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Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox & Vivienne!

Brad Pitt: Legoland with Knox & Vivienne!

Brad Pitt enjoys some quality time with his twins Knox and Vivienne as they explore Legoland on Saturday afternoon (September 28) in Windsor, Berkshire, England.

The 49-year-old actor and the five-year-old twins rode the rides and took in the sights – it looks like they had a blast together!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad has been in the UK filming his upcoming film Fury, which is about a crew of Americans in Nazi Germany who, toward the end of World War II, embark on a brave mission.

In case you missed it, check out these first set photos of the Fury cast!

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brad pitt legoland with the twins 01
brad pitt legoland with the twins 02
brad pitt legoland with the twins 03
brad pitt legoland with the twins 04
brad pitt legoland with the twins 05

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  • 555

    Absolutely adorable!!

  • Carolyn

    Best Dad.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Thanks JJ.

    Damn, this man is so handsome. The kids are adorable.

  • mom

    So loving Brad.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston
  • abcd

    Brad loves his family. So devoted to Angie and the kids.

  • awww

    hottest dad. he looks so young like 30 something.

  • Verity

    It’s not a good sign when dad is in one country and mom is in another. The kids seem to be splitting time between the two.

  • jump

    Sexy daddy and cutie pie twins!

  • QQQQ

    They visited the park on Saturday. How hard is it to get basic facts correct.

  • Zenith

    Brad ages backward. He is an amazing man and father.

  • Verity

    Hold up! is Brad wearing a onesie? LOL!!

  • Carolyn

    Sweet pictures.

  • Just Me

    I love Brad’s hair style when he was with Angie in Hong Kong, not much about this style, but Brad still looks great. The twins are adorable.

  • wow

    Brad is hot. Viv looks like Angie in the pic, from yesterday’s pics, Shiloh is Brad’s mini me.

  • the ring

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww pitty and bambi


  • Cece

    The hair is for a movie; he’s playing a military guy. But man, it suits him — he looks great.

  • tweet

    luke@me now ‏@elliemayroche 7m

    Still can’t get over the fact that I saw Brad Pitt

  • were the morons

    Rose, I understand. The trolls are extra crazy. I wouldn’t put out details either. They are still upset that the JP’s are together and spending time with their adorable children.

    But man, doesn’t Brad look sexy in these new pictures? I could eat him all up right now. The twins Knox and Vivienne are precious. They just are so excited to spend time with their daddy and play at Legoland. The twins looked so intrigued by their surroundings on the Boat Ride they are pictured on. Gosh these kids are too cute for words!

  • tweet

    Geraldine ‏@MissGeraldinexx now

    So Brad Pitt was at Legoland on Saturday …. And queued for all the rides!!! This is devastating news for me who did not go

  • new fan

    Brad and Angie have beautiful kids. I only wish Shiloh would wear girl clothes.

  • pup

    This man never ages! Looking handsome as ever.

  • QQQQ

    DailyFail has pics of the Moscow Circus outing but the link isn’t working for me so I cant bring it over.

  • Kris

    Lucky kids to have Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie as parents.

  • XXX

    Loving his new hairstyle!!

  • rhea

    So cute!

  • CK

    Brad Pitt is forever the sexiest man alive.

  • Cool Pics

    Angelina has on two rings in the dailyfail circus pictures. I dont think either is the engagement ring but one of them is a band.

  • yib

    Cute yeah brad and the twins..
    @just me i liked hair from front not as from back and sides…
    the kids pulling back dont want to leave or somethingfunny kidds are kids…
    so not much about counceri thought wwz be lay promotion too….but lucklyî

  • Cassi

    @Cool Pics:
    The band on Angie’s ring finger looks like the band on Brad’s right hand.

  • Rose

    @were the morons: How are you my dear. You know Brad is so happy to have some of his kids with him but, I’m sure he is missing having all the family together. Anyway, time flies so they will all be together soon. I see Knox is willing to try fishing? Ms Viv is just not interested in getting her hands dirty, :-). Do you know how long Brad will be away filming Fury? I believe the nanny? Maybe Brad’s niece. IMO, she looks like family. You know something, I did like the long hair on Brad, but the short hair is growing on me, that’s a handsome man, omg. Angie is not bad herself, :-).

