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Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool in a black leather jacket while attending the 2013 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday (September 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen showing off his guns while speaking onstage at the music festival, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030.

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Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Kings of Leon are all performing tonight to combat poverty.

Earlier in the week, Gerard carried his own bags while catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport.

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  • You mean

    @Tami: “His gf seems good to him, hope they are an item for a long time.”

    His new gf?

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies. How is everyone. Thought gb looked really good. Nice to see him in nyc.

  • GFW

    Gerry takes the stage like a modest rock star. He grabs the mic and comes alive in front of the mass of people. The college student he was he is once more. The roar of the crowd awakens his urge to bring shouts from them as well. Success as they shout back to him! The sea of faces are trained on him. He has their undivided attention. Looking and feeling well Gerry shines and is able to shout out his message, a powerful message with purpose, meaning! He is happy. Hum… guess no one sees any remnants of Gerry’s old University band Speed during his presentation, huh? Oh well…
    Okay, back to talking about the past you guys. Not me. I prefer now. Now is all that matters.

  • Ducky

    Morning mist in Comrie pic posted 3 hrs. ago

    Hi Cupcake. Hope he stays in NYC for yet a while. Must be gorgeous this time of year.

  • Esra

    @Tami: Maniston is a sure dried fug. Only the desperate and unemployed look for a tool like her. Cupcake man likes the dark hair young fertile beauty. They rule in all levels.

  • Bonnie UK

    @Ducky: I come on for a quick read through posts, Ducky you made me laugh with the ‘ big guns’
    Autumn…Have not seen you post for awhile and read you enjoyed your holiday with your family in Scotland, but sorry to hear you went back with Bronchitis hope it wasn’t going into the Fairy Pools that did it. Hope you are feeling much better.

  • Petpeeves


    Don’t care!


    Don’t care!

  • Ducky

    @Kali Orexi: Well, I just did and mentioned the trolls by name. Even if it doesn’t do any good, they are aware and makes me feel better for trying. lol
    Glad you are home and hope you are feeling okay.
    Am I being especially nice Kail? Must be I want something right. When I figure out how to ask, I’ll post again. lol You probably already guessed from the Comrie pic.

  • Petpeeves

    ” I’m just somebody who admires him for his roles in Dracula 2000, Timeline and Dear Frankie.”
    Oh I get it. So if you admire him for movies other than the one with “PHAN” in it, you’re no “phannie”. LOLOLOL! Some of you people take the cake!

  • @JS


    His words, not mine, to a German reporter asking him about the relationship.

    He spent most of 2006 with Bianca. When he was at some club somewhere, she was right besides him. Sounds like with her he wanted to cuddle up.

    It was also right after 300 where he had suffered some severe injuries and he wasn’t seen partying that much.

  • Ducky

    @Bonnie UK: Thanks for bringing that up Hoof in mouth disease.
    That’s right we haven’t heard from Autumn. Looking forward to her pics and Kali’s as well. Do believe there is something nasty going around. After 2 wks still coughing and so darn tired and Mon seems to come so soon it seems.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Ducky: Ducky you smooth talking, flattering you… I know you want something and I will give it to you! I will send you a quick mail re photos on my FB page, the rest I haven’t had a chance to look at YET as I’ve been unpacking, washing,shopping etc. Ducky, you’re the best! :D

  • All your 411 is old

    Stuff anyone could/should be able say what you do if they were a fallen admin at GB(dot)net :P whoops!
    Or read “GB 101″ their “required reading.”
    All your ‘knowledge’ about Ger is way old.
    You know nothing new about him even if you live here 24/7/365.

  • Kali Orexi

    Ducky, you’ve got mail ;)

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?” – (Galatians 5:7

  • Petpeeves

    “I just did and mentioned the trolls by name. ”
    Ducky, you were able to identify the trolls by name? How do you do it when they change socks and steal monikers?

  • Bonnie UK

    @Ducky: Sorry you are feeling poorly. Not that I am bragging but (touching wood as I say this) I never get poorly. Maybe the odd hangover as long as it was a good night out I don’t mind. A good run usually sorts that out.
    Now what are you and Kali plotting?
    Sounds very mysterious..ha

  • Gerry’s Real Ass

    @madalina ghenea:

    Must be a picture of yours! Here’s a picture of his naked ass without any hair on it:

  • Petpeeves

    Here’s the thing. Never, ever go to a man or where he is or lives or works unless he invites you and you are in a serious relationship with him. Otherwise, you look desperate and clingy. Let him come to you. And even if he wants you, don’t jump at his beck and call. Seems Miss Madi ran to Scotland in an effort to get him back and talked him in to coming to Romania. He went and they fought and most likely because she didn’t get what she had hoped for. Then she came to London, picked up her parting gift with her friend (Maldives) and it was over. Done deal. Now let’s talk about something else, shall we? See, I just summed up weeks of angst for some of you so you can move on to more important things….like your own life.

  • Gerry’s Real Ass

    @madalina ghenea: 705.&type=3&theater

    Gerry’s ass is flat. Must be Marco’s!

  • @Tami


    Yep! She’s good to him alright! They don’t see each other for months. Probably why the relationship works! He prefers the company of other women!

    Seriously you cannot have had too many relationships in your life to think they have a good one. He hasn’t worked in months, had plenty of time to rush back to her if she was the one for him and instead he chose to be anywhere else. Long-distance relationships only work if both are willing to do what it takes to see each other as often as they can. Those 2 don’t have a relationship.

  • @Esra


    Fertile? Have you tried having a baby with it?

