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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Mr. Chow Date Night!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Mr. Chow Date Night!

Adam Levine holds hands with his fiancee Behati Prinsloo while making their way out of Mr. Chow after having a romantic dinner on Monday (September 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer and the 24-year-old Namibian model shared a few laughs together as they made their way back to their car to head home.

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Over the weekend, Adam and his Maroon 5 bandmates had to cancel their show at the Gorge Amphitheatre.

“I’m so sorry we had to cancel tonight guys. We will make it up to you,” Adam tweeted. “We had to take safety into account. We hope you understand.”

FYI: Adam is wearing an Adam Levine for Kmart men’s collection baseball cap.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo at Mr. Chow…

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adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 01
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 02
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 03
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 04
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 05
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 06
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 07
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 08
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 09
adam levine behati prinsloo mr chows date night 10

Credit: Roshan Perera; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • pinkydoo

    He looks horrible..he looks like an old man

  • gleen

    I’ve heard that he is gay and she is a lesbian and their relationship and future marriage is fake to promote their careers and help his image. The stunt isn’t helping him at all, he’s proving America that he’s a desperate loser

  • kris

    They look so Fu ck ing retarded, both high AF

  • melby

    It’s obvious he’s clinging on her to help his career, he’s a bottomfeeder. He was talking sh it about Bee on twitter but he’s not a man ,he’s a pu ssy taking advantage of her contracts to help his talentless band. Go Bee! I’m happy of your remarkable work and keep milking the hell outta this bas tard. Queen Bee for eva

  • ….

    @pinkydoo: lol true

  • arnold

    This chick has no self esteem. This dude was talking so many shhit about her on twitter while she was posting pics with other dudes. They both junkies attention seekers

  • rainbow

    @gleen: he must feel uncomfortable inside the closet. Time to get out Levine. I agree they both look high on drugs. His image is awful

  • Ha

    He’s so not attractive… I don’t understand why so many girls find him hot. Hell, even my sister does.. What is it girls? I don’t see it!

  • Not Sleeping w/ Behati

    @arnold: FACTS are he’s not sleeping w/ Behati. He has & will continue to sleep w/ another.

  • sunrise

    Mediocre model with her sugar daddy Great!!

  • Pulease

    @Ha, I used to think he was attractive mainly because he seemed like a really nice guy. However his penchant for young girls when he is now much older and the downright cruel way he treated Nina Agdal has turned me right off. I still like the bands music though.

  • frozen

    Her t I t s are uneven, oh wait she’s flat

  • dy

    Who cares? Next

  • Shizika

    omg she is so skinny, yuck

  • lor

    He made his career successful through Victorias Secret models and now this famewH0RE is helping him out. Losers

  • hills

    I bet she’s thinking all eyes on me,me, me. It must be good to use Levine as a pimp

  • Pulease

    @Not Sleeping w/ Behati, I really hope you are suggesting he is sleeping with a guy and not another woman. Previous forums have suggested there is another woman and it’s all nonsense.

  • megan

    Dumb and dumber. And the pr tour stunt continues. They should get married and disappear

  • ThE obvious TRUTH

    She has no class or self respect, I saw Adam’s tweets about her and he’s a dbag but she’s worst. The problem with her is that she just lays there for a dude that is using her and treating her like crap to help his career, and that’s attractive to as s holes like him with ego issues and low self esteem

  • ugh

    So as you can see it pays off to be a fame w hore.

  • france

    Levine is a shallow rich scu m bag that bought his career the same way he pays for his girlfriends. I bet if they brake up she’ll keep desperately who ring her stinky a s s to be a supermodel.

  • space

    I heard he’s on meds for herpes, depression, adhd, anxiety and if you add the drug addiction he must be a walking zombie. I watch the voice for Blake Shelton but it’s pretty obvious Adam isn’t the most articulated man. He should get married and take a long break

  • Huh

    Show me one negative tweet that Adam made about Behati on twitter.


    Out for Dinner? Why? Its not like she even eats…..
    Victoria’s Secret… Where are her boobs?

  • Marcella

    What a weird couple! They are trying to show that they are together. For photos and instagram it. The body language of them do not show sexual relationship. I do not know if it’s because we Brazilians are very warm and like to show affection and love for hugs, kisses, holding hands … but even with these two hands show nothing. Looks like two acquaintances. If they do not sleep together as mentioned what happens between these two? It’s unfortunate, but I love maroon 5 adam finding the ridiculous, bizarre and decadent. His image is no longer the same, then this relationship with Behati. Even with all the attention in the media because of the voice behavior is deplorável.Me it breaks my heart to see the singer as talented pass that image.

