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Henry Cavill Shows Off Suave Look for 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.'

Henry Cavill Shows Off Suave Look for 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.'

Henry Cavill gets all suited up in a slick blue suit on the set of his latest film The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Thursday (October 3) in Rome, Italy.

The 30-year-old actor was spotted hanging out on set, posing for pics with fans, getting his costume fitted, and receiving direction from the director Guy Ritchie.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

Earlier in the week, Henry was seen doing some sightseeing solo around town wearing a shirt that read “Salvation.”

It was also recently announced that Jared Harris has joined the cast of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.! Look out for the movie, which does not yet have a release date.

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  • Anna

    F-CK this man is going to be the end of my 2 year relationship ! SO GORGEOUS!

  • Elodieee

    Urgh this man is so beautiful beyond words gtfo..!

  • SO HOT

    GQ motherf*ckeeeeer ! How is he still single?!
    Oh Henry, honey give me a call ;)

  • Kelly

    @SO HOT: Preach! GQ with an IQ, so rare in Hollyweird. His Brit gent vibes are killing me… So adorable, humble and talented! Love him <3

  • Regina

    Looking like John Travolta here. Looks like he is bound in suit and uncomfortable.

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Words are not enough to describe how handsome, charming, talented and down-to-earth this hot British hunk is!! Love Henry since his “The Tudors” days and his six-pack from “Immortals” and “Man of Steel” are just immortally steeling in my heart!!! Hope we can see more from this British hunk!! That British accent, melts me instantly in the blink of an eye!!

  • alyssa

    He is sooo hot I can’t even look directly at him. *swoon* One could melt just by staring too long. He looks “words cannot even describe” in a suit, damn even in sweatpants. Lady boners guaranteed.

  • Hmmmm

    @SO HOT:

    Why wouldn’t he remain single and have fun considering all of his options (regardless of which way the wind blows)?

  • Jane

    Here are two stories i recently read online about Henry and made me love him even more.

    1.While filming Immortals Henry was the one that every day would show up for work first and leave the set last.He was kind to everyone.He knew the name of every single cast and crew memebr and every day he would greet them and talk to them seperatelty.He loved hanging out with them and while at the film’s restaurant he would change seats all the time to talk with everyone.When Immortals wrapped,he was the only cast member to receive a standing ovation by the crew member and the extras.

    2.While spending his time off in Jersey this summer,Henry went to a local Jersey pub with his father.The pub is owned by a family friend.Anyway,in one of his night out a deaf fan approached Henry.Henry took the time to learn all about sign languiageby the deaf fan’s friend in order to communicate with the fan.He was smiling at everyone who approached him for an autograph or a picture and he would spent time talking to everyone individually.

    This man is the defintion of humble,nice,down to aerth,kind,polite,sweet and adorable.People like Henry are rare,

  • Highway 66

    I saw Henry in real life and he is so super handsome, nice and shy. He is not just any good looking lead male with makeup, he is the real actual really good looking guy. He’s so beautiful I literally had to look away cause I was drooling.
    @Regina: Guuurl, you need to have your eyes checked. I think you’re problem is that you’re jealous. Sorry you didn’t win the gene pool. I can’t wait wait to see him in this movie!!!

  • Vault

    OMG his smile is like the love of a thousand puppies!!. Henry sits at the top of my I-Wish-He-Was-My-Boyfriend Totem Pole. I have adored him ever since drooling over his character, Charles Brandon, on The Tudors. He has a certain je ne sais quoi… and I had a feeling that he would be the next big thing. He seems very grounded and not too caught up in the fame game. Wish him the best!

  • missy

    @SO HOT: It seems like he tried with Ellen Whitaker and Gina Carano. He put in two weeks with Kaley Cuoco. He’s a romantic gentleman and a sweet soul. Maybe he just hasn’t met his match yet?

  • QT

    Henry is just divine! It’s like God said “let there be perfection!”. He’s humble, super nice to his fans, talented, geeky, smart & beautiful. We need more celebs like him. He had me at Hello in Man of Steel. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that smile?

  • Gattino

    The suit, his hair, his smile, his jawline… I can’t! When you ready come and get it, anywhere, anytime baby.

  • cherry pie

    He may look good in a suit but he looks ten time better without one.
    Resistance is futile.

  • Chelsea Girl

    I’ve had him in my sights since “The Count of Monte Cristo”. He’s a real catch: nice, smart, cute, talented, the whole package! He’s not exactly Daniel Day-Lewis, but he’s not as far down the pike as a number of other pretty faces who get jobs but got no talent other than their looks. He can act, and looks good while doing so.

  • push it to the limits

    @Vault: After seeing him on the Tudors, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t a mega star already. After five misses on some major roles, FINALLY Henry is getting his due. And he is SO charming, dorky and humble on talk shows, red carpets and in interviews. Especially love the story about when he met Russell Crowe when he was in boarding school and it started his trajectory into acting. Man from U.N.C.L.E. looks promising!

  • Jillian

    Oh my! Someone throw some water over me. Henry Cavill … so hot!

  • Sexiest man alive ’14

    I don’t remember any of the plot of Man Of Steel. I spent entire film distracted by his beauty…

  • just me

    That sexy beast! I swear I feel my ovaries quiver every time I see him. It’s like no bad pictures exist of him. He’s photoshopped perfect.

  • LOL

    Ay Papi!! What wouldn’t I give to fit his two-sizes too big costumes.

  • yummy!

    Needs to lose all that bulk then he can ride me ’til next week. No man this handsome & sweet should be left alone.

  • Rita

    Guys, I think we have our next James Bond… Somebody call Mendes and Columbia Pictures!

  • Charo

    That nice! has a girlfriend?

