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North West New Photo: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Pic!

North West New Photo: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Pic!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s three-month-old baby girl North West lays wrapped in a cocoon in this brand new photo!

The 32-year-old reality star shared the photo on her Instagram page on Friday morning (October 4) with the caption, “I missed waking up with my little 👼”

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Kim is back with her little girl after being away from her for the first time while spending time with Kanye in Paris for fashion week.

While at a party earlier this week, Kim showed off her slimmed down body in a very revealing dress.

Bigger picture inside…

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north west new photo kim kardashian shares adorable pic

Credit: Kim Kardashian, Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Instagram, Getty
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84 Responses to “North West New Photo: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Pic!”

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  1. 26
    someone nice Says:

    swaddling a baby to sleep is totally fine and comforting to a baby and anyone who says it is bad has probably never parented a little baby

  2. 27
    Grecia Says:

    The criticism made her go back to take care of baby North. I can’t believe how much that baby looks like Kanye.

  3. 28
    Ana Says:


    Don’t know if this is ‘the’ baby or not but I do know this picture is Photoshopped!!!

    The background rug is the one from the pictures taken in Paris where KK took all the Designer baby gifts and posted a pic of each designer outfit and posted them.

    To show how deep this person / family goes – KK / her team took the Designer photos and have now PHOTOSHOPPED then with different backgrounds!!!

    It is so obvious.

    I can’t even say this is hilarious.

    It is really sick, delusional….. I don’t know what.

    The woman & her family play too many games.

    I’d like to say I have sympathy but…………really, really sad.

    I have to wonder if she ever thinks what it is about her behavior that causes so many to express their distaste for it.

  4. 29
    Ana Says:

    And now we know JUSTJARED is on their payroll too!!!

    They have erased their individual posting of the Designer Clothing story from their site and rolled the PHOTOSHOPPED pictures into another KK story – the one of KK walking in Paris wearing denim. It now has a by-line of KK receiving this gifts the same day.

    What farces they both are.

    Not only that – you cannot find the ‘Designer Clothing’ story on any of the sites.

    It has disappeared – POOF!

    Never thought I would say this but…..

    RUN Ye, RUN!

  5. 30
    whorina Says:

    whorin out the baby?? pathetic!!

  6. 31
    Connie Falconerie Says:

    The baby looks like Kanye.

  7. 32
    Connie Falconerie Says:

    @Grecia: #27

    I can’t believe how much that baby looks like Kanye.
    Why can’t you believe it? He’s the father.

  8. 33
    Alliana Says:

    @NYC: Everyone gets you don’t like them, but maybe you should do your research before you call people morons. Google swaddling. It has been an accepted way of comforting a baby for centuries. Indians wrapped their babies as papooses. Same in medieval times. Chinese too. Africans, South Americans and Americans. You can find pictures all over the Internet of various cultures swaddling their newborns up to two to four months old. This is obviously an older pic of this child still in the age group for swaddling. Like most others on this site I don’t care for Kimye, but think before you post incorrect info. A little googling would have saved you from looking foolish.

  9. 34
    Grecia Says:

    @Connie Falconerie: They said that the baby had olive skin and that she looked like Kim, but the truth is that the baby has dark skin and looks almost exactly like Kanye.

  10. 35
    Connie Falconerie Says:

    Swadling is good for babies UP TO six weeks of age. It gives the baby a sense of security like when the baby was in the womb.

    North is too old to be swaddled, she is over 3 months old.

  11. 36
    xyz Says:


  12. 37
    xyz Says:



  13. 38
    xyz Says:



  14. 39
    yikes Says:

    dang that kid is hairy

  15. 40
    anonymous Says:

    Just your run of the mill cute baby-not the cutest. You would think Kim and Kanye and Beyonce and J would have the world most beautiful babies the way they carry on, like they are so high and mighty. I see cuter and even beautiful babies everyday while at the supermarket, mall, restaurants, etc.

  16. 41
    nemo Says:

    awww, Kim’s back to her famewh0ring ways!

  17. 42
    just sayin Says:

    @someone nice: Stop you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most people with a career go back to work in three months. I think it is better to leave the baby than taking her all the way to Europe. She was in good hands and Kim was back in no time!

  18. 43
    Rocky Says:


    Totally agree on Swadding. They still do it in Europe. Leaving a little baby to go off and watch some women walk the cat walk or hang out with a designer tells you all there is to know about Kim. Oh, and what’s with the lighter hair? She’s got beautiful dark hair, why would she make it lighter? Dumb woman!!

  19. 44
    lette Says:


    When I read this, i couldn’t believe any new mom would leave their newborn THIS soon. I cannot say that Kim’s not a good parent, but I feel that she may not be too attached to the child if she can go to Paris and leave her here

  20. 45
    Pork my Beans Says:

    @oz: true but her job is to be out in public to be seen ! she was working lol

  21. 46
    Aranka Paul Says:

    There is no need to argue over the concept of “swaddling”. Babies are swaddled during the first few months to retain warmth and the feeling of security. I had asked a friend of mine who is a nurse, so I am sure she gave me a correct answer. It also doesn’t matter whether baby is cute or not, whether her name is North, South or East – the point is that too much hoopla is being created over the baby, period. Kim K is not the first woman to give birth and the world is full of babies. This child’s parents (primarily her mother) is the issue. Everything about these two people is over the top, designers outfits, expensive dinners in Paris, fashion shows etc, etc…..We can all easily say “who gives a sh*it” but the fact is that we do and not out of envy, but for the simple reason that none of us can accept how egocentric, shallow and totally classless these people are. The whole family is basking in the newly acquired wealth which wealth equates with MONEY. No class here, no interest in arts, literature, theater etc – just money and the horribly awful clothing they wear. It annoyes me that shallow and superficial people are so worshiped in this society. The buck doesn’t stop with the Kardashians, there is an awful lot of human waste in the world.

  22. 47
    pup Says:

    Hm, am I the only one who thinks the baby’s biological father is Kim’s ex-husband? Looks like him to me. o.o

  23. 48
    harry taint Says:

    I blame all you losers who give these useless people the time of day

  24. 49
    Brazilian girl Says:

    Oh how adorable!!! Baby North is so cute!

  25. 50
    Brittany Says:

    @Lisa: omg lmfao! Beyonce and Kim are more beautiful than you’ll ever be. I can’t even with these haters.

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