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Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler Flashes Guns at Global Citizen Festival!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool in a black leather jacket while attending the 2013 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday (September 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen showing off his guns while speaking onstage at the music festival, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Kings of Leon are all performing tonight to combat poverty.

Earlier in the week, Gerard carried his own bags while catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport.

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  • Can’tGetEnough

    eye contact w/ gerard butler. solid NYC

  • Dear @ person

    @@Reverse Psychology II:
    Since you “know” him and he is your friend why don’t you know anything anymore. Not that you ever did but being a fallen admin from a defunct site.
    Stuff anyone with a good memory could know.
    You don’t know him so shut your trap.
    You’re only starting rumors because it garners you much needed attention here, where you park your butt daily and nightly, and have for over a year or so.
    Good God woman, take a break why don’t you? Let others have their fun for a while. You’re no authority! Stop acting like you know so much because you don’t. Facts anyone could find out reading where you no longer are wanted, at GB(dot)net!!!!
    People are happy he lanced the sucker fish!
    You need to stop trying to make people jealous with you catch-all is “Jealous much are we of any new possible GF!” crap. He looks good because he’s getting it elsewhere. Shut up you vile troll.
    As if you don’t live through each and every one. Who are you fooling much??
    Get a life. Take your grand kids out for a movie.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Can’tGetEnough: CGE, thanks for the info. I have a question but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want. Over at WO used to be a Poster call Canadia, I don’t see her anymore is she ok. I read there for news on Gerry.

  • Pass the Ball

    Repeat: #297 to #299

  • @Reverse Psychology II

    @And what is that?:

    Nothing of the sort but I see you like to exaggerate about people.

    If there is a new GF like Reverse Psychology II wrote (I think you wanted to answer her/him and instead answered me), good for him! He looks happy whatever it is he’s doing now, just hanging around, taking it easy, having fun with friends and staying away from drama.

  • Attention seeker is you!
  • Delusional Troll Alert
  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@

    All the @’s are really ridiculous.
    People are going cross-eyed looking at
    and can’t tell who’s who in responses?
    But that gets you attention too!
    They’re beyond confusing.
    Why don’t you want a name and be accountable?

  • ???

    I love how you idiots simply “must” call me a troll because you can’t stand the truth about him which is that you don’t know him or MG at all.

    It’s a defense mechanism for the immature and uneducated: striking out at the messenger because you can’t handle the truth.

  • Neither can you


  • SHUT UP “Brooke” NOT TRUE


  • Autumn

    Evening JJers! Shout out to everyone (Ducky, Kali, Prancer, CGE, CCake, Angel, Lolita, Bonnie and anyone else I missed) – hope you are all well and happy.

    Lovely event – will have to go back and see the video and pics that you all kindly posted – thanks for sharing. Hope the event was big success.

    Haven’t had a chance to post my Scotland pics – very busy at work and trying to balance life in general. I promise I will work on this and send the link.

    Stay sane, safe, happy and healthy! Remain kind!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @lolita: Hi Lolita! You’re welcome and Canadia is still around on WO and doing just fine. Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  • Ducky

    @Autumn: Here’s part 1 Autumn Good to see you here. Take your time with the pictures.

  • Truth Serum

    I will never understand his uber-fans who insist that MG is this evil woman who makes Gerry’s life miserable.
    Nor will I understand the idiots who are holding a candle vigil to this romance, hoping for a wedding at the end.
    The only thing that actual, provable evidence points to, is that they are two people who dated quite seriously about a year ago. Gerry acknowledged that she was his gf, then he said he was single, and now they’re probably very occasional f u k buddies.
    What is so hard to grasp about that?
    No one put a gun to his head and told him to go to Romania. They hung out for a bit and then she went to work. What is the mystery??
    All I see are two people who obviously don’t want to move forward and commit seriously but who also enjoy each other’s company.
    Like it or not, Gerry doesn’t hate this woman. No matter how much YOU hate her, he doesn’t feel the same way.

  • Ducky
  • Ducky

    @Autumn: For a quick run down with videos at the end. Have fun Autumn

  • ???

    Oh joy, the clique of grannyphans is here to dole out nasal spray advice and other timely pertinent things. Maybe you should find another blog and leave this one for Madalina and Gerry’s fans instead.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks CGE. I always liked her posts, very informative. Had a very nice weekend, hope yours was the same.
    Hi Ducky and Autumn hope your having a nice Sunday. So many post of Gerry at the event. I think with the movie news and this global fest he is announcing he is back to work. Thank heavens for that.
    Ducky, made me giggle about the guns, your a hoot.
    Have a wonderful night ladies, have to go. Always enjoy the chats.

