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Angelina Jolie: Circus Fun with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Circus Fun with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie keeps it stylish in a sheer top as she leaves the Great Moscow Circus at Rose Bay on Saturday (September 28) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress brought along three of her adorable children – Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, and Shiloh, 7. Earlier that day, they stopped to do a little shopping at a surf shop in Bondi Junction.

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Angelina is in town prepping for her upcoming film Unbroken, which she is set to direct.

The day before, her beau Brad Pitt enjoyed some quality time with their twins Knox and Vivienne as they explored Legoland in Berkshire, England.

FYI: Angelina is wearing a Saint Laurent blouse, pants, and bag.

30+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and her family at the circus…

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angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 01
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 02
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 03
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 04
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 05
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 06
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 07
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 08
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 09
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 10
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 11
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 12
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 13
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 14
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 15
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 16
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 17
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 18
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 19
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 20
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 21
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 22
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 23
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 24
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 25
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 26
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 27
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 28
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 29
angelina jolie circus fun with the kids 30

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  • Ⱦamsin

    It’s oddly fitting that Jared named this post “Circus fun”. Yes this “family” is one big media circus indeed, where each kid was given a role and responsibility before they can walk, as they all provide to engross their parents bank accounts and keep their Brand relevant.

    Regardless of Mommie Dearest’s carefully stunted PR trip to entertain them, I doubt that this will comfort the kids from the painful truth about their father’s refusal to see all of them in over a month, and the fact that he played favorites by only accepting to see two of his biological children.

    Poor kids, growing up ahead of time because of their narcissistic, self serving parents. Surely this happen to St Angie when she was growing up too. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, right? :S

  • yes

    Thanks BF.. they have a pic of Katie Perry wearing the same make of shoe as Angie.. just a different style


  • lucy

    @Bea: Don’t worry, the only shoes the nasty feet of the Troll has ever had on are $1.00 rubber flip-flops, and that’s her spring, summer, fall, and winter shoes. LMAO

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    Oh lawd did she ditch that ugly arse ring? Haha! The twins are missing out on the fun.

    Got damn angie looking spicey and better than ever.

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    It’s as if the moment she decided to ditch de@dbeat daddy her entire fashion sense kicked in. O.m.g I am living for her latest fashion choices.

    You beta week betch. F’ing glorious.

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    Holly looking beatiful and ageless.
    Angie’s style is not one many can pull off. All black everything is harder than it looks. Trust me, I’ve tried it. I only got through two all black days before I had to recharge. It’s not easy.
    Angie has stepped out in numerous all black everything outfits and I’m loving it. strut- diva- strut.

  • Ⱦamsin

    It’s funny to see Roseypoo back in action with her original moniker. She had been posting for a while under different aliases, as I noticed a few threads ago, but she wanted to fool everyone into thinking that she had been “out of the loop”. LOL, as if nobody knew that this is her whole life and she never leaves and is always here.

    Speaking of no-life losers, I just love the irony of Passing Sshit talking about proxy servers… ROTLFMAO. Who is the lying landwhale kidding?There’s a reason why the big bully biitch is unable to use the “reply” button when responding to her minion loons. She knows that the javascript is disabled through most proxy servers. She argues that she started using proxies because she’s terrified of someone stealing her real IP address, so this is the only way she was to post here. That doesn’t justify how she messed with the thumbs system by submitting hundreds of votes through the Tor network every single day. In fact she did it so often that Jared ended up taking the system down for good. Her reliance on proxies also explains why she’s never banned nor has she ever complained about being in moderation- even if she did, she’ll bypass it by logging in through a different server.

    Poor Rosetard and Passing Ass, what would become of their sorry lives without access to their daily fix? LOL.

  • Dawne


    Sad state of affairs when a few Tea Party fanatics can hold a country hostage. You had an election, a passage of a Bill and a Supreme Court ruling…….that is not enough for rep by pop?

  • sweet

    Angie and Brad only take a few clothes with them, they reuse them over and over. Consider how rich they are, it just shows how down to earth and non superficial they are.

  • Bea


    Lucy – you are right – only the stretchy flip flops will fit on the trolls fat hooves.

    I would imagine they would have to be on their backs for a while just to afford them from the dollar store too. At a penny a pop, it can take a long time.

