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Celebrities React to Government Shutdown - Read Hollywood's Thoughts

Celebrities React to Government Shutdown - Read Hollywood's Thoughts

Parts of the federal government officially shut down at 12:01am Tuesday (October 1) after Congress failed to come to an agreement over funding bills.

Just ahead of the shutdown, Twitter exploded, with many of the trending topics including #governmentshutdown, #GOPshutdown, #shutdown, Dems and Obamacare.

President Obama took to Twitter to address America’s concerns.

“They actually did it. A group of Republicans in the House just forced a government shutdown over Obamacare instead of passing a real budget.” the President tweeted. “Despite the shutdown, the new health insurance marketplace opens for business as planned on October 1. #GetCovered”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Government shutdown???

Click inside to check out what some celebrities had to say about the government shutdown…

“The saddest part about the Govt. Shutdown isn’t that it’s happening. It’s that we keep electing people who let it happen.” - Josh Gad

“My kid asked abt Government Shutdown in the way 2 school. After I explained she said ” can we impeach congress?” #outofthemouthsofbabes” – Audra McDonald

“In 10 minutes, the Government of the world’s great superpower is shutting down. How utterly pathetic. #governmentshutdown #CNN” – Piers Morgan

“Wonder if folks will still take the repubs serious… #governmentshutdown … Smh.” – Estelle

“I hope everyone’s 100% clear on the difference between a government shutdown and “The Purge” – BJ Novak

“Don’t think of it as a government shutdown. Think of it as a Newsroom finale.” – Jon Lovett

“‘@rihanna: Money on my mind #pouritup’ is that just what you do after a show? While watching gov shutdown on CNN?” – Judd Apatow

“Wow. It happened? #governmentshutdown” – JoJo

“The Tea Party needs to take a seat!! My thoughts on the #GovernmentShutdown…” – Russell Simmons

“u s government shutdown who cares! Rihanna Fans Are Not Happy and that’s all anyone is talking about.” – Sandra Bernhard

“Just landed in LA. And the #governmentshutdown …. Not a good look.” – Mario Lopez

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  • Sam

    Such a tacky man to go on Twitter and post that. You have no one to blame but yourself for not keeping the government in line. Get your s*** together, Mr. President.

  • GFW

    People have been fighting this man since he took office. In the end they’re only hurting themselves trying to get rid of him. He’s a good solid man and most can’t handle that because he’s black. Well, get over it. It’s time to join with him. This is utterly ridiculous and should NOT be happening. It’s all an attempt to tarnish his terms. Sad.

  • csfw12367

    They passed a budget 2x that funded everything else. They wanted to push the mandate back for individuals for a year, which Obama did with businesses. They also wanted to get rid of congress subsidies for healthcare, which means they would have to get healthcare on their own without any help from taxpayers. What is wrong with that? This president disgusts me with the way he acts sometimes. An example, is this tweet. I know he’s better than that but he really needs to get it together. The gov’t shut down is as much his fault and democrats fault as the republicans.

  • cnyn

    Instead of playing endless rounds of golf, going on tax-payer paid family vacations to places like Africa and Martha’s Vineyard and demonizing Republicans Barry should have spent more time cultivating friends on the other side of the aisle; maybe then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • moll

    have to completely agree. it is tacky for the president to go on twitter with this serious pathetic fail. I am not in favor of the republicans’ actions either but Obama should not be using twitter for this. 800,000 workers are without pay right now.

  • ALG

    I hate all of our politicians. Does this mean that I can skip work today? FFS. Let’s shut down the whole country.

  • 555

    Who cares what Hollywood celebrities think of the government shutdown??

  • Paulie

    The government shutdown falls squarely on the shoulders of Republicans, particularly the Tea Party bozos. Even John McCain and Peter King have spoken out against the likes of Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann.

  • Danelle – Disappointed w/POTUS

    As a US federal employee at home today without pay I am disappointed more with the POTUS than with anyone else in Govt.

    “A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. You don’t have that idea when you are arrogant, superficial, and uninformed.”

    A response on twitter to such a serious issue from the “leader of the free world” is juvenile and tacky.

