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Halle Berry Expresses Gratitude Over New Paparazzi Law

Halle Berry Expresses Gratitude Over New Paparazzi Law

Halle Berry hides behind her husband Olivier Martinez after their dinner date out at Craig’s Restaurant on Thursday evening (September 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 47-year-old pregnant actress hopped in the front seat of their car to quickly avoid being seen.

Earlier in the day, Olivier was spotted out in LA riding his motorcycle.

The anti-paparazzi law that Halle fought for was just signed in by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

“I started this fight with a great deal of hope and a bit of uncertainty so I cannot express my immense gratitude that Gov. Brown has recognized, and acted to remedy, the plight of children who are tormented because of the identity or prominence of their parents,” Halle said in a statement to ABC News. “On behalf of my children, it is my hope that this is the beginning of the end for those overly aggressive paparazzi whose outrageous conduct has caused so much trauma and emotional distress.”

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez leaving dinner…

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    This was a complete waste of time. This won’t stop the paps. It just stops them from harassing folks. They can still take pics from a distance.

  • J

    she looks a tired, haggard mess. no 47-year old woman should be having a baby. it’s not cute.

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    who cares this law won’t stop the paparazzi which are part of being in the public eye.


    Young people are out their getting hurt by sick adult , robber and ect. and all Halle care about is getting her picture take the police needed to go save lives not watch if the papz is going to take her picture. Is that what the tax payer are paying the police to do. Is not CAL in money problem?

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    As for Halle. What is she going to do now that she can’t call the paps and whine about their harassment?

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