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Kristen Stewart Sports Arm Tattoos At LAX Airport!

Kristen Stewart Sports Arm Tattoos At LAX Airport!

Kristen Stewart is casual chic while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Saturday (October 5) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress was seen sporting two tattoos on her arm. Perhaps this is for a movie role?

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Last month, Kristen was spotted filming scenes for her upcoming film Sils Maria in Leipzig, Germany.

Sils Maria, which also stars Chloe Moretz, centers on “an actress who reflects upon her age and career when thinking about a role she played in her youth.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing James Jeans jeans.

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    Hollywood royalty

  • Andrea

    She should consider showering

  • June

    those Jeans scream yiest infection.

  • Sarah

    how is she still relevant??

  • lannie

    she is so cool and perfect <3

  • nataly

    welcome back to LA we missed u

  • Yen

    You rock Kristen!

  • sam

    She is really beautiful.

  • Rose


  • garr


  • ace11

    Love to date her

    Pattinson was a little boy for her

  • michele

    just disgusting, no class and no personal pride…she looks like she reeks of stench

  • niagirl

    There she is Miss Confidence. No ducking behind people and surfboards. Glad to see you from under that bus that kept running over you.

  • liz

    wow. take a shower and wash your clothes once in a while… you are rich off your a$$ and have no excuse.

  • michelle

    I wish she would take a shower… for her own good really!

  • Mark

    She looked so happy and smiled so much while in Europe. Back in LA but not smiling due to the paps. She does look confident though and has better posture. I hope the tattoos are fake. She has pretty arms so no need to ruin them plus they may have been ok for the role she just played but could be terrible for other roles. She looks pretty.

  • Mark

    @Rose: I bet you would not look this pretty, fresh and energetic after such a transatlantic flight.

  • seriously!

    you would think after all this time the morons that keeps repeating the same nonsense over and over about the way she looks or her hair etc… would at least try some originality with their hateful comments ..LOL .. but . No they keep repeating themselves like the idiots that they are .. i’m wondering they must be so familiar with their nasty stench that they can surely smell it from a photograph on their computer ! keep it up guys you are doing great !

  • mm

    love her

  • Jesse

    Classic beauty! Cant get enough of her face and awesome eyebrows , I wish my skin looked that good after a long flight ! And all you idiots that say her hairmismdirty , it’s not take a closer look!!! You rock Kristen welcome home …..

  • Jesse

    @June:well at least she looks hot in them, what’s you’re excuse behind the computer bully!

  • Nightwish

    This is one of the only chicks out there that can pull off grunge and look so hot doing it. I’d lick the sweat off her any day.

  • bridgit

    @Jesse Honestly, I think her hair color gives her a bad rep too. I’ve noticed Kristen and other girls with dark “messy” styled hair with shine to it can come off looking dirty…mostly because it looks globbed together instead of separated. when women have blonde or light red hair or even light brown hair you can see the layers better, etc. i bet if kristen’s hair was pin straight people wouldn’t say it looks dirty all the time. she just washes it and leaves it naturally wavy so it always looks dirty. she also may not wash it everyday but maybe every other day.her hair has definitely been washed by hairstylist for red carpet appearances / photoshoots and people still say it’s dirty so i think it’s just the darkness of her hair and the texture. she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. but w/e. i like her hair.. i wish i could pull off the bedhead look. half of h-wood (including heshouldnotbenamed’s new rumored “gf”) wear their hair in messy top knots and no one says sh_t about it. it’s not her hair, it’s just kristen that they try to find something wrong with.

  • alex

    I don’t know what ‘s more gross Kstew’s usual grumpy, greasy look or her fans reaction here.. I mean really… ”I’d lick the sweat off her any day.” ?? Grossness all around.

  • bridgit

    also saoirse ronan and dakota fanning never get ripped on for their messy daily hair and it’s because they’re blonde and you can tell their hair is clean. when dakota had brown hair at the breaking dawn 2 nyc premiere it looked dirty in those messy waves but it wasn’t…it was just brown.

