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Sophia Bush Voices Opinion on Government Shutdown!

Sophia Bush Voices Opinion on Government Shutdown!

Sophia Bush dons a cute pair of ripped jeans while heading to a hair appointment at Ramirez Tran Salon on Thursday (October 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“The gov’t shut down over this y’all? #GetCovered – It’s time that all of us have the same access to health care that our elected officials do. All of us. Get informed. Get covered,” the 31-year-old actress wrote on Instagram with a pic the day before. Check out the pic below!

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In case you missed it, parts of the government have been shutdown after Congress failed to reach an agreement over funding bills.

15+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush getting her hair done at Ramirez Tran Salon…

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sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 02
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 03
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 04
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 05
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 06
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 07
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 08
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 09
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 10
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 11
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 12
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sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 14
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 15
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 16
sophia bush voices opinion on government shutdown 17
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  • David

    Shutdown hollywood and celebs instead.

  • Gossipgirl

    @David: Word! These dumb celebs just parrot anything the Obama Administration tells them to. I assume, like most of the government, Hollywood has a mass waiver from having to sign up. They are such hypocrites!

  • offtheproperty

    I always assume she’s foolishly down with obama. I wonder if she knows it’s the Dems who exempted THEMSELVES from the tyranny of “obamacare,” and obama hisseff gave big business a year’s delay in fines and taxes associated with this intrusive clusterf*ck, while still gouging millions of working people and families for huge chunks of their annual incomes.
    Why can’t liberals recognize a demagogue when they see one? He’s braying, accusing and attacking on TV every day. But never taking responsibility.

  • 711

    @1 and 2 – absolutely correct!! The White House had private meetings with celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera and others to promote Obamacare to the unsuspecting general public. Wait till everyone finds out just what the cost of Obamacare will be, and what the fines will be if someone doesn’t sign up for it. And who thinks Amy Poehler actually signed up for Obamacare for herself and her family?? Not me ….

  • offtheproperty

    Anyone parroting the obama cudgel “get covered” is a thug, working for the obama protection racket.

  • Sharon

    100% Agree!
    Sophia Bush hasn’t read anything about ACA except the POTUS talking points.
    It’s not same insurance coverage that govt officials have nor have any of them signed up for it.
    The plans (gold, bronze, platinum) are unaffordable for most; A person may go for the Gold, or even Platinum plan (depending upon their budget) for the lower out of pocket costs. If you are generally healthy, only go to your doctor a few times a year and have no chronic conditions or regular prescriptions, then a Bronze or Silver plan may be the choice.
    So Obamacare/ACA is hoping young (typically), healthy people with no chronic conditions will sign up, pay the high cost to foot the bills for others.
    Forced coverage – If you don’t sign up you will be penalized with fees coming out of your paycheck or taxes.
    How about all of Hollywood along with pals in government/Washington sign up (they can afford it) and then that should cover all the people they say aren’t covered and let that be their ACA.

  • offtheproperty

    Everybody has to pay for health insurance.
    Health coverage? That’s another story.
    obama a tyrant and advance man for jihad.

  • Gabby

    I was about to write the same thing, Sharon. Most in Hollywood only listen to what Pres. Obama says and he only says what is beneficial for him for people to hear. As always, they are so misinformed.

  • Ava

    Why doesn’t this stupid idiot actress worry about getting a job since she’s a z list hanger on who stretching her 15 minutes , because she was on a tv show couple of years ago she thinks people care what her uninformed biased political thoughts are………….. Loser Congress exempted themselves , their staff and federal employees form Obamacare, but don’t let facts get in the way of propaganda , the only thing Obama’s good at , getting the uniformed more uniformed and then voting.

  • ntso

    Sophia Bush is clueless; someone needs to tell her that “our elected officials” are exempt from Obamacare. She’s the one who needs to get informed.

  • phoenix888

    LOL, I imagine if Sophia would have sided with former president Bush no one would be putting her down. Its safe to assume bloggers here are republican’s or business owners that feel threaten by the bill. I know there are people who work a full-time job and there employer’s don’t offer health insurance, because they are cheap a$$.

  • Independent


    I am neither a Republican (Independent) nor a business owner (furloughed govt employee).

    If people who work FT jobs and their employer’s don’t offer health insurance and these same people can afford the gold, bronze, platinum plans of Obamacare, then fine, they should sign up for it.

    But people who can’t afford any of the the Obamacare plans, and don’t qualify for subsidy or waiver of paying, they should not be penalized by having fees withdrawn from their pay or taxes.

  • Terri

    I can’t wait for Chicago PD! Sophia makes a great detective and the cast is awesome too. Love the highlights too.

  • Brea

    I can’t believe this twit is babbling about that “all of us should have the same access to health care that the elected officials do”. Does she not know that Congress, all of them, both Dem & Rep have EXEMPTED themselves from everything and all of Obamacare? This speaks for itself.