    If the Republicans have given multiple recommendations and the only response from the POTUS is no, then that doesn’t sound like compromise on all sides to me; but more like my way or no way.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t care what hollywood celebs have to say about it. They are no more ‘experts ‘ than I am.


    This is truly tragic. The president is trying to improve the healthcare system and congress is trying to put a stop to it.

  • Jake

    Why would I value the opinion of people who entertain dictators, embrace hard core communist leaders and have spent more time in rehab than they have a classroom?

  • poop

    obama sucks, bush sucked, they are con men and scamm artists for the elite…none of these worthless frontmen work for the people..and what makes obama the worst is that there was some promise for a change in the status quo…he has not delivered..just more lies

  • long legged lady

    I agree with Rebecca and 555 who gives a s–t about what hollywood and celebs think about this issue, they are NO BETTER than the rest of us!!!!

  • ntnw

    Audra McDonald should worry about her own language skills before commenting on anything – “in” her way to school, Audra!! She should have said “on” her way to school. Another Mensa candidate….

  • Karen

    Anyone notice that the world has not ended?
    WE DON”T NEED A FAT BLOATED BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT!!!!!! Who spends and spends and spends ,wastes and wastes others money as it keeps printing more, devalueing our hard earned dollars over time!
    Let the people keep more of their earnings and watch the economy grow.

  • freya

    In case you all don’t know Obamacare was already a law and the Republicans are playing with your life by trying to repeal what is already a law by not passing the budget that they all voted for because they want to defund your health care mandate. Bohner and hyis minion are holding this to your head and what is wrong with the President telling you on twitter what is really going on. TRY TO EDUCATE YOURSELF PEOPLE YOU WILL NOT BE IN THIS MESS WITHOUT THE BLESSING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. THEY WOULD RATHER CUT OFF YOUR LIFE LINE THAN RAISE TAXES ON THEIR RICH FRIENDS AND CUT THE SUBSIDIARIES TO THE RICH FARMERS.

  • Lisa

    King Obama and the NSA is spying on YOU innocent Americans and innocent people of the world, looking at your private e-mails and listening to private phone calls.

  • Julie Clarity

    Lest we forget, the republicans also cut and pasted in their anti-family planning agenda in the attempt to extort the President. Additionally, I do not understand the allure of allowing Medical Bankruptcy to continue as the USA’s healthcare insurance of last resort. We the People all pay for that, too.

    ~60% of Bankruptcies in the USA are Medical Bankruptcies.
    ~50% of the Medical Bankruptcies in the USA are people who had insufficient insurance coverage.

    The only citizen who profits from bankruptcies is the Bank Citizen who is able to charge a poor sot 2-3X the going interest rate, should that person decide to finance through a bank for a purchase such as an automobile to get to work. Life does continue after bankruptcy.

  • poop

    to those that have swallowed the propaganda whole. Obamacare was written by the large Healthcate providers with the help of Key dems and repubs to push it through in order to simpley charge more for less, form an all-powerful Cartel which has the aim of putting all middle and small healthcare providers out of business wildly increasing profits ..all while promising the moon for free,,,just wait till you see the mess ..notice the large healthcare stocks go through the roof? this is no different than the consoldation of the media into a few giants, the domination of the energy industry by the reletive few, large banks and financial institutions buying up smaller banks after the planned financial crisisof 2008etc..etc
    monopoly—for the few—not you
    Keepbuying into th fake left VS, right thing as the uber wealthy run out he back door with the money and our future.

  • what

    I live in West-Europe where healthcare is obligatory. I cant believe that such a powerful country like U.S.A doesnt already have it. You guys can build rockets to land on the moon, but healthcare should still be a thing only for privileged or what?

  • cheddar

    I wonder what it’s like to force a shut down at your place of work and still get paid (fully not unemployment) for your time off…
    I’m still not sure about Obama care. What I do know for sure is my insurance premium/deductible is outrageous and they they pay very little on my bills. I’m basically paying for insurance that I can’t use. I think the only ones who will benefit from Obama care are those with pre-existing health problems that prevent medical coverage and those with low annual incomes.

