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Sinead O'Connor Threatens to Sue Miley Cyrus, Third Letter!

Sinead O'Connor Threatens to Sue Miley Cyrus, Third Letter!

Sinead O’Connor has written yet another open letter to Miley Cyrus and has threaten to sue her unless she apologizes for her tweets.

“What you did yesterday was designed to damage me and my career and has caused me enormous distress and harassment and has potential to damage my career, since you deliberately gave the impression those tweets of mine were not two years old but reflect my current condition,” the 46-year-old singer wrote on her Facebook account. “If you cannot apologize I will have no choice but to bring legal proceedings against you since it is extremely hard to be given work when people think one is suffering from mental illness.”

Sinead also wants Miley to apologize to Amanda Bynes for comparing the two of them.

Make sure to read Sinead‘s first open letter, her second open letter, and Miley‘s response to the letters.

Click inside to read the full third letter from Sinead O’Connor

Third letter to Miley


I have no interest whatsoever in meeting you. You had plenty of time yesterday to abuse Amanda Bynes .. an entirely innocent party.. and myself.. who also did nothing to deserve your abuse.. along with every other sufferer of mental health problems and every person who suffered abuse at the hands of priests.

You can take five minutes today between g- string fuckin’ changes to publicly apologise and remove your abusive tweets. If you do not then you don’t give a shit who you mock and what damage you do by being so ignorant.

When you publicly apologise to Amanda and myself and all mental health sufferers as well as all who were abused by priests that will end the matter as far as I am concerned.

what you did yesterday was designed to damage me and my career and has caused me enormous distress and harassment and has potential to damage my career, since you deliberately gave the impression those tweets of mine were not two years old but reflect my current condition. If you cannot apologize I will have no choice but to bring legal proceedings against you since it is extremely hard to be given work when people think one is suffering from mental illness.

I have no interest in or desire to cause you trouble but if you do not apologise for having deliberately tried to cause me hurt and trouble personally and professionally I will have to bring pressure upon you.

When you end up in the psych ward or rehab I’ll be happy to visit you.. and would not lower myself to mock you.

Be a proper woman and make the public apologies I have listed above. Your hosting SNL is a bullshit reason for not taking five minutes to do the right thing and your behaviour yesterday will rebound upon you very badly.

You have no business abusing Amanda Bynes or anyone else. How do you think you made her feel yesterday? How do you feel when your friend Britney Spears is mocked and humiliated for having had mental health problems? I know I personally want to bash those who treat her that way. If she is your friend and more importantly if you are a true friend to her.. you ought apologise for joining those who mock and humiliate women who have been too nice frankly, to manage the music business without sensibly losing their minds.

Cease behaving in an anti-female capacity. You will become the victim of it shortly. Soon it will be you the media ‘crazy’ .. and you will not enjoy it.. and you will appreciate people (like myself) standing up for you. Which I will be happy to do.. if you earn my respect today by apologising publicly.

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  • Bonnie

    Team Sinead!

  • Julie

    I sincerely hope she does it. Miley Cyrus is a disrespectuful person, making fun of people who had in the past or who’s still battling against mental/emotional issues. Everything she’s been doing its outrageous, she’s not sexy or beautiful, but she’s extremely vulgar and her actions makes her look ugly and disgusting. She needs to stop, it’s hard to even look at her face, she is the definition of an ugly person, but not outside looks, but she’s ugly inside, her personality is disgusting. Everything Sinead said is nothing but the truth.

  • go go

    Look if she can dis her own dad the way she did on twitter implying he was cheating(which is family’s own biz) she has no respect for strangers anyway. She only sticks up all the time for her mom is because mom never dares to challenge her. Lots of maturing to do but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.



  • Jennay

    I’m sorry but no one asked Sinead in the first place. And why is she saying Miley is damaging her career, her career has been dead for YEARS now.

  • Naunceling

    Not a smart move. She will own you in the end, Sinead. You haven’t been “cured” of your illness yet.

  • The mentally ill one is MC

    Sidnead reached out in good faith to lend a helping hand for a extremely young inexperienced fool being used in such a way she’ll eventually be sorry for it, and the thanks she gets is the foolish young imp to bad mouth her?
    Believe me, the mentally unstable is the young dolt for certain.
    I feel sorry for her dad.
    If she has 1 oz of maturity she’d apologize. That’s if she even has that, which I doubt.
    What a mess.

  • Sencho

    Sinead will meet you later in somebody’s office, Miley. She’ll talk, but you won’t listen to her. She knows your answer already.