    @#21, New fan, I see you have taken the time to write a comment here, And the only thing you have to say is: “I only wish Shiloh would wear girls clothes”. I would like to remind you, Shiloh is seven years old and
    she should be left alone. Fans do not criticize “any child/children” here.
    We are above child/bashing, we are responsible people. Please take your hate somewhere else. Please leave children out of your hate
    campaign towards their parents.

  • IMO

    I think they secretly were married already.

  • Cool Pics

    i don’t mean to start ringate again but has Angelina ever worn two rings? i know she had on a band when she went to the refugee camps but it was only one.

  • Cool Pics

    When angelina came back from Hong Kong she now has two rings. JPS members on the site also pointed out Procop is based in Beverly hills, geneva and…Hong Kong. just saying. it could be just a coincidence.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @new fan:

    Why? Because she is a girl. Shi should wear whatever the hell she wants. And even if she’ll never wear girly clothes again or turn out to be a lesbian why would this be a problem. Why should she be what society wants her to be?

  • Cassi

    When Angie arrived at Hong Kong airport, she was wearing the band similar to Brad’s band on her ring finger, yesterday she was wearing the band and another ring on her ring finger. and Robert Procop has a branch office in Hong Kong……

  • an oldie

    Saw the pic of Daily Fail’s pic of Shi. OMG, she looks so much like Brad. Even the way she holds the ice cone. It’s like Brad’s mini hand holding it. I remember when Angelina was pregnant with her, Star had a cover screaming:” It’s not Brad’s”. LOL. The kid came out and was a spiting image of him. No need for DNA testing on this one.

  • Cassi

    They could be married and didn’t want to tell the world yet.

  • groundcontrol

    I love how they spend time with the different kids. It’s so sweet for Brad that the twins can keep him company while he has to be away. This is a really devoted dad since most fathers or mothers wouldn’t even think to do this while away on business. I thnk it also helps the kids to become independent and more adaptable.
    Of course all Brad needed was a cut and shave to look glorious. Not that he wasn’t look might fine with the long hair for a while there. Still laughing at Viv’s reluctance to leave or maybe not get a do-over on a ride.

  • Nina

    cute. I guess its Pitt’s weekend with the twins.

  • Nina


    But its OK to trash Jennifer Aniston right and left, right hypocrites? Enjoy your hate-filled pathetic lives

  • Another Fan2
  • not buying it

    @Cool Pics:

    Well I think that was your intention, to start something out of ZERO, out of NOTHINGNESS, to get some attention.

    I don’t understand the constant need for SOME to examine in minute detail every aspect of these peoples lives, the JPs. As if they know what is what with them every second of every day.

    Some people clearly have no lives, this is the plain unvarnished truth of the whole matter.

    Back to these pics, Brad Pitt looks like a Daddy happy to be enjoying a fun day out with his youngest 2 kids at a place they visit often when in the UK. Good for all 3 of them. And their long time BG seems to be having fun on the outing as well.

  • http://computer Susan

    Bringing this over from the last thread.
    @ Rose Glad you a great time and came back to lovely weather.
    I try most of the time to scroll pass the filth, but once in a while I’ll rip, but it means nothing to them, afterwards I realize what a waste of my time.
    Angie and three of the kids are out and Maddox seems to have gone on a walkabout. Brad and the twins are hanging, so all is well, that is why the troll is losing what is left of it’s tiny mind.

  • Rose

    @Cassi: Hi cassi, you want to start mass suicide by the trolls here, at #30, saying the band on Angie’s ring finger looks like the band on Brad’s right right hand. Girl, do you really want to hear trolls committing mass suicide?, lolololol.

  • Cool Pics

    i wonder why a poster would be so so upset at me pointing out that Angelina is wearing two rings on her ring finger as opposed to the usual one ring even when in refugee camps?

  • lissa

    @Cool Pics:


  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Well, if the trolls are not going to kill themselves now they will when award season starts. There will be a mass grave and every JP threads will be infested with trolls. I am so looking forward it. Trolls in pain.

  • lissa


    “I only wish Shiloh would wear girls clothes”

    How is that bashing? I wish she would too but who cares, not my kid and if I had a kid I would let her dress that way if she really wanted to. I still would wish she wouldnt at times.

  • Rose

    @Nina: #41, Ticky is not a child. I guess in your mind Jennifer Aniston should be treated as a child because she acts childish. How can you compare a seven year old child to a 45 year old woman? Ticky will be 45 years old in four months. I hope you understand how immature you are. Now go over to tickys thread and compare her to. Child.