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Nicole Kidman Stays Fit After Variety Power of Women 2013

Nicole Kidman Stays Fit After Variety Power of Women 2013

Nicole Kidman shows off her fit physique while exiting a local gym on Saturday (October 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The day before, the 46-year-old actress was all glammed up while attending the 2013 Variety Power of Women event, where she was honored for her work with UN Women.

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“I was raised by a feminist mother. And yes, she said never be frightened about using the ‘F’ word. So I’m not,” Nicole shared during her acceptance speech. “She believes in the sisterhood, and so do I. And she planted the seed in my early to speak out against the fact that women are so often treated differently than men.”

She added, “No matter how long I devote my time to this I still cannot comprehend that one in three girls in their lifetime will be beaten, abused, or raped. It’s just an unbelievable statistic.”

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman keeping herself in shape…

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  • Alicia

    Thank you Nicole for being a wonderful spokesperson for women’s rights and equality. Wife, mother, artist, humanitarian. A perfect example for women and girls alike!

  • Dieter!!!!!!


  • judy

    How can she be in Florida with Keith and in Ca. same day. Better check this out. Was in Tampa Friday night with girls and today Palm Beach.

  • Carol

    I really wish I had the wherewithall to stick to my workouts like Nicole does.

    Judy – Keith dedicates Without You to Nicole and the girls even if they aren’t at that show.

  • qyu

    I cant remember her doing anything lately for the UN

  • erica

    it makes me sad to see her jacked up face. why did she do that? so sad, she was so beautiful once.

  • riiight

    yes..such a feminist she allowed her ex husband to take her young kids and let his sister raise them.

  • Haha

    Old ass runners??!

  • Louise

    You people are graveling, when all you can comment on is a person’s tennis shoes. Have you never heard……..”if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. So many jealous, pathetic losers in the world.

  • bahahaha

    A wig wearing feminist with breast implants and a face chock full of Botox and fillers.

  • curious

    KUNK’s PR team often tweet false sightings of the happy family together, when they aren’t.

  • bridge for sale

    There’s no false sightings. A couple of fans assumed Nicole was there specifically because of the dedication. When she and the kids are there there’s photos. Most of them are ”conveniently” never posted on the cuckoo board because you and the other mental patients don’t want them seen. Ya know, the ones of the girls dancing sidestage with Keith and Nicole during LBT’s set. Funny the Franklin race video never showed up on the cuckoo board either. Bahaha!

  • huh?

    How does saying the ‘f’ word have anything to do with women’s rights?

  • bridge for sale

    @Louise: There’s rappers and athletes promoting that they wear a new pair of tennis shoes every day. Another skeptic fail.

  • bridge for sale

    @huh?: Don’t play dumb.

  • huh?

    @bridge for sale I’m not. Please explain it to me.

  • karen

    The “f” word – meaning feminist.

  • huh?

    @Karen well then why would she call it the ‘f’ word and not just say the word?

  • curious

    Exactly where are the legit photos of the girls dancing side stage with KUNK?

  • Colleen

    She would rather work-out with her trainer in CA than be with her husband in FL for his shows? I wonder if she got done writing that novel she was going to do this summer while touring on his bus. Oopsie, she never made it on his tour bus once.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Keith’s only on the road a couple of days a week now, so it doesn’t make sense for Nicole to uproot Sunday and Faith. With Sunday in school, it’s not going to be as easy to fly them from ‘hither to yon’ to be with their parents.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    Because there are areas in the country where ‘feminist’ is considered on the same level as the other ‘f’ word. Hollywood is certainly one of them.

  • jjjj


  • Colleen

    @JoBeth: But it all made sense to Kidman when she told the world she would be touring with Urban and writing a novel. She even showed the girls their bunk beds on the tour bus, which have been turned into a storage area since. They said the girls would be touring with Urban this summer.

    During the pre-show, Keith said he will be performing twice during the show and that he will bring his family out on tour with him this year!

    Are you denying this conversation ever took place?

    If Sunday is in school, her mother better not take movie roles that will send her to another part of the country or another country, right?

  • Macy

    There’s a sweet little picture of Faith at the front of the tour bus in Florida a day ago as Keith is waving to the crowd. Nicole has a film fest abroad for a few days now, and Keith is done with his outdoor concerts. The girls are loved and well taken care of.

  • judy

    @Carol: he said they were on his tour bus . I WAS THERE. Maybe i’m wrong but Keith himself said they were there so i think He would no.

  • Dieter!!!!!!


  • Colleen

    @Macy: But JoBeth said they wouldn’t uproot the girls because Sunday is in school now. Will Sunday be traveling abroad soon? He is done with his outdoor concerts, but the arenas start up soon. Straight from the horses’ mouths:

  • truth hurts

    @curious: Try playing games with someone else. You’ve already seen them. Did you watch the Franklin race video while reading drunk Cheyenne’s comments that Nicole photoshopped hetself into photos? Did your blood boil knowing Sunday Rose and Evie are friends? Bahahahaha!

    Macy, that photo is adorable!

  • Eve

    @Colleen: The girls are with Keith. Nicole is still in LA because she’s going to a festival in Asia with Tarantino and Nic Cage. Get over yourself. What they decide to do concerning Sunday’s education is none of your business especially when your mission in life is to distort the facts. Those of us in Nashville who see the Urbans around town in real everyday life know where Sunday attends school and know the choice they’ve made ensures a continuity of education wherever she is. You can b!tch all you want but you are obviously not in the know because your hateful posts give that away immediately.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    I’m not savvy to all the conversations attributed to Keith or Nicole, but I do remember when Keith told reporters that they were all gypsies. At the time, he was flying the children to Europe to see Nicole filming a movie. It will be wonderful for all if the children can be educated w/o being separated from their parents for long periods of time. Both Nicole and Keith are extremely busy, and in all fairness to them both, they’re going into their late 40′s and realize that 50 is right around the corner and there’s a lot of young talent just waiting in the wings.