  • ladyb

    Wait wait wait…..Are people here saying Sinead has no right to give Miley some good advice in the first place? And that was really really good advice. This is the same Miley that was bragging in all her interviews just last month that she gave Justin Beieber some advice including telling him he could end up like Vanilla Ice. So Miley can give advice but when she hears them from a person who has been in her shoes, she feels insulted.

  • Trip

    Both are crazy but Sinead had good intentions. There was no reason for Miley to attack but Sinead shouldn’t have made her advice a public letter if she didn’t want Miley’s response in public.

  • Nightwish

    Someone said she looks like a chipmunk. They were right. Someone give her an acorn so she can cover up her privates with something lol

  • Sencho

    It’s easy to feel disgust for Cyrus and for fans in her peer group. They’re haven’t developed beyond the oversized, fragile egos they’ve had since infancy. They say and do embarrassing stupid things, and then don’t have the intellect or tact to act appropriately after the fact. They lash out in self-righteous anger at their elders who are deemed to be too old and out of touch to “get it” when (as we who came before know all to well) it is they who aren’t getting it.

    It’s really difficult to try to take the high road with them because they usually find it easier and more rewarding in the short-term to take the low road. They will close their eyes and plug their ears to anything that challenges their actions because to do otherwise would require them to listen, admit they don’t know anything about life yet, and think of someone other than themselves. Face it… a lot of them will never mature. They’ll continue to be rude, irresponsible, unthinking people all their lives. But a lot of them do reach a point in their lives when time and experience gives them perspective and brings enlightenment.

    For now, I just wish this obnoxious brat would go sit down somewhere and shut her mouth. She won’t. But a guy can always hope.


    Sinead is a complete idiot now..and it’s clearly showing since she is the one writing these open letters.
    Has she not heard of freedom of speech. Clearly most people never have if you even think a court would side with that whack a doodle..Plus she is the one who will have to go through exposing her mental state past and present..And Miley would win! Sinead needs to S_T_F_U now.

  • Fruitfly

    I don’t think Miley will apologize because that requires empathy, and I don’t think Miley has any.

  • Lauren

    @FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The only one that needs to stfu is you. You only have freedom of speech until it libelous.

  • http://TammyAzrael We can’t stop.

    Damaged her CAREER? What CAREER? Lol. She should get a second opinion since it appears that she not cured yet. She should take Miley with her since she loves giving UNSOLICITED help.

  • pika

    it really isnt worth wasting your breath on miley especially how she reacted. when you know thats how she is, its best to leave it and stay quiet while miley still looks like the fool.

  • Chel

    So… the first open letter essentioally calling Miley a prostitue is ok, but when she fires back and brings up things that Sinead actually did, she going to get sued? I hope she doesn’t apologize. If anyone needs to apologize, it’s Sinead for starting it all.


    I’m not a Miley fan. That’s not to say that I hate her or her music. I’m just set on a specific type of music genre that differs from anything Miley sings. I worry about her behavior because this doesn’t seem like her. She’s better than this and I hope she can figure a way out of whatever dark place she’s in.

    As for Sinead, I get where she’s coming from and she has every right to defend herself. Hopefully she and Miley can meet at some point and discuss this situation like adults. Social media is such an inefficient way of handling this.

  • Tara

    Miley is spoiled bratty former child star, who has grown into an even brattier adult. She thinks everything is about her and the world is her oyster. She does not worry about other people’s feelings. She expects others to worship and bow down to her. And of course spend $$$$ buying her cd’s.. I doubt we will be hearing of any apology from her, unless she is pressured by her agent or Sinead’s attorney to do so, and it will probably be through her publicist or some other PR person working for her. If she does acknowledge her, it will probably in brief terse tweet. Sinead has way more talent and class, and should not let this little brat get to her. She will likely burn out soon and wind up in rehab or the same facility as the very girl she ridiculed…Amanda Bynes.

  • Sam

    Wow, Miley is one nasty b*tch.

  • go go

    Miley sure does have a mean streak. But a lwsuit really. Sinead just say FU to her and move on you dont need this negativity in your life, let this creep go thru her “rites of passage” and if she perishes so be it, not your or our problem.

  • stfu

    Sinead was asked to comment on miley so she did. It’s not her fault miley’s a brat. Stop defending the immature little ********.

