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Robert Pattinson Officially Dating Dylan Penn?

Robert Pattinson Officially Dating Dylan Penn?

Robert Pattinson is reportedly dating model Dylan Penn, according to People.

“They’ve been dating a month or two,” a source confirmed to the mag. “He’s crazy about her.”

Robert, 27, split with his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart about four months ago and he was spotted checking out a show at the Viper Room with Dylan earlier this month, according to media reports.

In case you didn’t know, Dylan is the 22-year-old daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright. She was seen over the weekend attending the 2013 Emmy Awards with her mom, who was nominated for an award.

DO YOU THINK Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn make a cute couple?

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  • LJ

    I think we will have to wait and see if this is even true! People confirmed he was dating Katy Perry too…and we all know how wrong that was!!! We shall see one way or another!

  • roxxien

    well.. i don’t know her, but good luck Rob.. hope they will make a happy couple

  • Haluna

    Hope it’s true after all Rob went through, he deserves hapiness and they make a pretty cople. Happy for him/ them.

  • Kimberly

    HOT COUPLE!!!!!

  • alex

    She’s pretty. They acutally make a beautiful couple, good for him.

  • Rachel

    She looks beautiful and he deserves the happiness like everybody else. I wish them both the best.

  • Miley

    She is beautiful.

  • Lorry

    They look great together! I wish Rob happiness and if this is true, I hope Dylan will be loyal and faithful to Rob. He got burned real bad in his previous relay and I only hope he finally found his real love this Ike around. Enjoy your life Rob!

  • Love The Shoes

    He always seemed like a decent guy and I wish him happiness.

  • dn

    I hope is true she looks clean and good and most of all she comes from a good family with good moral values. Dylan mother divorced her father because he cheated on her so there I think that Rob wont have a problem

  • Red Head

    He doesn’t do much for me but she is a beautiful girl. I hope her personality is just as pretty.

  • Lovely girl

    Dylan is a lovely-looking girl from an impressive family. Her dad is multi-talented and involved in charities and her mom is a beautiful and classy actress. If Dylan and Rob are dating, I hope they can conduct their romance in private.

  • Rob’s a free man

    @LJ: PEOPLE never confirmed he was dating Katy, don’t lie. They had a report that the two were seen together in Santa Barbara, that’s not dating. She and he have been friends for years, and that’s all. Katy goes up there to hike, and now that we’ve seen how fit Rob is, he was probably up there hiking with her.

  • Cricket

    So happy for Rob! He’s had a rough year and I’m glad he’s moved on and found a beautiful girl. He deserves the very best, he’s a good man.

  • Asdfg

    Upgraded for sure! She, unlike we all know who, actually showers. Good for him!

  • Yeah, Rob

    Wow, he traded up big time!!

  • watt

    Chi-chi and Goku had sex before the Cell games, and moreover Goten face´╗┐ is a photocopy of his Goku,,,,,,

  • Mollie

    People confirmed he was dating Riley Keogh too. Not convinced yet.

  • Mookie

    Pretty girl but Kristen is much prettier. Wish them well.

  • Macy

    @Mollie that was Us Weekly. People only confirmed the Breakup and now this.
    I’m so happy for Rob wishing him the best & yes Upgraded for sure!

  • justcheckingin

    I wish them both all the best. Wish the media would leave them alone though.

  • Ellie

    does this guy’s pr team need to have him in publicity relationships all the time???

  • Lori

    I find it so cruel that some people continue to make derogatory comments about Kristen Stewart here. What does she have to do with these two dating? I find Rob to be the hypocritical one because he’s been saying all this time that he doesn’t want a relationship right now, and that he’s concentrating on his career, and now it turns out he’s been hiding this girl for the last 2 months! She’s the perfect Hollywood girlfriend for the perfect Hollywood player that Rob wants to be. Blonde, big boobs, Hollywood pedigree…wonder if he thinks this will give him more credibility? I’m over his guy now…and it has nothing to with Kristen Stewart!

  • amika

    @Lori: dating doesn’t mean a relationship or something serious. it could just be people hanging out.

  • Yelp

    She has good genes…thanks mainly to her mum. Robert is a talented actor and he’s likable but extremely odd looking. Good on him for finally breaking up with the grumpy Stewart, who had the bad taste to cheat on him with a troll. Seriously, if you’re gonna cheat, can you at least find someone attractive?

  • hmmm…

    She’s prettier than Kristen, that’s for sure. But that’s neither here nor there. Beauty is only skin deep, but what stands out forever is your heart, deep inside your heart.

