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Miranda Kerr: 'Cosmopolitan' Behind the Scenes Video!

Miranda Kerr: 'Cosmopolitan' Behind the Scenes Video!

Miranda Kerr steps out looking beautiful at the Vionnet show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014 on Wednesday (October 2) in Paris, France.

The 30-year-old model was seen later in the day in a different outfit leaving the Balmain store in the City of Light.

“Loving balmainparis by @orousteing ❤” Miranda tweeted while at the store. “Miranda goes balmainiac with @orousteing #balmain #funinparis”

In case you missed it, check out Miranda‘s Cosmopolitan magazine November 2013 cover. Below, see a video of a behind the scenes look at Miranda‘s shoot!

30+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out in Paris…

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miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 01
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 02
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 03
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 04
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 05
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 06
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 07
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 08
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 09
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 10
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 11
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 12
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 13
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 14
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 15
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 16
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 17
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 18
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 19
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 20
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 21
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 22
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 23
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 24
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 25
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 26
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 27
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 28
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 29
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 30
miranda kerr vionnet fashion show 31

Photos: INFPhoto, FameFlynet
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  • RED

    Jared did you heard that LV turned her down from entering their fashion show because she was her diva self being late? Oh wait ofcourse you have but wont publish that story ( even though its bigger than a cosmo cover) because you are in her payroll lol..

    ps. who bets no one will read this comment because it would be deleted by jared in 5…4..3.. but thats okay because DM commenters slayed her haha

  • P

    Credit to Miranda. She’s on fire right now. Stella McCartney, Chanel, and Vionnet runway, now Cosmo US cover. She’ll be fine post-VS.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrashians: Miranda Kerrdashian had to go all the way to Paris to look like a big fish in a small pond and get all the attention she can handle (and she can handle a sh*tton of attention, trust. It’s what she lives for!). Back in NYC she was no where to be seen at Fashion Week…where she was the old, used up divafish who couldn’t get a job to save her life. Oh, and she got kicked out of the LV show because she thinks she allowed to show up late just because she’s Miranda Kerrdashian.

  • @2

    Yep. She’s in every publication and I can’t believe she walked Chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only Joan Smalls did more runway numbers, good for Miranda

  • please

    gorgeous and stylish

  • Lee

    Beautiful, stylish and always with a smile.
    Seems genuinely nice.
    Wish her much success post VS

  • Justin

    She looks like a lil b*tch

  • Jenny

    i love miranda! the pictures arent loading! please fix :(

  • charlotte

    @RED: so trueeee.

  • Arianna

    Miranda looks beautiful. She comes across as a sweet person. Love her two outfits. Where can you buy them?

  • Selene


    Did you also know that it was the drivers fault, that she was late to the show… OMFG! How could it NOT be that she was turned down because she was a “diva”. My Gosh, i mean you knew she couldn’t enter.. you surely read the article and watched the video as a source to know what really happened.. soo?

  • @7

    That’s because she is a b*tch. A big old nasty b*tch.

  • @11

    Oh you know that the hater idiots never let those bothersome FACTS get in their way.
    They just ignore the truth and plow on full speed ahead!
    That’s just one of the MANY things that make them so pathetic and laughable.

  • Twinsies!!

    Separated at birth!!

    And as far as the LV show being her driver’s fault…the driver is human and makes mistakes. Who the hell does she think she is to call the driver stupid?? That assistant pushing everyone out of the way…inexcusable! Miranda is no one important. She’s just a model.

  • 23


    She wasn’t late. She just showed up at the wrong show. You can’t be denied entrance for arriving late to a show you’re not part off

  • @14

    The driver is supposed to be a professional with extensive knowledge of the traffic and streets of Paris. Him getting lost is inexcusable. She had a right to be angry, and she was venting. If he was my driver, I would probably have used even firmer language.
    And the assistant had every right to be pushing through paps and people getting in Miranda’s face without asking. That’s part of her job.
    Those people were preventing Miranda from walking. They should never had hindered her in the first place.

  • @16

    She is only a model and not the Queen of…anything. She has NO right to call the driver stupid and her assistant has NO right to demand anything of anyone for the sake of a model. When she contributes something real to the world, then perhaps…no, not even then. She is rude and arrogant way beyond her station and it is about time you sycophantic moron fans of her realize that. She is only a model, that’s all. A clothes hanger. She is nothing. And she has no right to behave the way she did in that video. She was late to a fashion show, not a peace summat. The world was not going to, nor did it end because a panty model didn’t get to watch a fashion show. If she had used “firmer” language, the driver would have every right to haul her a$$ out to the middle of nowhere and dump her there with no way back. Her behavior is what is inexcusable. Let’s not forget, she is only a model.

  • @16 (cont)

    “Hindered her”…jeezus, you are such a pathetic moron. As if she’s the Queen of freaking Sheba. Idiot. Dolt. Get your head out of her a$$, will you. The sun doesn’t shine up there.

