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Kanye West Blasts Jimmy Kimmel for 'Kid (re)Kreation' Spoof

Kanye West Blasts Jimmy Kimmel for 'Kid (re)Kreation' Spoof

Kanye West has just started a feud with late night host Jimmy Kimmel in a series of tweets blasting a spoof that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

In the spoof, two young children reenact Kanye‘s recent interview on BBC One that he calls “the first piece of honest media in years.”

Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years,” Kanye tweeted in all capital letters. “Jimmy Kimmel, I don’t take it as a joke… You don’t have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter. Jimmy Kimmel, put yourself in my shoes… oh no that means you would have gotten too much good pussy in your life. You can’t put yourself in my shoes. Your face looks crazy… Is that funny? Or if I had a kid say it would it be funny???”

“Should I do a spoof about your face or you f–king Ben Affleck… #no disrespec to Ben Affleck. #All disprespect to Jimmy Kimmel!!!!” he added. “I like you, you know me, I went to your family’s wedding. Who you made it clear to me wasn’t your family when I was on then phone with you 5 minutes ago, you manipulative media mutherf–ker. Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you and the whole world knows it!!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kanye West’s thoughts on Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof?

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kid (re)Kreation’ Spoof

UPDATE: Jimmy has responded to the tweets! Click inside to read the responses!

Click inside to watch Kanye West‘s full original interview…

Kanye West Original Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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  • Franson

    Streisand effect. I would have never watched this segment otherwise.

  • Journalistic

    Kanye acts like an animal

  • Sloth

    I am personally surprised by how insanely happy this makes me.

  • Lauren

    What a tit.

  • papi

    monkey is sad, monkey is angry…. someone pls give it a banana to shut it up.

  • Sammy

    lol this is exactly why Kimmel made fun of him in the first place….

  • Lola

    Team Kimmel!!!

  • Esther

    That kid looks too smart to play Kanye.

  • allison

    I really don’t know who is worse Kanye or G Paltrow. Real journalists like that guy from the BBC need to bring them down a few when they say stupid things. But it takes a comedian like Kimmel to do it.

  • 555

    Besides being a complete moron Kanye really has huge anger issues; what a jerk. He fits in perfectly with the Kardashians, who are all greedy, self-absorbed and vain, with inflated egos big enough to fill a football field.

  • Tiana

    You know what I don’t go in on Kanye like I go on other rappers b/c he is one the few rappers who actually have some type of education and he has some college education as well so I give credit when it’s due, he can be somewhat of a jerk sometime but tell me who isn’t one.

  • ifyoudishittakeit

    Here is the thing people.. If you are going to make fun of someone or use them and their life in a skit or show.. then you have to be prepared for them to voice their opinion of YOU and the product. Jimmy makes fun of people..
    so does that mean that they can’t react. That they can’t say stuff back. Yeah.. that is how it works people. Doing a show on TV doesn’t make you emmune to the person coming back at you.

  • freya


    Oh please this is America and everyone has the right to voice their opinion. If Kanye West does not want to be the butt of the joke maybe he should tone down his grande delusional crap and man it up. Or maybe he should stop acting like dumbdown version of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.
    And by the way as a sane version of society I find the spoof hilarious and outstanding thank you Kanye for providing the Comedian more materials for their show.

  • Kimye

    Kanye kills me what a jker u tell em

  • LOL love this sh!t

    Jimmy Kimmel’s replies killed me. So funny!! Kanye can’t get sarcasm apparently. He’s so mad he’s turning into Hulk by the minute.

  • Jamie

    Now THIS is a celebrity feud I can get behind.
    On the other hand, don’t be surprised if Kimmel is behind this again.

  • Amy

    Kanye is going to be a terrible father. I feel sorry for his poor daughter.

  • justsayin

    Amanda Bynes get ready because you will soon have a new roommate. He is such an embarrassment. I swear if Kim left him today not a sole would go against her. What a tool. He needs to go make some decent music and not worry about paps, Jimmy. or act like a nig nog.

  • believe

    Love Jimmy Kimmel! I agree with Lola, Team Kimmel!

  • LOL love this sh!t

    #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK is actually trending right now.
    Best Hashtag ever !

  • Kimmel strikes again

    Making fun of Kimmel’s face, really? Who does this dumb guy think he is, freaking Brad Pitt in his prime? STFU you moron, you gonna be laughed at even more.