  • Bubba

    Why’s everyone so worried about him and his beard? He looks great because he’s back with his main man, Freddy Bosche, who looks fab by the way. Freddy’s got a place midtown, too.

  • All you see is nothing!!

    @Truth Serum:
    “All I see are two people who obviously don’t want to move forward and commit seriously but who also enjoy each other’s company.
    Like it or not, Gerry doesn’t hate this woman. No matter how much YOU hate her, he doesn’t feel the same way.”

    Where do they like each other’s company? Which county? They have not seen each other in months, hello???
    When are they together to be f u k buddies? How base by the way.
    How do you know he does not hate her? Where is the evidence he even likes her? He doesn’t spend any time with her anymore. Duh. Are you blind? Double duh.
    When guys call it quits it’s over.
    Even she has given up with her stupid juvenile hints.
    You have no idea how he feels.

  • Truth Serum

    @All you see is nothing!!: Stop living in denial. That photo that he took with her friend in London in August, obviously shows him smiling. That does not look like he hates her. I’m not saying that they are still together, but they’ve gone months before not seeing each other and then they hooked up again.
    Like I said, just because you hate her, it doesn’t mean he has to as well.

  • Shut Up Bubba

    Your fake gay man b.s. with fake hots for Freddie is so laughably predictable, and right on cue.

  • Life’s Train

    Yep, after reading Ducky’s thoughts on the “guns” — i just gave the headturn to side with mouth open… awe…..whispered “Lord Have Mercy” and left the thread….for a while.

    Love to you Ducky…but you won the shock post of the week. : )

  • Ducky

    @Life’s Train: Good, then I won’t have to tell you how I fixed my kitchen faucet. lol

  • Lifestrain

    Is reading this site. Nice to skip over 95% of the boring posts. There’s nothing but grease and no meat here.

  • @Truth Serum

    @Truth Serum: They are just a lot more discreet now, which is smart.

  • Were you there?

    @Truth Serum:

    Did you see him take the picture? Were you there?

    Her husband could have taken that picture or another friend of hers or even a bystander there. You’re grasping at straws!

  • Truth Serum

    @Were you there?:
    Are you high?
    Madalina took the photo and posted it on HER instagram.

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, I did reply to your #60 at #62, way back before the thread went a bit ( understatement ) crazy. The vid worked, perfect sound, thank you. Cheers for that :-)
    @Sunday in the Park, Hi there & thanks for your comment at #239. Beautiful quote. Stop & think words with wiseness. Cheers to you :-)

  • Were you there?

    @Truth Serum:

    You’re high as you seem to think every picture she posts on Instagram she took herself! I guess she took this one too then? She has it on her Instagram!

    Her friend Alina shared a picture with her which she put on her Instagram. No proof he took the picture.

    If she was there, why not have a picture with him taken by Alina and post it at the same time? Why share that picture with him through her public FB and gossip sites and tabloids?

  • Typical Manipulation

    Has anyone here ever seen the Hitchcock movie called “Rebecca”. Its about a young woman who marries a wealth older man. She finds out after wards that the mans late wife was very beautiful, what she finds out later was that she was also very manipulative and that her new husband wasn’t in love with her. The late wife was a fraud and didn’t love the man. She fooled around and prior to her death tried to get her husband to kill her, she wanted to ruin his life because she came from poverty and she laughed at the rich and the privileged. The late wife’s name was Rebecca, her character reminds me of Madalina. All looks but no warmth. Its a good movie for those here who like old films.

  • Truth Serum

    @Were you there?:
    I can’t reason with you. Alina and her went to the Maldives together and there’s plenty of proof of them being there together – including the video MG posted.
    Just days before that, Alina had her photograph taken with Gerry in London. There is a business class ticket Madalina took a photo of, with HER name and Alina’s name on there flying from LONDON.
    MG posted the original photo of Alina and Gerry smiling in LONDON on her instagram account.
    You are so desperate to disprove that Gerry could be in the same space as MG that you are making up lies.
    Why do you even care? They are probably not even seeing each other any more. Why bother lying about something that is so obviously true?

  • Too Funny

    @Typical Manipulation: oh loooord.

    believe this man already has an answer to the question:

    What is the most silliest s.h*.t you ever experienced in HW?

    answer: do not blame the guy. be too embarrassed to answer that question.

    Thank GOD he has GOD in his life. We love you Gerard.

  • Dalhousie

    Ok so if he’s not with Mad, who’s he with? I don’t see him doing his usual clubcrawl at all hours and there’s no razzi pics of him surrounded by women anyway. He’s laying low these days. Sounds like he’s involved with someone but who?

