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Robert Pattinson: Arctic Monkeys Concert with Florence Welch!

Robert Pattinson: Arctic Monkeys Concert with Florence Welch!

Robert Pattinson sits in the back seat of a car with some gal pals after attending the Arctic Monkeys concert on Tuesday (October 1) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actor was joined by his friend Florence Welch and her sister Grace, as well as two other mystery people.

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Noticeably missing from the group was Dylan Penn, who has been reported to be Rob‘s new girlfriend after they were spotted together last month.

FYI: Robert is wearing Nudie jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson out with some gal pals…

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robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 01
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 02
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 03
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 04
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 05
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 06
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 07
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 08
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 09
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 10
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 11
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 12
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 13
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 14
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 15
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 16
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 17
robert pattinson arctic monkeys concert with florence welch 18

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  • Priti

    The camera just loves that boy.

  • Meg

    Of course she was noticeably missing. They’re just “dating”, it may not be that serious. I’m not a Kristen fan in the slightest, but this screams publicity stunt. I believe his sources confirm because I think they’re in cahoots to get media off his back of speculating and she’s trying to launch her modeling career. How else did inTouch get a photo of her (never seen before) a nanosecond after reports broke out? Provided by her team? They may be hanging out, but I don’t think they’re serious. They’ve been dating for 2 months, he’s be spotted with her once with a camera phone pic taken inside of a club and withheld for weeks. Every other pics sighting of him he’s not with her…for the last two months. Honestly, Dylan is pretty hot, but that doesn’t mean her personality is his match. They could also just be hooking up casually but his “sources” don’t know how to say that without cheapening their images. At this point, she’s just one of the girls he’s been hooking up with, and then next week it could be onto the next one. He dated around between his gf Nina and Kristen too. He’s 27, let him play for a bit before you start handing out couple nicknames.

  • Meg

    he’s been spotted* oops.

  • Daisy Mae

    He only has chicks for friends. I guess dudes don’t like him

  • dn

    lets the guy has fun he was under the spell of a slut who betrayed him

  • jiss

    @Meg: HAHAHA – Thank you for basically saying that they indeed have a cheap image. Omg. And also, thanks for saying that Sean Penn’s daughter is nothing but a fck buddy to him. That is such a nice association. I mean, you’re probably right that he’s young and he has every right to wh*re around but dude, stop selling yourself as the “cooo cooo I’m so sensitive; I only have sex when we have feeling cooo.: Lmao! Thanks for the laugh. Your idol ain’t so much the sensitive “I’m A MAN (Pfft)” bloke that he’s selling himself to be.

  • niagirl

    Another day another trick. Oh look, she got a good shot for the paps. Pose trick. I wonder how you feel seeing Andrew, Eddie and even Tom surpass you. Then there’s Henry, Theo and Douglas. What do they have in common? They’re not tabloid fodder. In the words of your fellow countrymen “London Is Calling”. Putz.

  • Lana

    wow @niagirl you’re so bitter, he never was yours and never will be, stop calling him names he is an actor just like his peers.

  • mimi

    robert seems always shocked with the paps always following him around, he need to be comfortable with his own skin before he play the game.

    obviously, he likes riding the fame and hang out with lots of girls, and none of his brit boys from his age is playing the field, LOLbrit boys like andrew garfield or eddie redmayne, they are working.
    robert always on concert, a party, a club, a party, over again.
    robert need to get a grip or back to london to do something better with his life.

  • Meg

    @jiss He’s actually not my idol, I’m just guilty of reading about his relationship escapades in the tabloids and I’m calling it like I see it. A 27 year old guy hooking up with a new girl every couple of months isn’t unheard of. I also stand by publicity stunt and it’s sad how many gullible people there are out there who will buy any kind of BS spewed. Seriously, that picture of Dylan from InTouch has still not been found on any media website or photo agency. IT got that image from her modeling agency or her team, which means it was provided. Publicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve just become friends and they’re helping each other out…and maybe getting a little somethin-somethin out of it.

  • tina


    yup he is beautiful , sheeper and crisp are jealous

  • Linda

    Gorgeous man!

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Rob is looking gorgeous , Pity Dylan was not with him !

  • haha

    he is an actor? LOL nope dude no he is not he is trashy. He can’t act at all!!

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rob is playing games with his fans …….not good Rob ! Now is is back to is he dating Dylan or not !

  • chase

    The girl in the second pic, isn’t that the trainer he was spotted with last week at chateau marimont or whatever? Sydney something?

  • chase
  • http://yahoo wendy

    No that is not Sydney ! Rob is young , i was happy to know he and Dylan were dating …….at least he is no longer with the cheater

  • http://yahoo what is

    But what is he doing with Florence ………may be they are working on some music

  • Becca

    Looking gorgeous as usual Rob, ppl in the car… Flo, Flo’s sister Grace, Flo’s manager (brunette girl) and Jeff Rob’s assistant. Hope they had fun. Dylan pics next time, please Rob ;)

  • http://yahoo ????

    Is Rob becoming a player ? Keep them guessing is his motto .

