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Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool in a black leather jacket while attending the 2013 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday (September 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen showing off his guns while speaking onstage at the music festival, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Kings of Leon are all performing tonight to combat poverty.

Earlier in the week, Gerard carried his own bags while catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport.

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  1. 76
    Lalla R. Says:

    Let’s not forget that the Daily Mail recently had a very big headline saying Gerry has split from his girlfriend and neither Gerry nor MG denied it.

  2. 77
    RUSSIAN Says:

    @???????: ПОШЕЛ НА ХУЙ !!!!!!!

  3. 78
    ??????? Says:


  4. 79
    TROLL Says:

    @Maddy sings for Gerry=A-STUDIO=RUSSIAN

  5. 80
    RUSSIAN Says:

    @TROLL: @???????: ПОШЛИ НА ХУЙ!!!!!

  6. 81
    Tweets Says:

    Gerry introducing Alice Albright

  7. 82
    RUSSIAN Says:

  8. 83
    Tweets Says:

    Vowing to Change the World, Right on Cue

  9. 84
    RUSSIAN Says:

  10. 85


  11. 86
    . Says:


  12. 87
    RUSSIAN Says:

  13. 88
    POINT Says:

    ИДИ НА ХУЙ !!!!

  14. 89
    Tweets Says:

  15. 90
    RUSSIAN Says:


  16. 91
    GFW Says:

    This might not go over well with Mr Mayer but I don’t go along with this sentiment, ““Waiting on the World to Change,”
    All change begins with us and the world follows.
    wondering how his life will change after this concert or any of the rich celebs? they slink back “exhausted” from being “on” into their chauffeured driven cars back to their 5-star hotels and what? Order room service (wink-wink) or food, crash, sleep (maybe) only to wake up to take their private jets to some exotic location after “donating” their time? Not being cynical, not really. But does anyone think Mr Mayer’s life will change after this concert? Not picking on him but that statement is so … so, what? I know what it is, lyrical! He’s a songwriter! LOL

  17. 92
    The Truth in the Middle Says:

    itawy. don’t see wedding bells on the horizon, but there is no denying that they obviously like each other. i was even more convinced after his trip to romania. despite the massive intrusion by the press over there, you could just see it in his eyes when he got out of the car and saw her, that they have chemistry. it wasn’t a fairytale reunion or overly affectionate, but you would have to be blind not see that he finds her attractive. and when he took photos of her getting into the chopper with his cell phone, he’s clearly making his own memories of ‘their’ trip. and the fact that she spent time with his family while in scotland also said a lot about how comfortable they are with each other. but i’m also on the ‘it’s not serious’ bandwagon. to me it seems like an open relationship of sorts. after almost a year and half, no matter how messed their relationship was/is, i believe that there are real feelings there. yes a lot of it could be based on him getting to bed ‘his ideal’ and her having bragging rights that she exploits on social media, but nonetheless, only a moron would argue that people that didn’t like each other would go this far out of their way to spend time together.
    the truth is always somewhere in between. this won’t lead to a wedding but they haven’t completely severed ties either.
    he didn’t spend her birthday with her, which says a lot.
    but then he probably sent her and her girlfriend to the maldives at his expense and that says something too.
    i was shocked when i read that he doesn’t really get on the internet much. it was referenced with the ‘i don’t know what a selfie is’ quote he made not long ago. i don’t think he has a clue about how much of their relationship she has plastered on the net. i bet he would know a little bit of it, but certainly not all of it.
    her placing or liking that e-card about holding ‘gerard butler’s body against mine’ or something like that, was just gross. so pathetically juvenile.
    the only thing i can be certain of, is that if she did not look the way she does, she would have been gone a long time ago. my personal opinion is that gerry is finding it hard to let go of ‘his ideal’. the way he looked at her when he got out of the car in romania, with that slight grin, made me certain.
    some may not find her attractive, but for gerry, she’s probably perfection. he just needs to find that inner beauty too.
    peace out.

  18. 93

    @The Truth in the Middle:

  19. 94
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    A few pics here:,182220903,182173089,182221514,182221217,182173091,182220677&st=Sea

  20. 95
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  21. 96
    The Truth in the Middle Says:

    sorry if my opinion that they are not serious upsets you. it’s just my opinion. i think they would both spend a lot more time together if they wanted to. there were periods there where he wasn’t shooting or anything and he was traveling alone. you can keep your fairytale if you want. it’s not what i see.
    peace out.

  22. 97
    Expert Troll to Dumb Troll Says:

    @The Truth in the Middle:
    If you are going to troll you must change you style and vibe. You give yourself away when you don’t.;)

  23. 98
    The Truth in the Middle Says:

    madalina’s fans are out in force tonight aren’t they? lol. trust me i think she’s into her own thing at the moment. they both are.

  24. 99
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  25. 100
    Expert Troll to Dumb Troll Says:

    No they are not out in full force.
    No one is buying they have been in touch or together on any level since his horrible trip to RO to the cow patches and urban fields totally faking it all the way!
    Ppl are fed up with ppl like you keeping it on the front burner pro or con or not. Move on.
    Give it up. He has. You should. She has. You should.
    What part of ppl are tired of trolls like you trying to keep it on topic. It isn’t!

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