  • x

    @Eve: Sunday attends school in LA, not Nashville. Nicole will continue her self-absorbed lifestyle to the detriment of her “family” … but let’s be frank, it is all to no avail. Her career is finished and she needs to retire.

  • Oh dear

    It must be such a relief to Nicole that she can keep coming up with excuses not to set foot on the tour bus to spend time with the family and write her screenplay.

  • Colleen

    @Eve: Everyone knows moving a child from school to school on a month to month basis, or in the Urbans’ situation of week to week, is not in the best interest of the child. Even military children will say they did not like going to many different schools as a child. They have no real friends from their childhood. The curriculum changes from school to school.

  • Colleen

    @JoBeth: Because Urban says they are gypsies with their children, does that mean that is the best way to bring up your children? This comes from a man who married a woman who abandoned her older children, and then he brings more into the world for her to use as props. I didn’t know Urban had his masters in child and adolescent development.

  • Eve

    @Colleen: It’s amazing what you think you know when you don’t even live in Nashville. It’s not true what you say about Sunday Rose’s schooling or her friends of which she has plenty. A real fan would be glad for Keith that he has found happiness with Nicole and their kids. You’re a sad lonely woman with a very dark heart and imagination.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Colleen, I was raised in a military family and we travelled extensively; I loved it. The statement ‘he brings more into the world for her to use as props’ is cruel. Keith dearly loves those girls. Do you remember the photo of the girls getting off a plane with Russell Crowe and Nicole. When Russell handed Keith the girls, it was hard to tell who was happier; both girls had their arms around his neck and they were beaming. There was no way this was staged. BTW, no I don’t believe he has a degree in C&A Development, but as said, I believe he loves his children and would do nothing to harm them. When it comes to being a parent, that’s more important than any degree.

  • Not buying it

    Nicole has the perfect excuse to get the hell out of Nashville because Sunday is now being schooled in LA. This frees Nicole up to secretly pursue her lesbian lifestyle on the down low and also leave Sunday in school while she flits around the world making box office flops.

  • Nashville knows you’re lying

    @Not buying it: You’re full of sh!t.

  • Not buying it

    @Nashville knows you’re lying: NO, KUNK are full of sh!t and they will continue living separately in LA and only visit their separate homes in Nashville occasionally, which is how it has always been.

  • Nashville knows you’re lying

    More bull from a pathological liar.

  • Bye Bye KUNK

    Nashville hopes Kidman NEVER returns.

  • Not buying it

    So much more variety (wink wink) for Nicole to choose from in LA. Nashville? Not so much.

  • Sheri

    @huh?: Don’t feel bad … I didn’t get it either. I thought she was referring to the bad f-word. Nice to know that her mom was referring to feminism – makes more sense now :)

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I have no idea where the Urban’s live, but I do know that Nicole leaves Sunday and Faith at a moment’s notice to fill in any place on the globe, and for any length of time. This is the same lady who told the GMA audience that she never leaves her family for longer than two days.
    Nicole is a self-centered narcissist who has no empathy for anyone, except perhaps someone who can give her career a boost. Those little girls are growing up with the worst possible role model.

  • @Lizzie

    No, children growing up with people who spend their time trashing and lying about celebrities they know little about are growing up with the worst possible role models. What have you done lately to make the world a better place?

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    Nicole is what she is, and so be it. One last thing, why the lap dog devotion to Weinstein? Yes, he’s paying the bills for “Grace”, but he’s also paying for ‘August: Osage County’. I don’t see Julia Roberts leaving husband and kids to accompany him every time he whistles. BTW, I’m making the world a better place by acknowledging that there’s a right and a wrong, and no matter how you slice it, some things just fall in a questionable category.

  • laughable

    @lizzie: Only a twisted psyche would justify lying by trying to turn it into her ”good deed for the day”. More skeptic garbage: the world needs to be saved from the likes of Nicole Kidman.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  • NK is no role model

    “I have worked with Nicole Kidman. She is a total fake. It is a shock to see her for real as she is so painfully thin and unnaturally white skinned. When the cameras are on her she is transformed into a giggling, smiling, happy even over-the-top friendly person. Once the cameras are off she reverts to a scowling, insecure and angry person. I once observed a publicist on her knees talking to a scowling seated Nicole – when Nicole changed her gaze to the opposite side of the chair, this woman crawled over (on her knees) to the other side of the chair to continue the conversation. We wouldn’t want poor Nicole to have to adjust her head now would we? These are not the actions of a charming role model that we should admire.”
    Posted by Corianda, Wednesday, 2 February 2005

  • the point

    Setting aside rampant emotion, the point is that Kidman tells the world that she has a young family now, doesn’t want to be away from her family, will only leave the nest when she is only deeply interested in a project or wants to take an extended holiday on her husband’s tour bus, likes to live the quiet private life in Nashville etc etc … then we see just the opposite. I can understand being attracted to an interesting movie project; but much of what she does is commercial publicity; at the UN event recently, she was shilling Omega and Jimmy Choo aside of her UN ambassadorship. Add to that magazine shoots, opening centres, award show and TV appearances etc etc. And that’s just what we see. There would be meetings, clothes fittings, hair and make-up time, prep and travelling time, and of course her keeping fit regime.

    Yes, she does have the right to live her life the way she does, but the public does not appreciate being hoodwinked, except the die-hard fans who would swallow anything.