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Miley Cyrus Responds to Sinead O'Connor, Wants to Meet Up

Miley Cyrus Responds to Sinead O'Connor, Wants to Meet Up

Miley Cyrus has sent a public message to Sinead O’Connor after the artist sent her two open letters criticizing her recent career choices.

Sinead. I don’t have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week,” the 20-year-old entertainer wrote on her Twitter account. “So if youd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. :)”

After Sinead wrote her first open letter, Miley responded by posting a screencap of some of the artist’s past tweets and comparing her to Amanda Bynes.

Later in the day, Sinead sent a second open letter bashing Miley for her response.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the feud between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor?

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  • Brazilian girl

    #Team Sinead

  • Dave

    oooh that shade!

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    Sinead is the one.

  • soy

    lmao golden

  • Biper

    Sinead has had mental problems for years.
    I actually don’t think Cyrus has any mental issues; nor will she suffer from “prostiting herself”. I think she knows exactly what’ she’s doing…that’s the sad part!

  • alex


  • HCfan

    Miley in rehab in 3…2…1

  • SARA11

    hey sinead..would you like some ice with that burn? i like how everyone is jumping in sinead’s side when most people didn’t even know who she was before this? hey sinead if you actually cared next time write a real letter in private instead of your bootleg website no one went to before

  • go go

    whatev, sinead, but miley is such an obnoxious twaat, i have to admit

  • http://None Lmi316

    What Sinead is right but I agree with SARA11 here if you really care for the person your talk to her privately not public soo even if she’s right I don’t see the sincerity and it came out of nowhere Miley’s acting like this for years and she just decide to say something a very long letter now??and she’s not mocking people who have problems why would she do that when one of her friends had that problem(demi)??like what Demi did she talk to Miley about her partying privately cause she really care.when it comes to private matters you need to keep it private not public even if your both celebrity..I’m a Miley fan but don’t agree with everything she does and not hating Sinead either but she should have keep it private.

  • fay

    Miley is a horrible person, all Sinead was doing by writing the first letter was reaching out. She knows what she was talking about from experience. And she was honest. Miley really is scum.

  • porquenon

    Sinead is right. The music business is particularly hard on women. The first question asked about female artists is are they effable. Sinead went through it and despite her occasional forays into bipolar behavior has managed to continue to record and tour to acclaim. Lauryn Hill is still suffering the effects of being treated like sh-t by her former band mates and her lable – if she had played by industry rules and done what the men in the boardroom wanted there would be no Beyonce who was on the same label and has no problem prostituting herself in her music or life.

    Sinead was right about the pope and her ripping up his picture on SNL in protest foreshadowed the explosion of the Catholic church’s sex abuse crimes years before they were exposed and prosecuted. She was right then and she is right now. Her open letters to the far less gifted molly mad Miley should be heard as a clarion call.

  • Jordy

    Sinead wrote a very intellectual letter. From her experience and presenting support and words of advice for Miley. She then went on the extreme defense and made extremely hateful and disrespectful remarks about mental illness. Miley is a disgusting person and it sickens me that people are supporting her. Sinead is very famous and talented and because you 13 year old Miley Cyrus idolizers do not know her does not negate her influence or talent. Miley needs to grow up.

  • yep

    Wow, Miley, I am disappointed in you with age comes wisdom and Sinead was just letting you know what she has learned about the industry. The least you could have done was acknowledge with respect. I am afraid for you.

  • Danielle

    What Miley fails to realize is that Hannah Montana eps are still playing. My neighbor caught her five year old granddaughter twerking and grinding her butt against her six year old cousin. The grandmother calming explained that this wasn’t a nice thing to do and they both said “But Hannah Montana does it.” When asked where they saw that–both said it was all over school and the news. I think there were other ways Miley could have divorced herself from her “nice” girl image. She is just as obnoxious and untalented as Parasite Hilton and the Kartrashions. So of course the only way she is going to get her music to the top (and it didn’t stay there long did it?) is to use her 14 million (and many are Hannah Montana fans and ages) twits and to pose nude. But all of this posturing won’t disguise bad music as Madonna, Gaga and others have found out as they too have tried to manipulate the public – might work for a week, but it doesn’t work much longer.

  • porquenon


    Sinead wrote her first open letter in response to a Rolling Stone article in which Miley name dropped Sinead’s ground breaking video Nothing Compares to you as her inspiration for her Wrecking Ball video. Instead of heeding the words of the woman she claims inspired her Cyrus dismissed and mocked her. Nothing this little girl ever accomplishes will ever match the honesty or artistry of Sinead.

  • aquarius64

    The Twerk Jerk cries “uncle”. She and her team realize Miley’s cheap shots about mental illness are going to get her a TON of bad press that she won’t be able to smart mouth her way out of the situation. The new tweets are to starve off long term damage to her career.

  • Tiara

    There’s nothing wrong with releasing the letter openly; that’s the point – she’s saying that Miley is a bad public role model. And as to whether Cyrus put herself up for that – the fact is, she’s out there, earning zillions, and girls are reacting to her. But O’Connor is wrong; Cyrus doesn’t seem troubled or exploited.

  • marnie

    Miley is an idiot, the sooner she disappears the better !

