner Bros a fortune and delayed the shooting of MOS by 6 months till they finally decided to keep Henry instead of recasting for Superman’s role.

  • Zio

    @truth: Thank you, truth!

    Henry’s male friends in these three photos ping on my gaydar also. Too hot every single one of them to be random friends. All are gay! I wished I was between them :)

    The ones from his high school theater play are probably gay, too. Lots of actors are gay.

  • hohoho

    Kaley Cuoco hit on a female stage worker on a show. She’s probably a lesbo. Gina Carano, very butch, has pics all over the net making out with another female:

    Both of Henry’s “public relationships” were just that, PR, beards, or double beards (mutual beards for both he and she are gay).

  • radar

    You are so wrong! Henry is not gay (he may be something else, I’m not going to repeat myself again, look up my prior comments if you want to find out). You are also wrong that he “double bearded” up with Kaley: she looks just like his past GFs/hookups, all blonde (except Gina). Henry has a “type”: blonde, long haired, Sophia Myles look-alike. There was real chemistry between Kaley and Henry. Not so much, but still some chemistry between him and Gina. Have a nice day!

  • radar

    @Zio: He may have male friends who are mostly gay, agreed, but he himself is not completely gay. He likes girls also.

  • Zio

    @truth: You know, truth, Celebitchy keeps comparing Henry with Jake. She must believe their fling was real :)

    This is the best hint she gives:
    Then this:

    Lainey brought up Jake and Henry together in the same posting on her blog. She must believe in their fling, too :)

    A boy can only hope :)

    @radar: I don’t care about his sleeping with women. As long as he keeps sleeping with men I still have a chance :)

  • radar

    @Zio: I hope and pray he does not fulfill your hopes and wishes.

  • Aracely

    Is he gay???

  • radar

    @Aracely: No. He is bi. He likes both women and men.

  • zio

    @Aracely: Yes, he is gay! The guy with the same baseball cap as Henry’s in the first photo is the same guy with the brown shirt next to Henry in the second photo, and the same guy but with more facial hair sandwiching the twink in between Henry and himself in the third photo. This very hot and dark guy, who resembles Henry to some extent, has an identical accessory (same baseball cap). And is next to Henry at his birthday party in the second phot. Sounds like he’s Henry’s very hot boyfriend.