    Hope he is not a hypocrite who has paps on speed dial and then pretends to hate them .
    I am sure if he wants to be drama free . he can .
    This keep them guessing attitude keeps the focus on his personal life and keeps him relevant in the paps
    People mag said he is dating Dylan and he is crazy about her . Now he is stepping out without her to keep up the keep them guessing game alive.
    He is becoming a typical HW player

  • Jamie

    He always looks so happy to be out and about…

  • http://yahoo dana

    Looks like Rob is a rolling single , he is playing the field . Thankfully he has moved on from that useless girl who cheated on him

  • http://yahoo smiley

    Rob is looking gorgeous , where is Dylan ! hope we see her next time !

  • poetri

    poor all you guys, you can waiting until next time, the fake girl picture nothing come, because robert and dylan penn not dating.

  • Simii

    @dana: @wendy: For God’s sake people, you have to laugh, I am glad of Kristen from it, the file is to be glad kristen, every moment is with another, no wonder she was with someone else, I do not know what happened, but just do not believe that Kristen is to blame how to behave lately he is an idiot

  • http://yahoo smiley

    @Simii:Rob is free that is all that matters and hopefully he is dating this nice girl Dylan . People who care about Rob are very happy that he has moved on !!

  • http://yahoo beautiful

    Rob is looking Gorgeous here , sexy scruff … happy about him and Dylan

  • http://yahoo reality check

    Rob is sexy as hell ! Its confusing is he with Dylan or not , he is never seen with her .

  • Key

    Where is Dylan?
    We never saw photo of Rob and real Dylan. Only saw one photo that it was unclear and didn’t see the face of that girl.
    It was rumour

  • Mark

    Florence is a grown up woman who can handle anything. She does not need to hide her face. That’s not Florence and that’s not her sister.

  • http://yahoo renee

    Why is Rob not with Dylan ? Is it a publicity stunt to launch Dylan’s modelling career ?

  • Kasia

    Nothing like a Rob close-up to brighten my morning <3 xoxoxo <3

  • becca

    @Mark: Wrong on both counts

  • http://yahoo tess

    Hi gorgeous !! Rob looks so good all the time , casual , formal ….clean , scruffy !! sex on legs !!

  • janan

    How would you feel if your life is scrutinized every second. Rob loves all kinds of music and he is between film now and has the time to go see all the musical concerts before he starts filming again. Rob and Florence go way back, both English, and both love music. His friends are in London and Rob is in LA. He is out with guy friends at times in LA. Why all the negativity about his lifestyle. Go talk about Clooney, Cooper, all of those men who are getting middle aged and still with different women. Leave Rob the eff alone.

  • http://yahoo avk

    Rob is looking great , hope we get to see him with his new girl soon . They both look so cute together

  • Guest

    Getting tired of Rob and his skank parade. It sure is handy that Dylan is dating Rob right when she is trying to launch a non existent modeling career. Rob uses her for her famous parents and she uses him for his fame and publicity. It’s Hollywood, everybody uses everybody. You don’t find true love at the Viper Room or Chateau Marmont. js You go there for one thing and one thing only.

  • Guest


    And make no mistake, the boy loves the camera back, regardless of his “i’m a private person” schtick.

  • http://yahoo allie

    great to see ROB having fun with friends , he is friends with florence ……cool ! just need to see a pic of him Dylan to make it real

  • http://yahoo bee

    Rob and Dylan <3

  • Guest

    I honestly think Rob fans are all about “Rob and Dylan <3" and "need to see pics of Rob and Dylan" because they care more about wanting to see Robsten shippers in pain because they hate Kristen. I'm not saying they should like Kristen, I don't even like Kristen, but how do you know Dylan won't end up being just as bad for him? Don't try and mentally push one relationship just because you want the previous one to be broadcasted as over. If Robsten over, and I believe it is, that will be obvious in due time. I personally hope for no pictures of Rob and Dylan. I don't want to see him in another relationship that will be tabloid fodder. This everyday speculation is annoying and it will only get worse with pics. I think he should just enjoy the single life. It hasn't even be six months. It's like you're just hungry to be a Rob and Dylan shipper, which only makes you as pathetic as Robsten shippers.

  • Guest

    Then again, I’m with half of the comments here and agree that this relationship is a publicity stunt. He wants tabloids to stop giving him a new girl every week, he gets the perks of getting to know Sean Penn, and her new modeling test pictures have been seen by more people in the last week than since she started IN DECEMBER. It hasn’t even been a year. She was apparently delivering pizzas last year. This girl is hungry for attention after being kept out of a spotlight, and what better way then to be linked to Rob?

  • http://yahoo Loveisintheair

    Rob & Dylan <3

  • http://yahoo Beatrice

    Florence Welch n Rob ……he has cool friends ! Wish Dylan was also with them

  • just me

    @Priti: exactly

  • just me

    @mimi: are you paying his bills? why do you care what he does?
    as his fan i am happy to see him having good time, it makes me happier too

  • http://yahoo Beatrice

    Rob & Dylan <3 <3 <3