  • tick

    At least Sinead was an original. Everything Miley does has already been done before by Sinead, Pink, Lady Gaga or Madonna. She is always copying SOMEONE.

  • Hernan

    Sinead needs to sit down.

  • porquenon


    Doesn’t seem troubled or exploited? She’s been exploited since she came out of the womb and her daddy named her Destiny. She’s been making money for the Disney corporation and her record label from before puberty. Most well balanced child stars step away from the spotlight to pursue normalcy if even to go to high school like Dakota Fanning did or college like Emma Watson did. Look at Britney’s crazy times – she still doesn’t have control of her finances and is now being pimped out in her new video and the upcoming Vegas residency. Her people don’t see the sad dead eyed girl they see dollar signs.
    Miley talks about her love of drugs and partying. She can’t keep her tounge in her mouth and dresses like a child prostitute and pals around with the likes of Terry Richardson (as does Lindsey) who is known to sexually exploit barely legal models in the name if “art”.

  • JJ

    Whatever respect I had for Cyrus is no longer there.

    Each day it is a different person (“victim”) she claims to have been influenced by. Although she says she does not pay attention to the negativity, that is what is driving her; she is trying to compare herself to those before her in order to justify her nasty & disgusting behavior.

    I will skip out on watching the week’s SNL episode.

    I will not purchase the magazines with her on the cover even if it had nothing to do with the cover photo..

    I can’t say I won’t buy her music because I wouldn’t not have any way -even without this display of immature behavior.

    She is forgetting Britney Spears – who is her current “influence” – had some very serious issues (mental?) and is still under a conservatorship.

    Her comments are a backhand slap to her and disrespectful.

    The girl better get off her high horse before she gets knocked off so hard she won’t be able to get up.

    And yes, we have heard from her mother that she is right there beside Cyrus in everything.

    Does Dina Lohan have a sister???

  • Cece

    Every time Miley opens her mouth, she proves that she is not, in fact, mature and in charge. She sounds like a spoiled teen, a bratty little girl who knows better than everyone else. I think her excessive nudity is trashy, and her image too manufactured and fake, but her ignorance is the real problem.

    Mocking mentally ill people is lower than low.

  • http://mszue1 mszue

    When you attempt to profit from this blog post of Sinead’s [after Miley used Sinead's name and 'pulled' her in] then you are just another man profiting off Miley’s youthful posturing. Sinead is right and Miley will realize that eventually but it doesn’t look like she will learn it any time soon. That is too bad. It is normal for someone of Miley’s age to act up and test her powers of seduction. Sadly, it is also normal for men to take advantage of young women. What is not normal is the public manipulation of a whole infrastructure of media and musical powers to take advantage of a young woman who has no idea what you are all up to.
    Now is the time for any decent men in the system…media or music…to prove themselves decent human beings and refuse to USE such a situation simply for a few bucks…or mouse clicks…or whatever their payment of choice is.
    Jared…I actually thought better of you. Sad. Do not tell me that if you don’t someone else will. You are right…but it would not be you…too much to ask??

  • Shazzer

    Shame on SNL for not canceling on this ratchet slut

  • Greg

    Miley is a joke, the biggest, worst kind of joke there is. She’s a good fit for SNL.

  • Anne

    Miley is a big headed bitchy immature brat. I totally agree with Sinead O’Connor that Miley is basically taking off her clothes to sell records. I really don’t think constantly sticking out that disgusting tongue of hers or licking any object within her sight is a good way to be taken seriously as an artist.
    I can’t wait when Miley runs out of stunts to pull and everyone can see she is just a mediocre singer with below average songs. Maybe then she wouldn’t be so sarcastic and acting like she is the best thing on Earth.

  • jdelaney

    @SARA11: Oh, you mean like when Miley threatened her own father on twitter in front of millions? Karma’s a bitch. So is Miley.

  • freya


    Well both her parents deserved it. Everything about miley now can attest how crappy their parenting skills are. They raised her to be like a snake just don’t get surprised if she bits on them.

  • Evie

    You take decisions in life and Miley just took one, there are so many other actresses that even hey’re in the business they try to live a normal life, they go to school or whatever, but Miley just decided to be rebel and get an out of control life. She just made a decision, a very bad one.

  • here

    Miley’s comments were disgusting. I wouldn’t normally give the self-absorbed, selfish egoist the time by writing this but having had family members and friends suffer with mental illness I find it absolutely disgraceful that she would firstly mock a grown woman for asking for psychiatric help and secondly drag a young woman into it (who had nothing to do with the original argument) by also mocking her. I really do not give a beep if she wants to prostitute herself for her lack of talent but to demean other people for their short comings is sick and teaching her fans exactly the wrong thing (yet again).

    I’m not a fan of Disney or the people it produces but the girl that went to rehab (Demi?) proved that mental illness should not be a dirty word and I wish Miley would use her influence to do something decent like that instead of mocking, stripping and making music about taking drugs.

    Pathetic little girl and when she crashes and burns I hope people have more sympathy for her than what she has demonstrated here.

  • jdelaney

    @freya: Sure, and Miley deserves whatever comes her way, too.

  • Pork my Beans

    where are these hateful comments Miley said ?

  • Layla