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Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin: New Couple Alert?

Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin: New Couple Alert?

Paul Wesley is reportedly dating his former The Vampire Diaries co-star Phoebe Tonkin, Us Weekly reports.

“[They were] on a double date with Ben McKenzie and Shelley Hennig,” a source told the mag about the group on an outing this past weekend. “It looked like Paul and Phoebe might have set Ben up with Shelley – seemed like a first date.”

Ben and Paul met on set of The O.C., while Shelley and Phoebe starred on The Secret Circle together.

Paul and Phoebe were 100% romantic – they were across the table from Ben all cozied up on the couch kissing each other,” the source continued. “She had her head on his chest.”

Paul and his ex wife Torrey DeVitto split up over the summer.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin as a new couple, if the reports are true???

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  • Sam

    Didn’t he just announced his divorce last month? I feel like that’s a red flag and he’s been cheating…

  • jen

    His face is kind of methy.

  • kat

    Cmon PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you’re gonna move on, at least do it with someone better!!!

  • Amber

    Old news lol! They’ve been together since comic con.

  • anselme

    je croyais que Phoebie avait déjà un mec,dont elle à déjà montré des photos de eux 2 sur Twitter

  • Amber

    Actually earlier than that. Prob around Paul’s bday.

  • Cate

    Didn’t this guy only end his marriage a couple of months ago and he’s probably already dating someone new? Nina might be dating a new guy months after splitting with her boyfriend and certain people were calling her all kinds of names in the JJ comments. I wonder if people are going to rip him a new one like they were ripping Nina.

    I’m not a fan of either of them but it’s sad to see the double standards and sexism in some fandoms.

  • Jen


    There’s a double standard in this fandom. Ian and Paul are placed on pedestals and can do no wrong.

  • http://wesleywski Pdubber

    stop saying bullshits that paul cheated on torrey etc. we dont know details about paul and torrey divorce, about their problems, and for how long their marriage relationship was not good, stop spreading bullshit, and respect Paul.

  • ???

    I think he cheated. Its the only possible reason why Paul and Torrey got such a rushed divorce.

  • Anna

    I liked Phoebe before…but ever since she moved to LA her goal was to hook up with someone famous so no surprise here…

  • Halzel

    Yes I agree! Paul and Torrey were perfectly fine during the hiatus. The divorce came out of the Blue. He must have cheated on Torrey with Phoebe and than got together with her one month later. How classy :( shame on you Paul

  • amanda

    HE CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rebeca

    I knew it when i saw them in july togheter in NYC. hmmm. he didn’t even announce the divorce. paulyyyyyy you cheated man!

  • kate


  • rose
  • angel

    this is OLD NEWS. they are togheter since July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and paul was being ridiculous saying to his wife that he loves her around june 24 th.LOL. and the dude was with Tonking at the start of july and announced the divorce 1 month later.He cheated .shame on you!

  • Adrienne

    @rebeca: Announcing your divorce to the public is not the same in person. The two could have already settled for the divorce when announcing they were getting one.

  • michelle

    Paul has always been described as 100 percent loyal. Why is it assumed that he is the cheater?

  • AMY

    come one. he cheat. he is with tonkin for 2 months now. saint paul ain’t no saint

  • Kim


    Well Paul was telling Torrey he loved her at a TVD convention in front of fans at the end of June….

  • jilly

    @Cate: I agree, this fandom is crazy

  • Julie

    Not surprised… He’s always liking her pictures on Instagram! I hope Torrey doesn’t see.

  • whatever

    Couldn’t give a damn. I only like his character.

  • sanny

    @Sam: Yeah I think that too… or He’s the kind of guy who is forget really fast a long relationship duh!

  • sanny

    And by the way who is that phoebe girl? Is she famous? I’m french and I don’t know her…Don’t ever notice she was playing on TVD?