  • Nina

    @NIPPY: Either fix your caps lock or get some help yourself, you seem to be one of these many swag idiots who are too lazy to think for themselves so they just follow whatever a bigger idiot- who is going through an identity crisis and who will die of embarrassement when she’ll have to look back at this- has to say.

  • porquenon

    Once more, Miley brought Sinead into this contretemps in the first place by bringing up Sinead and and her classic video Nothing Compares to You in the intervew she did in Rolling Stone saying she was inspired by both Sinead and her video when she made her Wrecking Ball video. She name dropped Sinead as an inspriation. In the spirit and wisdom of an older peer, Sinead responded to Miley in good faith, not hate, not contempt, not mockery. Sinead responded to her not only as a mother to a child but as a woman who has suffered the pressures humiliations that the music business can place on female artists in particular. She wrote from a place of experience and compassion. Miley responded like the ignorant child that she is. She showed herself to be mean, rude and stupid, frankly. She could have thanked Sinead for her kind words about her talent and left it at that but she decided to take the low road.

    And then being completely tone deaf about what Sinead wrote, proved the validity of what Sinead said by releasing a series of nearly pornographic pictures taken by Terry Richardson who has been called out for sexually mistreating underage models – look at the most recent pictures he took of Miley, is there anything about them remotely artistic? The pictures look like they belong in the pages of Barely Legal magazine – they are not art – they are exploitative. Getting stoned and stripping is not artistic, it is disturbing behavior which Sinead recognizes because she’s been there and done that and recognizes now that that was part of her mental illness.

    Sinead is a mother of four children; she has continued to record music with a who’s who of fellow musicians; she continues to tour the world to sold out shows; she has fought the abuses of the Catholic; she continues to fight her mental illness and was coming from a place of compassion when she wrote her first letter in response to Miley’s interview – a child woman who will never have the talent, longevity or respect of her peers.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Now I´ve read the whole 3 letters, I didn´t read before.
    I must confess, that´s it´s an extreme bad thing to mock Sinead and Amanda for having mental health problems!
    Miley, it would be the right way to apologize !
    Make your videos and pictures, only if you like them personally and if you think it´s necessary for your career and only if you really know what kind of career you wanna´ go. As an artist at the age of 20, you have the right to do that. But don´t think, that you´re a a good role model for young woman by doing that. Better say, that this is just “your own individual style” at the age of 20 – as a grown-up. And better say, that you don´t want the younger women to imitate your style. Cuz in that case it would be dangerous for them. Underline that you´re 20.
    (OK, the fullest grown-up is 21 in America). In europe you´re a full grown-up with 18.
    Have respect to Sinead and Amanda, Miley.

  • Ken


    My sentiments exactly. There is NO artistic integrity at all in regards to Miley AND Rihanna. Their antics are so embarrassing.

  • Sheyenne

    Well she shouldn’t have started it. What did she expect this girl has different people coming at her everyday! I’m not a big fan of Miley but when you have people talking about you 24/7 you need to take up for yourself and that’s what she did.

  • Domino

    What career? Seriously seems like Sinead just wants the attention now. I don’t like Miley at all but people get too easily offended. I have several metal illnesses and I’m in fact a step from getting disabled checks, however I was not offended by Miley’s reposting Sinead’s tweets. She didn’t fake them, they are real. Sinead’s third letter is ridiculous, how would that affect her so-called career and make her not get a job? Doesn’t she have a career already according to her? So contradictory. Was she ashamed and hiding her mental illness since according to her this will affect her, but then pretends to raise awareness? Sounds like she’s making double standard statements to me.

  • porquenon


    Perhaps you should look up Sinead’s discography instead of coming from a place of limited knowledge. Sinead is beloved world over and has worked with more talented musicians than Miley could ever hope to. Her most recent forrays were working with oldtime gospel musicians and the choir of the Abyssinian Bapist Church playing two sold out shows this summer in New York City which were brillant. Sinead has been where Miley is now. Sinead knows the brutality that is the music business and knows that her previous behavior has prevented her from opportunities that may have otherwise come her way. That is why she is threatening legal action. Plus, who’d was to mess with a scrappy articulate Irish woman???

  • Mimi

    Ever since Madonna the vast majority of female singers have used their sexuality and scantily clad bodies in one form or another to get attention. But Miley has taken this concept to new level—-A much lower one! Sinead was just trying to give her sage advise as an older and wiser and more seasoned performer, about not exploiting herself or allowing others to, and to let her talents speak for her first. I feel that Miley can’t relate, because vocally she is not at and never be a match to Sinead, she is adequate enough that with the right catchy song she can do okay, but is hardly a new Celine, or a new Whitney. She has to use shock tactics to get noticed, and Sinead called her up on it, so she sunk to a new low, by ridiculing mental illness. Ironically, I can easily see her having a break down one day, since she honestly thinks she is a movement, and about to take over the world. All by taking off her clothes and acting lewdly. Silly deluded girl.