  • guest

    while i agree with bridgit … i’m more worried that so many people don’t have anything better to do than worry about some girls hair, skin, or clothes. why don’t you get off the computer and wash your own hair and body? because at the end of the day whether she’s a grimey sk_nk homewrecker or not, she’s still getting work in hollywood, she still has fans, she still dated robert pattinson, and she still has 34million dollars more than you will ever have. she knows what she did last summer, every one does, but bringing it up won’t make her jobless or poor nor will it change the fact that rob was her boyfriend… a boyfriend she may have lost, but also a boyfriend you will never have. soooo get over it.

  • Honey

    KStew’s continued relevance simply baffles me. As an actress, she’s so awful. As a person.. well.. She showed everyone her true face in last summer. Selfish & fake af..

  • Simii

    @michele: You’re an idiot, how can you know what it smells like?? Most people here are idiots, for God’s sake people recover, you’re disgusting, and so it envy idiots

  • Simii

    @Honey: You idiot, Kristen is a great actress, it should not then so much of the film, and made a mistake, everyone does, laughs everyone who says it, as you would be without errors. idiots addition, every fan of the director says she’s nice, great girls, only you who envy, write same crap, crap

  • Simii

    Kristen is beautiful and, tired, every normal person I hope to understand, from a airplane is tired and not fresh, few people understand it, it still says the idiots lead the country, go Kristen fans stand by YOU

  • paola

    Those dont look like tattoos. They look like a kid draw her a fish on her arm. LOL And if they are tattoos, dumb her. Mine is cool those arent.

  • lol

    thats for her film!

  • Simi

    People are amazing criticizing her, she looks beautiful in the pictures landing @ LAX she just flew eight hours, how would you look.

  • Nina

    @niagirl: sure Ms Confidence who has her bff pushing all the luggage to the car. She is a waste of space.

  • Nina

    @SHINE: Hollywood Blvd maybe. She has the worsed unwashed hair I have ever seen on a human being.

  • Nina

    @Honey: there were only 3 photogs at the airport maybe she isn’t so relevant anymore.

  • OTR

    She looks great after such a long flight. I can see all these judmental b**tches coming out. Those tatoos were for her role in Sils Maria which just wrapped the other day. But if they were real so what? It’s her body, her life.

  • Meme

    I’m not going to be mean about her, but the stans should calm down. Beautiful? No, average more like it. She looks like a young girl who just got off a long flight. Nothing more.

  • Em

    I love her personality..she really has one! + she’s gorgeous no matter what!

  • Rick shay

    No she looks like a normal person, dressing appropriately just because she is famous does not mean she has to dress like royalty, she is perfect :)

  • Nightwish

    Kristen is the #6 worlds most sexiest women, according to Empire Magazines recent worldwide poll. The people of the world have spoken. Eat that, haters.

  • Nightwish

    @Meme: Are you kidding? Look at her, she looks like superwoman. She has some banging curves. I would work that all night.

  • charlotte crowder

    Kristen is a beautiful,intellegent,wise beyond her years,young woman.She has been in the business since she was a child. She would not be making movies all these years if she had no talent.Even Rob said he admired her talent.She is rated 4th sexiest woman in HW.I think right now she is the most beautifu..Natural and make up. Not many stars would go out without make up and be as confident as she is.No more bashing Rob. I am not a fan though.If Kristen who has been castagated for over a year now can still have feelings for him that is good enough for me. I hope she can find happiness and love someday.Wishing you the best Kristen. Your fan!!

  • JuneC69


    What’s a yiest? I love how people try to insult someone yet simply make fools of themselves.

  • Zoe

    LMAO. I love reading comments bc you know every rude comment is being written by some fat chick who finds their courage behind a keyboard.

    Pics of celebs are whatever but comment sections are always gold. Get lives people. Make friends.

  • Cece

    Hope the tats are for a role — they’re so unattractive!!

  • Becca

    Hey Nina!

    Maybe you should leave your basement. Also if you know how many photographers there were, which is funny bc none of the photos show that you would know Kristen was pushing the other set of luggage before her bodyguard took it from her.

    Go back to fapping over Robert Pattinson loser.

  • zoe

    @Zoe: @Zoe:

    Oh and post pictures of yourselves beauty queens….. but I don’t think the internet could handle your foot faces so maybe not. Don’t want the internet to break. LMAO.

    Sunday morning laughs completed.

  • Yeah no


    Are surrounded by models Meme? Just curious bc there’s NOTHING average about her. Fact Hollywood does not do “average” with women. But nice try hater.

  • chris

    she gained weight!