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Jennifer Aniston Models New 'Key to the Cure' T-Shirt

Jennifer Aniston Models New 'Key to the Cure' T-Shirt

Jennifer Aniston shows off her new “Key to the Cure” t-shirt to support the fight against breast cancer.

The shirt was designed by Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci and launched by the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Saks Fifth Avenue. where the shirt retails for $35. One hundred percent of all proceeds going to benefit the Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s charitable programs dedicated to finding new detection methods, better treatments and eventual cures for women’s cancers.

“I’m so honored to join the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Saks Fifth Avenue in their continued efforts to raise funds for promising scientific research through EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund,” Jennifer said in a statement. “My hope is that everyone will contribute to this worthy cause by purchasing a Key To The Cure T-shirt designed by Emilio Pucci.”

Bigger picture inside…

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  • soy

    shitstorm incoming

  • jmho

    Flashing her Rolex watch and embarrassingly huge diamond ring she asks us for donations. Whoever is doing the marketing for this needs to give their head a shake.

  • mer1

    photoshopped b!tch

  • jump

    Ummm, NO!!

  • jump

    Also, if she want to help instead of hocking T-shirts all the time why don’t she put her money into the pool! Instead of flashing her ugly mood ring and expensive watch to everyone expecting them to buy a T-shirt because her entitled a$$ say so. This is her so called charitable work, BOOOOOOOOO!!

  • Jentheho

    Huvsy is paying JJ ready well because this is old news.

  • Jiselle

    omg this woman can do nothing right by you guys. she’s supporting a charity, you do the same or shut up

  • Karen

    @mer1: #LOL

  • celebs make me sick

    So if they sell 20 thousand t-shirts they’ll make 700 000 $ which is what, 10% of what she makes in one movie, the cost of redecorating two rooms in her mansion? Don’t tell me she may have contributed with her own money, there is no excuse for these millionaires to ask us for money, none.

  • David

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  • rhea

    i dont know why she had to be posed showing all her bling.

  • gigi


    She is advertising the jewelry also for sale. It’s a 15.99 watch from Charlotte Russe and the earrings are Marc JAcobs for Nordstrom and they sell for 45.56.

  • gigi

    Hover over the jewelry if you dont believe me.

  • anonymous

    She is trying so hard to appear young, but those wrinkles give her away. She looks rough in the face from cigarette smoking. Trying to keep herself relevant through Aveeno, hair products, etc. That’s when you know your career is just about dunzo.

  • http://computer Gun

    This ho never puts her hands in her pockets to donate, it is always piggybacking on someone’s else idea, stilling waiting for the half million she promised for the Haitian earthquake victims.
    When she is not posing for St Judes and never finding out how the kids are doing or donating use handbags that were given to her.
    She probably feels supporting Justin is her contribution to charity.
    And this picture is not fooling anyone, she is a porker, with alcohol bloat.

  • allison

    Always makes me laugh when people say she has a beautiful face. Wrong. There are angles that make her look ok and this one is not one of those angles.
    She should have wore a low cut t shirt so her boobs who distract us from her face. You know like Kim K is doing to distract people from the bottom portion of her body.

  • yep

    Awesome! Awareness is so important!


    This isn’t new. We’ve seen this before. Yea, that bling is distasteful and it has nothing to do with this campaign. That’s Jared’s advertisement for cheap look alikes.

  • Jack S.


    Have you seen the checks she has written to charities? How do you know she hasn’t donated? You are an idiot!

  • flor

    well done jen!

  • jmho


    Those hover over things are just fashion placements for where people can purchase similar things to what the star is wearing. That is Jennifer’s own Rolex watch, Google it if you don’t believe ME.

  • jmho


    Only the T-shirts are for sale.

  • Fraud

    Hey Jen, why you lie. You promised Haiti people millions of dollars from your own pocket to help the Haitians, you even rushed to the call center and was smiling on the phone the whole time as if it was a funny ordeal for those who lost their lives and livelihood. You knew Brad was there so of course you rushed out there hoping for a chance but you were ignored so you decided to play infront of the lenses. You are a moron and a liar. You use St Jude for your own publicity and instead of not showing your face and your rolex and big diamond ring, maybe you should hide and let the children take the spotlight. JEN, YOU ARE A CHEAT AND A FRAUD!

  • Look @ Me!

    Give your donations to Jennifer so she can get richer. Are the donations going to her? She is enjoying the attention that should be shining on the children of St Jude.

  • Tess

    She paid big bugs to photoshop to the max! The lighting soften her harsh look and coarse skin. Lots of money spent taking pictures of her and customizing the pictures of her to make her look better for this stupid t-shirt is a joke. Why not donate that kind of money to the children instead of fooling the public?!