  • YIB

    Decided to check back and last i read is they take few cloths and that must true…i remember she said long back something about living on the same suit i think they were in india or cambosia or vetinam….anyways nothing new….so me…

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    @sweet: oh shut up, Angelina’s style has gone from zero to eight in a matter of weeks. Yes she wears the same thing in a row on occasion but that’s understandable

    The de@dbeat daddy weight loss plan really works but in Angie’s case it’s the weight gain that is really faboosh. Did ya see her legs earlier? She is no longer a twig. She has actuall fat on her legs. Yaaaaaay

    We must thank pitty potty for signing up to Logan Lermans movie for without that fate angie would still be 90lbs.

  • Kris

    @Ⱦamsin: Geez, you are frustrated to the core… I think you been traumatized by men who have abandonned you for more seductive women like Angelina Jolie?

  • http://justjared zce

    Is it fantastic when you can wear what you want and the colors you want and be happy in do it? I love it when plans come together just like clothes wear what you want and be happy, less work when getting dress and staying comfortable.

  • sunny

    Passing Through @ 09/29/2013 at 7:42 pm
    Sunny -
    how he hates to leave his house unless he absolutely has to and it’s why he’s worked so little in the last 6-7 years. Is he still doing that flick with The Artist Known As Amber Heard? I wasn’t sure if that was a go or not.
    Yes, they already started it in London.
    May be it’s because Geyer Kosinski is the producer of that movie .
    Kosinski and BBT can chat with Brad in London while they are working there.

  • groundcontrol

    Sad state of affairs when a few Tea Party fanatics can hold a country hostage.
    And, more importantly, MY bank account. The court’s shut down plan requires us to soldier on though we will not get paid until this nonsense is over. Great. I’m still holding out hope for a last minute solution or at least a very short $$$$$ black hole.
    Gotta go dinner and Folye’s War or as my friend says, Foley’s Army. Don’t ask.

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    @Idiot KWest Dumb KimK: who is kw and kk? They sound like real Hollywood bastard parents. Some right de@dbeats.

  • Idiot KWest Dumb KimK

    Can you imagine if Angie and Brad have abandoned Shiloh in LA, with 3 months old, to go to a Fashion event in Paris ?

    All world would scream with indignation. It´s a cruelty and a lack of mother love and a bad parenting skills to leave a 3 moths old baby to go party in Europe.

    Let´s see what the critics and the world will say about this two fame-addicts. KW it´s a pathetic-arrogant that thinks its God and KK it´s a dumb-porn-celebrity that thinks a 3y baby don´t need a mother.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Are you kidding Loosey Lucy? You’re actually bragging about a new band? LOLOLOLOL…

    Wouldn’t it be a huge embarrassment to get married and continue to live a separate life from the other person? In fact, isn’t it a huge embarrassment for the perennial mistress that her stolen man and babydaddy could only commit to give her a “promise for the future”, after seven years and six children?

    If anything, this shows how desperate and unloved the old Ho feels. She pulls this kind of stunt every now and then. Not only does it make the two of them look bad, but it would confirm that the relationship is that “merger” you loons talk so much about. A business deal, contract, and nothing more than that, but getting married after the much touted 3-day rule was broken would be the biggest joke of the year.

    Let’s hope it turns out to be true, shall we? You loons have been miserably hoping for the druggie to turn his main mistress and concubine into a housewife for so long, that you’ve all become grumpy and bitter. Your happiness depends on it! :)

  • Kris

    @Ⱦamsin: Or maybe you have daddy issues… Maybe your dad didn’t love you ?…You did not get attention from your own father? I’m sorry for your suffering soul.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I don’t think this is true but I just read MANiston’s half brother will be serving as her best man at her wedding. Doesn’t Midget have a younger brother?

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    Oh nvm, you mean kanye west and Kim Kardashian. Well, there’s your fist mistake, throwing parents out there who have never claimed to be super daddy. Kanye hasn’t claimed that he spends only 3 days at a time without his kids and ohhhhhh how much it pains him like pitty potty.
    Ya see its different when a parent like de@dbeat daddy claims to be some great daddy but ends up being a de@dbeat who hasn’t seen his children in months, and a parent like kanye who hasn’t said much of anything when it comes to how much time he plans on spending with baby. Obvs a dad should spend as much time as possible but don’t brag about it when it’s obvs you are a de@dbeat.
    Ange on the other hand has claimed to try to be a great mother and photographic evidence exists that proves that, She’s not leaving her kids for months at a time.

  • hopeso

    A Gorgeous Happy Mum.

    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    @Ⱦamsin: what a out right joke without the laughs. if angie wanted to be mrs Pitt -eww at how that last name sounds, it’s so trashy- she would be mrs pitt. Obvs she doesn’t want to be married to him @sunny: does geyser Kosinski even work for angelina? I think she’s been manager -less for a few years

  • BING

    Brad Pitt is Jon Voight.
    His KIDS hate the coward Brad.

