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Johnny Depp Sells Comedy Pilot to Fox!

Johnny Depp Sells Comedy Pilot to Fox!

Johnny Depp meets up with some pals outside a studio on Tuesday (October 1) in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor recently sold a comedy pilot alongside Chris Miller and Phil Lord to the Fox network, Deadline reports.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

The comedy, called Torched, is about a “fast-talking, fun-loving dad, who through his very unique – and sometimes law-breaking – job, strives to give his young son the life he never had.”

Chris and Phil previously teamed up with Johnny for 21 Jump Street.

Johnny is currently in town to film Into the Woods.

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  • Sophia

    So it’s basically a script about his life?

  • Lala

    Bless his genes! he looks just like when he was working in Public Enemies (2008).

  • Ha

    I love how weird he dresses. He’s like Keanu Reeves, he’ll never age =) still hot in my book

  • Sunny

    I love this news! Go Johnny!!! And he looks good too!

  • heeyyy

    yayyy JD!! cant wait to see how this turns out

  • Donna

    he looks gorgeous!

  • ohlala

    Johnny is now an old fat man.

  • archie

    @ohlala: Are you f***in blind???The man is freakin gorgeous!!!He looks sooo good!!God bless you,Johnny!

  • Notice how…

    Johnny Depp has cleaned up his “act” considerably since dumping his haggard-looking “old lady” and dating an attractive younger woman. He looked like homeless man while he was settled down with Vanessa, and that’s because Vanessa (who previously looked great when he met her) forgot herself and followed Johnny into his crazy druggie-image lifestyle. I’m not surprised Johnny grew tired of Vanessa and instead fell for a well-groomed, beautiful woman. When women “step up” their game, their men will most certainly follow them, because men know that other men will want to take their place. Men are fiercely afraid of another man luring their woman away from them. IMO, a woman should never get to the point where she loses herself… especially for a guy.

  • JDF

    @ohlala: do you have a major problem in your eyes or something? because Johnny looks half his age and he is so fit and in a good shape.

  • JDF

    @Notice how…: give him a break, he and Vanessa grew apart and broke up just like any other normal couple. he didn’t dump here or anything like that, he just moved on with his life and started dating someone else and so did she.

  • fare

    @JDF: Exactly.Finally someone who doesn’t believe the tabloids!

  • jelena

    @JDF: lol you seriulsy think he looks 25??? you must be a delusional blind fangirl.
    sure he looks good for his age but he has aged a lot since the mid 2000s where he really looked like he is in his mid-late 30s in some of the photoshoots. now he looks like a 45-48 year old who looks youngish just because of his laid back style, he is no more the 30-looking 40 something.

  • ohlala

    Amber is feeding bad to Johnny.

  • ohlala

    He is always handsome with a big butt

  • well,

    @JDF: Vanessa was very attractive in the beginning. Johnny really fell for her. But, over the years, she let herself go to the point where I could barely recognize her. Johnny really did look like a bum until he started anew with his young lady. If he had stayed with Vanessa, he’d still be looking like a bum, so good for him. There is no reason people with fame should rush their demise. The end comes soon enough. Take advantage of what you have while you have it.

  • JDF

    @jelena: well, you really didn’t have to take that literally, he looks 40 to me and sometimes could pass for mid to late 30s. he looks amazing for his age and really really astonishing for someone who drinks and smokes a lot.

  • JDF

    @ohlala: Ok, you are an obvious troll.

  • Kasia

    @well,: Well, Vanessa did age, but I wouldn’t say she looks terrible. No one knows what happened btw them so I guess it’s not fair to judge. I went through a phase of judging Johnny for leaving Vanessa for a younger woman, but I came to the realization that I don’t know what really happened btw them, maybe they just weren’t compatible for whatever reason…these things happen. I’m back to loving Johnny again lol

  • KR

    @JDF: Oh but you are forgetting dear JDF that he stopped drinking alcohol and that has to be a huge part on how well he looks now. Also his happiness. It seems to me that his young lady has helped him to clean up his acts and makes him look healthier and happy again. Well done lucky lady! (you all know who I’m talking about)

  • Landy

    Why does everybody makes such a big deal about him? I never did get the appeal. He always looks dirty & smelly to me – & a need of a decent hair cut.