  • Peyton

    He’s pretty butch for liking dudes

  • Cav-El

    @Sexiest man alive ’14: DITTO. I was fangirling / drooling / fanning myself the whole movie. That’s why I watched it 5X. XD

  • Margarita

    @Peyton: I was wondering when the first retard was going to appear to comment on his sexual orientation. Guess what….it appeared!

  • Really

    @Peyton: Give it a rest already. You and others who keep commenting on his orientation is getting really old. Do all Henry Cavill fans a favor, stop coming on this site spooling your crap and go elsewhere. No one is buying your nonsense.

  • hottie

    He’s single and ready to mingle…

  • Maya

    He looks thrilled he finally got his sh*t together and dumped that clingy famewhore. Got a great career ahead of him.

  • great guy

    Ellen Whitaker got 2 years, Gina Carrano got 10 months, Kaley got 10 days. Damn, Kaley. That’s got to hurt. I bet she’s super annoying and boring. Good riddance!

  • 6-6

    I know exactly ZERO % of the female population would EVER turn this guy down. Count your losses Cuoco, rename your Hitachi ‘Henry’ and tone down the desperation next time. PS. He’s so over you.
    @Margarita: Henry needs to fire his publicists if he’s really interested in dispelling the false gay rumors. Could date a normal low-key chick for a change too.

  • stacy

    Damn, my ovaries just exploded ! Henry Cavill is your lady p0rn of the day. He’s gorgeous, nice and a great actor. Fact: I would sex the sh-t out of that man any day.

  • yum

    I want him on top of me.

  • Kelly

    I rly miss The Tudors… He was so f’ing good in that. He is probably one of the best looking actors around with talent to boot. But for this movie he’ll really have to work on hiding his accent like Gerard Butler, Charlie Hunnam or Michael Fassbender do.

  • pam

    Oh please! Being single and having gay friends doesn’t make you gay. Nothing wrong with that. He dated a lot of chicks long before he became famous, he just cares about his privacy. Straight males CAN be that goodlooking. He is a gentleman and a good person and that’s all that should matter!

  • yacoub

    I read this:

    Sounds like he WAS the cause for the 6 month delayed start of MOS shooting. They had to be “gentle” with him when they told him the reason. Why, he’s a grown up man?! He also felt the need to deny the delay was his fault. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Something is fishy re: this delay.

    These make me wonder if this is true: truth ?

  • Funky

    Who cares if he’s gay or not. I only care if he is a good actor and make good movies for me to watch. It shouldn’t matter who he sleeps with unless you are the one sleeping with him.

  • yacoub

    @Funky: The fangirls care. They’ll stop fantasizing about hhimif he’s gay and stop paying to see his movies. The Supes young fans and their parents care, as the parents won’t pay for their kids to see a gay Supes on screen. The studios, Warner Brothers, care: they have another potential blockbuster lined up with him in it that can sink like the Titanic if he’s outed gay. So Henry should be very careful who he dleeps with from now on. Pics are sooo easy to take these days.

  • seems straight

    @Peyton: If he’s gay my gaydar needs fixing. I think he comes across as shy more than anything else. Rumors and smearing is nothing new in Hollywood. The entertainment industry is a nasty b!tch, run by nasty jealous b!tches. You’re not a male STAR until you’re rumored to be gay. It means he’s officially made it as a name.

  • Anna

    @yacoub: Speak for yourself. I don’t give one f-ck about his sexual orientation, I’ll still pay big bucks to watch any of his upcoming movies. He’s a great actor and a genuine good spirit, he gets my vote and support either way. He shouldn’t be held fully responsible for the mistakes of his lame PR team who couldn’t come up with a better idea to promote his latest movie.

  • yacoub

    @Anna: Lame PR team, indeed.

  • Wow

    So handsome. I am constantly amazed that someone that gorgeous can look dorky. It’s really endearing.

  • We want Charles Brandon back

    Am I alone in actually preferring him scruffy, less bulky with a buzz cut like in The Tudors? He was so HOT in that. I don’t know if it’s the badly fitting suit, the hair or the shave but, he’s just not doing it for me in the way he used to. He still looks adorable & dorky, though.

  • Oh my

    Henry, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention *wipe drool off face and winks*

  • Jimena

    HENRY CAVILL = next JAMES BOND!!!!! ♥

  • Chris

    Henry’s top favorite historical character and potential role he’d like to play is Alexander the Great. Who had gay sex with his best mate and second in command Hephaestion. Mmmm…

  • marianna

    I LOVE him and this pics perffffffffffect and cute! ;-)

    h ttp://

    h ttp://

  • geraldine

    talking about how humble and shy he is… I loved this part of the interview! (specially from 2:32min)

  • Emma S.


    I am Greek and i can tell that Oliver Stone’s Alexander film is utterly ridiculous and inaccurate.When i watched the film i was ready to take a flight to US and punch some logic to whoever created that abomination.As a greek i was really insulted.Not that i have proble with gays but when you tell a story about such an icon do put your fanfiction in.It’s just not right.The gay aspect of Alexander was something that was made up by Oliver Stone probablyu because they wanted to creat buzz around the film and earn more money.Alexander was not gay.


    Henry clearly states that he WAS NOT the problem.And as a huge MOS fan i know from fact that the problem that caused the delay was that the initial script was not good( i read it…it was trully awful).Nolan and Goyear wrote the first script and WB somehow greenlit a film which would be based on the first script(which if you want an idea on how stupid it was…there is a scene where Supes shaves his facial hair with his heat vision).When Snyder came on board he wanted the script changed so production shut down for a 6 month perio so him and Goyer could write a new screenplay.They ended up fasttracking it but it was still far better than the first one.