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'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Recap - Series Finale Sunday!

'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Recap - Series Finale Sunday!

UPDATE: For a complete recap of Breaking Bad‘s series finale, click here!!!


The series finale of Breaking Bad is almost here, and there are so many questions lingering as to what will happen to main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman!

The show has followed Walter (Bryan Cranston), Chemistry teacher turned crystal meth maker, and Jesse (Aaron Paul), drug addict turned Walt’s assistant, as they go through the many twists and turns in the drug business.

Sunday night’s big finale, titled “Felina,” is an extended 75-minute episode that will bring to a conclusion all (or most!) of our questions.

Bob Odenkirk, Anna Gunn, RJ Mitte, and more star. Be sure to tune into Breaking Bad, Sunday evening at 9pm EST on AMC!

Check out a full recap of the last seven episodes, and check out our recap of the first eight episode of the fifth season if you need a larger refresher.

WILL YOU BE WATCHING the final episode of Breaking Bad???

Click inside to check out a full recap on what happened in the second half of the fifth season…

The first half of the fifth season left off with a huge cliffhanger, where DEA officer Hank (Dean Norris), discovered that Walt, his brother-in-law, was the famous drug kingpin Heisenberg. The first episode in this part of the season kicks off with a flash forward, with an unknown amount of time passing, to Walt making his way to his house, which has been covered in graffiti and “Heisenberg” artwork, to retrieve his hidden vile of ricin poison.

To try and get proof that Walt is Heisenberg, Hank places a tracer on his car and questions his wife Skylar (Gunn). Meanwhile, Hank has also told his wife Marie (Betsy Brandt) the entire situation including her sister Skyler’s involvement.

Walt takes his money from his storage unit to bury in the desert, while Jesse, so remorseful over all of his past actions, throws his money on random people’s front lawns. The police bring him in for questioning, but he won’t give up his partner.

Meanwhile Lydia (Laura Fraser), who is now the distributor of the blue meth, tries to get Walt out of retirement, but he refuses. She instates Todd (Jesse Plemons) as the new cook and head of operation.

Walt and their lawyer Saul (Odenkirk) convince Jesse to leave town with a man able to change identities. As he is waiting for his ride, Jesse reaches for a cigarette and realizes that that the ricin-laced cigarette that he once had in his possession had been lifted from him by Saul’s men – concluding that Walt poisoned Brock and framed Gus (back in a previous season). Jesse goes on a rampage against Walt, attempts to burn down his house, and teams up with Hank.

When Walt realizes Jesse has turned, he puts a hit out on Jesse with Todd and his uncle, a gang leader. In return, Walt promises to teach Todd to cook a better product.

In an attempt to lure Walt out of hiding, Hank and Jesse send Walt a staged fake picture of a barrel of money identical to the ones he had previously buried in the desert. Coming to the conclusion that his money has been discovered, Walt frantically drives to the desert location. Once in the desert, Walt learns the picture is a fake, and quickly calls Todd and his uncle’s gang to the location.

Hank and his DEA partner arrest Walt and have a mini-celebration before the gang arrives. A shootout ensues, Todd and his uncle take the money and Jesse ransom. Hank and his partner are fatally shot, and Walt appears devastated.

Right before dying, Hank had phoned Marie to tell her he had Walt in custody. Marie tells her sister Skylar that Walt has been arrested, and urges her to tell their son Walter Jr (Mitte).

Walt returns home and frantically screams at his wife and son to pack their bags. Deducing that Hank has been killed, Skylar pulls a knife on Walt. They have a knife fight before Walt escapes.

Without any other options, Walt assumes a new identity using Saul’s contact and moves to a secluded cabin in New Hampshire. Jesse remains in custody with Todd and is forced to cook with him. He is caught trying to escape and is forced to watch as Todd shoots his former girlfriend Andrea (Emily Rios) as punishment.

Skylar gets threatened by Todd’s gang to keep quiet to the DEA about their involvement.

Walt, incredibly lonely and still stricken with cancer, calls his son from a local bar in New Hampshire to tell him he is sending some money. Walter Jr screams at his father on the phone, angry assuming he killed his Uncle Hank. Walt, having what he assumes to be no other options, calls the Albuquerque DEA to surrender.

After surrendering, Walt sits and orders a drink. On the TV, his former colleagues Elliott (Adam Godley) and Gretchen (Jessica Hecht) are in the middle of an interview with Charlie Rose where they both claim Walt had no large contribution to their successful company Gray Matter, which enrages him. The police pull up to the bar to find an empty bar stool and no Walter White.

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