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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Posters!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Posters!

Check out Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on these new character posters for their highly anticipated new film American Hustle!

Also featured on their own posters are co-stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner.

Set in the late ’70s, American Hustle “tells the scandalous story of con man Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) and his British partner/lover, Sydney Prosser (Adams), who are coerced into working with federal agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper). The pair soon find themselves seduced by the wealth of New Jersey power players and the mafia — but Irving’s wife, Rosalyn (Lawrence), could be the one to end it all.”

Make sure to check out American Hustle in theaters on December 13 in limited release and everywhere on Christmas Day.

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  • psb

    Damn JLaw. Damn.

  • jump

    I am looking for to this movie and The Counselor.

  • Liam

    Love the posters , very classy !!!
    Renner’s transformation into Mayor Polito is impressive.. love the tie, it’s huge LOL !
    I expect the Chemistry between Bale and Renner to be great

  • shah

    can’t wait

  • Marie

    So excited for this! BCoop is still hot with that perm.

  • Biper

    Have no clue what it’s about but like their styling in this film.

  • Donna

    They look great! Finally a story with Bradley and a beautiful talented female!

  • Let me go

    @psb: Dude, don’t call her Jlaw, there’s only one Jlo and it’s JENNIFER LOPEZ.

  • ace11

    these 2 would make a nice looking baby

  • http://gmail amie kamara

    jennifer look very old for her age she is okay i would not call her beautiful.she is cute her face look like someone who have done some surgery many time.

  • Wurry

    They’re pairing is tired.

  • LOL

    Fans call her JLaw so deal with it..No one is ever going to confuse 40 year old tired judge on American Idol with a 23 year old Oscar winning actress. Okay.

  • James

    Jennifer looks very sexy.

  • Ace

    Jennifer so damn hot, what a body , love her breasts, now actresses are so thin they have to get fake ones or they have no boobs.

  • Ann

    Seriously can’t wait for this movie, Jennifer and Amy look amazing.

  • Mia

    @ let me go… JLaw a law unto herself… JLO is just a lowly wannabe with marginal talent.

  • talia

    the promotional tour of this movie better not be all about jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper as honestly christian bale and amy adams are far more talented than both of them combined. Bale and Adams have the lead roles while lawrence and cooper are supporting roles.

  • Sue


    Where is the picture of Bale? He is the lead and they have forgotten to include him, that is bad.

    I think I heard that Bale and Adams will be leading on the PR tour which is good, but there is no doubt that Lawrence and Copper will put backsides on seats. Of course I have no axe to grind on this because, although I like them all, Renner is my favorite and we know in advance that everyone is going to ignore him on this media merry-go-round. I do worry about Lawrence a little because one day her bubble will inevitably burst and she hasn’t had the years of struggling that people like Renner and Copper have had, years that help you develop resilience and a thick skin. When she makes a mistake the media will rip her to pieces.

  • JLaw Fan

    @amie kamara: You are a Suk Whurehouse fan always jealous of JLaw. Get lost! Jlaw is beautiful and won an oscar!

    JLo and JLaw are both beautiful women. Bradley looks good too but he does not have a thick skin. He said it in an interview. He said he stopped reading message boards because he does not have a thick skin.

  • Hahahahahahahaha

    @Harry: I hope you find me here. This story has great pics of two great people! Yes, Bradley Cooper’s Italian American girlfriend grew up in Europe.

  • Beth

    @Hahahaha: I just left a message for @Seb on the story with the crazies.

    @Seb: Are you ever going to post here again? I see old pics we already saw just posted of the White House Cor dinner where Harvey Weinstein invited SW. Very very old news. Is Bradley Cooper’s Italian American girlfriend still in Europe or with him in Hawaii?

  • Seb

    Found you. I hope that crazy person using 4 names stays there. His love interest described as his gf on the document is no longer in Paris.

  • Imogen.

    @Seb: She is a cousin not love. Where is her pic? Where is she now?

    @DJ @Beth @Stefani: It is real relationship but he did break up with her in DC in June when mental health conference. Even her super fan wrote about it on JJ. The pics on other story are from April DC. WH dinner.

  • DJ

    @Imogen.: I’m not sure that article you posted is coming from the most legitimate source. It seems like a tabloid website where they piece together info from other sources. And, by superfan, do you mean Immy?

  • Lucy

    @Imogen: They are starting a family? Will it be with a fake baby too?

    @hahahahahahaha: Are you from pmb? I want to get on.

  • Imogen

    @DJ: I don’t know if the article is true but it might be. Yes and I read it on a closed fan site in June.

    @Lucy: I am just posting an article. Is that not allowed?

  • Back

    @Seb Hi. What’s the document you’re talking about with the description of gf/partner. Sorry if you’ve already answered this before. Thanks.