  • Amanda132

    @Expert Troll to Dumb Troll: Maybe people are more fed up by bullies like you who think you know Gerry when you don’t. You don’t have a clue what he and Maddy are up to, admit it.

  • @JS

    @All your 411 is old:

    You would know! You’re on 365 days/year! I’m only here for the new pictures and articles posted but I chose to reply to some comments this time.

    Never was an admin. anywhere as I’m too busy to administer fan sites.

  • Gerry’s Real Ass
  • Kali Orexi

    @Bonnie UK: Hi Bonnie, not plotting anything. Just letting Ducky know where to find some of the holiday photos before I upload them on flickr :)

  • ???

    @@JS: You forget that Bianca lived in L.A. Gerry spent a lot of his time there, too. It’s not the same with his longdistance relationship with MG. She can’t drop everything and fly to the USA or Canada without a visa and she can’t freely travel to every country in the world, only some. Do you know how many hours on-set she has to work while filming Borgia? It could be a very long series of days and nights filming. It’s not like they are married with kids and he can tag along on her film or TV set and just sit there playing with himself while she works. You know how antsy he is. He’s not one to sit and wait while someone else works. She waited for him while he filmed in Shreveport, though. Maybe they both decided he would not interfere with her career. Maybe she doesn’t want to use him to further her career and has asked him to keep his distance while she goes to openings etc. Not one of you on this board knows either one of them. There are endless possibilities for why they aren’t together 24/7. I think she’s gutsy as hell to tell him that she wants a career and is working on it without his help. Good for her. In her mag interview, she sounded as if the two of them had temporarily put the baby thing on hold while she finished up with Borgia.

    We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t think they’re finished yet, not at all.

  • madalina ghenea

    @Gerry’s Real Ass: no..this ass is of my Gerry..I kissed it…and licked his ass..what. must not ?

  • dch

    @Sunday in the Park: #236 – Thank you.

  • @JS


    Seriously? She doesn’t want to use him to further her career? *Snicker*!

    She told you that? What career btw? She worked so little on the Borgias she could have spent time with him somewhere when she wasn’t called on the set.

    Many actors taking time off when they’re in love will still show up on the set where their GF/Wife is working and stay in the background. He could have done the same without the paps being on his tracks. Whenever the paps showed there, she called them there.

  • ???

    @@JS: You’re presuming you know both of them.

    You don’t. You’re making assumptions about both of them that you can’t back up with facts.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Bonnie UK

    @Kali Orexi: I have looked before at some of your photos, they are really very good.
    I was joking at the plotting bit. Hope you enjoyed your hols.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Mabel Ochuschayoo
    3 hours ago via mobile
    Gerard Butler is in da house! so my friends,,don”t call, nor text,,,don”t u just love sundays?!!!! WAWAH!!!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Gerry’s Real Ass


    You’re the one presuming something!

    You know even less and yet you’re acting like you know their relationship. I’m going by facts, not some romantic B.S. this is a love story.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Bonnie UK: No worries Bonnie, didn’t take it seriously :) Had a great time thanks! Am pleased to see da man looking amazing, only wish he’d stop dying his hair as I like the grey bits but can understand he wants to cover them as so many of us do :)

  • Reverse Psychology



    ok get it. got it.
    have a beautiful sunday

  • Reverse Psychology II

    could also be “there is” a new gf?

    look just sayin’ – it must be “good” what she is giving (emmmm):

    he looks 10-14 years younger. loook at him on that stage – i would choose him over a 29/30 year old

  • Gerry’s Real Ass


    Post 286 is not mine. The troll is at it again.

  • What a load of shit.

    @???: #277

  • @Reverse Psychology II


    Maybe it’s what she’s not giving him that keeps him young looking, what he’s getting elsewhere.

  • No Mystery

    @Reverse Psychology II:” he looks 10-14 years younger. loook at him on that stage – i would choose him over a 29/30 year old”

    He no longer has the barnacle weighing him down, he has broken free and put his trust in God.

  • Reverse Psychology II

    Okay – i will say it

    Sunday Gossip – he has a taste of something new and she seems to be serving him well on “all” realms……..or that boy got some hidden time machine we do not know about.

    love to all. take care.

  • Bonnie UK

    @Kali Orexi: I am not at the stage in my life where I have to worry about grey hair, don’t mind a little bit of grey hair in a man. Not really into men who dye their hair but he’s a celeb so I suppose he feels he has to. Yes he does look good and happy.

  • And what is that?

    @@Reverse Psychology II:
    What is he’s getting “elsewhere”?
    You need to shut your trap. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • @Reverse Psychology II

    @And what is that?:

    Jealous much are we of any new possible GF!

  • and guess who is not with him?

    @Reverse Psychology II:
    His sucker fish.
    It’s called taking care of himself without distractions of the cold streets full of sucker fish only out for themselves.
    It’s called living without sucker fish on his fins.
    It’s called getting all the blood through to his brain now so he can sleep again.
    It’s called cutting ties with sucker fish who only wanted to use him as a host.
    That’s what it’s called: peace of mind.

  • And what is that?

    @@Reverse Psychology II:
    You’re trying to start unfounded rumors for attention.
    Do you live here? Good God woman take a break. Don’t you eat? Sleep? Or are you on an I.V. drip called JJ?
    Stop building something out of nothing simply because he’s tending to his own needs for a change.
    You got to attribute everything to a woman? Or sex? Why? Oh, wait, it get you attention!

  • Trust In God

    @No Mystery: those last word..believe gave me a divine jump. in everything and anything, HE does say put your trust in ME not man. I like that, go pamper yourself for placing such blessing words on the board. Really that was nice.