  • go go

    Miley is just too uneducated snd clueless, she’s never lived in the real world a day in her life, she has the luxury of money to be able to eff up and has no consequences to worry about.

  • freya



  • Chanler

    Honestly i think that people are not treating Cyrus with respect. The only person who gave her any respect was Miley Stewart and not that wanna be “Twerk Queen” that Cyrus is trying to pull off

  • Dee

    I just think it’s funny how hard she is trying to be sexy, b/c really she isn’t sexy at all. In her younger days as Hannah Montana she was kind of cute, like many kid’s of that age tend to be, but in an awkward little kid king of way. Her face hasn’t changed much, but on a 20 year old chipmunk cheeks, gopher teeth and bulgy eyes really isn’tt that cute, and her new hairdo is doing nothing for her. Her body is fit, but she has a flat chest and a flat butt. There is just nothing special about her looks. I guess this is why she goes to such extremes to get noticed by grabbing her crotch, and having her tongue hang out. Anyway, she isn’t sexy, she is just vulgar. There is no longer anything remotely cute about her. NOTHING!!!!

  • Mkhay

    she would never win lol

  • nemo

    Miley’s a narcissist and a spoiled brat. the end.

  • lol


    Yes! I agree. Sinead go away! No one asked for your 2 cents.


    Nippy at 11:11; Fascism is on it’s last legs…

  • justcheckingin

    I’m with Sinead. Her intent was very much good and out of concern. I don’t see her getting an apology from that POS Miley anytime soon, or at all. Her dad is feeling the hit from what he is 50% responsible for but her mom is right in there with her and should be ashamed of herself. I applaud you Sinead!

  • Luke

    Love how Sinead is worried about Miley damaging her career. What career is she even referring to?

    Miley isn’t the one penning letter after letter. Let the girl live. She shouldn’t have written a letter in the first place considering she doesn’t even know Miley. Would you care if a stranger wrote you a letter telling you what to do? Probably not.

    Miley has hardly even responded to the entire thing. My guess is that Miley will have the last laugh entirely, when she makes fun of Sinead on SNL tomorrow… which I’m sure if bound to happen.

  • porquenon



    There is no cause for laughter in this situation. Miley Cyrus’ behaviour is crude rude sad and disturbing. Her behaviour throws up red flags for all sorts of people particularly those who’ve struggled with addiction or psychological issues and for those who have been sexually abused. One of those people is Sinead O’Connor and she bonfide Rock Star. Miley is a very misguided Pop Tart .

    Sinead’s third missive begins “I have no interest whatsoever to meet you.” But later on says she would visit Miley in rehab or the psych ward and would not mock her. She’s been down the same road. She is offering Miley business and spiritual advice. She knows how Babylon burns.

  • kbear

    Remember that Miley has been and currently is being sheltered from EVERYTHING. Right now the music industry is making $$$ off of her, so they will permit her to do anything to remain the public eye. They are using her and will eventually burn her out. They are sheltering her from the criticism of others and praise her for everything that she does (right or wrong). Keep the star happy until a new one comes along. She probably does not have a clue that she is offending everyone because they feed her ego and shelter her from any criticism. She will be finished up in a hot minute and a new former pre-teen pop star will pop up (just watch former Disney sitcoms to see the next one). The music industry is just awful as they use and abuse people. Miley will probably end up with the rest of the has-been Disney stars. She will wonder why no one is reading her posts, buying her CDs, or asking for her autograph. She thinks that stripping down and acting so sexual is what people want to see. This is because she is being fed this information from her managers and business partners. She sold her soul for fame and fortune. Wait 10-15 years and “suddenly” she will repent of her ways, create a Christian CD, and try to recapture her roots. Her parents are riding on her skirt-tales because they like the $$$ as well. At least Sinead has some wisdom that she is trying to offer, even if others can’t see it. So Miley dear, keep sticking out your tongue, shaking your butt, grinding on every person within 10 feet of you, and offering your “sound” advice on the world (that you have not even really participated in). Your fantasy world will end at some point, then we will see where your mental state is. Sinead probably will be the first one to help you out.

  • anita

    That’s right!