  • bleh



  • Nancy

    I live in Europe too and thank god we don’t have a healthcare system like the US. Also, I had to laugh at the ‘world’s greatest superpower” tweet by whoever. Umm being in debt by trillions does not make you a superpower.. I am glad we don’t have people like Obama or Bush running my country. They are idiots.

  • lol

    Go suck obama balls now, hollywood.

  • Shannin

    Correction: It should be ” …. on the way to school ….” NOT “….in the way to school …. “!

  • corruption

    We were never intended to be subjects of a big powerful federal government.This is what the early inhabitants were escaping from. America was indended to be of, by, and for the people, from primarily the local government up to the state level and this is what made us free prosperous and great.

  • Lauren

    @Nancy: RME. When WW3 starts, you’ll want us on your side. Our worst is still better than your best.

  • Sasha

    Why do we need to care about what celebrities have to say about government matters? Frankly.

  • zip

    @Lauren: OMG Toucy Touchy, Maybe the truth hurts

  • Hunger Games

    @what: Our population is 10x bigger than your that’s why

  • Jane

    @Sam: The ignorance and lack of information displayed here in most of these posts is the most frustrating thing of all. The Republicans are willing to shut down the gov’t because they want to kill a LAW, not a bill. A law that was already debated, voted on and upheld by the Supreme Court. Not to mention that the Republicans lost two elections. This is close to the 50th time they’ve tried to stop the Affordable Care Act to no avail. Obama has compromised with this Congress but they are a NO COMPROMISE Congress regardless of the affect on our economy and people.

  • Did it out of SPITE

    “They actually did it. A group of Republicans in the House just forced a government shutdown over Obamacare instead of passing a real budget.” the President tweeted. “Despite the shutdown, the new health insurance marketplace opens for business as planned on October 1.”
    How is this helpful? How is spending money to shut it down, make us open for God knows what? Hello!! He’s in office until the end of his term. Is there a part that the Republican’s just don’t get? Work with him!

  • ezra

    Wow, these american celebs are very uneducated. Its not “in the way to school, its “on the way to school”. Obama is very educated man, yet he likes to hang around these moronic Hollywood people. Why?

  • freya


    oH PLEASE YOUR THE ONE TO TALK ABOUT UNEDUCATED This celebrities are NOT uneducated THEY READ and learn that’s why they got payed a lot. No Rhetorics from Faux news are going to brainwashed them like you guys.

  • JT

    We were told by HR to expect to pay 40% more for health care, which is already way too much for a single person, and possibly pay even more next year. So much for “affordabe”. It isn’t for me. I barelly make it.

  • Lawrence
  • julian

    you better work, B***h!

  • Still Pro Our President

    Ugh, those stupid idiots! And I mean that! I have never been a follower of politics, but having this President in office made me pay attention. I most certainly believe his “race” is a big deal in this country. I think the Republicans thought this president was going to be a pushover… you know, like some black men who smile all the time, trying to be less threatening and accepted….BUT President Obama is not! He is a good, decent man and I see him trying desperately to do something good for Americans. He is not trying to hurt us. And he is not trying to be buddy buddy with these Republican idiots, entertaining them at the White House and having them as pals, etc — and they can’t take it. First of all, they can’t get that close to him to know him. He knows they are just snakes, ready to stab him in the back. President Obama is a family man…… Seriously, Republicans can do the “right thing” by helping the President streamline Obamacare to get it fine tuned, but not TOTALLY throwing it out when it is already law. The absolute NERVE of these arrogant people!!! When you want your way, get your OWN guy or gal in office. Right now, we have a Democrat who has the support of enough people. Stop whining and help the people!!!!

  • Still Pro Our President

    @corruption: Huh, I never, ever heard any complaints about big government until President Obama got into office.