  • Kris

    @Ⱦamsin: But you are the embodiment of a bitter woman. In place of peace, your soul has excruciating bitterness.

  • Ⱦamsin


    And who might you be? Another “fan” that came out of “lurking mode”? LOLOL, nice moniker!

    Loon please, worry about these kids instead. Four of them already think their father doesn’t love them because he’s refused to see them in over a month and only picked two of them to spend time with. Where is your heart? :’(

  • naturegirl

    SHIT that does look like a wedding band

  • wow

    Looks like the band covered with diamonds. I always think Brad and Angie wedding bands should be different than traditional gold wedding bands because they are THE BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE. All diamonds wedding bands look just right for them.

  • lurker

    Lovely family she is wearing both rings,her gorgeous ring brad designed

  • Kris

    @Ⱦamsin: You are frustrated to the core of your soul. Why has God allowed so much disappointment in your life?

  • BING

    Brad is the most pretentious man all over the world.
    My Darling Jen know Brad.
    His love of life Gwynnie and His soulmate Angie dumped brad. ;););)

  • just Sayin

    There are a lot of men can’t be with their family because of jobs, but doesn’t mean they desert their family. Just because your father dumped you, doesn’t mean other fathers do too. Go get a life.

  • White Swan

    Yeah me too… i notice t hose shades before they look like they were made for her.


  • 2Park5

    Beautiful. She is gorgeous, that face, that smile. Sheer Perfection.

  • Kris

    @Ⱦamsin: You are accustomed to face scorn, so you have develop a carapace.

  • Lily

    I really hope it is true they were married.

  • Jen the Hag

    yeah… yeah BARREN HAG … you know how the the JP kids felt and you speak for them .. and you think we are the loons?? ..bwahahhahahhah!!! Talk about BIG TIME HYPOCRITE TAMWHORE!! bwahahahah!!

  • NYC

    Love you much!!!

  • Kim

    How is the trolls petition to keep Angie from receiving her Second Oscar going, have the idiots reached double figures yet? Bwah ha ha
    In positive news when is the first premiere of Brad’s critically acclaimed film TYAS?

  • lurker

    Hens need to get help,they are really crazy

  • Jen the Hag

    wow @ 09/29/2013 at 9:17 pm

    Looks like the band covered with diamonds. I always think Brad and Angie wedding bands should be different than traditional gold wedding bands because they are THE BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE. All diamonds wedding bands look just right for them.

    There would be a HAG tsunami if that is really a wedding ring and tamwhore and her 3 monickers head will explode simultaneously bwahahahah!!

  • Kris

    @just Sayin: She tried but she’s unlucky in love.

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    @naturegirl: yeah huh, they got married in Hong Kong. Derrp don’t mind me just a brangtard. At least I’m not an fftard. Ha

  • wow

    @Jen the Hag:
    LOL, yes the trolls head will explode. if they are really the wedding bands. I bet Brad designed them, all diamonds wedding bands. holy god.

  • De@dbeat daddy pitty

    @Kim: stuff like the petition to stop the Queen from accepting her Second Oscar makes the fftards more tarted than Brangetards. I have yet to see a brangtard create a petition AND not only beg for signatures but also think it’s a good idea and will actually werk. What a dumb arse collaboration FF is. Losers,

    I can’t f’ing wait until the day In November when Queen Angelina Jolie makes her way to the -untelivised- stage to give her speech for her humanitarian Oscar

    The anger and pain emitted from the fftards will be almost as glorious as the look on brangtards faces when Pitty potty the de@dbeat daddy is not allowed to the event. Weeee

  • Kim

    Do@just Sayin: Funny Tampax never said a word about Depp whose family was Never on location. Troll #1 never expressed concern that he wasn’t with his family for months.Over the last eight years JPs have been together on location 90% of the time

  • Cassi

    Now we have Angie wearing the band on her left hand ring finger. Just wait to see Brad’s band on his left hand ring finger, right now is on his right hand finger. When the band is on Brad’s left hand finger, I think they are ready to tell the world.

  • The Copy Cat Ticky

    The Barren cow Ticky will copy Angie’s gorgeous shoes soon…. Then her 3 psychos paid trolls will scream .. bunions … vein …ugly ..desperate.. SPLITTTTTTTTT.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Double Standard. Anything the JP is wrong. Other celeb families are always right. Don’t you know this by now.