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Zac Efron on Rehab News: Thanks for the Support!

Zac Efron on Rehab News: Thanks for the Support!

Zac Efron has just posted a picture on his Instagram account to thank his fans for all their support since news broke that he had been through a rehab program earlier in the year.

“Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks…means the world to me. Love you guys! – Z” the 25-year-old actor captioned the photo.

One report has stated that Zac was enrolled in two rehab programs this year to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years.

We wish Zac continued support and well wishes during this time!

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  • Proudofzacnessa

    IF he is good, we, his fans, are good too
    Never stop smiling !!!

  • Alex

    Yay Zac :) We are proud of you!

  • mellow

    travelling to such inrecredible beautiful, holy place like Machu Picchu is the best way to get rid of addictions. (it would be good for Lindsay,too)
    I wish him the best.

  • misti

    So proud of you Zac-love you bunches!

  • Donte

    Hope he stays focused on sobriety and stay away from those toxic guys he used to hang with!

  • rashida

    I thought he wanted to be gay. Now he has hair. It’s weird.

  • Kasia

    Nice. I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu in person, it looks really beautiful. Best wishes to Zac <3 xoxo <3

  • Xo

    Aw he looks great

  • savannah

    Proud of you, Zac!

  • truth

    as long as hes got the support of his family he will be fine.

  • Jen

    i’m hoping to god he has finally ditched those ‘ninja’ friends for good. good luck to him

  • kami

    i think it’s his former ninja “friends” who are embellishing these drug stories about zac. they’re angry cause zac ditched them. zac’s the one with the money, and i think most of them were using him.

  • Panches

    Coming out and not living in the closet will make it easier.

  • lauren

    why are you so sure he’s gay? explain.

  • http://justjared Well Good

    There is no treatment for homosexuality

  • sjk

    Zac looks great. So glad he was able to spend time with his dad. Wishing him great success in his career and wisdom to make wise choices.

  • http://TERESAbenavente theresa


  • Glamour

    Zac oh my gosh I love you babe

  • hughmyron

    bleh, who cares about bad actors with drug problems. it’s their own damn fault

  • ..I..

    @hughmyron: if u didnt really care why bother commenting… u huge moron… GO Zac! ^_^

  • vic

    oh know they didnt posted that our boy was found passed out and almost needed resusciation if all this is true, i was certainly fooled. he’ll get back on his feet

  • Rachel

    Aw, he looks adorable! Love,love,love him!
    I hope he is getting the desired help and is doing well. Good luck, Zac.

  • MeUnderwears ThatsLife

    idc what ppl say i will love him forever.. i am rooting for him no matter what.

  • truth

    what zac said in the flaunt mag
    his acting career:
    “I know I’m not in this for the money. I’m trying to make something good, that I care about, and to make sure that it matters. But I’m not even sure it matters.”
    maybe this was the start of his doubting because he seems to be in two minds about what truly matters to him.
    about tweeting
    “I won’t be caught dead Tweeting. Nobody that I respect does that … the people I respect, nobody knows anything about them. Privacy has become what fame used to be. You’re not interesting if you’re always being photographed like going to the store or eating a sandwich. There’s no mystery. But running and hiding sucks too. And there’s the line I walk, and it’s tricky, because I give a f*ck.”
    here proves that he may not have tweeted but just uploaded the image. i have never tweeted before so i understand where he is coming from. but there are two sides. there are some famous people, who i must say are more famous than him, and tweet for fun just not personal matters. then you got some who dont tweet that much except for business matters (for example selena gomez) but she is not exactly an A lister known for her acting skills/ singing is she?

  • dan

    i think the problem stemmed from zacs urge to make it . interview after interview although he was never talking about personal stuff but had this driving urge to make it which came off as desperation. he was great in paperboy, at any price was meh. but hes gettin there. he probably ended up on drugs because he set the bar too darn high for himself without progress. now he knows, but before it seems like he thought “i will get this amazing movie and bam i will make it!” but it didnt happen like that so he got real down.

  • Anette


  • norma

    when a person takes drugs must assume its responsibility ‘because’ the blame is his only and no ‘else!

  • Ethan

    I hope he stays off the coke because I saw a pic of him from a couple of months ago and he looked rough. So much healthier now. Coke bloat is just not worth it not to mention that stuff will mess with your brain chemistry and eat away at your nasal septum.

  • claudia

    I’ll wish him the best, ALWAYS! He needs his family, there he’ll find the love and support he truly needs.. All we can do is let him know that we’ll always be there :D Love you, Zac! <3

  • zacfan

    what a coke head! and using for gain and be called a hero! my a$@!!

  • great

    Awesome Zac!

  • truth

    @zacfan: your name really does contradict your message.

  • truth

    parkland has been nominated for best film at the london film festival

  • sofia

    On October 4 everyone to see the movie “Parkland” with Tom, Zac and Film etc. ….. very real and interesting

  • Rachel

    @sofia: @sofia:

    You have seen it? Tell us more about it!

  • Rachel


    Really? Nice!

  • M

    I’m glad Zac went to rehab to try to get control. That said, rehab isn’t the hard part. The hard part comes now.. post-rehab while trying to live each day drug and alcohol free while everyone around you uses. It’s not to say that everyone in Hollywood uses and abuses drugs but let’s face it, the industry is rife with drug use. It’s not like he is going back to a quiet job in an accounting firm..he’s an actor. He’s going to have to stay strong and hang with people who have a healthy perspective on life. If he hasn’t figured it out already, I hope he drops the crew he had been hanging out with. They are D-listers who spend their days and nights doing drugs and they will never amount to anything in the industry. Zac take some acting classes, hone your craft and audition. You changed your path. Stay on it. The path you were on was leading you to obscurity and failure. Good luck.

  • truth

    @M: some of the greatest actors and actresses still take acting classes because there is always room for improvement.

  • Joseph

    I don’t understand the need to make any negative comments. If you don’t like him, that’s fine…keep it to yourself. Do you go around in public telling people that you don’t like them? The internet seems to make it easy for people to be rude. I happen to like Zac and I wish him the best. I’ve done things I am not proud of…let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.