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Katie Holmes: NYC Cab Exit

Katie Holmes: NYC Cab Exit

Katie Holmes juggles a Starbucks cup and bag as she gets out of a cab and runs errands on Saturday morning (October 5) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress switched up her outfit after dropping off her daughter Suri, 7, at school.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the week, Katie stepped out in hot pink while attending the premiere of Gravity held at AMC Lincoln Square Theater.

It was just reported that the film is set to break October records with a $50 million opening!

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  • Just a Comment

    I am in New York right now and happened to pass by the Chelsea Mercantile Bldg and it seems like an ordinary building in Manhattan. Yes a little nicer than the East Village but really very ordinary. It goes to show you how expensive it is to live in New York. I believe Katie pays $12,500 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. In California she could get a better deal for that amount but I doubt she wants to live in Los Angeles. Too close to Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology. This apartment is actually very convenient for Katie and Suri. The Whole Foods market is literally right next door and a nice walking neighborhood. But I think the fact that the market is right next door, and it has a garage was a big plus for Katie. She can come and go and avoid the press. As a matter of fact I didn’t see any photographers outside. Not one. I walked into the Whole Foods store and just a lot of customers and outside just a lot of passerbyers not only that Katie lives in this building. It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY in New York today.

  • ANNE

    @Just a Comment:

    Katie has to buy their own apartment. She can not live rent for the rest of her life. She has money for that. Or, Tom buy one for his only daughter “biological”.

  • ANNE

    Another headache for Tom:

    05 OCTOBER 2013
    Katie Holmes is allegedly preparing to present a legal document to her ex-husband Tom Cruise to protect their daughter from Scientology.
    The 34-year-old actress is believed to be concerned that her ex-husband Tom Cruise will want Suri to learn more about the controversial religion he follows. According to reports, Katie is preparing a legal document to stop this happening.
    “Tom has said in the past that he would like to educate Suri about his religion and his adopted children Connor and Isabella are active members of the church,” a source told Grazia magazine. “But Katie doesn’t want Scientology to have a presence in her life and is adamant Suri should have nothing to do with it ever again.”
    Katie has apparently asked her lawyer father Martin to help draw up an iron clad document to present to Tom’s legal team.
    The beauty hopes this will be enough to protect her daughter………

  • rubyz

    Good luck with the legal documents, Holmes. She should have thought of all that before she hooked up with Cruise, got pregnant within two months, and then married him. She was every talk show that would have her talking about how “amazing” Scientology was.

  • annie

    ”allegedly” I’m sure there is some sort of document around already.
    A friend of my sister, divorced, and moved to another state, the father took it court and got them back to where they lived originally, closer to him.
    Tom just seems to have her every few weeks, anyway.
    I don’t think that Katie knew everything, or how involved she had to be be.
    She said , she wanted to do it, to share in what he was interested in.
    you can be catholic, and be a scie, didn’t apply to her , she had to a total scie. Still beats me , why he just doesn’t hook up with a dedicated scie girl and be done, instead of trying to convert , whoever he’s with.
    Look at Leah Remeni, she was in it for forever, well almost, and started to question things, let alone Katie, who probably didn’t care too much to begin with, and did it to make him happy.
    can’t imagine what she’s going to write in her book.

  • ANNE


    Tom likes to “dating” actresses who understand HW scratchy.
    For me, if true, Katie is wanting more $ $ $ $ $, maybe the “contract” was not so good for her. She seems like a person who keeps hurt and vengeful. Perhaps Tom did not fulfill the promises of stardom. I still think Katie has a great weapon against Tom: Suri is not his biological daughter. “Let’s wait.

  • Daretobehonest

    Waiting to see her in The Giver. Anne. You nailed it with the hurt and vengeful observation. That could be her demise:(

  • Daretobehonest

    Opportunity to work with Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Taylor Swift. That is just awsome and yet she always appears bitter

  • rubyz

    LOL, it was her complete lack of talent that did not fulfill “the promises of stardom.” Cruise is as connected as they come, but she needs to pull her weight in HW, and she doesn’t have the talent-chops to do it.