  • DJ

    @Imogen.: If they actually broke up back in June, it seems like they got back together days later because they were at the Guy’s Choice Awards soon after the rumors of the break-up. And, what was supposed to be the reason for the break-up anyway? I believe the news of the break-up came from Star magazine so it probably wasn’t true anyway.

  • Imogen

    @DJ: He broke up with her. He said he did not want to be with her anymore. It is true that she contacted him after they broke up. He did ignore her first. After, they spoke on the phone. They made up in LA a few days later.The story was reported by many magazines and it was on TV.

  • DJ

    @Imogen: The story of them making up was reported everywhere? I never heard anything like that. It seems like after the break-up story, she showed up at the Guy’s Choice Awards.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @DJ: For the love of god it is the sun! The source is the sun, the worst liers there is. They make up stories like that everyday. This is bull***** Bradley and Suki are not having kids.

  • Imogen

    @DJ: They are happy together. They will be together for a long time. She is kind to him. She is 21. She does not pressure him to get married.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @Imogen: Imogen hunny…how little you know about the reality. Get over yourself. She will soon be dumped or she will get boerd of him and be done using him and she will walk away. No kids, no marriage nothing…. get over yourself and your delusional mind.

  • Imogen

    @DJ: Don’t you remember all the articles saying Bradley broke up with her by text? There were many articles in the USA and the UK.

  • DJ

    @Imogen: I remember those articles, but I thought you were saying there were articles about their reunion.

  • Vio

    @Dana: Where are you? Now she has made up the name @Marie. LOL. People fly to Hawaii for a day even for a few hours. She flew from LA to Hawaii. She was in Hawaii for a night and a day and a half. I don’t think she was hiding but Bradley has been up to other stuff. She was not with him. She was seen in Manchester and London. Does she have a twin?

    There is no such tweet. Are you going to believe the person who said Bradley was taking a meal for two and put up 5 month old pics on her Spanish site here to fool us?

  • Imogen

    @DJ: I did not see articles on the reunion.

  • Seb

    @Imogen: Bradley will be with his Italian American love interest at a major event in 2014. She is in CA. She lives in NY and CA. Did you hear he is looking for an apartment in NY? Must be to be close to her.

    @Hahahhahaha: She speaks Italian. Are you sure she speaks French?

  • Stefani

    @Imogen: He does not even hold her romantically. He does not even look at her body in any of the shots. She is like a child he is helping in the water. In Paris, it is a play they are rehearsing.

    @Marie is @Amdeo and @Hello and @MJ. I will post here now.

    @Seb: Will his cousin or gf be in LA all week, weekend and next week?

    Can we also talk about his work. Limitless!!

  • Imogen

    @Seb: He has work in NY. Can you put her pic and name here???????

  • Seb

    @Imogen: Can’t you ask the teenager for her name?

    @Stefani: Next Tuesday the 15 Bradley Cooper’s Italian American love interest is in Europe for a benefit. I only know her professional schedule. I never met the woman.

  • Stefani
  • hahahahahaha

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. This PR joke is over soon. The ugly big nosed girl thinks she is engaged to Bradley! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Sarah

    OMG! That Whacko that stole my name a month ago, @Dan that you are all calling Daniela is such a liar. She has taken over @Leelee’s name.

    @Stefani: Thanks! Cool! Limitless was sooo cool!

  • Elvira

    @hahahahahaha: She also thinks she is moving in with Bradley in LA and having kids with him. She might be pregnant but that will not make Bradley marry her!

  • Elvira

    @Imogen: Do you want to date the woman Bradley likes AMFR???

  • Real JLAW Fan

    DanielaDempster@Hello @Amadeao@Back @Fake@Lelee @Scott is the same person andall her names always post at the same time. So Childish.

    I have been posting as a JLAW Fan for a year on JJ. @ScottVaneNYCHelloAmadeoBackfakeelee is suddenly a Jen fan to post lies. Bradley Cooper was with Zoe Saldana at Thanksgiving, Jennifer Lawrence at Easter, AMFR on July 4th, AMFR for Robert Deniro’s bday on August 17th and will be with AMFR on Columbus day weekend. He has not spent an important date or holiday with Justin Bieber look alike he is engaged to and having kids with.

  • hahahahahaha

    @elvira: I know but Bradley never spends important dates with her and his parent refuses to be photographed with her.hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    @Jlawfan: Why are you even wasting your your time posting on otherstory? DanielaVaneScott is taking on old names.

  • Iza

    @Imogen: Bradley is not marrying the ugly user. If he marries, it will be Italian AMFR. Everything AFT says comes out true. Italian AMFR is amazing and Bradley invites her everywhere special.

  • Imogen

    @Seb: Can you post her pic here? Why does he not just move in with her if she lives in NY and LA but is not an actor?
    @Iza: Bradley is going to marry his Italian cousin?