  • Guest

    Since when did Rob become so public with his life. All the drama that follows him, he deserves. This girl is not even pretty, she looks like a grandma in her dress from the emmys. She is blonde this weekend, who was the brunette from Saturday. I hope by outing this girl she is ready for the crazy shitstorm that is brewing.

  • wow

    Wow Dylan looks just like her mom..beautiful. I like this match for whatever reason they are together. I get a sense of stability and calm with these two and a bit of glamour. Very nice.

  • mimi

    wow, the daughter of Sean Penn. no wonder rob hates paps, don’t think Sean Penn will agreed on their relationship if he paps friendly.

    bu, come on, penn and pattinson is way different actors in their class, one is mega a-lister and the other, a franchise man. so, yeah, totally LOL

  • seriously!

    People in general are awful . The saga of Robert Pattinson continues ….Not only some continue to insult Stewart which doesn’t make sense to me they wanted them to break-up , they supposedly did so wouldn’t it make sense then for some to let her be and stop dragging her into this ridiculous quagmire . Now they are in awe of this Dylan girl who they have never heard of until today …. and now they think they know all about her and how wonderful, clean , ect… etc.. she is . i don’t know her so i don’t see how some of you know all her personal habits and temperament.! you people are so funny !!

  • niagirl

    Please be true. Now he can be Seans’s drinking buddy and kiss his ass. Wonder if Sean will make him go to Haiti in his off time. He’ll go. Putz. All of this right on time for your Ex’s return. Putz. Hey new girl, good luck that. Lol,Putz.

  • lol

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Lauren

    Nice to see him finally over Stewart. He seems like a genuine good guy so I hope he enjoys himself with a girl rather than the suppression with the last relationship.

  • Cara

    She’s gorgeous.

  • http://yahoo bzee

    They make a cute couple …..go Rob

  • http://yahoo gorgeous

    So happy for Rob ……They make a gorgeous couple !

  • Jenna

    LOL all you women so obsessed with looks. Just because shes hot doesn’t mean shes worthy of him. Stop focusing on the superficial. She could be b****ier than KStew for all we know.

  • http://yahoo dana

    So excited for Rob ………I hope it is TRue !! Rob and Dylan make a gorgeous couple .

  • Susan

    Okay, so which is it that he’s dating? Dylan Penn, Riley Keogh or his brunette personal trainer? Seems no one really knows! Amused!

  • sweet

    She’s gorgeous… I hope she also has beautiful heart. I wish Rob all the best and happiness.

  • http://yahoo Go Rob !

    Wow wow wow !! Rob finally over the cheat ! So happy

  • Sim

    @Yelp: You are a serious idiot, write the utter crap, do not know what happened there, for God’s sake so he made a mistake, do as you would never get anything done, but I’m glad Kristen is the best, is an idiot

  • er…

    Laughing at the people who think this woman is an upgrade for the 3rd highest paid movie star in the world, Kristen Stewart. Also, laughing doubly hard at the people saying she inherited her mother’s genes, she did in part, the other part was cash that paid for the the plastic surgeon who rhinoplastied the heck out of the nose she got from her Dad. Check out her photos blind bats.


    He deserves to get out there and have fun.

    She looks *just like* her dad.


    DOES DYLAN CALL BLK PEOPLE N-word, like her bro? Nice family Rob. Talk about a downgrade.

  • People Mag is such a JOKE. Hah

    LMAO this is even LESS true than the Riley Kehough B.S. So hilarious. What is it with these cows at the weeklies who are busy writing fanfics of which Rob is the star?? LOLOL It’s like they can’t have him fake date just any young actress or non-actress, they have to try and one up the *supposed* ex (tee-hee) Kristen Stewart, by having him date these children of established stars (Sean Penn, Elivis) ahahaha, it’s like a girl with unknown parents isn’t enough of a one-up on Kristen – they must be star spawn. Hysterical! Who’s next? Did Marilyn or James Dean have grandkids? Watch Rob will be dating the daughter of Robert DeNiro next. Hahahaha

  • People Mags Source Radar,L&S

    People Mag is only sourcing the always be lying Radar and their source is Life & Style. Don’t be such gullible cows. I really worry for your sanity when you find out Rob and Kris never broke up. lol
    Also, you do know that Sean Penn loves Kristen Stewart, he directed her in Into the Wild, and raves about her to this day. Heknows first hand just how head over heels dudes are about her. How much would you like to bet, this is pure horse shiiz?

  • http://@Smile_Dark Dark

    Great couple <3

  • talia

    i find it hard to believe that rob’s people(nick) would confirm anything about rob’s relationship considering it was never officially confirmed that he and kristen were dating(they were together for three and a half years) and it also was never officially confirmed that they broke up. Regardless of that, if it happens to be true then wish them the best of luck