  • kke

    Once a H O E always a H O E great choice Levine, I follow her on twitter and the black dude look more of her lover than you. Grab some balls and use them. Stupid jew

  • kke

    @Huh: EVERYBODY around them know that he was talking about her on twitter. She’s a shameless c u n t and he’s desperate little bit ch

  • hunt

    She looks like a damaged doll. No individuality, no grace, no style just a goose with clothes

  • alien

    He appears to follow behind her like a damn dog

  • Huh

    @kke: Then it shouldn’t be any trouble for you to provide a link to prove it.

  • heeyyy

    which tweet was it though, the teeth one?

    they both need a reality slap in the face, if this is some pr stunt ,IF, then its not working its back lashing like noooo tomorrow….

    if he needs a down fall so be it maybe then he’ll learn how to come back up

  • ten

    He’s not gay just a confused bi yikes

  • lost quarter

    If Adam can’t sing please keep calm he’s barking behind Behati ha

  • khloe

    Hopefully soon they’ll be as irrelevant as Paris Hilton. Please Adam get married and get lost with your prostitute

  • the most wanted

    They’re wack. His face have more botox than Kim K. Fu ckinng fa gott

  • strengnard

    He is a talentless jew, attention seeker, with no feelings for other people. Materialism at it’s best. People like him should commit suicide to clean this world.

  • Madeline

    I’ve said this before, but why does she always have to wear a potato sack?? She would look all right if she would take some pride in her appearance outside of modeling gigs. Her eyes unfortunately do look like she has been drinking, smoking pot or something.

  • WOW

    omg gross, she is just gross, and he is following along with her. Shes 24, then she will be 28, 30.. she wont be able to have kids while doing drugs. She is only in VS catalogues BECAUSE OF HIM, yes BECAUSE OF HIM! So all those people who said ANNE was using him and this is true love? UM no, wrong. Behati would not be in those catalogues or doing the bridal part of the VS fashion show if she was not the soon to be Miss Levine. I bet her wedding dress will be black.. thats all she wears.

  • gi

    He has confidence issues. He desperately need a model to prove himself he’s not a loser. It’s more than obvious she has no education, no real talent. Her career is to get high, be a groupie, sleep around with black dudes and kiss Adam’s ass for work.

  • Pulease

    In photo number 8 he is walking out of the restaurant on his own, in the first one he is walking out with her. Did he forget about her or were they dining in a crowd and when he left and saw the paps went back in and got her out.?.

  • oklahoma

    @strengnard: I agree with you. Adam we are begging you to commit suicide and take your nasty girlfriend with you. Please dude you’re pathetic

  • Marcella

    They say he shares a house with a friend. I do not understand how a rich man does not live alone. They say he has a problem with loneliness when left alone has crisis gloom. Love maroon 5, adam felt sexy. He is very depressed, very skinny and always staring off. This relationship is hurting him, becomes pathetic to see the two together.

  • Ana

    @oklahoma: you are the pathetic one!!!! Begging people you dont even know to kill themselves just because you dislike them? Shame on you

  • Ana

    @strengnard: hello nazi!!!! I cant believe that you seriously wrote that on a public blog!!! what’s wrong with your lives?

  • The Truth

    Go here once they are back in the car and look at her face. It’s as if Adam told her, “Hope you liked that last dinner tonight. You’re NOT getting ANYTHING else from me from this point forward!”

  • Pulease

    @The Truth, ha ha, but look at my last post, maybe it’s because he wasn’t expecting to take her home.

  • AFineMess

    Adam is out and about often and never gets papped unless Bee is around. At some point he’ll have to give up on this charade. He hasn’t been convincing as her boyfriend for one second. Everyone knows it’s bogus.

  • ck

    @The Truth: sure. He’s a clingy dog that needs this engagement. I’ll tell you they’ll marry soon enough to help his clothesline and votes on the voice. By the way he’s the biggest pu ssssy he’ll never commit suicide, an impossible dream for us that are tired of his pathetic ass

  • Marcella

    Is she blackmailing him? He finished with nina very fast and soon became noivo.Será she knows something about him?

  • Pulease

    The only way they can convince most people they are serious is to actually get married. Hopefully they will visit her parents in Namibia first so that they can meet their only child’s future husband. I am sure they would like a visit from her as well.