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Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool in a black leather jacket while attending the 2013 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday (September 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen showing off his guns while speaking onstage at the music festival, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030.

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Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Kings of Leon are all performing tonight to combat poverty.

Earlier in the week, Gerard carried his own bags while catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport.

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  • Can’tGetEnough Best part of last night!!!!!! #gerardbutler #centralpark #nyc #globalfestival

  • Can’tGetEnough Gerald Butler came out for a few words. Awesome Accent, awesome energy. #GerardButler #Accent #LadysLoveHim

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • GFW

    You know what? I’m thinkin’ I’m seein’ a tad bit what Gerry might have been like on stage with Speed. Anyone else? I mean, he’s sober now, and I can imagine what he would be like pissed drunk, and wonder if he didn’t get raunchy and all? I mean when you channel Jim Morrison… well? (wicked grin) Besides, conscious of it or not, he did go grabin’ his crotch bit early on (blushing) but think it was more nerves than an erotic gesture. But anyone else feel we’re seein’ Butler in Speed mode?

  • Lilia

    @The Truth in the Middle:”you could just see it in his eyes when he got out of the car and saw her, that they have chemistry. it wasn’t a fairytale reunion or overly affectionate,”

    There was nothing at all in his eyes. There was no affection at all, they didn’t kiss or hug and there was only a hallo.

    ” and the fact that she spent time with his family while in scotland also said a lot about how comfortable they are with each other.”

    She was not there, it was not her.

    “but then he probably sent her and her girlfriend to the maldives at his expense and that says something too”

    She paid for the trip herself to make people think he had given her the trip he won in the auction.

    “the way he looked at her when he got out of the car in romania, with that slight grin,”

    It was a grimance not a grin.

  • Kaddie

    Again, I have to respectfully disagree. I definitely saw a grin on his face when he saw her in Romania. You saw a grimace. Sometimes you just can’t argue opinion. Fact is, he was there. If he hates her so much, why did he go?
    I’ll never understand people that want to deny everything about this guy and his personal relationships.
    I don’t think he and MG were or are going to be serious but get real. To argue that it’s all a set up is just stupid.
    They’ve probably both moved on anyway.

  • Wrong

    @Margerith IsJustLookLikeHerDad: “Madalina dumped Gerry for Marco!”

    Gerry dumped Madalina because of Marco!

  • No one cares about her

    No he didn’t. He saw her for the user she’ll always be and didn’t want life an open book. Get with it. He did. Why not you? Why keep harping about it?

  • @Kaddie

    @Kaddie: “Why would it surprise you that she saw him in Scotland?”

    Because apart from one hazy picture there is no evidence that she was there.

  • Kaddie

    @@Kaddie: Except that in the hazy picture she’s wearing that same coat that she was photographed with up in the tree. It’s too much of a coincidence.

  • Wrong

    @No one cares about her: I am not harping on about it, I only answered someone who said MG had dumped GB and I pointed out it was the other way around.

  • really

    @@JS: since when does he wanna stay home & cuddle? from what we’ve all seen so far, he’s an adrenaline junkie!

  • Wrong

    @Kaddie: Why did they have separate rooms?

  • Kaddie

    Where is your evidence that they did? I’ve only heard rumors that Hotel Manager in Romania said that there were two rooms that were hired. Is that your source?

  • @Kaddie

    @Kaddie: How was she not seen with him anywhere else like the restaurant in Glasgow or the golf course or the zoo?

  • Wrong

    @Kaddie: Not just the manager but other members of staff.

  • Kaddie

    @@Kaddie: Perhaps she didn’t go with him? Maybe she was only there for two days. And again, just because she wasn’t mentioned in tweets, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. When they first met and Gerry smuggled her back into LA, no one knew she was there until photos of her on the set of the razor commercial emerged.

  • Kaddie

    @Wrong: Again, where is your evidence?
    Are you relying on the Romanian tabloids? Because they said there would be a wedding soon, so I’m assuming you think that’s also true? Don’t be so guidable.

  • Kaddie

    @@Kaddie: Why is that stupid? Is it stupid when Gerry jets into a city for a day or two? Why would it be strange that she was with him at the archery field and then went back to work and he spent the rest of the time alone?
    He went to Romania, spent the first part with her, then she went to work and he stayed on in the country. Same scenario.
    I don’t think they are serious, but she is at the archery field with him in Scotland. Deny it all you want if it makes you sleep better at night, but she was there. Not saying it’s love. But she was there.

  • @Kaddie

    @Kaddie: She’s only there for two days and he goes everywhere without her? The tweet about him in the restaurant said he was alone, the one about the golf course said he was with his mom and dad, the one’s from the zoo said he was with two little girls. Where was she, sitting in a hotel room? please, have you any clue how stupid it is to claim she was there for two days and he didn’t spend any time with her.

  • Wrong

    @Kaddie: I think it is you who is being gullible.

  • Wrong

    @Kaddie: You are being gullible because you want to believe that they are still together.

  • Kaddie

    @Wrong: I’m being gullible because I’m questing the veracity of the Romanian press, who have been caught time and time again lying about their relationship?

  • Sunday in the Park

    Well I see the ru’s are winning the battle and bringing and rehashing old stories. You all chatter on and still you know nothing of his life. Can you let it die since no one knows squat.
    Isn’t it a pity that yesterday g butler welcomed multitudes to join him and the rest of the world to do something about justice, health, polio, clean drinking water, equality and even sewer systems and leprosy. Not only to do something but how to educate yourself to know HOW to do something.
    All I hear about is him and her and YOU STILL DON”T KNOW FROM NOTHIN. and talk like you do.
    What a shame, what an insult to him. Not one word about his efforts and what is important to him and his message yesterday. Sad

  • a question.

    @Kaddie: “When they first met and Gerry smuggled her back into LA, no one knew she was there”

    Was she in the bag Amy was carrying?

  • Sunday in the Park

    Saw your post yesterday fromoz and C.A. Very nice and welcomed. Another quote: He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.

  • Liar alert

    @GFW: “conscious of it or not, he did go grabin’ his crotch bit early on (blushing)”


  • madalina ghenea
  • For Goodness Sake

    @madalina ghenea: That’s MG, that and the adams apple are all that’s left of her former being.

  • don’t feed the troll

    @For Goodness Sake:

    don’t feed the russian i/diot troll

  • madalina ghenea

    I’m happy! Gerard Butler goes back to Romania!

  • Sunday in the Park

    There is a contact for jj above. Should we all email and ask for the thumbs to come back?

  • Kali Orexi

    @Sunday in the Park: Don’t bother, I have emailed JJ loads of times re the thumbs etc and not one reply. They don’t care, all they care about is hits.

  • @Sunday in the Park

    I already did my part and requested the thumbs back. I suggest you all do the same so we can put an end to this nightmare.

  • YES

    @Sunday in the Park:”There is a contact for jj above. Should we all email and ask for the thumbs to come back?”

    I’ll give that the thumbs up.

  • Tami

    He looks good. He is smart not to be lured by fugs like Maniston. His gf seems good to him, hope they are an item for a long time. He looks happy and is taking care of himself. Go GB!