  • Kay

    Oh so if someone agrees with Obamacare, then they’re automatically “clueless” and are “idiots???” Judging by the comments on this post, I’d say the people who feel the overwhelming need to call people names for supporting Obama’s healthcare plan are the REAL IDIOTS. You losers need to get the f$ck OVER IT. Whether its a teacher, a doctor, a bartender, OR an actress/actor, at the end of the day we’re ALL humans and we ALL have the right to agree or disagree with the politics/laws of this country. But insulting people who disagree with you, makes YOU people pathetic and stupid. There’s wayyyy to many sad and miserable people on here.

  • ntso

    When a Hollywood hypocrite tries to tell me something that is factually wrong, they are clueless; if you don’t like that term, come up with a better one. Obama thinks that by recruiting Hollywood celebs he will influence people to go along with Obamacare; these celebs wouldn’t go near Obamacare if their lives depended on it yet they have the nerve to tell the public what to do.

  • Ali

    I think celebs believe that this obamacare will help the poor. I don’t have it nor do I want it. I think it may harm more people than help. It is his way of giving more hand outs and hurting the working people. I do have friends that are so excited to get this plan and they work and have pre-existing conditions. I have no idea what will happen but everyone has their own opinion like religion. Shrugs

  • yep

    Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion however not all of us get to express our view to the media like celebrities can. Yes, I want everyone to have insurance however Obama Care is not the way to do it. Especially if you are a laborer that is already living on a very tight budget and if you have to pay for Obama Care you can’t eat properly or go homeless. Also, WHY would anyone want the government not to have a balance budget. What type of business is that? People should be worried, what type of leader wouldn’t want to have a balance budget. We would be bankrupt! It isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue to me,,,,,,, it is common sense and my children’s future I am concern for them.

  • Caro

    Who can do anything about Obamacare? he is the Pres and will not make any concessions about it. So we all need to accept that fact.

    Bring on Chicago PD!!!!! I am so excited for this show and seeing Sophia on tv again. I hope this one is a success!

  • And so we begin….

    I loathe celebs that try and spout off about politics. They need to stick to what they do…act.They are very rarely in the know, and more than likely disconnected from the average Joe, that many of the policies they endorse actually affect! Makes me ill!!!!

  • Yup

    The real problem is Obama not celebs or common folks who support him. They believe the press and only good things about him…

  • And so we begin….

    So refreshing to watch the wealthy tell the poor, that they need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on an insurance policy, that half of them never would use anyway. I haven’t been to a doctor in 7 years, and being told that I need to buy insurance, or I will be taxed thousands of dollars per year, is quite disgusting. Besides, if I ever got really sick, I’ll just drive my car into something and get medical attention, because I’ve paid hundreds per month for that insurance and never used it either!!!

  • Yup

    I agree #22, however the people who support OBAMA believe it will help them. Obama is the issue he is insisting upon this plan. people can agree with him/not me. But the opposers need to speak up more. Obama just runs over anyone and anything that opposes him. Kind of like a tyrant. Celebs are in the unfortunate position of having their views sent everywhere online. So many working people support his plan and want it. It will be interesting to see our country in four years. Sadly I think it will be much worse than now.

  • UGH

    Blame Obama!!!!!! Not people who agree with him. He made it LAW. There is no choice now. Potus keeps chipping away at us all. Some people just don’t see it yet,

  • Joke

    The reason for fining everyone who doesn’t sign is because….this system will ruin medicare and other programs because it DOESN”T work.It will suck all the money out. Most young people do not need insurance yet. This program allows everyone to covered if they don’t have money aka another freebie. Us employed, hard working ones playing by the rules will be the ones to suffer. Big surprise.

  • :)

    Obamacare makes healthy people pay more for insurance in order to subsidize sicker people. It makes younger people pay more to subsidize older people. It makes men pay more to subsidize women. It makes everyone pay more to cover benefits, taxes, and fees that consumers might not ordinarily want.

  • ntso

    Obama wants nothing more than to spread around whatever wealth people may have to those who don’t have; somebody should have told him that life doesn’t work that way. For better or worse, there will always be the haves and the have-nots, but those with should not be asked to subsidize those without.

  • Kathryn

    To all the people above who commented on Soph’s career, pleeaaasssse note she is on this kicksss NBC show. Shooting going on right now. So don’t show off your ignorance .

  • OhLordy

    Kathryn, do you seriously think that because we don’t know and don’t give a hoot about the filming of this girl’s new show, that that makes us “ignorant”?! LMFAO!!!

    I am SO GLAD to see the overwhelming number of comments about the big mistake of Obama Care, and on an entertainment site that you’d think would be watched by mostly liberal 20 somethings. I seriously doubt that most of the people commenting here are just “greedy rich folks”. I guess the country is finally waking up to what’s gonna happen to ALL of us because of this, though, sadly, it seems it’s way too late.

  • Jen

    It is sad because the problem really is that most people support Obama…to change the minds of the masses is the bigger problem. Obama will be gone and his mess will be front and center.

  • 55vineyard

    I looked into Obamacare, the cheapest plan would have cos me 357 per month. As a retired widow living on SS and a small pension that is way out of my budget. I have a really good Medicare supplement plan now.

  • Smartypants

    What a dumbass! Instead of #Getcovered, it should be # Getinformed!

  • Tracy


  • Jennifer

    Sophia looks drop dead gorgeous as always!!!!!
    Love her so much!!!