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'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Recap: How Did It All End?

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Recap: How Did It All End?

It has been one amazing season for the hit AMC series Breaking Bad and now the beloved show has come to an end with the final episode “Felina.”

The ratings for the series have grown enormously since the second half of season five began over the summer. The ratings growth was attributed to binge watching by viewers on Netflix after word of mouth spread about the series.

Last weekend, Breaking Bad took home its first Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and it will be eligible for its final time next year for the second half of this season. Stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn have all taken home individual acting Emmys for their roles on the show over the years.

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Breaking Bad Series Finale Recap — Spoilers Ahead!

The episode started off with Walter White breaking the ice and snow on a car to make his way inside. Once sitting in the driver’s seat, he sees police lights coming up in the distance from behind him. Eventually they pass by and he realizes he is in the clear. Walt finds the keys to the car, turns it on, knocks off some snow and starts his journey.

We next see Walt at a gas station in Canoncito, New Mexico. He has a lot of money in his trunk and he makes his way to a payphone where he calls someone pretending to be a reporter from the New York Times. He is setting up an interview with his old friends Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, the ones he saw on television trying to discredit Walt’s name at the end of the last episode. He is presumably doing this to get the address to their new home.

Cut to the Schwartz couple entering their home. We see Walt sitting in their courtyard. After they walk into the house, he closes the door to the courtyard behind him and enters their home. He walks around for a bit and then he is spotted by Gretchen. He tells them he is there to give them something that is in his car and asks them to take a walk down the road to the car. Elliott takes out a knife, but Walt then says if he is going to go that way, he will need a bigger knife. Elliott drops the knife.

We next see the three of them bringing all the money from the trunk into the house. It is well over $9 million and Walt says that he wants them to give it to his son in the form of a trust. He says that he doesn’t want the Schwartzes to give his family any of their own money, even if there are lawyers fees involved. Just before he is going to leave the house, two red dots appear on Elliott and Gretchen’s chests. Walt says he has taken $200,000 from the pile to hire hit men to make sure the task is completed. He threatens them, saying the will be followed for a long time to make sure they don’t say anything about all of this.

Walt leaves the house and the two “hit men” get into his car. We see that they are Skinny Pete and Badger. They really were just holding laser pointers and we realize Walt was bluffing. The two of them then confirm to Walt that the blue meth is still being produced and they come to the conclusion that Jesse is cooking it.

We now see Jesse Pinkman who is in a wood shop creating a box. He really is just fantasizing and the image cuts to him being held hostage in the meth lab.

Now we are where the first episode of season five started with Walt in the diner on his birthday. He then goes to his home and is in his old house, which is now ransacked. This is where the first episode of the second half of the season started. He takes the ricin from behind the electrical outlet.

Lydia is at a restaurant sitting by herself and Walt is at a separate table. Todd joins her and then Walt sits down with them at the table. He tells them that he has a new way of cooking meth that wouldn’t use any methylamine. He will teach it to them, but he needs some money now. He wants nothing short of a million dollars. When Walt leaves, Lydia says to Todd that she will not do business with him. She then pours a packet of Stevia sugar substitute into her tea. Todd wasn’t having anything to drink.

Walt is now at the spot where he had buried his money in the desert and where Hank got killed and buried. We see him building some sort of device that is controlled with the clicker from his car.

Marie calls up Skyler and tells her that she knows Walt is in town. She says there are a bunch of calls coming in with sightings. They are being made by two to three voices so it is possible that Walt is behind the calls. The police are watching over Flynn’s school and Skyler’s house to make sure he doesn’t get close to his family. After Skyler hangs up, we see that Walt is already in the house and that he wants five minutes to talk. Walt tells her “it’s over” and he wanted a proper goodbye before the police come to him. She tells him she is concerned that the men who came into her house threatening her would be coming back if he is in jail. Walt says that won’t be happening. He tells Skyler to call the cops when he leaves and say he forced his way in and that he wanted bacon and eggs on his birthday. He then gives Skyler the lottery ticket that has GPS coordinates to the burial site of Hank and Gomez. Walt tells her how they were killed. He tells her to trade the ticket for a deal with the prosecutor. Walt then admits that he did this all for “him,” that he liked it and was good at it. It made him feel “alive.” Before leaving the house, Walt sees his daughter for the last time.

Walt is then seen outside the apartment complex watching Flynn as he walks in the home. We see that there are cops watching him get off the school bus. Walt leaves.

Walt pulls up to Todd’s uncle Jack’s meth lab location site. He parks his car and we see he has the clicker that was controlling the device from the desert. Walt is patted down by the gang and has to prove he isn’t wearing a wire. He goes inside a house and starts talking to Jack, who says he doesn’t want to be in business with him. Todd tells Walt he shouldn’t have come back. The gang puts a gun on him and then Walt accuses Jack of being partners with Jesse even though he was supposed to kill him. Jack is not happy with this accusation and tells Todd to go fetch Jesse. While they are waiting, Walt grabs his car keys, which were sitting behind him on a pool table.

Jesse is brought into the room wrapped in chains and looking very disheveled. Walt tackles Jesse and they fall to the floor. Walt then presses the button on the car keys, which opens his trunk and triggers a gun to start automatically firing rounds at the house. Todd is still alive when the gun stops going off and when he is not looking, Jesse strangles him with the chains he is shackled with. Walt is standing looking at all the casualties while this happens. Todd is dead and Jesse takes the keys to the handcuffs out of Todd’s pocket and gets them off.

Walt picks up a gun lying on the ground and kills Jack, who is struggling to stay alive after being wounded. Jesse stands up and Walt is holding the gun at him. Walt puts the gun on the ground and slides it across the floor. Jesse picks the gun up and Walt tells him to kill him. Jesse says he will not do it unless Walt says he wants him to do it. Walt tells him to do it again. Jesse seems he is about to do it, but then he drops the gun and tells Walt to do it himself. We see that Walt is wounded badly already from the original gunfire.

Todd’s phone is ringing and it is Lydia. She asks if it is done and if “he is gone.” She then realizes Walt is on the phone and he asks how he is feeling. He says he slipped ricin into her Stevia packet. He says goodbye and drops the phone while he walks out of the house behind Jesse.

Jesse gets into a car and drives away from the property. He is elated to be away after being imprisoned. Walt is still standing outside the house and his wound looks to be getting worse. He then walks into the lab and takes a look around. He picks up a gas mask and then we see police cars coming to the property in the distance. Before they get there, Walt collapses and is dead.

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  • Steph

    Amazing ending to an amazing series couldnt have been more perfect

  • Julia

    Seriously, ending was sooo good! Flawless show.

  • haha


  • paula

    Great ending. My favorite part was the closure with Skyler.

  • annna

    great ending. I got teary.

  • pokypig

    i watched the first 4 seasons in one week could not stop watching this sheets, great show sad to see it end tonight !

  • I’m the one who knocks

    … Today, more than ever. I’ll miss this awesome show.

  • Yoga Singh

    Best show ever of my life

  • Nancy Tegan

    Loved the ending but almost stopped watching the series twice. The first time was when Mike was killed by Walt. So not cool. And the second time was when Hank dies. I am still made those two were killed off the show.
    Walt’s character definitely became breaking bad. Wow. The ending was quite satisfying.