  • Anna


    Yeah and the sad thing is that it seems like Nina can act circles around both of them combines but her NORMAL dating life is bad whetras Paul ( married for 3 yeats) has a new girlfriend 1-2 months after he ended his marriage and Ianmoved on after a few weeks.Bat Nina is getting all this hate while the guys are getting a free pass.Stupid stereotypes.

  • Andy

    Paul cheated, so sad(( Poor Torrey (

  • Anna

    Very few people are defending Paul on here, Ian is the one that can do no wrong. Sadly this fandom tends to push more towards Ian than Paul. Either way, I like both of them. However, if he is dating again it’s his business and no one on here has the right to judge.

  • an

    As much as I like Paul, how can you not think he cheated? I mean come on, on July during the conventions he was all “I love you Torrey” in front of crowds and then BAM divorce announced in August and we know that he may have been with Tonkin since Comic Con… PLEASE don’t be so naive guys!
    Not gonna say anything about this girl, cause she changed a lot since she’s in LA.

  • Allyson

    He is an older version of justin bieber with this big head, but I’m happy for him and phoebe, they look like a cute couple and I wish them all the happiness


    cw premieres coming up…everyone is dating everyone now

    next up Ian dating Julianne Hough :)

  • Vic

    Looks just like justin bieber.

  • emmmmm

    who are these losers? never heard of either one of them.

  • Bob

    Wow two months after his divorce? Come on, he cheated on his wife and Phoebe is probably the cause. Phoebe Tokin is a disgrace for TVD fandom, she ruined Karoline and now Wesvitto

  • Amy

    @SHINE You’re right; the timing of Nina and Paul’s announcents is suspect. Do they think any publicity is good publicity? Because this bad publicity for both Nina and Paul. I think TVD’s ratings arw going to crash and burn.


    @Bob you’re a disgrace to TVD fandom, show some respect to the actors…they are real people, and you know nothing of their personal lives

  • Bubba

    If you look on Youtube there is a video from a BloodyCon at the end of June 2013 and Paul tells Torrey in front of the crowd that he loves her. All of a sudden they are getting divorced the next month? He was fooling around with Phoebe and thought he could pull one over on Torrey. Or maybe didn’t care about pulling the wool over her eyes a month later. HE filed the divorce papers. Not Torrey Devitto.


    @Amy it not really good or bad publicity…fans might think they are unlikely couples…but it season 5 now, of course ratings are going down no matter what…

  • Yeah

    No, no, no.. you can do so much better Paul
    Going from the lovely Torrey to her.. D:

    Unless the cheating rumors are true, then you deserve each other..

  • Amber


    I just spit my water out. The fandom would rage.

  • Amy


    *sorry for my typos before, i was on my phone*

    I think the ratings are going to go down now because of this news about Nina and Paul, not because it’s the 5th season. TVD has been holding up pretty well until now.

    Part of the appeal of this show is the cast. They came off as very likeable in interviews and conventions. This bad publicity has revealed what’s hidden behind the curtain.

  • Mia

    Would you fortunetellers please all shut up about Paul cheating?
    You have nothing better to do than talk about something that might not even be true?
    It’s not our business!
    Gosh, totally annoying! I love Paul for his acting and humour. Everything else… who cares!

  • Amy


    That’s cool. I think sometimes people confuse the character with the actor though. Just because you like the character of Stefan doesn’t mean Paul is anything like that. Reality vs fantasy.

  • Anna

    this girl has dated Ed Westwick, right?

  • watt

    Chi-chi and Goku had sex before the Cell games, and moreover Goten face is a photocopy of his father Goku,,

  • Cloe


    He wishes. The CW setup some candids just before they announced her as one of the lead on TSC. Fangirls are the only ones that find Elf Westwick attractive. Beautiful girls like Phoebe pass.

  • Kristen



  • MaryAnn

    I find this new couple surprising, but it is Paul and Phoebe’s business, not ours. It just goes to show how different the characters they play are from the people they are in real life that it is so hard to imagine them together.

  • Nikki

    I thought he was still married! Wow… this makes him look pretty bad in my opinion.