  • Jessie

    Trying to sell another tee shirt? Really?? Who put together this uninspiring campaign?


    What a beautiful , charitable woman Jennifer Aniston is. I don’t understand why people who irrationally hate her , click on her articles.

  • gia74


    YEAH the whole BIG ring is tacky. She flashes that sh*t every chance she gets.

  • http://Ipad Gun

    @Jack S.: There is no where in hell she would write a check and her PR ho would not be leaking it, she is stingy. So you’re the idiot, show written proof anywhere she donated money, don’t even mention St Jude’s because she has never given them money.
    She is always posing and asking people to buy crappy stuff, why buy a $5 tee shirt, give the 35.00 to the charity, don’t forget that ugly ass doll she was trying to sell for 85 or 95.00.
    Yes she buys friends.

  • http://Ipad Gun

    @STACEY: You’re not even funny, charitable and Jennifer in the same sentence.
    This woman let her mother that raised her go to a free health clinic for the Government to pay for her health care. And she had a ton of health problems, stroke, cancer, broken limbs.
    To hate you would have to have feelings for this vapid waste of space, just like to call her on the bullsh*t.
    Did a jeweler even own to to making that monstrosity yet? Oops forgot Heidi former livein mate design it.

  • Joy B Angie

    Don’t be surprised
    to have all what her mother has now.
    Just saying.

  • Joy B Angie

    Poor people are able to thing
    just about Rolex,
    not about the sense of this noble project.

  • Joy B Angie

    Feel the difference -
    Jen promotes new detection methods
    and better treatment -
    not like Jolie who sends scared women
    to do the gene testing
    without any explanation from Myriad Genetics.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks sincere
    and GORGEOUS !!!
    WOW !

  • Joy B Angie

    Golden hair,
    golden watch,
    golden heart –

  • http://Justjared Gun

    Lovely pic !!

  • http://Justjared Gun


  • http://Justjared Gun

    Sweetie Jen

  • http://Justjared Gun


  • http://Justjared Gun

    Thanks jj

  • Oh my Lord

    If after being photo shop to the max then … out of how many hundred photo this is what you end up with….. Poor hag… my dear Lord indeed…


    This is a re-run same pic, same shirt. From several months ago. Someone at JJs made a boo boo, or Anuston’s PR flack is hoping no one notices.

  • Me

    Gross comments…She is doing something good and for a great cause. Anything to help support whether it be donations – buying T-Shirts – marathon… is worth the praise.

    Get you head out of your !@(*# ….Have not really followed her career except for Friends…but she shows support for something that should be important to everyone. Instead of praising the cause you put it down.

    Grow up. Good going Jennifer! Support the cause.

  • Tina

    Jen here reminds me of Dustin Hoffman’s character in the graduate in this pic

  • jenny

    jen has supported cancer research, hospitals, and charities for a very long time. and she does donate a considerable amount of money and time, she just doesn’t make it all public. she is doing a good thing. why would anyone be attacking her, if you don’t like her don’t read the stories. and she looks beautiful as always. hope they make a lot of money!!!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Yep, Jen looks GORGEOUS !
    And the idea with the T-shirt is BRILLIANT !

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks like she all is maiden by gold.
    She is in perfect conditions (looks on 33-35).
    GORGEOUS !!!
    What her hair color is your favorite, DRF ?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Joy B Angie:
    Blond is fine!
    Golden is fine!

  • Joy B Angie

    I guess every Jen’s color is OK in very concrete case.
    She is a big master in these question – a painter !
    A perfect taste!
    About GREAT LOVE you told on the previous thread -
    I don’t think it’s a right definition
    for the situation between them.
    Everything started and was based on the WISH.
    Well, all the wishes are satisfied –
    what next ?
    Where is a family ?
    Is Brad inspired by opportunity to educate the sons?
    Does Jolie have a home instinct ?
    She loves to carry children around the world as a gypsy -
    children are necessary to improve the image.
    Brad and Jolie look tired.
    Why these problems with memory,
    if Brad has a happy life ?
    People in love are happy without any stimulants.
    You may google the photos of Helen Mirren
    and her husband – it’s clear they love each other.
    And than you may compare these photos with JPs ones.
    This is an answer.
    Have a nice day, DRF !

  • Joy B Angie

    Open Google and write:
    “helen mirren with husband”.
    Really nice pictures, DRF.
    My internet didn’t work today about 15 hours -
    I don’t know what was that.
    Life is a fight :)