  • annie

    Katie made wrong decisions, and is paying for them . The decisions hold more meaning because they were made at that time her movie career was taking off, it wasn’t just filling in making movies between breaks from DC.
    We have been over this time and time again.
    You don’t give up a Batman sequel, she took a year off when Suri was born,
    In Oct/Nov 2005 she was to start on a new movie in New Orleans, but she was preggers, and followed Tom around his movie sets.
    Her career is not that different from a lot actresses, but nobody goes on about them.
    And her shyness holds her back, a bit, and being private. She still has and always had some of the best photo shoots out there.
    She doesn’t sell herself enough, that’s her biggest downfall.
    It doesn’t pay you to do things quietly in this business, you have to be pushy, just like all those nobodies , who dress up and go to meaningless functions to be seen or, who go on all the tv shows promoting themselves, and their irrelevant stuff, and disappear after a couple of years without a word.
    Seriously, so sick , of going over and over the same thing!
    And equally sick and tired of reading comments from people who don’t know nothing, except for their own ideas about things. You are a bunch of hypocrites, changing the tone of your posts every minute.
    Thankfully I’m getting sicker and sicker of this place, until hopefully I no longer will waste my time coming here, and reading a whole pile of crap!

  • Daretobehonest

    @annie: Taking it way too personally. Read through the B,S. I,e. Don’t even read Rubyz. Ann has good insight and I’m actually sincerely concerned but can’t find my I-Pad:). I agree. 3 weeks away from this was liberating:)

  • rubyz

    Um, she was selling mayonnaise a couple of weeks ago. That’s pretty close to those “who dress up and go to meaningless functions to be seen.” LOL.

  • Alliana

    @annie: in other words your opinion is gospel. Opposing opinions, even well stated and thought out ones (and there have been some) are just BS.

    You don’t know Katie any more than 99% of those that post. You don’t know that she is shy. I don’t think she is based on her actions. I think in many ways she is just as calculating as many of the other actresses out there. You don’t know anything about except what you see and read. Pictures show us all she is a Starbucks addict. They don’t show the bodyguard(s) or nanny trailing along and they are there. We go weeks with no pics of her or with Suri and then suddenly they are all over the place. When she wants to evade the paps she knows how and does it.

    Her career wasn’t taking off that big when she met Tom. She had gotten royally panned by Batman enthusiasts for her portrayal of Rachel as being wooden. Pieces of April was her most critically acclaimed work. Everything else fell between awful and lukewarm.

    She is a mediocre to average actress. Nothing wrong with that as many others out there are too. You are the one that keeps trying to make her seem like the next Meryl Streep. Shame about the Giver on her part. She is going to look even worse when acting with the talented actors who have signed on.

    And tell me Annie–do you think it is ok to take millions in endorsements and rarely use the product?

    Katie Holmes is a small town girl from Toledo who never got with the program. She had a stroke of luck with DC. Her limited acting skills and poor management and decisions have cost her the career you think she should have had. She has no one to blame but herself.

    I know I was hoping after the divorce she would develop a brain, but she is still giving vapid, insipid answers in interviews. While I agree and support how she managed the divorce and championed her daughter, I certainly don’t see an actress worth watching.

  • Daretobehonest

    Julianne Hough was papped sometime back coming out of “ACTING class”. For some one who didn’t grow up acting, her last movies were not too shabby, I agree, The Batman Begins, Jack and Jill, Easy Money…. All “wooden,” Loved her in Dawson’s Creek. If she’s smart, she’ll grow and develop and strengthen those weeknesses. …Perfect Example: you tube Carrie Underwood’s tryout’s with American Idol. The main guy, not Randy. Who is known for letting these singers have, told her she was good EXCEPT she needed to work on one thing; her showmanship, and look at her now!!!! My thought is Katie has polarizing views of who she is: an opportunist, bitter and vengeful who does not take constructive criticizm very we’ll because she is all that and a bag of chips and, 2 – budding talent interrupted by TC (naively). Now is the time for it all to play out. Will she fall flat beside Meryl and Bridges and even Taylor Swift or is she receptive to growing and not blaming. …Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Aria

    How the hell do you know that “she is: an opportunist, bitter and vengeful who does not take constructive criticizm very we’ll because she is all that and a bag of chips”???? Are you psychic or something or just delusional. YOU DON”T KNOW KATIE! You’re just a freak with too much time on her hands and nothing better to do but insult strangers with mean words. Get a life.