  • @17

    Sooo, if you hired a taxi to get you to work, and that taxi got lost in the city that he is paid to know like the back of his hand, and caused you to be late, that would be just fine? You know, since you aren’t trying to save the world, or anything.
    Because that’s just it, she wasn’t going to ‘watch’ a show, she was supposed to be ‘walking’ a show. You know. Her JOB.
    And what if on your way in to the job that you are late for, you are suddenly surrounded by salespeople (since no paps would follow you)shoving things into your face and not letting you pass? Making you even more late? Well, according to the rules that you apply to Miranda, you would have to stop and speak pleasantly to each and every person. Oh, and give a HUGE tip to the driver that got lost and made you late. You know, because it’s only his JOB to know the way around town, so messing up is just an ooopssi! Even if it almost cost you your job.
    So have I highlighted your hypocrisy enough? Or would you like me to go on?

  • @17(cont)

    Ohhh, did we use big words again?
    Here, let me help you out….
    1 [hin-der] Show IPA
    verb (used with object)
    1. to cause delay, interruption, or difficulty in; hamper; impede: The storm hindered our progress.
    2. to prevent from doing, acting, or happening; stop: to hinder a man from committing a crime.
    verb (used without object)
    3. to be an obstacle or impediment.
    Hmmm. no mention of a regal requirement.
    And those definitions sure seem to apply to what those photographers were doing to Miranda.
    Perfect fit. Now what was your problem with the word again?

  • @19

    She is NOT entitled to be a jerk just because she think she’s important. Because YOU think she’s important. She is not any more important than the driver is and she has NO right to call him stupid and she has no right to send her assistant out to spout off orders to the crowd. She has no right to an assistant. She is just a model, not a diplomat or a dignitary or anything of any importance to this world. SHE IS A CLOTHES HANGER. A model. She is just a model. I’m not sure what you think a model does but all she does is wear clothes…well, in her case she DOESN’T wear clothes more often than she does, but that is not the point here. Her behavior is inexcusable and her behavior is why she was fired from VS and DJ. Oh, I know…you ate up her excuse of being with her family and blah blah blah because you have your head shoved up her a$$ so far you haven’t seen the sun in years but it was just a way to smooth it over in the press. She is impossible and no one wants to work with her. That’s why she couldn’t get a job during NYFW and why, despite VS saying they still like her, she didn’t get invited to walk in the VSFS. The truth is, they didn’t want her because her inflated diva head won’t fit through the door. She’s a model. She’s nothing. And she needs to get it through her thick skull as much as you need to get it through yours.

  • @20

    God, you are SUCH a thick headed moron!!

  • @20

    An insufferable moron!

  • @20

    Willfully obtuse. Look that one up, you dolt.

  • @20

    adjective: obtuse

    annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.
    “he wondered if the doctor was being deliberately obtuse”
    synonyms: stupid, slow-witted, slow, dull-witted, unintelligent, ignorant, simpleminded, witless

  • @the hater sock.

    Well, between the two of you, it’s pretty obvious that the one being deliberately obtuse is the hater.
    You are intentionally ignoring common sense to attempt to make this more than it was.
    Especially noteworthy is your idea that mere models don’t need assistants. Every busy, wealthy person has an assistant. Someone to keep track of appointments, messages, hotel and flight booking , etc. Assistants are invaluable to the rich and famous.
    And you honestly wouldn’t get mad at a driver that made you late to work?
    Wow. You must be a saint.

  • YEAH!!!!!!!

    please ignore that last one….I don’t know what came over me.

  • @21..

    The driver took Miranda to the WRONG show in which she was WALKING.

    So she has every right to be upset because she was letting down the company that hired her to model their clothes. It didn’t just effect her but the Designer & the people who put the show together.

    The driver was incompetent for not knowing where he was going so in frustration she said “stupid driver” which in the circumstances was very mild and in this case was in fact TRUE.

    Besides you “haters” who post the most vile things about her are in no position to pass judgement on her.

  • @21

    Wow you really have a seriously bad case of SOUR GRAPES and

    Repeating the same LIES over & over will NOT make them true!

    You know very well Miranda was NOT fired from VS as has been CONFIRMED by both the President of VS and Miranda herself.

    Miranda said SHE didn’t have the time to commit to a full time VS contract as she wanted to spend more time with her family & concentrate on her skincare company.

    That is exactly what she’s been doing, she went to Korea & Japan to promote as well as organizing selling Kora through Deparment stores in each country.

    Kora in now sold in the UK & Europe through Net-a-porter. She also had meetings with beauty editors after opening a distribution center in the US.

    Miranda is spending a lot of time with Orlando & Flynn as she’s not tied to a VS contract. Orlando is on Broadway 6 days a week & Miranda has been there to support him & take of Flynn.

    VS have been doing photoshoots & promotions since July & even more now up until the VS show.

    That’s why Miranda no longer wanted to be an Angel after 7 years because as she said you have to work for them for a minimum of 3 months straight & after having Flynn she no longer wanted to be away from him for long periods of time as he got older!

    Miranda now gets to pick & chose the jobs she wants to do like walking for Stella McCartney & Chanel for a few day & them back to her family & she wouldn’t be able to do that if she was still working for VS.

    You “haters” just can’t stand the fact that Miranda gets to have the best of both worlds….Being a Supermodel, running her own company AND being happily married to a hot actor with a smiley cute son..Jealous much???