  • Kimmel strikes again !

    Making fun of Kimmel’s face, really? Who does this dumb guy think he is, freaking Brad Pitt in his prime? STFU you moron, you gonna be laughed at even more.

  • Cara

    Kanye is so embarrassing. It took the most desperate famewh*re to procreate with him.

  • essie

    Kanye should be a comedian, his remarks are actally quite funny, never laughed so hard.

  • Real

    Kanye needs to lighten up or he’s gonna have a stroke. Find something of real value to get upset over.

  • ifyoudishittakeit


    Thanks.. you just made my point.. Kanye has the right to voice his as well. regardless if he is liked or not.

    I’m not a KW fan by any means, but again he can say what he wants. As you said it is America.(in some places at least)

  • KimmelLuver

    HILARIOUS!!! Jimmy Kimmel is so awesome!!

  • Tom

    The funniest thing was Kanye making fun of a another dudes looks… Has Kanye ever looked in the mirror…Kanye here’s a clue you’re ugly dude and besides getting a kid with a former pornstar and fameho, what has Kanye done, his record sales were averge and his last album bombed , he’s done one tour in his career, with Jay Z last year, wasn’t even in the top 5 of highest grossing tour in 2012… Without his antics and becoming a joke and hooking up with a another joke he won’t even be mentioned in gossip news, he’s just another loser with 15 minutes of fame coming to a end.

  • Sarah

    I have never laughed so hard in my laugh

  • Sam

    Everybody knows he’s a motherf****ng monster!!!

  • Molly

    Kanya needs to just go away. The world is so over him…..

    I’m team Kimmel!!!

  • Simon

    Get over yourself Kanye. No one likes you or your “music.” You act like the entire world is dying to hear what you think, when in reality, we all dread it when you open your mouth.

  • Tyrone Shues

    Kan-No is an brain dead egomaniac who thinks rap passes as “music”. Stupid coon

  • Kasia

    “put yourself in my shoes… oh no that means you would have gotten too much good pu$$y in your life. You can’t put yourself in my shoes.” <–is he talking about Kim? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Delusional.

  • Kasia

    @Tyrone Shues: Your racist comment is even more disgusting than Kanye’s attitude.

  • Ford

    Kanye West needs to pull his head out of his arse!

  • Ellie

    I actually feel sorry for Kim for having to put up with this idiot!

  • Deede

    Well Taylor Swift is someone’s daughter too and Kanye had no problem behaving rudley with her. What a hypocrite. And look who he has a baby with with. If he doesn’t know, people have alreayd said more harsher things about him and his baby mama since she got pregnant.

  • Paul


    Kanye is a scum bag, Kim K is a scum bag………Kanye, To much good P**SY? Cmon man your banging someone who’s P*ssy was used up years ago……Add to the list that you have no clue what good is.

  • Chelsea

    Kanye takes himself way too seriously. You’re an entertainer not a neurosurgeon. Sit down.

  • Marta

    Kanye is so full of himself. He thinks he’s a walking miracle. How pathetic.
    Get real Kanye and have some laugh.

  • ANG

    the funniest part of this is that if kanye had of kept his mouth shut, or ran with it as comedy instead of taking it personal, the whole thing would of already been history. He is the only one making it worse by fueling the fire with his dribble. jimmy makes me howl at his responses.

  • LaCroix

    Kanye is a retard. Spewing nonsense 24 hours a day ..

  • Sarah

    Kanye is a total do*che. I have never seen such a huge narcissist, especially when he’s done nothing to be proud of. The guys is delusional and has no sense of humor about himself or anyone else. If he thinks Jimmy is going to be phased by this, he’s very wrong (as it should be). Kanye needs a rude awakening.

  • -AsianDude-

    Just die Kanye… the world will be much better without you!

    Ugly ass orangutan! -

  • Joelle

    lol@ Kimmel. He doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ what Kanye thinks.

  • beth

    What a spectacular, self-absorbed idiot. I am not an American and we don’t get his show, but the more I see of Kimmel the more I like him and I will make an effort to see more online.

  • lou

    Jimmy Kimmel is hilarous!! The spoof was funny and so was the rhubarb lady I couldn’t stop laughing at that one. Kanye just can’t take a joke.