  • Truth Serum

    Just because he’s not out every night, it doesn’t mean that he’s shacked up with someone. Laying low doesn’t equal a new relationship. He could be playing the field discreetly in NY as he has a lot of model ex-gfs there, but he’s probably just working and so forth.

  • Were you there?

    @Truth Serum:

    You can’t reason with me because I made a typo, wrote “he” instead of “she”?

    Wow! I know Alina went with her to the Maldives but you don’t know that she took that picture of Alina with Gerry, no proof of that. Like there is no proof either he paid for their trip to the Maldives.

    Like some of her fans pointed out she has enough money to pay for herself so how about she paid for her own trip?

  • Violet

    You are absolutely right. MG was in Scotland in July. There’s actually quite a bit of evidence to prove it, but there are a couple of posters here that simply cannot handle the thought of it and no matter how much evidence you provide, they remain in denial. I’m no fan of MG’s but I have no problem calling a spade a spade. MG was in Scotland this summer, no doubt about it.
    But this is all water under the bridge now, because it looks like they’ve broken up again. Hopefully, he’ll find someone with a bit more substance next time. A woman who’s a little more age appropriate wouldn’t hurt him, either.

  • Truth Serum

    @Were you there?:
    So your explanation is that even though the photograph of Alina and Gerry appeared on Madalina’s personal instagram account and like a day after that Alina and Madalina flew out of LONDON where the alleged photograph was taken, it’s just not enough evidence to prove that she was in LONDON with Gerry and Alina??

  • Who cares?


    If the new one makes him happy, is discreet, in love with him, not his fame and money, why even care?

    As long as he’s happy, good for him!

  • Truth Serum

    It’s not like they are in a serious relationship. It’s obvious that there were periods there where they chose (for what ever reason) not to spend time together when they could have.
    But denying what is clearly the truth and obvious is pathetic. Some fans even suggested that she photoshopped herself into the photos of her in the tree in Scotland.
    Some fans just can’t handle the fact that Gerry actually liked or maybe still likes Madalina. No one made him go to Romania. No one made her go to Scotland.
    She’s probably not the love of his life, but he clearly felt something to keep her around this long.

  • ????= JS

    @Typical Manipulation: Funny cuz you remind me of Mrs Danvers.

  • Sentiments exactly

    @Dalhousie: Will not know. Private people.

    Happy he is happy. Whoever it is they are good for him.

  • AnotherOpinion

    Why so much attention to the ex- girlfriend that no longer exists ? Anyone here care about these old gossip ? How much can stir up these old rags ? Take it easy at last. It does not matter. I, like many others, she is no longer interested ! And I do not care about her, who she is and where ! Stop talking about her here ! I’m Sick of it this year ! Too much attention to a cheap prosti/tute who in his life has learned to just push your feet ! Not surprisingly, she was offered the role of prost/itut/es only because the actress with the class will not be removed in a similar role. She should be ashamed of such roles , and she is happy like a fool ! Yes she is a fo.ol without basic education. And what kind of education can be discussed in a backward country like Romania ? There are only two professions for women : a thief and a pro/stit/ute ! ! I just do not understand how such a smart and educated guy like Gerard Butler could have what is a “relationship” with such a nonentity as Madalina Ghenea? ? You can not stoop to that level, Gerry??? You have to go through life with dignity , that no one had any reason to condemn you , especially in privacy! This part of your life should be closed with a key , and the key should be thrown away ! I’m sorry for my english , simply could no longer be silent, tired of reading this crap . And Gerry Butler is good, kind and clever guy! A real man ! I’m sure. cheers!

  • JS Orexi

    IMDBeebs is mucked up so they’ll be over here to troll out of desperation.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    so gerard butler just walked up to the bar next to me. he’s a handsome devil. NYC

  • Can’tGetEnough

    4 hours ago · Central Park NY

  • Typical Manipulation

    @????= JS:
    You have seen the movie :)))) I wouldn’t make a very good Ms Danvers, I’m not a fan of Madalina and I fear fire.

  • He Has Moved On


    just ignore it like everyone else. Hun, cheap people like to keep sh.***.t. going. That it tries to linger, clinger/linger get it.

    Gerard has morals. The lesson for us all is “look deeper than what is presented to you.” Just b/c recommendation is given does not mean it is good recommendation.

    People are something else kid.

    Take care. Love to my man Gerard. Looking good son.

  • Violet

    @Truth Serum:
    Let’s not forget that there was also a photo from some video footage of Gerry and MG in a store in London. It looked like a camera store to me. Some people tried to deny it was MG, but you could clearly see the woman in the photo had the same purse that MG was carrying around in Romania.