  • Sally

    People should see how Vanessa looked in the Chanel event from yesterday. She looks gorgeous! So, I guess by YOUR logic that must have been Johnny’s fault!

  • Sally

    I meant that “her looking bad” must have been Johnny’s fault, by your logic.

  • JDF

    @Landy: because he us a big deal! just because you don’t like him it doesn’t mean the whole world feels the same ok? he is one of the sexiest and best looking men in the history and just because he is dressing like that it doesn’t mean he is dirty or smelly because if you looked close enough, he is clean-shaven and has a clean-freash skin and all the people who met said that he smells soo good.

  • JDF


  • JDF

    met him**

  • LOL

    @Sally: she looked her best when she was with him (when she was in her late 20s-early 30s ofcourse) but then she lost it all and that has nothing to do with him, she looks terrible now and older than her age.

  • in response

    @Sally: It was Vanessa’s own fault. Johnny did not meet Vanessa like that. Most women should know by now that men tend to wish that women DO NOT change too much from what they fell in love with. For whatever reason (possibly drugs and/or alcohol), Johnny started going “downhill” somewhat, and instead of Vanessa, holding her head up and continuing to be the woman she was, she followed him into the pit. Many women do that with their men. Then, they were both looking bad (scraggly, unkempt) Oh yea, Vanessa looked almost like a witch in some of her photos before they split up. Her hair was wild and the gap between her teeth was awful. Her mouth looked like a drug addict’s mouth — bad teeth just like Johnny’s teeth. I couldn’t believe it! Maybe if Vanessa had kept herself together, Johnny wouldn’t have sunk so low, because he would have been afraid of losing her. She didn’t hold herself to a higher standard and respect herself over the years, and apparently, Johnny lost respect for her as well.

  • V

    @in response: she still looks like a witch. just see a recent picture of her without makeup and you will have nightmares.

  • JJJones

    Dear Johnny,
    no matter how you try to dress down those gorgeous charming looks ,
    they still shine through, MWAH*

  • in response

    @V: Omigosh! Yea, it’s unfortunate for Vanessa. She did not age well. All Johnny has to do is stay off the “juice,” workout to stay trim (reduce puffiness), get his teeth fixed (with some whitening) and maintain good grooming and he can still look handsome. He’s got good bone structure in his face. Paul Newman had that too. Wrinkles will only make Johnny look like a handsome older man.

  • LOL

    @in response: he doesn’t need any of that as he is looking so handsome already.

  • brenda

    @7 ohlala: Johnny is not an old fat way! He is gorgeous and looks good for his age..God bless him!!.Second: in response.n31:..please don’t compare Johnny to another way,I think Johnny is unique in every single way!And last but not least…@JJJones..Agree 100 % with you..he is AMAZING!!!

  • agree… but

    @LOL: I always liked Johnny Depp, because no matter what, he is a good-looking man. His personality is also kinda “deep and unusual.” But even I could never kiss Johnny if his teeth are still black and wonky. Too much alcohol will make any man fat and puff daddy.

  • LOL

    @agree… but: when you kiss someone you kiss his lips and not his teeth lol. well he is still fit and in a good shape and he is not exactly drinking too much alcohol these days as he only drink non-alcoholic.

  • agree… but

    My word! I swear I hadn’t seen those photos above of Vanessa. NOW do you folks see what I am talking about? HER TEETH! Her mouth looks absolutely wretched — even worse than Johnny’s. I think any person looking at her would immediately think “drug addict.” She still has a cute little body after having 2 kids. She’s quite petite and lean. But her face doesn’t match her body anymore……