  • think again

    @cheddar: Let me tell you, you won’t understand until something bad happens to you. At least this president is doing something. He has tackled an problem that should have been dealt with long ago. Now that Obamacare is in its first stages, rich, greedy Republicans want to shoot it down — after it is already LAW! Unbelievable. Overall, members of your party are selfish and self -centered. You’re so paranoid that someone is taking from your pocket until you’ve put a lot of good, honest people into a box. I never voted much, and I don’t join political parties. If I ever vote for a Republican president, I will do it only because I like the man running — not the party. You’re just too mean. “Why do you have to be so mean?”

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Still Pro Our President:
    You´re right!
    He is a good, decent man and I see him trying desperately to do something good for Americans, yep !

  • okidoki

    Oh that’s a great reason to like the guy, because he’s a family man; give me a break. This guy was a community organizer and a Senator for a few short years before he was lucky enough to become President. He’s in this job way over his head and he doesn’t know how to get along with people who don’t agree with him; all he does to those people is name-call them. Believe me, he’d rather be playing golf.

  • ann

    Republicans are willing to sacrifice recovery and progress just to prove a silly point. Doesn’t matter to them, the GOP’s loaded anyway.

  • Twilla

    @555: The people in Hollywood live in a bubble. They will do, say, or donate to anyone that can help them with their careers. Most of them make so much money, that they can’t even related to the common folk. Having a job disappear, or to be reduced to part time because of a HC program gov is MAKING PEOPLE BUY, isnt what our founding fathers wanted. The gov and our laws have been set up to protect us from too much gov intervention. Obama & cronies since day 1, have been tearing apart the constitution and enforcing laws that neither protect, or defend our rights as citizens. Paying for others HC is redistribution of wealth. Too many people are already on welfare and have been forced on the US gov teet. Its a downward spiral.

  • L’ennui Terminal

    He’s one sorryazzed president! Blaming one party when HIS PARTY refuses to even talk to Boehner and the House! The HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES represents We the People, Mr POTUS, or don’t you know that already? We the People don’t want your Obamacare, never did and still don’t. Have you looked at polls lately? Have you looked at how many milliions of Americans are now reduced to part time jobs because of your SICK LAW?

    I’m sick to death of his eternal blame game. He wants to tax the crap out of Americans and he doesn’t give a damn about our economy or jobs in the process.

    Wake up Libs, you’re the only ones who can save us from this mess!

  • ha ha

    @L’ennui Terminal: Boehner is a bona fide BONEHEAD! He’s been one from the start. He’s false and he’s a liar. Plus he looks like an alcoholic. Yuck!

  • Yup!

    @ann: You Said It! It’s the party of moolah! People with money are used to power. They always believe they are smarter than everyone else and that they should always be at the TOP. I believe that Obamacare is somehow hitting crooked, scamming Republicans (esp investors in medications, medical equipment, doctors, etc) in their pockets and that it is the ONLY reason why Republicans would ever go to such lengths to end it. For years, healthcare has been robbing the people, and Obamacare is driving a stake thru its ugly heart. Money is always at the center of corruption.

  • Deb

    The only good that can come of this is that the Republican party or at least the tea-party faction of it could self-destruct. The irony is that their supposed main objection the “Affordable Health Care Act” is going on despite the shutdown, and in fact some parts of it such as adult children being able to remain on their parents insurance if they meet certain criteria has been in effect for quite some time. If people would take time to learn about it, instead of letting politicians who are furthering their own cause tell them what they would believe, they might not object so much. The tea party is causing this to punish President Obama more than for the good of the American people, for what, winning the election maybe?? I hope that American voters have the good sense to vote them all out during future elections.

  • and again…

    @okidoki: Give me a break! And Ronald Reagan was once an actor. So what! You idiots have been spewing that nonsense forever now. Being a good, decent human being is important. I suppose you want a man who did what Clinton did, right? It matters to have a man of character as our president. President Obama is also smart enough to be president, but you stupid idiots just can’t accept it. He won 2 terms and I know a lot of Democrats who love him, but you’re still trying to make the world believe he can’t possibly do what all the white guys did. I cannot believe my fellow Americans are so pitiful. If you’re that enraged and thinking this man is deliberately trying to ruin our nation, get down on your knees and pray to the God that so many of you decent, spiritual Republicans “pretend” to believe in……….