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North West New Photo: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Pic!

North West New Photo: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Pic!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s three-month-old baby girl North West lays wrapped in a cocoon in this brand new photo!

The 32-year-old reality star shared the photo on her Instagram page on Friday morning (October 4) with the caption, “I missed waking up with my little ’”

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Kim is back with her little girl after being away from her for the first time while spending time with Kanye in Paris for fashion week.

While at a party earlier this week, Kim showed off her slimmed down body in a very revealing dress.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
north west new photo kim kardashian shares adorable pic

Credit: Kim Kardashian, Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Instagram, Getty
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  • paula

    I wonder why they are showing the baby now….

  • snikop

    @no one cares: Can you just go away and stop commenting!

  • snikop

    @Vania: Bitch your sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dch

    @Connie Falconerie: #32 – Thank you. Well said.

  • daisy

    Poor girl ! stupid parents , stupid name and enormous cheeks !

  • did

    @NYC: maybe it was cold… is not like she is in that thing 24/7… but no matter what she does o not people always find the negative part…

  • Not cute

    She was cuter in the first pic. Looks like mason but darker.

  • beetry

    well i certainly understand her desire to with hold the photos

  • bewitched

    that kid looks like Rafa

  • poet54

    Too bad the baby looks like him!

  • holy sakes

    That baby is adorbs. BTW, I took a birthing and pregnancy class taught by nurse practitioners and they taught us how to swaddle a baby. It has been around for ages.

  • Mirae

    She looks all alone, not loved and not adorable. If Kim missed her so much, how about a pix of her actually HOLDING her own daughter and showing us her materal expression? Oh, wait…that won’t happen for free most likely…must watch her show or her mother’s. Anyway, Kim Kar-trashian is nearly the most disgusting person on earth, surpassed only by her racist baby daddy.

  • Victorya

    Oh my god people are you hearing yourselves! How can you say such things about a baby, it doesn’t matter who her parents are this is her life and you have no right to judge her. Oh and by the way if you’ve accomplished even a percent of what Kanye has than i suppose you can judge.

  • NYC

    @Alliana: I don’t feel foolish, at all. I just know more than you do. Swaddling is very controversial. If you want to comfort a baby spend time with it. Wrapping it up in tight blanket may work for some babies but not all and in the past, swaddling has caused serious health issues. It’s been a controversy for many years now. My point is, crawling has direct correlations to converging the eyes, which leads to reading, which leads to intelligence. Maybe some of you have not heard about that. Google Glenn Doman.
    Cross crawling is essential. Kids need to move and can move at a very young age. I know this is scary for those unenlightened but you’re going to have to open your minds and wake up.

  • Mean Girl

    @NYC: Babies love to be wrapped. They feel secure when wrapped and sleep better. Years of experience as a neonatal nurse and then paediatric nurse. Wrapped my babies and they walked at 12 and 13 months and went on to uni. Imagine how much brighter they would have been if I hadn’t wrapped them lol

  • Mean Girl

    PS – she is a beautiful baby and I like that they have only released two photos of her. Probably her daddy’s doing and good for him. She will be overexposed soon enough.

  • Bohoo

    chipmunk in a strait jacket….

  • bewitched

    @Pauline: are we looking at the same photo?

  • Lexi’s Mom

    @NYC: Swaddled my baby and she sat independently at six months and cruised furniture at nine. In school now and she’s reading at a level a year above her age. Was any of this influenced by swaddling or not swaddling? No. Combination of lots of time spent reading to her and good old dumb luck! The thing with theories is, they are just that, theories.

  • Jennifer-Rose

    She’s a wee cutie pie.

  • Robocop

    Kid’s wearing the same black thing it had on for the big reveal photo. It’s ordinary looking baby that favors the father, unfortunately!

  • Ivermom

    Precious, adorable baby girl! NYC, babies at this age love being swaddled, I assume you are not a parent?

  • chris

    PAY US PLEASE!!!!!! i got bad press last week look how pretty my money baby is

  • Jo

    This baby has a horsey face like her daddy, maybe she”ll grow out of it..

  • Shawna

    @Connie Falconerie: Do you have children? Because you sound like an idiot. There is no age limit on swaddling a child when they sleep. I have three children and they were all swaddled for various lengths of time but definitely longer than 3 months. The youngest one liked it until she was 9 months old. They are 8, 11, and 13 now so I’m pretty sure I haven’t ruined. Stop trying to sound like an expert when you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Lee Davidson

    Too bad the kid is ugly like his Dad. Let’s just hope he’s not a dumbass like his parents.

  • Bohoo

    between the two parents the only genes they have to pass down in abundance is NARCISSIM

    Poor cutey pie…hope she can run as fast as she can…those Jenner girls lost already

  • Sarah.

    As if Kim is so beautiful, most of it is make up. A heavy layer of it. Anyway, I still think it’s wrong she left her 3 month old at home. Sure the baby is in good care. But I don’t know any mother who could do that. They tread leaving but it’s after paternity leave and they absolutely need to work. She could easily have stayed home.

  • Karma

    @Pauline: Kim and Kanye’s ugly mud baby daughter with the asinine name will be f#cking worthless n^ggers by the time she’s 12 or 13 — just like her mom and her aunt.

  • Khloe Kardashian

    Who kares? i gots 2 find me a new n!ggerr wit monies 2 f#ck, cents Lamar dun becum a crack whOre

  • Khloe Kardashian


  • Newsflash

    Useless n!ggers and braindead w!ggers buzz to Kim and Kanye like flies to sh!t.

  • Haha

    Sorry not cute -@all!!!!

  • Jessie

    Cute baby.

    I don’t like KK or Kanye, but the racism of the name changing troll is just ignorant and making fun of a baby is childish. People are real brave when they’re behind their computers, but have them stand toe to toe with someone and they’ll $hit in their pants before they’d open their foul mouths to issue racial slurs.